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C T Russell and Jehovah's Witnesses - Part 2 of 2

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Part 3 (III)

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Chapter 1.13


The reader will be shown:

• Clues that indicate that Frederick Franz, WT President and oracle, is a Mason.

• Evidence that shows connections between the Power of Masonry and the WT leaders.

• The rampant homosexuality within WT Society's elite.


On Tuesday, 23 November, 1954 a slim, reticent, kindly man took the stand in the Right Honorable James Latham Clyde's courtroom.1 The man's name was Frederick William Franz, who besides Russell and Rutherford, has contributed more leadership for the Jehovah's Witnesses than any other man. He was then Vice-President and later became the President of the Watchtower Society. When he got older, arrangements were taken to place the power in the hands of others. While Nathan Knorr was still President, prior to Franz succeeding him, the Governing Body removed much of the power of the President of the WT Society.2

This was a curious phenomena which will be discussed later. That his power could be taken away so easily, is just one clue that the power controlling the Watchtower Society actually ultimately recides outside of the Society and works through a select clique within the elite of the Watchtower hierarchy.


Fred Franz, before joining the Watchtower Society, had studied to be a Presbyterian minister.3 In 1913, while C.T. Russell was still considered the Faithful and Wise Servant, Fred Franz joined.4 He was soon promoted to prominence in the Society, and as an early key player was a key speaker already in the early 1920s.5 In 1924, he delievered talks over the WT Society's radio-station WBBR.6 Some observers think he may have played a greater role in formation of the Watchtower's Theology during Rutherford's time, than is generally credited him.

Fred Franz remained a bachelor for his lifetime. As part of the Bethel Headquarters, he lived simply, although like other WT leaders because of their power he rarely lacked anything. He went on trips to places like Israel and Ireland. He earned a reputation of being friendly and of not being self-conscious to the point he'd walk around headquarters in slippers and mismatched socks.7


He was also the Society's Bible Scholar by virtue of a few college classes in Hebrew and Greek. Because he was their most skilled leader (his nephew Ray Franz would prove equally as adept until Ray's conscience bothered him), Fred's skill came under scrutiny at the Douglas Walsch Trial on that Tuesday. Much time and effort was spent in court on witnesses, to uncover the story behind the controversial New World

Translation of the Bible. It is clear from testimony that day, and that testimony is collaborated by testimony from other sources, that Fred Franz, as the Society's leading scholar, played a crucial role in the production of the NWT.

When asked, "Insofar as translation of the Bible itself is undertaken, are you responsible for that?"

To which Fred Franz answered, "I have been authorized to examine a translation and determine its accuracy and recommend its acceptance in the form in which it is submitted."8

The New World Translation was billed by the WT Society as the most literal translation available. The NWT itself expresses this, for instance, on pg. 9 of the Forward, of the 1950 ed., "We offer no paraphrase of the Scriptures. Our endeavor all through has been to give as literal a translation as possible, where the modern English idiom allows and where a literal rendition does not for any clumsiness hide the thought. That way we can best meet the desire of those who are scrupulous for getting, as nearly as possible, word for word, the exact statement of the original."

The anonymous Translating committee revised in 1961 and 1970 the NWT. They declare that "An effort was put forth to bring about even greater consistency in the renderings of the related parts of the Holy Scriptures,... the purpose was to attain to closer conformity to the literal reading in the original languages. All this process has resulted in revisions in the main text of the translation."9

According to one source connected with the translating committee, the translating committee sat around a table with 20-30 different translations, and went verse by verse picking the version that fit their theology best. Sometimes they relied upon Johannes Greber's spirit channelled translation.

Whether this is exactly how they created their "translation", is not critical at this point. The reader is asked to bear in mind, three pertinent items—

a.   That the translation was an attempt to be the most literal translation possible. In this they have succeeded in points to where it is hardly readable. However, all translations must paraphrase to some degree, the languages involved are not constructed so that word for word translations could make sense. In other words, they do paraphrase in spite of their denials, but they have managed to produce a very literal translation. (This is not to imply that they used the best ancient manuscripts, just that they tried to be literal with the ones they chose.)

b.     Fred Franz directed and edited the work. He gave the final approval and recommendation to print.

c.    Other translations were consulted, if my sources are accurate, other translations formed the base or were relied upon heavily. The wording of the NWT supports this information.

So what? It's important to the discussion, because Fred Franz gives his Masonic membership away, when he translates at Hosea 12:14 the Hebrew word adonai= Lord as "grand master."

The word "adonai" is literally Lord. It is a single word that simply calls for its simple, direct, straightforward translation as Lord. Indeed, almost all translations (with a few minor exceptions) translate "adoni" in Hosea 12:14 as Lord, the Watchtower itself translates the word everywhere else in their NWT correctly as Lord. There is no conceivable, plausible explanation for calling God the "grand Master" except that it is a subtle signal of his Masonic membership. Even if we believe that the committee merely borrowed from other translations, there are no other translations that call God the grand Master at Hosea 12:14. For instance, Young's Literal, the NAS, NIV, NEB, AV, NKJ, and others simply use the obvious word Lord. An exception is the Jerusalem Bible which interjects "Yahweh". In this instance, the Catholic translation does a better job of promoting God's name than the Watchtower Society.


Other clues about Fred Franz's masonic membership have surfaced. The greatest evidence has been brought to light by another researcher.

His firsthand research (which is at some point to be published) may deal with the issue even more indepth.)10 Certainly, if the New Order's plans are defeated it will owe a big debt to men like Russ Pine, who have labored hard to bring to light the actions of the conspiracy to unite the world under their political, economic, and religious domination.


Franz is a German Jewish surname.11

It is interesting to note that the locations of Russell's hometown, Pittsburgh, and Franz's hometown are centers of Jewish thought and power. The location that Russell moved his headquarters to from Pittsburgh, Brooklyn, N.Y., is the center of Jewish power and thought in the world. As this author traveled through Israel, the question was never are you an American, but many times, are you from New York? Because so many Jews reside in New York City.

Someone who went to the University of Cincinnati with Franz was Sidney S. Tedeshe, who was a Jewish Freemason, and a Rabbi after graduation. Tedeshe graduated from both the University of Cincinnati and the Hebrew Union College in 1913. He later got a Ph.D. from Yale in 1928. He became the Rabbi of Union Temple in Brooklyn, NY.12

Frederick's father was Edward Frederick Franz. He was apparently a German of Jewish heritage who professed to be of the Lutheran Church. Frederick's parents made a big display of Fred and his brother's Lutheran baptismal certificates which were framed and hung on the wall for all to see.

Fred and his brothers though were not sent at school age to a Lutheran school but to St. Joseph's Roman Catholic Church parochial school. According to Fred, he took part in Catholic Mass and in going to the Catholic confessional. (Catholics were expected to go to confession before Mass until after Vatican II when it quit being a rule.) Before he entered 3rd grade, his family moved to Cincinnati, OH which is across the river from Covington, KT. When they moved to Cincinnati, Fred and his brothers started attending the Second Presbyterian Church of Cincinnati where he had Bessie O'Barr as his Sunday School teacher, and a Mr. Fisher as his Sunday school superintendant.13 Franz's family's changeability raises questions. Having Lutheran relatives, this author is fully aware of the deep ties, devotion, and stubborn loyalty many Lutherans have toward their church. To prominently display the infant baptismal certificates, etc. makes one wonder if this religiousness was a show considering how quickly they could switch churches.


Fred Franz and the WT Society have claimed he rejected the offer of a Rhodes Scholarship to work for the WT Society.14 While making this claim to enhance Frederick Franz's scholastic credentials, it actually undercuts the reputation of his character in several ways. First, the Rhodes Scholarship people in response to queries have said Franz wasn't selected. On the surface it appears Franz has lied. To have "rejected" it means Franz is claiming it was offered to him. Even if Franz had sat through a personal interview with an election committee (which in the U.S. selects 32 scholars), and then was not selected— that is not the same as "rejecting" an offer of a Rhodes Scholarship.

Did Franz lie? Perhaps he didn't. Just maybe a secret offer of a Rhodes Scholarship did occur. If secret feelers had been put out, concerning whether he would want to go to Oxford or not, he just may have secretly rejected such an offer. What?


Cecil Rhodes was a British multimillionaire who during his life time was deeply involved in secret societies and his vision of a united world. His vision of a united world under British rule (that in Hebrew means the rule of the Covenant People, and is a way to legitimatize their One-World State) was a big part of his life early on. By age 22, he had already drawn up a will to leave his money for the purpose of furthering the British empire.15

Cecil Rhodes was a Scottish Rite Mason.16 He contributed the land upon which the Bulawayo Lodge No. 2566, Rhodesia built a Masonic Temple.17 He established the Rhodes Scholarships which to no surprise have tended to go to Masons and people sympathetic to his vision of a One-World-State.18 Cecil Rhodes, along with some of his friends like the Rothschilds, founded a secret society based on the King Arthur Legends and his Round Table.19 This group ties into the Pierre de Sion whose key facet is the Holy Grail and its legends which they are the caretakers of. Rhodes and Lord Rothschild in 1891 formed a "Circle of Initiates" known as the Round Table.20

The key to Rhodes' spiritual philosophy are Plato and Aristotle.21 Rhodes' mentor, John Ruskin, was heavily into Plato and Plato's idea of an "ideal state" under a single world rulership.22

The Rhodes Scholarship was designed to bring together scholars, and it was viewed that they would learn the ruling class concepts of Rhodes' One-World-State vision. Rhodes and his friends are responsible for the Royal Institute of International Affairs, which expanded internationally and is known in the U.S. as the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR).23

Rhodes amalgamated the diamond mines in the Kimberley area of southern Africa under the Jewish corporation, the De Beers Consolidated Mines in 1888.24 The Jewish De Beers have a monopoly on essentially the world's diamond market.25 Diamonds are mined in places like South Africa and cut in Amsterdam. Rhodes "was disclosed as instigator of attack upon government of a friendly nation; forced to resign premiership (1896)."26 Rhodes was involved in various political intriques, because he wanted the British to control South Africa for the fabulous financial benefits it would provide. When

he died 6 million pounds were left which endowed 170 scholarships for youth from the British Empire and the U.S. to go to Oxford.27 German students have been included off and on also.28


Fred Franz played a big role as the "oracle" of the Society. It was Governing Body member Karl F. Klein that perhaps first refered to Fred Franz as the WT's "oracle." But he became a figure head to conceal that the real directing influence of the WT Society was outside of the Society. A big 6'2" Jewish man has gone everywhere with Fred Franz as his guide these last few decades. This man, Natheer Salih, was needed because Fred became blind. However, for many years people at Bethel found that Salih was more like a bodyguard. Indeed, he was more than a bodyguard, for any communication to Franz has been going through Salih, who then returns with the "answer" from Franz. This Jewish man with obvious rich tastes, big expensive rings and watches, has become the President's mouthpiece, and in effect a decision-maker although he isn't part of the Governing Body.29 Salih was in a position to protect against an old man saying the wrong thing.


How has the leadership of the WT Society been determined? Apparently the guidance of the Society is by a power outside of the Society and this is secret. However, even those men who carry the titles of leadership are cloaked by the Society in the deepest secrecy. During a tour of the Brooklyn Headquarters, while associated with the Society, this Author found his questions concerning such items as the writing staff were given "answers" that avoided giving information.

Various stories exist about Rutherford's death. It is said that Rutherford, an alcoholic, while drunk, fell down some stairs at his California mansion.30 The official story in the WT publication Let Your Name Be Sanctified (1961), pp. 335-336 describes Rutherford on his deathbed passing the mantle of authority like the prophet Elijah did to Elisha. The WT publication describes the mantle of Elijah falling to a composite three-man Elishah. According to Ray Franz, ex-Governing Body member, Rutherford told these three men to carry on after his death and to "stick together" as a team. These three men were Nathan Knorr, Fred Franz, and Hayden Coveington.31 Ray Franz has gotten of course his information on what happened from others, these others having a vested interest in what story would be told. Ray Franz trusting his WT brothers, bought their story about Rutherford. The WT leaders maintained that Rutherford only left an oral will. A lawyer and author left only an oral will when he knew he was in ill health for some time?? Sure. What is reliably clear though, is that these three men took over the rulership of the Jehovah's Witnesses, but when their group dissolved, the mantle was transferred to certain other men on the Governing Body who were also recipients for the One-World-State's directives.

Hayden Cooper Covington is also an interesting WT leader. He took the stand during the Douglas Walsh Trial in Scotland. Covington was a Jewish lawyer who earned his law degree at San Antonio School of Law in San Antonio, Tx. He began passing out Watchtower literature in 1934,32 and was baptized in 1935.33 He succeeded Judge Rutherford as the Jehovah's Witnesses' legal counsel in 1942. He won many cases for the Jehovah's Witnesses, sometimes with the help of the ACLU. He also took on clients like heavy-weight boxer Muhammed Ali. He personally argued 41 major cases before the U.S. Supreme court for Jehovah's Witnesses.34 Interestingly, Hayden became part of the Governing Body and was made Vice President of the Watchtower Society from Jan. 13, 1942 until Sept. 24, 1945 without being part of the anointed class.

According to WT Theology the JWs are divided into two major classes, the anointed and the great crowd.35 Supposedly the recruiting by God for the anointed class was completed by God in the early 1930s, but occasionally when one of the anointed apostasize, they are replaced to keep the magic number of 144,000. The anointed are to be the governing ones. It may have been this blatant conflict with this official doctrine that caused Hayden Cooper Covington to step down from his positions. That is what the Nov. 1, 1955 WX p. 650 indicates.


Nathan Knorr took over the WT Presidency soon after Rutherford died. He was born in Bethlehem, PA. Apparently he had been baptized as a baby into the reformed church, although he possibly was of Jewish heritage. When he joined the International Bible Students at age 16, he had his name removed from their rolls.36 He graduated from Allentown, PA. Nathan served the Society as an administrator and was not important in terms of their doctrinal gymnastics. He was important in seeing their plans put into action. However, statements made by a relative of Knorr's indicate that Knorr was aware of how the Watchtower Society is part of a world-wide conspiracy.37

Some of the other Governing Body members who may possibly be of Jewish extract may include Albert D. Schroeder, Karl F. Klein, and William Jackson.38

The Cult of the Double-Sexed God Jehovah

The WT magazine was forced to admit to some degree that problems of morality reached to the very top of the Watchtower Society, including homosexuality.39

The leaders of the WT Society belong to a group called the Governing Body. Even the names of this Governing Body are kept secret. For instance, when this Author called headquarter to try and get any information at all about the Governing Body the spokesperson at Headquarters refused to reveal anything, not even how many men served on the Governing Body.40

The following paragraph may offend some readers, however it is not included to embarrass any individual but to develop a point about the occult connections of the WT Society.

A number of men on the Governing Body have been bachelors all their life, and are believed by people who worked at headquarters to have been homosexuals.41 Leo K. Greenlees was forced to resign when his homosexuality became public. He then moved to New Orleans. Governing Body member Ewart C. Chitty, was in the middle of a sexual act with a seventeen year old male Bethelite when some unexpected guests arrived and opened the door. The boy committed suicide. An unconfirmed report says that Chitty was forced to resign later. Ex-Bethelites also report strange behavior by the "oracle" of the Society—the principle light of the Society on religious matters, the President Frederick Franz. It used to transpire that all the young boys would sit at Frederick's table, and that at other times he would discuss scriptures with them in the nude. That's passed, Frederick is now 97 years old. Other examples have been reported. Anyway, these specific examples are mentioned only to give some credence to the next discussion.

There may be a definite occult link between the homosexual activity of the WT leaders and witchcraft. It turns out that "Homosexual rites, which were most foreign to later religionists, and disturbing to Christian ideas, were associated most strongly with all that the Christian religion hated, notably occult powers."42 For instance," In the Congo it was not unusual for a priest to dress as a women and be affectionately spoken of as 'the Grand Mother'.43 " Further, "It is possible to link homosexuality with religion and magical practices all through the world."44

Several items might lead one to the conclusion that the homosexuality of the WT leadership is related to the occult.

1.   Their relationship with the channeler Johannes Greber who lived in NY (later NJ) indicates a. that the leadership has occult connections and b. that they are willing to cover and lie about any occult connections.

2.   Their belief going back to C.T. Russell that the perfect state of man is to have the sexual organs of both sexes. This androgynous belief goes back to Baal, to Mithras, Aphrodite, and the Hindu's Siva who are all depicted as double-sexed in some of their statues. It also relates to the Jewish Midrash. Rabbi Samuel-bar-Nachman (third century) says, "Adam when God created him was a man-woman androgen." Maimonides, a later Jewish scholar also believed this. The singular account of the creation of Brahm and Adam led various Jewish scholars to suggest that Jehovah, like Baal and the Syrian gods, was double-sexed.45 The two words that make up the word Jehovah were composed with the male-female idea.46 The Hebrew letter Hod (or J) was the virile organ, and Hovah was Eve, the mother of all living things, the procreator. This interpretation of Jehovah as bi-sexual has been preserved by the Cabbala and the mysteries of the Masons.

At first it may seem like jumping somewhat to connect a belief in an androgynous God to homosexuality, but after studying the lives of several homosexual religious leaders/witches that's exactly the connection they themselves make. For instance, Manly P. Hall, the great Masonic philosopher was homosexual. He makes this connection between it all, "These holy persons seldom took part in war, and frequently were distinguished by a costume combining elements of male and female attire. This practice has been common throughout the religious world and has influenced the dress of pagan priests and Christian clergy alike. The androgynous human being, in whom there is a spiritual union of male and female attributes, has been widely accepted as personifying a superior type capable of a greater understanding of the Father-wisdom and Mother-love potencies of Divinity. Such symbolism existed in all the great Esoteric Orders of the past."47

This leading 33rd degree Mason Manly P. Hall reports, "Philosophically, Adam may be regarded as representative of the full spiritual nature of man—androgynous and not subject to decay."48 He suggests that Elohim may have been androgynous. From these it can be seen that Hall believes homosexuals are on a higher spiritual level.

3.   Wicca, black witchcraft believes that Jesus is a great teacher, but not God.49

4.   The use of the word Jehovah by Caballists and Masons has meant a double-sexed God.

This Author in researching the Occult noticed that there was a connection between homosexuality and the New Age. For instance, upon entering a New Age store called the Third Eye (see the chapter on the Mark of the Beast), he found that free Homosexual literature was being given out.

The whole idea of such connections seem bizarre to those of us who have had little to do with the occult or homosexuality. Yet, in trying to understand others, say for instance, Catholic nuns who openly flaunt their lesbianism, and who are also into the New Age, the possibility that witchcraft and homosexuality play a role with each other may be a worthwhile explanation.

As one climbs the ladder of the Watchtower Society's hierarchy he becomes more immune to any censor of immoral behavior. "Witnesses are resentful of the fact that it seems that Elders commit 'the same wrong over and over, and little is done—and yet if a publisher is caught sinning once, he or she is disfellowshipped almost on the spot!"50 This Author has witnessed that double-standard. This is one more reason why it is possible that widespread homosexuality may have been practiced so long at Headquarters.


The Governing Body holds meetings at least weekly to discuss appointments, business, and recommendations by branch personnel.51 The Governing Body in 1971 began a rotation annually by alphabetical order of the offices.52 A WT spokesperson told the Brooklyn Heights paper that the Society now had 2 Vice-presidents, George Couch and a Pearson. The WT Society has made the Governing Body so mysteriously powerful that just the rubber stamp of their signature is enough authorization for anything.


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Chapter 1.14


Since 1871 a powerful religious organization has grown up, first headquartered in what is now Pittsburgh, PA and later Brooklyn, NY where it is today. It has established itself worldwide.

Americans are familiar with the door to door Jehovah’s Witnesses. They are less familiar with the Watchtower Organization.

The Watchtower Society was actually established by a Knights Templar Mason Charles T. Russell to destroy, and to change the Christian churches.

In the process, an organization worth over a billion dollars has come into being, led by a secret group of men called the Governing Body. Out of the public’s view, and even little known to Jehovah’s Witnesses these men direct the details of the lives of the Jehovah’s Witnesses.

The Governing Body has so much control that they have convinced JWs that the Watchtower Society never prophecied that 1975 would be the end of the world and Armaggeddon. The Watchtower Society’s financial operations are totally secret. Some rumors have circulated that the WT Society is one funnel for money laundering. JWs would never believe that their Society and their Governing Body could ever do such a thing. Indeed the Governing Body has almost a godlike image with the rank and file Jehovah’s Witnesses, which they have promoted through their slick propoganda.

Few today can escape the proselytizing efforts of the Jehovah’s Witnesses. But few understand the organization that they are coming up against. The organization has frequently affected families, and the careers of tens of thousands of people caught up by its slick propoganda.

Much of what the Watchtower Society writes about itself is fantasy. I have not attempted in this chapter to write an encyclopedia of the organization and its people, but to describe some of its personalities, policies, and political pull in order to reveal some of the myths about the Watchtower Society.


General William P. Hall of the U.S. army and General Alexander P. Stewart were early supporters of Charles T. Russell. Although JWs are typically thought of as anti-military such was not the case in the early WT Society. Some early IBS were members of the military for years after joining the society.1 General Hall was a West Pointer and a decorated sharpshooter. His family had associations with the Masons. General Hall was on the IBSA Committee of which Russell was the Chairman. General Hall was chosen to accompany C.T. Russell on his world-wide tour.2

Fred H. Robison was one of the seven WT leaders sentenced in June 1918 for violating the espionage act. A NY District Court sentenced

him to many years of imprisonment, but he was released after only a short time in prison. Papers were introduced at the trial "showing their connection with German agents in the United States of America and Mexico."3 At his sedition trial, Robison disclosed that his religious experience before joining the WT Society consisted entirely of several years service for the Christian Endeavor groups. He was not a member of any church prior to joining the International Bible Students. The Christian Endeavor groups were known to have departed from the Christian faith.4 The President of the Christian Endeavor Society of America (and Sec. of the World Chapter) was Dr. Stanley B. Vandersall, who was a high ranking and active Freemason.5

William E. Van Amburgh was treasurer of the WT Society. Some of the older International Bible Students didn’t trust him. If one considers what the Society was teaching is it any surprise? In court during the Sedition trial in 1918, he told the court that the Millenium of God had started in October, 1874.6

Van Amburgh was one of the suspected ringleaders by those who suspected foul play in the death of C.T. Russell. Before joining the WT Society, Van Amburgh had been active in the YMCA, and the Methodist church. He served on the editorial staff of the Watch Tower, along with the Jew R.H. Hirsh, Robison, and Rutherford.7


The WT Society has pushed their people hard to get out in field service, that is the door to door sales work. In order to squeeze more time out of their people the Society ordered the JWs not to have children. This was done in WT 11/1/1938 pp.323-324; in the Children book 1941, and could be seen in the Awake! magazine of 11/8/1974 p. 11.

About Christians the WT Society said, "Do not confuse Christianity with the so-called "Christian religion". The latter operates in the name of God and Christ but is wholly against Christ and his kingdom, which is the only hope of the human race. Religion labeled "the Christian religion" is a racket invented by the Devil to defame the name of Almighty God. "--Enemies, p. 14 6.

About democracy the Society says, "Democracy is the perverted form of the third form of government. . .God’s Holy Word says nothing about democracy...God is not the Author of any other ocracy than theocracy." The origin of democracy is demons.--The New World, pp. 69-70

Dr. L.W. Jones (of Jewish heritage) gave an address in a lodge building to the IBSA in 1911, "I was much impressed on looking around to see all of these beautiful mottoes. All of them seem to speak of the one word, "Loyalty, " which we have on our badge...friends, the "obedience." And surely, now is the time we must be loyal, and we will not be loyal if we are not

obedient. "--Convention Report for Convention at Seattle, Wash. July 2-3, 1911.


One ex-JW mother found out that the JWs had obtained the political pull of the Governor of her state, which Governor is heavily into the New Age movement, to win custody of her child.8

When a JW was arrested for peddling magazines without a license in Tucson, AR. The JW, Hal was found guilty of violating the city’s ordinance No. 729 ’Peddling Without a License’. The case was appealed to the Arizona Supreme Court. The next day, Judge Cella, who had sentenced him, had a mysterious fire that destroyed his whole office, and Hal was released.9


During the Prohibition days, the WT President had fine Scotch whiskey smuggled into the U.S. from Canada by the Branch Overseer.10

In 1938, Rutherford tried to enlist the support of various civic agencies to support the Watchtower Society and its upcoming Seattle Convention.11

During Rutherford’s presidency, the office of an enemy of the Watchtower Society was destroyed by a special team of Jehovah’s Witnesses that broke into the office of Koerber at night and destroyed evidence against the Watchtower Society.12

So the Watchtower Society clearly will break laws, will deal with political power clandestinely, and operate in a total cloud of secrecy. It has remained rabidly hostile to Christians. The sinister nature of the upper Watchtower leadership has been clouded in the tightest secrecy, while the rank and file willingly submit to their dictatorship.


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2.     Articles mentioning General Hall are somewhat numerous in the WT Societies publications. WT Oct. 1, 1911 discusses Hall’s selection to serve on the committee to go with Russell around the world. WTR p. 4946 has a picture of Russell and Hall, pg. 4888 has some about his life and his opening speech at at WT Convention.

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Chapter 1.15

The WT's Mein Kampf

Jehovah's Witnesses and ex-Jehovah's Witnesses will be surprised to see my account of Armageddon differing from the prevailing viewpoint on various points.

It is quite extraordinary to suggest that Jehovah's witnesses would fight during Armageddon, especially since they have built up such a public reputation for being conscientious objectors.

This author is quite conscious that wild accusations or overstatements could damage the credibility of this book. He is including the suggestion that the Jehovah's Witnesses may be ordered to take more than a passive role due to careful consideration. This Author doesn't know what the future holds. He does suggest it is naive to think that the WT Society poses no potential threat.

Several points can be established beyond doubt. These are:

1.   The Jehovah's Witnesses are not conscientious objectors in the classic sense. They have adamantly declared that themselves. Their reasons for not participating in war are not from being conscientious objectors.1

2.   Jehovah's Witnesses are instructed by their leaders to physically defend themselves (Awake! Sept.8,1975,pp27,28) and other JWs (WT June 1,1968, p.367) and that there is no bloodguilt in a death blow to an attacker (Awake! Sept.8,'75). Over the entire history of the Watchtower movement there are numerous cases when the JWs have felt the need to physically attack and seriously injure those they consider to be threatening.2 One JW attack in N.Y.C. left dozens of people hospitalized.3

3.   The WT Society is anticipating a military attack upon themselves during Armageddon.4

4.   The WT Society's literature does make statements that do include the JWs in the fighting at Armageddon. These statements are on the record, in spite of other WT statements to the contrary.5

5.   There are numerous case histories from Africa, where WT converts after reading WT literature, have got the mistaken impression God wanted them to kill. So they have gone out and killed. The WT argues that their message has been misunderstood. That may be so, but the point remains that it is at best difficult to clearly understand WT intentions.

The WT Society has played a big role in destroying the colonial governments in Africa, and then in limiting the success of African leaders to try to create nations out of borders left over from colonial rule.

This Author fully recognizes that the WTB&TS has urged their people to be politically neutral, and to stay aloof from politics.

But such neutrality has in some cases in reality translated into political sabotage. When black African leaders try to create national identities and build national concensus from odd ball groups of people and bounderies that are meaningless to Africa, and then the JWs block their efforts, and by intense proselytizement encourage others to block their efforts, then it is understandable that African national leaders have often viewed the JWs as a thorn in their side.

And while the JW literature has played a big role in promoting riots, murders, strikes, and other tensions, the WT Society simply ignores their responsibility by claiming that they are not responsible for people misunderstanding their literature.

In other words, an event (effect) is caused by a certain particular cause. Just because the WT did not want the effect that is caused, they feel they are relieved of any responsibility for the effect that they caused.

In Zaire, the Society was held responsible for the 1961 Luba rebellion.6

In Southern Rhodesia, especially at Wankie in 1923, "the Watchtower became a kind of surrogate union movement... and was a major element in one of the earliest strikes in the country."7

In the eastern province of what was Rhodesia"... protests led by the Watch Tower preachers brought a quick crack-down from the colonial authorities."8

A Watch Tower self proclaimed prophet Tomo Nyirenda and his associates murdered 174 people before Nyirenda was captured and executed by the British colonial government.9

"... the Watch Tower was a worker's movement. The revolutionary tenor of its teachings helped pave the way for the first modern labour protests on the Northern Rhodesian Copperbelt, the 'rolling strikes' of 1935."10

If my literature incites people to kill and riot, am I guilt free? The WT Society has never expressed (to this Author's knowledge) remorse for those who became victims of overzealous WT readers. The Society's reaction is to stress that these tragedies are not their fault.

In Africa when a political party loses and is outlawed, their leaders at times seek refuge by joining the JWs. Although the JWs are in their own eyes neutral, by providing a haven for dissidents, and by proselytizing for the hearts of the people in competition with ruling political parties, they appear in practice to be a political threat.

My Book of Bible Stories, 1978, p. 115.

If the WT Society's message were not so anti-state, it would be different. But the Witnesses are taught that their governments represent Satan, and that allegiance should go solely to the WT Society in N.Y.C.

Is the WT Society merely a religious faith, or is it a government as it so often has called itself? It may be the ” perfect scam; call one’s government a non-political religion -and then who can dare oppose you? But the Witnesses know who rules them. They are told the WT Society is the voice of God (WT 6/15/57, p.370) They are told that rejecting the WT Society is rejecting God. (WT 2/15/76, p.124) They are told the WT Society is their mother.() They are told that the God’s sole visible channel is the WT Society and they must be submissive to it. (WT) They are told to avoid independent thinking, and not to question the WT Society. (WT Jan. 15,1983, pp.26-27) The WT Society is not just any government, it is a very autocratic dictatorial one, but they believe it is the only legitimate government, all others are Satanic.

My Book of Bible Stories, 1978, p. 115.

9.2 The WATCHTOWER'S Mein Kampf

The title to this chapter is not derived from an actual document called Mein Kampf, but rather because the Watchtower Society's words spell out a sinister future, much in the way Hitler spelled out his plans to wipe out certain undesirables. The coincidence is not coincidence. Hitler founded his Nazi religion on Hindi (New Age) beliefs. This author has repeatedly during the course of his research come across New Agers referring to Hitler as one of them.

The Watchtower Society advertises themselves as Christians. They don't now directly identify themselves with the New Age Movement.

The Watchtower Society does a good job of portraying their Millennium as a wonderful paradise. Hitler also promised his people a 1,000 year reign.

The Society anticipates a special race in the New Order. This New Age race is to be especially righteous and spiritual.

Allow the Author to digress. There is a certain disquieting flaw in the WT's history that perhaps when taken with some modem recent WT statements produces an uneasiness. Permit the Author to dig up the WT's unrepented and covered up racist past. It indicates an inability of the Society to admit faults. Who is going to keep the Society honest in the New Age if they have been able to hide their racism during this century? At one time the Society was simply racist. Consider the following Watchlower Society messages, which are but a sampling.

"The negro race is supposed to be descended from Ham, whose special degradation is mentioned in Gen. 9:22,25" WT 8/1/1898. A black man whose skin was turning while was hailed in the WT 10/1/1900 as proof that the New Age was about here. The WT 7/15/02 declares Caucasians are more intelligent than others. Russell's Studies in the Scriptures. Vol.6, p.490, advises to keep the races segregated as New Creatures. On and on the articles went like this. Reformers, such as Martin Luther King, Jr. was to become, were branded satanic. WT 2/1/52 "It is generally believed that the curse which Noah pronounced upon Canaan was the origin of the Black race." The Golden Age 7/24/29 Even up to recent times segregation was practiced. While others were fighting discrimination; the Witnesses were practicing discrimination, yet fighting for the right not to salute the flag and going to jail for it. Their priorities are disquieting.

The Society has never admitted to their racism, or repented of it. In all due fairness, the rank and file JWs are in these times very commendable in their acceptance of racial differences. However, the Governing Body continues to make decisions that reflect a racial bias. Raymond Franz gives an example of that in their decision not to translate the AID Bible encyclopedia into Spanish, because supposedly the Spanish speaking JWs wouldn't use it.

The Society promotes the idea that in the Millenium there will be brotherhood. That is an interesting concept, because it implies tolerence, and acceptance, and love.

For now, let's accept the WT's word that it believes in brotherhood, and that in their Golden Age to come there will be this love, and acceptance, and tolerance. Bear in mind, the WT Society has consistently said that all men resurrected into the New Order will have their same personalities as before.

Most of the resurrected will be all the wicked people throughout history that lived before the JWs began separating the sheep from the goats. Likewise, those that survive the revolution, the battle of Armageddon will also have only the same personality as they always had. From this is to come a special race.

The Watchtower Society has been brutally frank in their literature about what life will really be like under their rule in the New Age. However, because these items are slipped into articles along with nice garden-like paradise pictures with people smiling and a lot of verbage, few people, if anyone, have really stopped to assimilate the whole picture and digest what they are really saying.

It's interesting that the Communists and the Nazi have always spelled out publicly to their people what was intended. There seems to be several reasons for this according to political scientists. They have done that while simultaneously painting a rosy picture to other countries. Equally interesting is how most foreigners have tended to prefer to ignore clear statements of evil intentions. In spite of repeated warning by Germans who were scared of Hitler's intentions, the Allies gave him Czechoslovakia. A phenomena for social scientists to study.

Hitler spelled out what he would do in Mein Kampf, but most people choose to ignore it. The WT Society has also prepared its people, while at the same time keeping the illusion going that paradise will be wonderful. Hitler had the Hitler Youth sold on his wonderful predictions for the future. The Society has also maintained an illusion of pacifism which when juxtapositioned against numerous statements to the contrary when dealing with the last battle, ought to at least raise some eyebrows.

This author would never want to live in the New Age 1984 Orwellian world that the Watchtower Society describes in their own literature.

This Author has taken a few quotes from older WT material in the following report—but in general most is fairly recent. However, the older material is relevant along with the new in that it hasn't ever been denied, or changed, and today's Governing Body was around when it was published, and finally modern WT literature tells the same story.

The actual quotes documenting each of the following will follow this summary.

According the Watchtower Society the future New Age has this waiting for us.

1. A new mark on the forehead will be required to survive the revolution. (more on what this is about later)

2. A fight between "God's Kingdom" (read WT Soc.) and those now in power breaks out

3. precipitated by an attack on the WT Society

4. God's forces and the world clash.

5. The heavenly Zion is actually in part the WT Society

6. The WT Society is God's government, and speaks for him

7. The JWs fight in the revolution,

8. along with other revolutionary groups

9. The genocide of all Christians

10. and those without the mark begins.

11. A time of slaughter and pain equal to all the bloodshed in history begins.

12. The Society doesn't give advice to Jehovah's Witnesses on where to hide, or protect themselves.

13. The JWs are to treat this as a time of great joy.

14. Tears are not allowed for any victims.

15. The WT Society survives Armageddon to lead the New Age Society.

16 The Society is God's government now and in the Millenium

17.They are training their loyal people right now to govern during the Millenium.

18. Does the slaughter end with the initial genocide?- no, executions continue during the whole New Age period

19. People in the New Age are afraid

20. The WT Society will serve as judges.

21. Their secret police force will have absolute control and even control over the minds.

22. Instant punishment will be handed out

22. Ambitious people will be killed or brainwashed

23. People will be afraid and not permitted to mourn for victims of the slate

24. The world will be reeducated.

25. They must confess how evil Christianity is.

26. People will learn a 1-world-language.

27. The education will be transforming (read brainwashing)

28. Laws will be taught them.

29. People will work hard

30. They will be slaves

31. History books will disappear- the Bible will no longer be used. Many of today's books can be expected to disappear.

32. Executions will occur for any infraction of disobedience.

33. Big brother will watch everything.

34. Factories will be destroyed and closed.

34. The people will be sent to the countryside to plant.

35. Conveniences will be rarer.

36. Life will be in harmony with new age cycles.

37. Vegitarian and new age health food ideas will be around.

38. Rosicucian and Theosophical ideas about animals will be in force.

39. A Gandhi style of home industry as in India will come into being.

40. Marriage is controlled.

41. All marriages arranged by the government.

42. At first children will be allowed,

43. but they will belong to the state.

44. Then the population will be de-sexed, and

45. the only new people will be those resurrected (this author suggests possibly test-tube babies from baby factories?)

46. Christ who is Satan's brother will rule invisibly but will never show himself.

47. God will never communicate with the world

48. But his occultic power will be used in the Millenium.

49 People will still be the same people as they are today

50. but they will not be taught anything of Christ's redemption,

51. but they will be perfected through training, the Laws, and executions.

52. But what is really wild is that the JWs have all these visions of the New Order being a lazy garden paradise, while the WT Society say that they will spend the first seven months burying dead bodies. Pass out the gas masks! That certainly is one picture one doesn't get from all their colored pictures, but it is what they warn JWs it will be like in the New Order.

53. People will have to wait to see anyone resurrected, because it will take some time before things are ready for any one to be resurrected.

1.   A new mark on the forehead will be required to survive the revolution.

One of the WT Society's methods is to hint at something in their literature in a vague fashion and then later come along and reinterpret it in a more precise manner or even in an unexpected manner. When they teach that a mark on the forehead is absolutely needed they are laying the ground work for their people to accept the New Age Mark of the Beast. On the one hand the Society says the mark is symbolic. But then it says that a persons doesn't automatically acquire the mark simply because he has done all the right things. The mark is symbolic alright. But this author suggests it's symbolic of a sinister empire. Somehow the JW is to receive this, but it isn't acquire by just doing all the right things. An allusion to "standing in line" is made in the United in Worship book.

2.A   fight between "God's Kingdom" and those now in power breaks out.

How will there be a war between God's kingdom and the world? "Such wars during the centuries prior to 1914 were mere wars against human nations, human governments; but the wars that the nations, including those of Christendom, were to fight at the consumation of the system of things were to be against God's kingdom and its King Jesus Christ, on the issue of world domination. "A New Heavens and A New Earth. 1953,p.246. Note the fight is between more than just Christ but with "God's kingdom."

3.  precipitated by an attack on the WT Society. The final assault on the New World Society will provoke the final battle. A New Heavens & A New Earth. 1953,p.32 This will be a military attack on the Jehovah's Witnesses KJ,1971,p.360

4.God's  forces and the world's clash.

What alliance makes up God's Kingdom forces at Armageddon?

"At Armageddon the nations and demon powers invisibly behind them will meet up with the Invincibles, 'kings from the rising of the sun", namely Jehovah God and his Son Jesus Christ." A New Heavens and A New Earth, p.290, para. 7

5.The   heavenly Zion is actually in part the WT Society. We read much about a heavenly Zion in WT material. Who is God's woman, the heavenly Zion? "The creating of the new heavens at the Kingdom's birth A.D. 1914 was not accompanied by the creating of the promised new earth, for Jehovah's witnesses on earth were desolated during the world war that then began. According to the appearance of them by 1918 God's woman, the heavenly Zion, their mother, was desolate and a rag- covered captive in the dust at Babylon's feet....In 1919 Jehovah...rescued the remaining ones." A New Heavens & A New Earth, p.322.

The "heavenly Zion" in this passage is definitively linked to the WT Society leaders here on earth. The "heavenly Zion", God's woman was captive on earth. It must be then the WT Society that is being referred to or in the least the WT Society and the dead members of the elect that must make up part of the "heavenly Zion." "On earth today the New World society is the only group that is doing true constructive work." Ibid, 328. You mean the WT Society plans to keep on governing after the revolution? "The survivors of Almighty God's victorious war will step out as pioneers into the new earth. Although spread all over the earth according to their pre-Armageddon location, they will promptly operate together as a new-world society in harmony with the theocratic organization already established among them." Ibid. 343­344.

This sounds like a subtle hint, "promptly report for orders, so that you can work in harmony." "The new heaven is the government of Messiah, The Theocracry, born and in power." WT June 1,1943 Who will rule the New Order? The WT Society. "The New World Society on earth really started with the remnant when restored from Babylon in 1919...the new earth can rightly be said to have been founded in this remnant, for the New World society continues on for eternity on earth." A New Heavens & A New Earth, p.338

6.The   Watchtower Society is God's government and speaks for him.

7. The JWs fight in the revolution.

Who fights? To protect themselves the Society writes, "Jehovah's woman in heaven brought forth her male child, her theocratic Messianic government.... Therefore, let all earthly, man-made governments be put on notice that God's kingdom is not established by any seditious, revolutionary movement of Jehovah's witnesses on earth." A New Heavens and A New Earth, p.222 And yet three pages further Rutherford's oft-quoted 1922 Cedar Point Speech is given which instructs JWs "Be faithful and true witnesses for the Lord. Go forward in the fight until every vestige of Babylon lies desolate." See also Babylon the Great! p.464 The only sense that reconciles both these statements is that the true legitimate King has been born, and that his claim to the throne can't be taken away. But that meanwhile his foot soldiers will be out destroying Christendom until every vestige of Christendom is destroyed.

When the revolution comes people will say, "I thought Christ and the angel were going to do this." The WT Society will point to a long list of statements where they warn that the revolution actually begins with people like the communists. Babylon the Great! p.537 The book Religion. 1940 compares JWs to an army of locust striking terror into Christendom, (see p. 183 ff) When the revolution, or Armaggeddon comes just what will the loyal JWs be doing under orders from their secretive Governing Body? "...they will immediately begin working under the direction of the 'new heavens' of Christ and his 144,000 associate kings and priests to subdue the earth." (Life Does Have a Purpose. WTB&TS, 1977,p.141) A Resolution was made that the "faithful remnant...are eager to continue in the fight until and through Armageddon..." (Informant. Sept. 1944) "Will some people be executed? There will be Royal Orders "of an executioner against wicked enemies." (Holy Spirit-The Force Behind the Coming New Order!. WTB&TS, 1976, p. 172-173)

The other sheep (that is most JWs) must prove their faith during this by their works. (Children. 1941,p307) "Any not desiring to serve Jehovah will be executed, rightly." (Let God Be True, p.269) "Jehovah's D-day of Armageddon may be strictly a military secret... "(WT, Oct. 15,1952,p.614) "It is a combat between God's organization under Christ Jesus and Satan's invisible and visible organization." (The Truth Shall Make You Free. 1943, p.348) Jehu's Chariot of God is God's organization. The WT Society is compared to when Jehu went to slaughter Baal-worshippers. (Children. 1941,p.201) At the St. Louis assembly the Pioneers were greeted, "Well, it should refresh anyone's heart to greet a company of real fighters, that are not only willing to fight, but to fight for the greatest thing that has ever been known or ever will be known, namely, the great Theocratic Government. " (Report of the JW. Assembly, St. Louis. 1941, WTB&TS, p.43)

8.other revolutionary groups fight at Armageddon.

One of the best examples of this are the WT quotes which declare that Armageddon will be like the French Revolution. Occultic Masonic groups are known to have created the French Revolution. The Society tells us under the title: French Revolution. A Foregleam of Things To Come.

"From autumn 1793, the revolutionary government set up a vast plan for dechristianization. The aim was to build a "new man" who would be rid of vice. The Catholic religion was accused of trying to take advantage of the people's credulity. Some churches were destroyed, while others were turned into barracks. The clergy were forced to quit their vocation...Those who refused were arrested and executed."

"The French Revolution sowed ideas that later grew into both democracies and dictatorships. It also showed what can happen when political powers suddenly turn against organized religion. In this, it may provide a foregleam of things to come.—Revelation 17:16; 18:1-24" (Awake! 12/22/1989, p.28)

Docs this mean the JWs receive help from others? There is no mixing of good and evil forces according to The 1952 Yearbook. Mon. June 16. Nor will the JWs try to get any converts, for it is too late once the battle begins, according to the 1951 Yearbook. Fri., Oct. 12.

Who else will murder the Christians? Military units no longer acting under orders from their original governments, in the manner that the French military in the French revolution killed the clergy. (Awake! Dec. 22, 1989) Secular forces will leave the Christians "completely desolated" (KJ, 1971, p.289.) Christendom will also be destroyed by the U.N. (KJ, 1971, p.367)

The fighting is summed up in that God will "dash them all to pieces at the final war of Armageddon." (1949 Yearbook, Sept.3) and "Christ will strike the enemy with confusion and the various elements of Satan's visible organization will fight and annihilate one another." (This Means Everlasting Life. 1950, p.263)

9.The genocide of all Christians begins. "The so-called 'Christendom', with its demon religion, is in the most reprehensible position of all because 'Christendom's' leaders have fraudulently and blasphemously posed as the representatives of Almighty God..."(Religion. 1940,p.79) "They call themselves shepherds of the flock...The Christian Clergy...That they will die in Armageddon is certain...they will demonstrate that they belong to Satan and are unworthy of life..."(Light, p.215) "Christendom will be completely blotted out. "(1943 Yearbook. July 18) "...all those clinging to the old world will suffer annihilation." (Report 1942 Assembly. WTB&TS, p.8)

11.   "The greatest war and trouble that the world has ever known is just ahead." (Golden Age, #278, 5/14/1930) "The fight is on! Now the greatest issue of all ages will be settled by the most tremendous battle ever fought, and there will never be another. Now all four of the war chariots abreast, and all driving furiously, come out from between the "mountains"; and thus is pictured Jehovah's entire militant organization, foursquare and complete rushing into the battle." "...before Jehovah's irresistible forces the enemy shall crumble like a rotten wall." "Jehovah's forces are attacking every part of the enemy stronghold." (Preparation, 1933, p.311)

Is the destruction just to governments?

No. Everyone who supports the world as it is now, and who will not submit to a Big Brother-1984 type government of this New Order will be eliminated.

Under the caption "Beneficial Results" in the WT book True Peace and Security, p. 43 note the question, "What will result from the destruction of the present world system and its supporters? The text then relates that wonderful things will come from the annihilation of anyone committed to the present system.

Who else will be—as they say "cleansed" from the earth?

"God will cleanse the earth of all who ruin it." (You Can Live Forever in Paradise on Earth, WTB&TS, p. 15) Page 14 continues, "Rather, as happened at the worldwide flood in Noah's day, it will mean the end only of bad people... those serving God will survive... on an earth made clean, they will enjoy freedom from all who want to oppress them." (This author notes that the Scriptures actually say all people are sinners. The idea that some people are good and others are bad is not scriptural. God loves all people. The idea that the earth can be cleansed by eliminating bad people smacks of Nazism and New Age threats to eliminate Christians.)

12. Quest.  30 "Would it be wise to try to hide during the great time of trouble, and wouldn't it be safer in the country than in the city?" (The cryptic reply-) "I advise you to hide before the time of trouble. "(11th Souvenir Report, Con- Reports, p.20) Although the WT Society has stated it expects many terrible things to happen, they seem to have taken no precautions to elliviate the pain that is to come. The same thing happened in Nazi Germany. The JWs were told simply, "Jehovah will protect you." This attitude is reflected in the following quote, "Those who maintain their integrity toward God and who remain true and faithful to the Theocratic Government will receive protection and salvation from the disasters of Armageddon." (1940 Yearbook, p.215)

13.  The JWs are to treat Armageddon as a great time of joy. "a great slaughter...This great carnage at to those who delight themselves in to their hearts and will give them strength to go onward in their work and service which God may yet have for them to do on earth." (1931 Yearbook. Dec.25) "...Allow your mind to dwell upon God's righteous new world. Cultivate a strong desire for it. Keep a clear-cut vision of it before you all the time. Meditate upon it. Picture yourself walking in the midst of its paradisaic beauty. Feel its peace and tranquility. See yourself looking at the ruins of one of the old-world cities and at happy members of the New World Society busily clearing away those ruins." WT July 1, '57 (This sounds to this Author like a New Age visualization.)

14.  Tears are not allowed for any victimes. "The present mourning of the people world-wide speaks out plainly its own meaning, but now such mourning will not much longer continue. The battle of Armageddon will destroy and remove completely the cause of mourning, the wicked bearing rule." (The New World, p. 103) "...Jehovah will show her (Christendom) no pity at the end of the system of things." (You May Survive Into Paradise...1955,p.215?)

15. " the smoke of Armageddon's battle clears, Jehovah's visible organization will still be here..." (Let Your Kingdom Come. 1981, p.176) The WT refers to its present annointed leadership as the "remnant". "It seems probable that some of the remnant may be used for a time after Armageddon in directing the people in the way of the kingdom." "...the people will come to Jehovah's temple, his holy organization,..." (Preparation, 1933, p.329) "The New World society will be still here on earth after Armageddon has purged the earth." (New Heavens & a New Earth, p.330) "The restored remnant of spiritual Israelites dwell at the center or naval of the earth, that is, they are at the center of the New World society." (You May Survive... 1955, p.317)

16. Who will rule the New Order? the Watchtower Society. "The New World society on earth really started with the remnant when restored from Babylon in 1919...the new earth can rightly be said to have been founded in this remnant, for the New World society continues on for eternity on earth." (p. 338) "You mean the WT Society plans to keep governing after the revolution? "The survivors of Almighty God's victorious war will step out as pioneers into the new earth. Although spread all over the earth according to their pre-Armageddon location, they will promptly operate together as a new- world society in harmony with the theocratic organization already established among them." (p.343-344) "In the endless time to come there shall not be different governments on earth at the same time, one style of government best suited for one section of the land, and another style for another section.. There will be no self- determination of peoples under the "new heavens", different groups of people having each a distinct and independent form of human government. There will be only ONE GOVERNMENT, indivisible, world-wide, only one central authority...All humankind under them shall be subject to them as unto the King whom they visibly represent:..." What is this government? It is in Brooklyn, NY known as the Watchtower's Governing Body. A very secretive group-so secretive the WT refused to tell this author anything about it, not even how many are on it. This Author didn't need their help to learn this. Anyway this group is slated to lead. On page 133 of the recent publication You Can Live Forever On Planet Earth, a picture is shown of two JWs going door-to-door, the caption reads, "Subjects of God's government must tell others about it." Another tip off that they plan to rule, is that according to their theology, the heavens were cleansed of evil in 1914, yet today God's government rules "In the Midst of Enemies" (You Can Live Forever On Planet Earth, pp. 136-142) God's government must today be on earth, because Christ is safe in heaven, and is not in the midst of enemies.

17."God  has been selecting, preparing and training the new government of those who will live on earth in the new system." (The Truth that leads to Eternal Life, p. 73) The WT School of Gilead is training administrators of the Kingdom government, "originally designed for training missionaries...Also receiving training on how to teach for the expanded work during the Millenium." (1952 Yearbook, p.51-52)

18. After the genocide of Christians, and the executions of all who do not have the mark, the New Order will be in process, will the executions stop? "The new heavens of Jesus Christ,...and his 'bride,'...will then be in complete control over the earth. So there is nothing to hinder such children in attaining to a hundred years of age and eternity. And a man who attains to a hundred years of age need not then die as if he had lived his normal span of life....Hence if anyone then lived a hundred years and was executed for willful disobedience to the "new heavens" King, he would be dying relatively a mere youth or child in view of the endless eternity he might have lived. If he did die at a hundred years of age, it would not be then because of extreme age and decrepitude."(A New Heavens and a New Earth, pg 332, para 28) "If one then dies either under or at the age of a hundred years, it will be because of the curse that one may bring upon himself because of steady, willful insubordination to the King.' (Ibid, pg.333, para. 29) Note, Big Brother will execute in the New Order, but very quietly. The option of a long life will be offered a New Age citizen in return for his obedience. Indeed the WT Nov. 15,38 p. 1 enunciates, "What will be required of each individual composing that multitude? Obedience. That one word answers the question. God's instructions to his creatures concerning obedience cannot be too strongly emphasized." In the New Order it will be O.K. to execute those who are disobedient, because they will be 100 years old. Hitler, who exterminated millions was relieved of his guilt in part because he believed in reincarnation and that the ones he. exterminated would still see a long life. The WT rationale is similar.

19."...mankind will fear and tremble at all the goodness and prosperity Jehovah shall bring to them." (The Finished Mystery, p.89)

20.In the following quote the parenthesis are the WT's "...and all judges of the earth (the visible representatives on earth of the Theocratic Government)" (WT 11/15/38 Article on God's New Earth.) Russell at various times mentioned the numbers of judges he thought would precide, for instance see his Hell pamphlet, p.26.

21."A  spiritual police force will have humanity under absolute control. Every misdeed will be punished as soon as it is determined upon and before it is shall have been put into effect." (The Finished Mystery, p.334) "Any not desiring to serve Jehovah will be executed, rightly." (Let God Be True, p.269)

22. "The trial of these is more favorable because the evil influences will then have been removed, and society and Christ's righteous government will be favorable to righteousness, and faithful obedience will then be rewarded and wrongdoers instantly punished."(Man's Salvation, p.89)

23."There  will be no ambitious and stronger ones on earth then to push themselves forward...All suchlike will have been wiped out...This will preclude all ambitious and stronger ones from exercising political propensities and seizing the government or any part of it."(WT June 1,1943)

24."An  extensive educational work will be neccessary, therefore, in the course of the thousand-year reign when billions of 'unjust' dead, need instruction in God's law..."(Let God Be True, p.266) "The greatest educational program of all time will be carried forward under the Kingdom organization." (Let Your Kingdom Come, p. 181)

25."The  nations of all the earth shall come to the new order of things and cheerfully admit that the teachings of the clergy were chiefly lies and vanity." (The Finished Mystery, p.89)

26. "...the wiping out of language barriers will be accomplished only by the same power of Jehovah God during The Theocratic Government...(Consolation, Nov. 8,  1941, p.26)

27.The  effect of the New Order's control on its citizen's minds will be a "transforming effect." (A New Heaven & A New Earth, p.333)

28. Let God Be True, p. 270 speaks of how the people will "need instruction in God's law."

29."All   will need to be real workers..."(Let Your Kingdom Come, p. 177)

30.  In referring to the New World the WT 1/1/1987 says a "A Jubilee for Millions It is noteworthy that twice in Leviticus chapter 25 the Israelites were reminded that from Jehovah's standpoint they were his 'slaves' whom he had liberated out of Egypt." Already the children are standing and pledging unwavering loyalty & alligience to the WT Theocratic government. "2,000 Children stood and pledged unwavering alligience to the Theocracy at St. Louis Assembly 1941." (Report of the Jehovah's Witnesses Assembly, St. Louis, 1941, WTB&TS, p.52ff.)

31 .Already the WT forbids much secular and religious reading material. Even more literature will disappear in the Millenium. "There is no reason to conclude that the publications which God's visible organization now publishes and distributes amongst the people will be found of use during the thousand years of kingdom reign, not that even the Bible will be used during that time. Those publications are for present-day use to inform the people."(WT 2/15/37 para. 17 p.54) In reference to the reading material of Christendom, they describe it as miserable. So miserable that Christians are "starved" of any spiritual food. (WT 2/15/37, p. 54, para. 17)


33. "Then the eyes of those who see will not be closed, and the ears of those who hear will be attentive. (A New Heaven & A New Earth, p.335)

34. "Well, since the big city way of life is part of a world wide system of things that does not work, the only remedy is to replace it..."(Awake! p. 10) "Jehovah will shortly destroy the citv..." (His Vengeance. 1930, p.3) "He will teach the great crowd of people who will have lived through

Armageddon how to take care of the earth. These people will learn how to plant the paradise." (From Paradise Lost to Paradise Regained, p. 220) The Kingdom Ministry of 12/51 asks "Destruction how long?" and then answers, "Until cities be waste without inhabitant, and houses without man, and the land become utterly waste." —Isa. 6:11,AS." "In view of such expressions of God's viewpoint, a more agricultural way of life will no doubt predominate for the soon-to-be-realized 'new earth.' " (Awake! 1/8/1976 , p.11) A picture in that Awake! article shows factories being destroyed. It sounds to this Author like the clock will be turned back like Pol Pot did in Cambodia.

35."Or, can you imagine the majority of business, industry and city folk willingly reverting to a less production- minded, convenience-oriented way of life? Even if political leaders should attempt such innovations, they would be stymied by forces beyond their control. Is the kind of farsighted leadership and power that it would take to make such far-reaching changes anywhere to be found? Superior Direction Needed." (Awake!, p.10, 1/8/1976)

36.Life   will be in harmony with "natural cycles". Awake! 1/8/76 p. 10



39.    People are not perfect when resurrected. (From Paradise Lost to Paradise Regained, p. 234, para.29) Other WT articles also bring out how people have the same ideas in their heads as they had before Armageddon. The WT 1912, p. 169 refers to accidents happening in the Millenium.

40.  Already in the past JWs were given a choice be loyal to the organization or choose the selfish right to have children. They were expected to be obedient and not have children. This commandment was characterized in the Report of the Jehovah's Witness Assembly, St. Louis, 1941, p.52, "The book Children is manna from heaven prepared by the Lord for the people of good will to enable them to see their relationship to Theocracy." It was said to be proper to wait until after Armageddon to have children. (Children, p.313)

41.  "The    survivors of Armageddon under the direction of the King and his princes, will marry..." (Let God Be True, p. 265) Christ will personally be the matchmaker for every couple.  (WT 1956,  p. 604.)


43.  "The    real mother of children is God's organization."( WT 9/1/41)

44.  Once the earth is refilled then the reproductive powers of people will be taken away. (WT 6/15/01 p.206 ) Mankind will be composed of perfect un-sexed units. (WT 6/15/01, p. 204-208)

45.  "The   dead will not come back from the grave on the spot they were buried. Christ Jesus might well resurrect a thousand at one time in one location -from say like what used to be N.Y.C. and from there they would be dispersed to where Christ wanted them." (Bro. Schroeder"s Talk at Saginaw, MI, 1953. Will Big Brother regulate who can have children? According to the WT and Ray Franz in Crisis of Conscience they WT Society will take over the selection of spouses. At some time they will also take over control of who can have children and the production of people. They say that this is that "Allowance must be made for those resurrected." This Author speculates such a scenario would happen such as Aldous Huxley's Brave New World, that could fulfill their expectations.

46.  Jesus    is Lucifer's brother. (WT 3/1/32, p.76) Lucifer (now called merely Satan by the WT) was part of "the heavens" during the Garden of Eden. "That special organization of angels under Lucifer was spiritual, higher than man and invisible to him, and hence they constituted "the heavens" of that original world...That "heavens" and that "earth," therefore, composed the then perfect and righteous world." (The New World, p.22) "God's only begotten Son, The Word, and Lucifer were princes,... they are called "the morning stars" For a long time they worked together, and on special occasions of joy 'the morning stars sang together'..." Christ will be invisible during the Millennium but only present as he is today. Aid to Bible Understanding. 1971, pp.551, 1336. Satan is not bound during, but after Armageddon. (Light, 1931, p. 187)

47.   "God has no communication with the world until Jesus has restored the men thereof to actual perfection," (Man's Salvation, p. 87)

48.  "EVIL    OCCULT POWERS IN OPERATION" "The Difference between Samuel and his occult powers, and the occult powers of others today is this: Samuel's were manifested under Divine direction at a time when God was pleased to use such powers amongst His people Israel.- powers which doubtless will be in exercise also to some extent during the Millenial Age for the world's guidance."

(WT 2/15/15, p.59) Bear also in mind Russell felt that the Persian occultist Zoraster was taught his tricks by Jeremiah, and that he in turn taught the Magi who chased the Star of Bethlahem. (WT 1906, p. 14)

49.  In the New Order people such as the resurrected ones will have the exact same personalities. "They will be the same personalities, the same people....The "law of sin and death" will not have been abolished from them..." (Life Everlasting -In Freedom of the Sons of God, p.396-397) Pastor Russell is asked, "Ques. 34- Please explain what condition the body will be in the resurrection, whether a lost eye, or the hearing will be restored at their awakening, or how? "...It is not the teaching of the Scripture that man will come forth in the resurrection perfect..." "If there was a wart on that hand before it was withered, it might be there afterwards..." (11th Convention Souvenir Report, p.20)

50.   "The 'great crowd' will not undergo a change of nature from human to spiritual and so do not need the justification by faith and the imputed righteousness that the 144,000 "chosen ones" have required. Not imputed human perfection by faith in Christ's blood, but actual human perfection in the flesh by the uplifting, cleansing help of God's Messianic kingdom-This is what the "Great crowd" will need and what they will attain by Christ's kingdom of a thousand years." (Life Everlasting-In Freedom of the Sons of God, p.391)

52. "The first work is to clear away the awful debris of the battle of does not take many years." (Golden Age. 2/25/28 #218, p.277) "The slaughter ...Their slain also shall be cast out, and their stink shall come up out of their carcasses, and the mountains shall be melted with their blood." (Religion, 1940,p346) "Like dung upon the ground will lie the unburied bodies of those who would not heed God. Strewn over the earth, unlamented..." (1952 Yearbook July 27) "That millions of people will be killed in that battle is certain... "(Prophecy, 1929, in the WAR chapter) "For seven prophetic months the Armageddon survivors will gather up the bones and bury them." (From Paradise Lost to Paradise Regained, p.211) Boy are they in for a surprise- pass out the gas masks.

Is this New Order going to be an earthly paradise or an Orwellian nightmare? Which?

What is the current "spiritual paradise" like for Jehovah's Witnesses - or to put it another way, what is life like as a JW? Does he have a "new personality" or a "split personality" as he tries to reconcile life with what he is told to believe.

Is the condition of the New World society slavery or freedom?

Will the people be given a New Language or Newspeak? Are the JWs truly happy, or just brainwashed robots?  

Chapter 1.16

The Mark of the Beast

3 items you will learn:

• That the Power plans to cause all to take a Luciferian

• That the One World Order plans to tag and mark everyone so that
they can be instantly identified by satellites, and so they must
buy and sell through their controlled system.

• That the Watchtower Society is coordinating with these plans.

Has the reader watched a TV show on India, or met with a Guru? Perhaps you’ve seen how Hinduism, especially the Hindu teachers mark their foreheads with a red, yellow, or white dot. This is the position of the third eye.

Geoffrey Hodson, in The Hidden Wisdom of the Holy Bible, Vol. 1, p. 140 tells his readers that man has now advanced to the point where he is able to use the third eye lying beneath his forehead.

This is why public schools are now teaching subjects on the third eye such as "Math and the Third Eye.”

This third eye is on one of the Chakras, which are energy points, and initiation sites that open up outside forces to enter the body. Another Chakra is on the palm of the right hand. These two positions happen by some holy coincidence to match up with the marks of the beast prophesied in Rev 13:16,17.

The information that this Author has learned on this subject is vast. Hopefully, the following will summarize this subject before the details are given.

The Plans of the Satanists who control the Illuminati are to have every one take a Luciferian initiation.1 Luciferian initiations have been given already for years (actually for centuries).2 These initiations have already involved using the chakra points of the right palm and the forehead.3 Satanists may initially only push for an invisible mark, but the ultimate goal is to make the mark a visible mark that people will wear as a status symbol that they will be proud of. That will give the Satanists a perverse thrill to look over their slaves who proudly wear their Master’s brand, in the same proud manner that a Texas rancher looks over his herd of cattle all wearing his ranch’s brand.4 The New Age Manual of Initiation entitled The Rays and the Initiations reveals that the mark is to be given to all mankind.

It is also clear that the Power intends to inject coded microchips into everyone under the disguise of a nationwide AIDS vaccination.5 Humane Societies are already injecting microchip tags into dogs to prove the viability of the tagging system.6 The tags will enable computers via Satellites to track and identify every human being.

It is very likely that hand scanners will come into use and people given a mandatory bar code on their hands. The bar code that we now must use to buy or sell with already has the number 666 hidden within it.7

With all my awareness that the initiation point of the New Age is the third eye, it is significant that Jehovah’s Witnesses rather than being warned against following the plans of Satan are being warned that they must take a mark on the third eye area to survive into the New World system. That Jehovah’s Witnesses are being directed in that direction is another indication who their masters will ultimately serve. As the JWs have been conditioned to obey without question, it is probable that they will also join in taking the Luciferian Initiation. The JWs are not esteemed to highly by the Internationalists. For them the JWs are merely the Internationalists’ expendable shock troops. They are not too concerned whether the JWs do or don’t fall in line for survival.


Witches receive a small mark called the Devil’s Mark. New Agers are receiving stars on theirs during a Luciferian initiation. This initiation also gives them a Kundalini (aka Skaktipat) experience. Their minds are altered by the initiation and their new personality is now Satan-possessed.

AS TARA’s booklet Finding Your Place in the Golden Age has a picture of a New Age thinker with a star on his forehead.

These marks on the forehead’s third eye area may vary. The important item is the location. The third eye are is an important point to the occult. It is significant that the Watchtower Society has been warning people in recent years that they need a mark on the forehead to get into the New Order.

What is the WT’s test to be worthy to enter into the New Order? Is it placing so many books? Is it praying for so many hours?

Under the section "Tested As To Worthiness of Survival" in the WT’s United In Worship, (WTB&TS, 1983) p. 10 6 it says that the test is to have a "mark" that separates a person from "pretending Christians."

In the WT book Survival Into a New Earth the JWs are given instructions how to survive into the coming New System.

Under the chapter "Identified For Destruction Or Survival" under the Subsection "Do You Have The Mark", the JWs are instructed, "It would be a serious mistake to conclude that if a person tries to lead a ’good’ life and if he shuns religions that are doing things clearly condemned in God’s Word, nothing more is required of him. All who hope to survive into the "new earth" must also be unmistakably identified as worshippers of Jehovah...What was the key to survival? It was te mark placed on one’s forehead by the man with the secretary’s inkhorn. . .All who want to be marked as having God’s approval must accept the instruction that Jehovah is providing through that ’slave’ class and become true worshippers... No one will put a literal mark on their forehead."

It is not clear to this Author exactly where this teaching is going. On the one hand they refer to an actual physical mark being necessary, yet a further page says the mark means to put on a new personality. This sounds somewhat like the Skaktipat experience. Whatever the Watchtower Society means, it is significant that they have spent one chapter and a colored picture on the theme. Three colored pictures are included in the Survival Into a New Earth book. First is the picture of the person taking a Mark. Second is a picture telling us to be submissive and repent of our own prideful ways. Third is a picture of what happens if a person thinks of what life used to be, or if a person thinks anywhere that the Society doesn’t want them to think, they may share the fate of Lot’s wife who turned into a pillar of salt. The message is that once you are a JW you can not turn back and look at the world. You must only look where you are being led. (Read this a mind control, a self-imposed censorship. Now if you do this your mind in the WT Society’s.)

It is interesting that the location of the WT’s required mark exactly matches the New Age initiation point required to survive into the New Age. It is not clear why if this is an invisible mark, and only symbolic, why it is so ominously fussed over so much. The fuss being made is that "all regardless of background, who hope to survive into the ’new earth’...must have this mark."

One WT reference alludes to standing in line to receive the mark. The door has been left open for the WT to do what they have often done before, that is to come back and reinterpret in a different but more precise way what they have hinted at in a vague fashion. This makes it appear that they have held the view for a long time. On the one hand the Society says the mark is symbolic, on the other hand they say it is needed. They say a person doesn’t automatically acquire the mark by doing all the correct things.

Who is the man with the inkhorn that gives this mark on the third eye to survive? Originally it was said to be C.T. Russell.8 Later the man was identified as "the spiritual remnant or ’faithful and discreet slave’ class"9.

Alice Bailey indicates that the Luciferian initiation will be done in the churches and Masonic Lodges. (Externalization of the Hierarchy, p. 514) and that what she calls externalized Ashrams will be active along the major line of "The public inauguration of the system of initiation." (p. 700)

Should the Watchtower Society align itself with the New Order when needed, then it’s Kingdom Halls may become part of the system of churches and "externalized Ashrams" that provide the initiation.

New Age sources reveal that the Watchtower Society is cooperating with the Power, but that it is showing some signs of independence, which the Power is wanting stopped.

>> From the book Title just below <<


Marrs found stories of marks that are being given even today. Witches receive a small mark called the Devil's Mark. The New Agers are receiving stars on theirs in a Luciferic Initiation. This Initiation gives the New Agers a Kundalini or Skaktipat experience where their minds are altered from these initiations, the have a new personality by being possessed by Satan.

ASTARA's booklet Finding Your Place in the Golden Age has a picture of a New Age Thinker with a star on his forehead.

The New Age and Hindu teaching of an energy point between one's eyes on the forehead is a precursor of the Mark of the Beast.

Marrs finds in his research that various New Agers are already sealing people in the third eye area. An New Age Manual of Initiation entitled The Rays and the Initiations reveals the Mark is to be given to all mankind. It also reveals the marks are related to the third eye and right palm chakras. The pentagram comes up repeatedly in New Age literature as an initiation sign on the forehead. The Mark will be a mark of an advanced thinker.

Rather than restate Marrs' research in full, this Author will mention one more interesting point. The number 666 is also related to the third eye by New Agers.

THE MARK OF THE BEAST      >>This is the chapter name on the opposite pages <<

There may be various marks placed on the forehead, or third eye area . The significant item is the location. In recent years the Watchtower Society has been warning their people that they need a mark on the forehead to get into the New Order.'

What is the test to be worthy to enter into the New Order? Is it placing so many books? Is it praying so many hours? Under the Section "Tested As To Worthiness of Survival" in United In Worship, WTB&TS, 1983, p. 106 it says that the test is to have a "mark" that seperates a person from "pretending Christians".

In the WT book Survival Into a New Earth the JWs are given instructions how to survive into the coming New System.

Under the chapter "Identifed For Destruction Or Survival" under the Subsection "Do You Have The Mark", the JWs are instructed, "It would be a serious mistake to conclude that if a person tries to lead a 'good' life and if he shuns religions that are doing things clearly condemned in God's Word, nothing more is required of him. All who hope to survive into the "new earth" must also be unmistakably identified as worshippers of Jehovah....What was the key to survival? It was the mark placed on one's forehead by the man with the secretary's inkhorn....All who want to be marked as having God's approval must accept the instruction that Jehovah is providing through that "slave" class and become true worshippers...No one will put a literal ink mark on their forehead."

It is not clear to the author exactly where this teaching is going. On the one hand they refer to an actual physical mark being necessary, yet a further page says the mark means to put on a new personality. This sounds somewhat like the Skaktipat experience. Whatever they mean, it is significant that they have spent one chapter and a colored picture on the theme. Three colored pictures in the book give items that are needed to survive. First, is the Mark. Second, is to repent of pride and be submissive. Third, is a picture of Lot's wife turning to salt. The message is that once you are a JW you can not turn back and look at the world. You must only look where you are being led.
(Read this as mind control, a self-imposed censorship. Now one's mind is the WT 's.)


It is noteworthy that this mark is located in the same area that Marr's identities as the Mark of the Beast. It is not clear why if this is an invisible mark, and only symbolic, why it is so ominously fussed over so much . The fuss being made is that "all regardless of background, who hope to survive into the "new earth"—must have this mark."


1.      Confidential interviews with ex-Illuminati members. The New Globalism 2000 curriculum being introduced to the schools will have a veiled Luciferian initiation given to all elementary students.

2.     Confidential interviews with ex-New Age leaders,

3.     Personal knowledge of Author of what others have experienced and Marrs, Texe. Mystery Mark of the New Age. Westchester, IL: Crossway Books, p. 39, who quotes "Contactee: Firsthand," California UFO, January/February 1987, p. 29.

4.      This conclusion also coincides with the exact meaning of the word chargma (mark) in Rev. 13, and is the view that Texe Marrs adequately defends in his book Mystery Mark of the New Age.

5.      This is a plan that Joe Frick revealed, which the NSA is trying to implement. Frick speculates that an AIDS vaccination will be used as the cover to inject the tiny microchip tags. A vaccination for AIDS is the only viable cover that exists today. Frick, Joe. art. "Big Brother’s Coming! Revealed: Secret plan to tag every man, woman and child." Sun Magazine (Aug. 1, 1989) p. 15.

6.     Wright, Mary (Assoc. Dir. of PR for the Marin Humane Society, art. "An ID tag that won’t get lost." Pacific Sun (May 4, 1990).

7.     Relfe, Mary Stewart. The New Money System. Montgomery, AL: Ministries, Inc., 1982. This is an excellent book.

8.     The Laodicean Messenger, p. 150.

9.     You May Survive Armageddon Into God's New World, p. 211

Recommended reading:

The New Money System by Mary Stewart Relfe. This book explains the UPC code with its hidden 666, it explains hand scanners, the world ID transaction cards, the cashless society etc. that the New World Order is bringing us.

Mystery Mark of the New Age by Texe Marrs. This book gives the best and most reliable analysis of where the New Age initiation point is going to be. Texe also gives good information on New Age symbology.

Chapter 1.17


You will learn:

• The reader will learn about Smokescreens that the Jehovah's Witnesses'
Watchtower Society and the Masons have thrown up around their organizations.

• The reader will find out why the Satanic activities of the Illuminati are so hard to

• The reader will be given information from history and testimonies that indicate that
the Satanic Illuminati threat to rule the world is a serious and very real threat.

One April Saturday in 1974 in sunny southern California, an overconfident Jehovah's Witness met with Bill Cetnar. The Jehovah's Witness was Duane Magnani and he was sure that he could expose the lies that Bill had told his brother about the Watchtower Society. Duane was trying hard to get his brother back into the organization. He felt that Bill had to be met and refuted, even though the local elders had trembled and stuttered with fear and warned him not to talk to Cetnar when they learned who Duane was to meet. They had told him that to "follow God's arrangement" is what was important.

One of the things Duane learned that day was the lies and false prophecies that the Society has propagated. And long story short, Duane did something about the information he learned that day. Duane eventually would realize the mind control that the Watchtower Society uses, and so Duane used their own literature to show the Society's lies in order to crack that mind control. His campaign to expose their lies motivated him within two years to get the largest collection in the world of JW material (outside of the WT Society itself).

His book, Eyes of Understanding, (the title based on the WT Society's explanation that one needed eyes of understanding to know God's plan, and they of course were the ones with the correct eyes), exposes their false prophecies. Duane went on to write, Who is the Faithful and Wise Servant? Called the Who book for short it shows the WT's cover-up of their long held view that Russell was the sole Faithful and Wise Servant. Because their present leadership use the parable of the Wise Servant to justify their dictatorship, that the Society held Russell to be that Servant and that that Servant died, is devastating to their theology. They have worked hard to cover-up the "creature worship" they gave to C.T. Russell.

The numerous cover-ups by the WT Society, and their dishonesty is so pervasive, that it boggles the mind of the sincere historian. But they are successfully carrying out their campaign of false information, why?

Most people know nothing or little about the JWs. They have the liberty to investigate before they join, but few know how to and they then rely on WT material. After they join, it is difficult for them to ever make an honest appraisal of their religion or its history.

Outsiders have little interest in the Watchtower movement.

Only a small group of people keep watch over the WT Society. This is why the Society is able to buffalo so many people.


Most of us go through life without questioning why we do the things we do. Why do we wear ties and import granite from Vermont to bury our dead under? However, this Author is one of those who is always asking why. And the problem of why Russell was so deceptive many times in his life, and yet was clearly respected as a very honest man, and indeed considered himself to be an honest man, was a puzzle. His lies in court to cover his friends would hardly seem to be worth the trouble. But once this Author saw how the mindset of Russell was so clearly a reflection of the views surging through the Masonic Halls of that age, then it at last made sense.

Russell was honest as Masons are trained to be, that it is not a lie to deceive those not worthy of the truth. Further, like many Masons, he kept his membership very quiet. He pays close attention not to let out any clues that his beliefs are from the Masonic Hall. He always portrays his beliefs as coming from the Bible. A Mason invented Phrenology, and the Mormons and Russell were big on Phrenology at that time it surged through the Masonic halls. Masons had dabbled in the occult and magic, and both the early Mormon leaders and Russell did healing with magic handkerchiefs. The pyramidology surged through the lodges, and both the Mormons and Russell picked it up. But Russell is careful to always use the Bible as the "fall guy" for his beliefs. He calls his magic handkerchief Paul's handkerchief. He ties his pyramid beliefs back to some scripture which are misused to prove his beliefs.

Russell is always playing to an audience. He is very careful to say and do the right things. He is careful not to expose his deep Masonic mindset. But every now and then he slips. He refers to the woman of Luke 15:8 as "divine energy", but then when questioned about this denies having written it, "The fact that something in the Tower might be misunderstood would not surprise us any. Why, we find a whole lot in the Bible that has been "misunderstood." (Bible Student's Convention, Indianapolis, 1907, p.26)

Russell is also asked if anyone else teaches the invisible presence of Christ. "Are there any other papers than the Tower which teach as it does that Jesus is now present?" Russell answers, "We know of none other which teaches the personal presence of Jesus." (WTR p546 10/1883). That he can say this is just remarkable. He is fully aware that others such as the Rosicrucians teach this, besides the Christians have held that he has been invisibly present since his ascension.


Rutherford is the second WT President. He was a lawyer. He was as honest as the common stereotype of lawyers. In other words, he does what it takes to win.

By reprinting in 1928 an article that is negative about Freemasonry, he may simply have been putting up a smokescreen, so that Masonic goals could continue to be carried out. Certainly, that was his modus operandi with the demonic Ouji healing devices that headquarters were using. To stifle criticism, he allowed something negative printed, and then forbade discussion. However, it may be that he wasn't a Freemason. Unlike Russell, this author hasn't any Masonic records of membership for Rutherford, although the rumors persist. The powers that controlled him certainly were not concerned whether he was a Mason or not, but simply that their goals could be furthered.

That Rutherford could do what he pleased without the rank and file knowing it is clearly demonstrated. He became an alcoholic, and this and his live-in girlfriend, who even signed his death certificate, managed to be kept secret.

During Rutherford's reign, R.H. Barber of Bethel Headquarters throws out a smokescreen with some false clues about the conspiracy to bring in a one-world-government. He points the finger at the Christian clergy. He says the Christian clergy have originated the conspiracy and are in someway deceiving the governments into becoming a party of the conspiracy. (The Golden Age, pp 277-278, Feb. 3,1932 #323.)

Another conspiracy smokescreen appears in the book The Truth Shall Make You Free (1943). It states that Christendom has an "international police force for her continual world domination."

But Rutherford is careful not to tell us the esoteric Masonic sources that have taught him all about the supposed pagan connections to Christian symbols—such things as Phallic worship. Phallic worship is by the way, declared by Albert Pike's Morals and Dogma to be the true worship of Masonry. Each Scottish Rite Mason is given Pike's book after the 32nd degree.

Again Rutherford, like Russell, is careful not to clue us in on any Masonic connections. Isn't easier to believe that he learned all his mystery religion/ pagan symbolism stuff from Masonic sources than from angels.


The WT Society leaders continued their secrecy. Covington, even managed to succeed Rutherford as President and run the Society for a period without the rank and file Jehovah's Witnesses knowing about it. Nathan Knorr pushed him aside, and apparently that suited the Powers in control of things. Knorr, Covington, and Franz were to work together, but circumstances didn't really work out that way. Covington, not one of the anointed, theologically was a red herring. Yet, the Covington family is a prominent family within the Order, so he may have had strong support, at least temporarily.

At the Scottish Douglas Walsh Trial in 1954, we see Covington lying under oath. Another JW, named Hughes, asked the same question, gives the truth. What was the question? The question was whether the JWs use other groups buildings for their Kingdom Halls. The practice of using Masonic Halls and Oddfellows Halls was widespread. Covington was in the best position of anyone to know this. So why did he lie about it? Was this perhaps a sensitive issue?

The questions on page 381 of the trial transcript had touched on buildings rented for use as Kingdom Halls and what steps were taken to consecrate them. On page 382 of the trial transcript, the questioner asks, "Sometimes the Kingdom Halls are shared with other bodies or secular societies, aren't they? A. I do not know of any such cases where the actual hall itself is. I may say this, that Kingdom Halls of Jehovah's Witnesses are often to be found in commercial neighborhoods and in buildings where, say for instance, on the ground floor there might be a store."

However, the truth is that the JWs were using Masonic temples and lodges. In Grand Coulee, WA the Kingdom Hall was located on the bottom floor of the Oddfellows Hail, and while the JWs used the bottom floor, the Oddfellows would at times be conducting meetings above them. This lasted from about 1947 to 1952. Two of the Melbourne Kingdom Halls in Australia were Masonic lodges to begin with. The Kingdom Hall at 256 Murray Road, Pres Victoria, Australia had been a Spiritist church which was converted into a Kingdom Hall. While Covington only admits to a dedication of Kingdom Halls occurring, the truth is that this Spiritist church required the Spirits to be exorcised by the Jehovah's Witnesses before they could use it. Covington was privy to everything, having been the Society head legal guardian and its President and Vice-President.

A.F. Hughes, under oath apparently doesn't know the sensitivity of the issue for when he is asked, several questions about the Kingdom Halls leading up to the question, These Halls are sometimes owned by the Society? A. They are owned by the local congregation. Q. Or leased by the local congregation? A. Yes. Q. Or shared with others; outside agencies? A. Sometimes, yes, but that would only be where there is a small congregation that is not able to meet the costs for the time being. They would, of course, have the ultimate in mind that they would have a Kingdom Hall of their own. (Douglas Walsh Trial, p.626-627, 1954).

The Society has put out instructions that "Whether you own or rent your hall, it ought to be ... a proper representation of Jehovah's true worship." (Organization for Kingdom Preaching and disciple-making,1972, p.104) Today the Society is still using Masonic Halls for weddings where one of the spouses is not a Jehovah's Witness. Their use of Masonic and Oddfellow Halls for Kingdom Halls raises questions. Either, these places are proper representations of true worship according to the Society, or the Society has been quietly being hypocritical. This Author tends to believe that the JW top leadership is a Mason, so in that case, the close relationship between Kingdom Halls and Masonic Halls is not hypocritical.

The WT Jan. 15, 1958, p. 46 states " ... it is really the holy spirit that leads to the appointing of such overseers;" The Governing Body have issued other statements such as this, that lead one to believe that their decisions are made after prayerful consideration. Ray Franz, former Governing Body member, in his book Crisis of Conscience, pulls the cover off that false picture.

One mask though that has never been pulled off, is the Jewishness of Russell's religion. This book does that for the first time. In the twenties, it appears that some people began to catch onto the connections between the B'nai B'rith and the WT Society. Could this explain why the WT became anti-Zionist. Was this to hide their origins and their Jewishness, or was it because Rutherford had actually broken with the Society's Jewish backers?

It is an intriguing puzzle. The Jew Paul S. L. Johnson, who had forsaken being a nominal Lutheran minister and became a Bible Student, acted like he sincerely believed that he was to be Russell's successor. What is interesting is that 4 out of the 7 board of Directors of the WT Society also thought so. In fact, in the 1975 Yearbook, p.89 it explains that Johnson believed clear back in 1915 before Russell died that the mantle would be passed to him. The British office and the Kingdom Halls in the British South American colony of Guiana (see WT Oct. 1,83) went under Johnson's leadership. It was only by hard fisted maneuvering that Rutherford gained control. It meant dismissing those men on the Board of Directors, who at the time didn't think Rutherford had the power to dismiss them. (The 73 Yearbook, pg. 101 also gives details of the British events in this battle for control.) Rutherford gained control, but then he and his leadership ended up going to prison. Could it be that the Order did not want Rutherford in? Did Rutherford have to make a deal with them, or did he simply realize from there on that they had power?

One of the biggest smokescreens is the appearance the JW make of hating all religions. In reality, they attack only one religion in their literature—Christianity. They claim that their lack of work in India is that Hindus are hard to deal with, but a close examination shows they have made almost no effort over the last 150 years to convert Hindus. The rank and file witness certainly has little affection for other religions, but his leadership has been careful to direct his hate toward only one group in particular—Christianity (called Christendom).

If the New Age Religion were to be encapsulated into 7 teachings it could be reduced to the following seven identifying beliefs.

1.  God is impersonal.

2.   Christ is not Almighty God, but a good teacher.

3.   Jesus is but one of many Christs.

4.   Sin and evil do not exist.

5.   Man should seek instruction from the spirit world.

6.   All religious teachings are of merit, except those that are Christian and believe in absolute truth.
      Therefore, the religious views of Egypt, Babylon, India and the Aztecs, are held to be of value for us today.

7.   Man can be a god.

8.   The Jehovah's Witnesses have made repeated statements over the years that God is not personally involved in events. This is not just an insignificant idea in Watchtower theology—it is necessary because they declare that what is happening in the world is not the will of God. Because they have an incomplete understanding of the will of God they need to distance him completely from evil which they do not realize he has permitted.

9.  The Jehovah's Witnesses are well known for their attacks on the divinity of Christ. If pressed, the JWs will declare he a god, a lesser God.

10.  The Jehovah's Witnesses see a composite Christ class. Jesus Christ is merely the first of a class of exalted men.

4.  The Watchtower Society has destroyed the Biblical concept of sin. This is accomplished very subtly. Sin is so trivial that sinful mankind is to receive a second chance and will teach itself how to overcome sin in the Millennium. The Christ class will live perfect lives without sin. Men on their own strength in a perfect environment will be able to attain perfection and sinlessness. (See Truth book, chapter 9, para. 4 as an example of this type of thinking.)

5.  While condemning the occult to its followers, the Watchtower leaders have gone to the occult for enlightenment. For instance, Rutherford received his messages from fallen angels supposedly working out their redemption.

6.  The WT Society does not accept all religions—in this it appears to disagree radically with other New Age groups. At least this Author thought so, until I scratched below the surface in researching the Watchtower Society. An in depth look at what the Watchtower Society has condemned shows that only lip-service has been given to the idea other religions are false. In reality, there is one exception, that is the only religion has been singled out and targeted for attack as the enemy is Christianity.

7.   The Watchtower Society believes that ultimately mankind will elevate itself to Godhood.

Texe Marrs, although very skimpy on the proof, correctly placed the Watchtower Society in the camp of New Age religions in his book New Age Cults & Religions.

It was one of the first Masonic New Age religions.

They have been preparing mankind for an alien rulership of 144,000 alien beings— known by Christians as demons.

This last charge—that the 144,000 will be demons is based on the following: demons have been supplying the WT leaders with guidance, and the Masonic Plans to bring in a world government include setting up a government of aliens to rule mankind. Understand that only the very selected top of the leadership realize this. The rank and file are taught to fear demons, and not to believe in aliens.

Several New Age channelers have told me (or someone who spoke with them have said) that the Hierarchy (the Spiritual Hierarchy that guide the occult, New Age, and Masonic groups) has been directing the Watchtower Society leaders, but that the Hierarchy has been having trouble bringing them into line. Apparently there is an effort to bring them into line. Share International Magazine, October 1988 has a article about Maitreya visiting Kingdom Halls. The article concludes, "Some Jehovah's Witnesses have had certain experiences as a result of Maitreya's presence among them which have led them to abandon an entrenched, 'ideological' position."

Another subtle indication that the Watchtower Society is moving its people toward a One-World-Religion is that they have been teaching their people what the other religions

believe. Only Christianity has been singled out as a target for criticism and abuse. True, the Society hasn't approved of these other religions, but the idea of teaching their people what the other religions believe, is a new item and a step toward a possible assimilation. On the other hand, it could be postulated that the Hierarchy has lied to these channelers, and that also the New Agers are exaggerating Lord Maitreya's influence among the Kingdom Halls when he visits. Perhaps as some claim, the Watchtower isn't smart enough to criticize the Hindus. (Even the public papers criticized the Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh— so that argument is very difficult to swallow.)


This question can be debated, however it is clear that all the fundamental important sacred concepts of Christianity have been attacked by this organization calling itself Christian. Why did they feel a deep seated need to eliminate Christ's name out of our dating system? Why have they felt such a deep seated need to attack the idea that Christ died on a cross. Let us examine their attack on the cross. This is a prime example of their anti-Christ anti-Christian bias.

For most people that Christ died on a cross is taken for granted. It is simply not an issue. And what difference does it make how exactly he died? It is a rare person who questions the idea he died on the cross, unless he is someone who has come under the influence of the Watchtower Society.

If the Christian wants to know how Christ died, the Scriptures are very clear—he died on a cross. A close reading tells us that. In Mt 27:37 it tells us that when Christ was being crucified they nailed the sign above his head. (If the WT is correct then the sign would have been above his hands as a stake would require.) It goes on to say in verse 38 that on his left hand was one robber and on his right hand's side was another. This is nonsense by WT drawings of Christ's hands tied above his head. In Jn 20:25, the resurrected Jesus talks about the prints of the nails in his hands. The WT Society has acknowledged that Num 21:9 is a picture of Christ's death. (For instance see What Has Religion Done For Mankind where they even portray this.) They also acknowledge in the Awake! May 22,1952 that flag banners were crosses in ancient times. The Hebrew word in Num 21:9 picturing and forecasting Christ's crucifixion is Nec which means a flag banner which in those days was a cross.

The mark placed on the foreheads of those saved (see Ez 9:4, also Rev 7:3) was called "tav" in Ez 9:4. The "tav" in Ezekiel's day was a cross shaped Hebrew letter. For this reason Christians in early times of Roman persecution made the sign of the cross on their foreheads.

Bottom line is that Gal. 6:14 states that the cross is important for Christians to glory and boast about. It is an important symbol. Does the Watchtower use their authority to glorify the cross? Do they instead glorify in the torture stake which they claim was used? NO. What truth loving Christian authority would attack Christianity so viciously as the Watchtower Society does concerning the cross, while ignoring so many Christian scriptures?

The real answer lies in the Watchtower leaders veiled hatred for Christ and his atoning work on the Christ. As with so many Masons who lead various religious groups they do not honor Christ in a Christian way.


The smokescreens put out by the Masonic Lodge are so thick they come close to choking any investigator. Masonic deception and lies are so numerous that any truth loving person should get sick to the stomach. Unfortunately, often when Christians investigate the Lodge, they swallow whatever line the Masons give them— EVEN THOUGH MASONIC LITERATURE ITSELF EXPOSES ITS OWN LIES. An example is that Masonry is not a religion. The author has seen that line repeated by the Mason to the public ad nauseum. Reproduced as documentary evidence are two brochures that are designed for the publics consumption denying that Masonry is a religion.

However, practically every important Masonic authority has stated in one place or another, that Masonry is a religion. Not only do they believe Masonry is a religion, they believe it is the religion. That is, their religion of Masonry is superior to any other religion. Some pages are photocopied from various Masonic sources showing how in their own literature, they boast about the Masonic religion— and then turn around and lie to the public.


Albert Mackey—The Mystic Tie, p.32

—Lexicon of Freemasonry, p.404

—Encyclopedia of Freemasonry, p.439, 619

—Mackey's Revised Encyclopedia of Freemasonry, Vol. 2, p. 847

—Textbook of Masonic Jurisdiction, p.95

Henry Wilson Coil—A Comprehensive View of Freemasonry, p.234

—Coil's Masonic Encyclopedia, p. 158

Albert Pike—Morals and Dogma, p. 213, 219, 718 (He calls it "a worship" on pp. 219, 526)

Joseph Fort Newton—The Builder's, p. 243, 258

— The Religion of Masonry, pp. 10, 11

J.S.M. Ward—Freemasonry: Its Aims and Ideals, pp. 182, 185, 187

New Age Magazine (official organ of the Scottish Rite)—Feb. 1959, p. 107-108

Here then are 21 references from Masonry's best authorities written to Masons telling them that Masonry is a religion. Contrast that to the two official Masonic brochures that the Lodge puts out deceiving people that Masonry is not a religion. Even without these 21 references, the thinking person would realize that an organization that has temples, priests, rituals, offers salvation, teaches morality, and worships is a religion.

What religion is Masonry? It is a super-Religion, the Religion over all others, and it is the Ancient Mystery religion of Babylon and Egypt, et. al. according to Albert Pike (33°),

Two Important Questions

Is Freemasonry a religion?

No. Neither is Freemasonry a religion, nor does it require a religious affiliation. However, Masons worship in congregations of their choice. Some are ordained priests, ministers, or rabbis; many serve in lay capacities; and, others have no affiliation. With origins in post-Reformation- England. Freemasonry's allegories and rituals are rooted in Judo-Christian tradition. They exemplify mankind's universal experience and inculcate an admired moral and ethical value system. With re­spect to religion, Freemasonry simply teaches the "Fatherhood of God" and the "Brotherhood of Man."

Is Freemasonry a "secret" society?

No. Freemasonry is a fraternity of men who are proud to be known as Masons. Since our inception, the world has known of speculative Freemasonry and its work. Freemasonry does, however, have some secrets, all extending from historic tradition. Our modes of recognition, opening and closing ceremonies, and rituals for conferring the Degrees of Masonry are our only secrets. Thousands of works discussing Masonic history, traditions, craft, and proceedings are widely avail­able to the public.

For more information, contact any Freemason or Masonic Lodge in your community or tele­phone (503) 357-3158 (Portland Metro).


(Lodge imprint here)


Grand Lodge of A.F.&A.M.
P.O. Box 96
Forest Grove, OR 97116

of its members to worship according to his own belief in the church, synagogue or mosque of his choice. Masonry is not a religion, but Masons are religious.


All men who are 18 years of age or older, who are of good moral character, who come well recommended and who believe in a Supreme Being and a life after death may petition to become a Mason.


Masons are prohibited from asking anyone to join. We want you to first know what we do and bow we act and then make your own decision. We want onjy those who seek membership because of their favorable impression of us. If you should become a Mason, we want you to be proud of being our Brother and we want you to participate in our work. If, after you have examined us, you have a favorable opinion and would like to share in our work and privileges, ask any Mason for a Petition for the Degrees of Masonry.

What I Would Like My Friends To Know About Freemasonry


By Authority of The Grand Lodge of Ancient Free And Accepted Masons of Oregon


Freemasonry is a society of men working together in the interest of serving mankind.


Masons work to enhance their communities and to help needy people in all walks of life.


Masons assist public schools and other public bo­dies in a variety of ways. Masons and members of Masonic affiliated bodies assist as tutors. Some Lodges have scholarship programs, student re­cognition programs, and activities recognizing the achievements of students and teachers. Masons serve as volunteers for many community projects. The reason you may not have learned about this involvement is that Masons seek only to provide service.


Most Masonic Lodges and Masonic affiliated bo­dies provide funds and services for those in need. Some of these activities include helping children who are crippled or burned or who have learning disabilities or visual prohlems, or who need denial restoration, and contributing to cancer and other research and to other health and rehabilitation services. Masons and Masonically related bodies spend over two million dollars a day for charitable and benevolent purposes. In addition to National and Statewide programs, help is extended to solve personal problems, such as paying medical bills, restoring fire or flood damaged homes and assist-


Masons and those in Masonically affiliated bodies often have only modest incomes. Much of the money spent on charity is obtained by sponsoring fund raising activities.


The satisfaction of knowing you are helping those in need and knowing that future generations may be better off because of your efforts.


Fellowship. Fellowship forms a bond between members. Masons plan many activities for the en­tire family. Our families generally share our inter­ests and goals. Masons assist distressed brother Masons and the wives, widows, and children of Masons. Brotherly love is both an obligation and a privilege.


No. Masonry is a society which has some secrets. Our modes of recognition, opening and closing ce­remonies and the ceremonies of conferring the de­grees of Masonry are our only secrets. We are proud to show that we are Masons.


No. All Masons must believe in one Supreme Being and in life after death. Masonry encourages each  .  .  .

Albert Mackey (33°), J.D. Buck, Daniel Sickles, R. Swinbourne Clymer, C.W. Leadbeater (33°) and a host of other big Masonic authorities.

Can it be possible that Freemasonry is really involved in creating a socialist one-world- government? Obviously, the Freemasons can't be entirely faulted for trying to keep this one a secret. If the common man knew what the ultimate goal of the Masonic leadership was, they would likely be very angry. And who can say what their reaction would be to find out they have made monkeys of us.

By the word of three witnesses an event is established according to the age old wisdom in the Christian Scriptures.


Within the Masonic Reference 10,000 Famous Freemasons is an article on the Freemason John Robison (1739-1805). John Robison was a professor of natural history at the University of Edinburgh, Scotland and secretary of the Royal Society in that city. We are talking about a well educated respected man. In 1797 Robison published information in a book entitled Proofs of a Conspiracy Against All the Religions and Governments of Europe Carried on in the Secret Meetings of the Freemasons, Illuminati, and Reading Societies Collected From Good Authorities.1 The book is still available. Clear back in 1797, there were concerned Masons willing to expose the Illuminati plans for world conquest.


Jim Shaw who was a 33 degree Freemason writes, "Freemasonry is a world-wide conspiracy to destroy the Church of Jesus Christ on earth, a means to bring about a one- world church and government. With the Unitarian and Theosophical system in Masonry it is nearing this goal. Unsuspecting Christians, who do not know that Masonry is controlled by Satan, are also aiding it instead of exposing it."2


C.W. "Win" Jackson was a 32 degree Freemason. He wrote, "I then focused my attention and study to learn how the lodge was started, and by whom. At this point, I became thoroughly convinced, beyond any shadow of a doubt, that a world-wide conspiracy existed against God, Our Lord and Savior and all mankind."3


There have been other Masons and ex-Masons that have given similar testimony. John G. Stevens, an ex-Mason testifies, "If the lodge went unchecked, the United States would have a Masonic monarchy for its government, a Masonic church, a Masonic way to a Masonic heaven...Masonry was a state within a state and that one day Masons would overthrow the democratic government of the United States and would crown one of their 'grand kings' as ruler of this nation."4 As the reader continues into Unit 2 he will see in detail how the Masons have done what these witnesses have warned us about.

Freemasonry has repeatedly told the public that it doesn't keep its memberships secret. For instance, in an article entitled "What Can I Tell My Non-Masonic Friends???" in the Scottish Rite's New Age Magazine it says, "You can explain that Freemasonry is not a

"secret society." A secret society is one that keeps its existence a secret and whose members do not make known their affiliation with the group. Freemasonry is not a secret society because it does not hide its existence nor do members hide their membership."

Dear friends, any Mason saying that ought to have his nose grow long. That is simply a boldfaced lie. Repeatedly, the Masons have created secret groups within secret groups. They seem to have a ceaseless urge to create new organizations, and many like the Pallidium Rite are secret. That is why they do not keep written records, and why the Pallidium Rite's finances are separate from the regular lodges. The Highest Masonic authorities have repeatedly lied to keep secret their memberships.

Gary Blevins has a letter received from Grand Executive Director William G. Sizemore, 33°, of the Supreme Council at the House of the Temple in Washington, D.C. which denies that Ronald Reagan is a Mason.5 The April, 1988 New Age Magazine shows on its front page cover President Reagan receiving the honorary 33rd degree of Masonry.

When friends of this Author have called Billy Graham's ministry to ask if he has been or is a Freemason, they were told that his ministry chose not to comment on the matter. And yet on the authority of a number of several very reliable sources his membership has been confirmed to this Author. (See chapter 2.1 for a discussion and an explanation of the meaning of this.)

When President George Bush became president, by law he was required to place in the Library of Congress information about himself. That information included his 33° membership in the Scottish Rite, but after a few months the information disappeared from the Library of Congress. (George Bush by the way took his presidential oath on a Masonic Bible.)

These are just some of the examples I am aware of where the Masonic Lodge is covering up prominent memberships. They are covering up the memberships of Congressmen and religious leaders too.


This chapter up to this point has only scratched the surface of two organizations who are front organizations for the Power. If the Masonic Lodge and the Watchtower Society have been screened in such secrecy, what about the organization that controls both the Watchtower Society and the Masonic Lodge?

Indeed, Satan's closest worshippers have been shrouded in the deepest secrecy. Each of the top Satanists have at least one cover. That cover is a life that they live in the public's view. They may be a mayor of a town, a business leader, or a Christian evangelist. The primary goal is that the cover makes them look good to the public, or at least too powerful for people to believe criticism of them. For instance, George Bush is nicknamed the teflon president because no criticism of him seems to stick, even though the proof is abundant that the man is a very dangerous servant of the New World Order.

Perhaps one of the most successful covers of the New World Order has been the one Adolf Hitler with the help of Satanists world-wide has foistered on the history books. Hitler's cover was to be an anti-Judeo-Masonic crusader. Hitler pretended to be the ultimate crusader against the One World Power, while he really was a powerful Satanist and descendent of the Illuminati family of the Rothschilds. Stalin was a co-conspirator in the Satanic Illuminati's plans. Bear in mind England according to Satanists is the Satanic mother of all nations—the center for Illuminism.7

Hitler personally intervened to prevent his tanks from destroying the British Expeditionary Force at Dunkirk. Hitler personally intervened to prevent the German invasion force from capturing Leningrad, and Stalin personally intervened to prevent the Soviet military from protecting itself when many intelligence sources were warning them of a German invasion. The Illuminati got exactly the war they had planned and exactly the results they wanted, and Hitler's Satanic role for the Illuminati is still basically secret. The fictions revolving around W.W. II are too numerous to try to clear up, the reader's mind would simply not accept them. Perhaps after reading this book, enough of a thinking process will have occurred to get the reader to initiate his or her own investigation. Part of what really went on behind the cover of killing Jews, was the elimination of all devout Christians and the placement of Satanists into leading offices. The U.S. Army and the Soviet army facilitated this after Germany surrendered.

Information about the top level of Satan's organization are hard to get because:

A.   Much of the activities are committed to memory.

B.   Informants or people who know too much are murdered.

C.   High level Satanists from the time of birth have been psychologically worked over by mind programming to commit suicide if they think about things that they are not to reveal.

Information that has come out of the Satanic cults is so unbelievable that most people dismiss it. Why is the information unbelievable? Because the majority of people in this nation have been programmed by the Satanists. Chapter 3.3 documents how the leading Satanists control the mass media. Over a period of decades they have subtly brainwashed the people, in such a subtle way that people do not even know they have had their behavior modified and controlled. This author has repeatedly witnessed that buzz words when told to the masses cause them to respond like Pavlov's dog. (Part of the reason that this Author can write this book is that I was spared from watching Television until age 11, and since then have only seen small amounts of Television and Movies since, in part what little has been viewed was done to understand the American people and the Power.) A program of kidnapping and implanting of control devices within the heads of people has also been going on, without the people knowing what has happened to them when they return to society.


In order to fully understand why evil men, also do good deeds let us study the philosophy of Satanism which perpetuates the gnostic principle of duality.

Gnostic religions have, since their inceptions, worked off a dual view of the power. This thinking is directly linked to Hegelian philosophy, which by providing to the masses opposite answers, often diverts people from seeing the correct answer which has little to do with the two extreme views nor with their synthesis. The easiest way perhaps to explain what we are discussing is to refer people to how the force in Star Wars could be used for both good and evil. In the final analysis, the mind set of Satanists is that they themselves above all others have been deceived into thinking that light can be used for good or evil. This is seen in their idea that there is white and black magic.



According to Alexander Wilder in his book Philosophy and Ethics of the Zoroasters (pub. 1885) "The Mithraic rites superseded the Mysteries of Baccus, and became the foundation of the Gnostic system, which for many centuries prevailed in Asia, Egypt, and even the remote West." The importance of this is that if the foundation of the Gnostic system with its various religious hierarchies is based on Mithraism, then it is apparent that the concept of the Force containing both evil and good was part of the Gnostic system. Mithraism believed in a good god Ahura-Mazda (aka Ormuzd, and aka in latin as Oromazes). The Illuminati today often uses the latin version of the word Oromazes. Ahriman is the evil god and places evil where ever Ormuz creates good or does a good deed. Mithras is the mediator between the two. Today the Illuminati continue to believe in two principles, Satan and Lucifer. Satan is the evil one, Lucifer is the good side of the Force. Mithras tries to harmonize the two. In order to be in step with Mithras the Illuminatus as he (or she) ascends the occult ladder must try to balance his progressively evil deeds with equally benevolent deeds. Consequently, the most wickedest and powerful Satanists are big philanthropists as they try to balance their deeds while gaining Satanic power. The belief of the Satanists is that if an unbalance occurs they are destroyed. The initiate into Mithraism was told Mithra was his own soul, Ormuz was his spiritual nature and Ahriman was his animal nature. The "Grip of the Lions Paw" and the references to the Lion in the Master Masons degree come from Mithraism.8

Part of the benevolence done by Satanic organizations and Satanists is part of their belief system to maintain a balance within their lives of the dual principles, it is not entirely done to deceive.

In contrast to this Jesus Christ told the Gnostic religious leaders that evil is will be judged by God, and that all the good deeds of mankind are but filthy rags.

The Caduceus is a wand with two serpents twined around it and often has two small wings or a winged helmet on its wand's top. Today it serves various uses symbolically. It is the insignia of the Catholic bishop in the Ukraine. The symbol is very ancient and goes back to ancient Indian Hindu temples and Mesopotamia (Babylonia, Sumer, Assyria). The Buddhists also use it to represent the world (wand) and the kundalini force (serpents). But what the twin snakes are always expressing is the "idea of active equilibrium, of opposing forces balancing one another in such a way as to create a higher, static form." (book on symbols of witchcraft). This is a symbolic representation of the balance the leading Satanists attempt to maintain between their evil and philanthropic deeds.

[Figures of a Swiss 1515 Caduceus and an early Sumerian caduceus from several thousand ago.]


Why is this item put in a chapter on Smokescreens? Because what has been called Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA) is the primary vehicle for maintaining the shroud of secrecy. The primary part of Satanic Ritual Abuse is to use a series of sophisticated and sadistic mind control strategies which use the combined effects of physical pain and threat of pain, double-bind coercion, split brain stimulation, drugs, hypnotism, and other methods to program and brainwash the candidates for membership in the Illuminati. In order for the lower level covens and the Satanic hierarchy to maintain its secrecy, intense effort is expended to program all the members of the Satanic hierarchy to commit suicide if they betray the Satanic covens. There is no easy way for such people to talk or break lose from the Illuminati.

The professional terminology for this mind control is "conditioned stimulus-response sequences." The programs that are taught the subconscious mind of the Satanists can be triggered by auditory, visual, tactile, olfactory and/or gustatory (taste) modalities. In other words the trigger to cause them to hurt or kill themselves or someone else are subconsciously set to go off by some sensory trigger, perhaps a word that they are not to reveal. But these people are not just given one program. Layers upon layers of destructive back up programs are put into their minds.

These layers of programming are intentionally put into place by creating in the tiny infants multiple personalities called alternate personalities or alters for short. Once the splitting process is started on the human personality, it is like passing critical mass on the splitting process of atoms in a nuclear reaction, it becomes difficult to stop the splitting process which is self-sustaining.

People who are Satanists or come out of Satanism have Multiple personalities. Adolf Hitler is quite a visible example. He could talk peace with the Czechs and Poles while simultaneously preparing for war.

Should something go wrong the Satanists are programmed to do such things as stop eating, have an accident, ingest poison, not sleep, not to take medicine, break their own bones, etc. Reminders to reinforce these triggers are enacted via such things as spoken phrases, taps, or a rapid series of six electronic tones. These suicide programs are responsible for many of the shootings, hangings, overdoses, auto accidents, starvation, etc. that ex-Satanists experience. However, their deaths are not all suicide, Satanists will also put in great effort to kill the ex-Satanists.

Satanists are also programmed with Scrambling programs to confuse and block their alter system, emerging memories, thought processes and incoming data. Other programs forced into the SRA victims are Flooding programs to interfere with any therapeutic process, Recycle programs to cause the SRA victim to re-dissociate memories if any do get revealed, Cover programs to discredit the SRA victims stories with unbelievable content, Verbal Response programs which have been extensively and painfully rehearsed by the SRA victim and his programmer to ward off questions about Satanism and the victim's alters with acceptable answers. Some other programs are the Silence-Shutdown Programs which cause the victim to stop talking, another type is called Nightmare-Night Terror Programs which cause their minds to terrify them with horrible images. These programs can be tripped automatically if the victim tries to talk about forbidden material.

It is critical to realize the extent of such mind programming. Not only have the Satanists practiced this mind control for centuries, going clear back to early Hinduism and the early Mystery religions, but the mind programming is part of the life of the child of Satanists on an ongoing basis without time to be safe from the abuse.

The Ritual Abuse Task Force, Los Angeles County Commission for Women put out a report in 1990. The following are excerpts from it. Because of the nature of this material,

I am quoting directly so that it will not appear to be simply this Author's own opinion but rather this is the real story about the indoctrination that people are going through everyday into the beliefs of Satanism.

PDFs 305 306        >Paraphernalia of Sorcery used by Henri III in his Satanic Operations Les Sorceleries de Henry de Valois (Paris, 1589). Author's collection.

The Castle of Vincennes and its Keep in the Seventeenth Century Sebastien Le Clerc.

In the foreground is the Tour de Paris, where Henri III is said to have secluded himself to carry out works of sorcery. <

"Ritual abuse is usually carried out by members of a cult. The purpose of the ritual elements of the abuse seems threefold:

(1) rituals in some groups are part of a shared belief or worship system into which the victim is being indoctrinated;

(2) rituals are used to intimidate victims into silence;

(3) ritual elements (e.g., devil worship, animal or human sacrifice) seem so unbelievable to those unfamiliar with these crimes that these elements detract from the credibility of the victims and make prosecution of the crimes very difficult.

"Most victims are children under the age of six who suffer the most severe and longstanding emotional damage from the abuse. These young victims are particularly susceptible to being terrorized and indoctrinated into the abusers belief system. During and even long after the abuse victims live in a state of terror and dissociation and suffer from the impact of mind control techniques. All this makes the initial disclosures of abuse exceedingly difficult, and can make each subsequent disclosure a terrifying and painful experience.

"Mind control is the cornerstone of ritual abuse, the key element in the subjugation and silencing of its victims. Victims of ritual abuse are subjected to a rigorously applied system of mind control designed to rob them of their sense of free will and to impose upon them the will of the cult and its leaders. Most often these ritually abusive cults are motivated by a satanic belief system. The mind control is achieved through an elaborate system of brainwashing, programming, indoctrination, hypnosis, and the use of various mind- altering drugs. The purpose of the mind control is to compel ritual abuse victims to keep the secret of their abuse, to conform to the beliefs and behaviors of the cult and to become functioning members who serve the cult by carrying out the directives of its leaders without being detected within society at large."

It is not by accident the the Mason Mesmer came out publicly with hypnotism (aka Mesmerism). The occultists who were the foundation of many of the Science Academies have been working to give scientific credibility to their occult methods. What was once Satanic is now scientific. Hypnotism, spirit guides, visualization etc. which have long been part of the occult's mind control methods are now "scientific" and becoming an integral part of modern society. Other occult beliefs, such as evolution (discussed later), are being made the foundation of many of the arts and sciences. Step by step the Satanic Plan for world domination is being carried out. You the reader will learn what these plans are and how they are being carried out, if you read the rest of this book.


How can this book maintain credibility in examining Satanism, when to assert the possibility of Satanism seems so unreasonable and monstrous? Not only is Satanism a historical fact, it is a contemporary experience of eyewitnesses who have been interviewed by this Author.


Throughout the history of Europe (and the rest of the world) there have been widespread reports of witchcraft.

Not all practitioners of Witchcraft are Satanists, but Witchcraft is a part of Satanism. All across Europe and indeed the whole world come countless historical documents attesting to the practice of witchcraft, and on a lesser scale also Satanism.

It has long been recognized by scholars who study witchcraft that some of witchcraft is merely slight-of-hand, terror, fraud, insanity, sensory illusion, hypnosis or semi­hypnosis.10

Witches in earlier times believed that they could fly on broomsticks on the Sabbat (the Satanic Sabbath). Chemists who have reconstructed medieval potions that were recipes for flying ointments have identified that these potions are of hemlock and aconite, (henbane and Jimsonweed were also used). These were in reality drugs that often gave the witch the notion of flying through the air when she applied the drugs. There are reports by medieval judges who watched suspected witches toss in delirium after these potions were applied, and then witnessed the individual witches insist that they had "flown" to their Sabbat and returned, yet the judges knew in fact they had never left the room.11 Apparently, the use of these flying potions was widespread, and their covens would secretly carry the witches while they were delirious to the Sabbat, and when they would come down from their drug trip they would believe that they had flown and their belief in Witchcraft as a powerful fulfilling life would be increased.

But in spite of many of the non-supernatural explanations for various aspects of witchcraft, there is an element of the supernatural that persists. I say supernatural based on the common opinion that demonic spirits are supernatural. However, the demons may be more a natural part of this world than is commonly realized.

In 1681, two respected scholars Joseph Glanvil and Dr. Henry More published their scientific and empirical evidence that Witchcraft existed. The book was called Sadducismuc Triumphatus, Or full and plain Evidence concerning Witches and Apparitions...After the first came the Third Edition with Additions... (pub. in 2 parts) London, 1700. The book was an extensive compilation of case-histories and other evidence of Witchcraft. The book was so well received it settled the issue for a period until the book was forgotten. The book went through 5 issues it was so popular.

In 1668, Dr. Meric Casaubon came out with a book that contains information and evidence of Witchcraft. His A Treatise Proving Spirits, Witches and Supernatural Operations by Pregnant Instances and Evidence, was also well received and republished in 1672.

Obviously, the controversy about the existence of Satanism is an old one, but the evidence concerning Satanism is very old and sufficient throughout history. Skeptics to Satanism, have tended to be people who did not believe in God or perhaps anything supernatural. But within my own lifetime, this Author has seen how those who reject God because they supposedly don't believe in the supernatural and God is supernatural, have turned to the occult for their values and their world-view. They claim they are rejecting the supernatural, but their actions show they are rejecting God.

Witchcraft is not simply silly credulity. It is hoped that as the Power (Satanism) takes a stronger power grip on the world, its Satanic aspect will become more visible, so that when it fails people will know it for its evil deeds. Our written history has typically greatly under reported both good and evil. Evil prefers the darkness and evil prefers good not to shine, consequently the Power as it has controlled the media has ignored many miracles that God has done across the world, while simultaneously ignoring the activities of Satanism. This has served to blow smoke over the whole spiritual battlefield.

This Author can identify with something Joseph Glanvil wrote on page 6 of his Sadducismuc Triumphatus. After years of studying witchcraft and trying to debunk the stories and testimony of witnesses, Glanvil writes concerning those people in general who object, "To this aggregate Objection I return, in the general, The more absurd and unaccountable these actions [of witchcraft] seem, the greater confirmations are they to me of the Truth of those Relations, and the Reality of what the Objectors would destroy. For these circumstances being exceeding unlikely, judging by the measures of common belief, 'tis the greater probability they are not Fictitious: For the contrivers of Fictions use to form them as near as they can conformably to the most unsuspected realities, endeavouring to make them look as like Truth as is possible in the main supposals..."11

This Author concurs. Why would people seeking help and understanding (SRA victims) repeatedly say that they had guardian spirits that looked like E.T. (the alien on the film, E.T.)? People coming out of the Satanism, the Illuminati, or Encounters of the third kind with Flying Saucers are repeatedly making similar outlandish statements that can only obviously destroy their credibility. These people can't all be irrational in the exact same way. Their stories are too similar.

Statements by those who have become Christians who were into Satanism say that Satan appears like an exceedingly handsome man with cloven hoofs. These contemporary witness, sound just like the testimony that has come forth for centuries. For instance, in France in 1578, Jeanne Hervillier testified that her Satan was dressed in black with hoofs, and in 1646 an English witch named Joan Wallis testified the same thing that Satan was "a large man in blackish clothing, but with cloven feet." Can such confirmation of the description by people in different countries at different time periods simply be dismissed?

These demons are reported to like the triangle symbol. For whatever reasons the triangle is becoming a popular symbol to use today. These demons also lie prolifically. There are many tie-ins between UFOs, demonic activity, Satanism, and the New World Order. That is a subject vast enough for another book.

The foundation of the Satanic religion, its basic doctrine from the middle ages down to the present was that Satan would one day rule the world. "The triumph of Satan will only be accomplished when the dualist dilemma is obviated and when one single force, Satan, rules supreme....This vision and ambition eventually became the fundamental Satanic influence in medieval Europe and laid the ground for the full-fledged Satanic religion known as witchcraft." (—Magic: Black, White, and Otherwise chapter of The Occult Conceit, p. 81)12

The inventions that intuitively came to scientists that were involved in the occult, make it suspicious that the technology has been spoon-fed mankind with an ulterior motive. Satanism during the Middle Ages was extensive, but it wasn't the threat to the world, as it is today with the increased world-wide communications, centralized controls, and high technology. Before there was merely the will to have Satan rule, but now there are power structures and the means to. The Old Testament states that God formed the nations to limit the power of evil. Today, the world is being rushed into globalism without being told the dangers. By the end of this book you will learn more about how the plans for the future Satanic slave-state have been carefully concealed.


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Recommended for further study:

Crisis of Conscience by Ray Franz. The author was in a position to inherit the presidency of the WT organization, and was the WT Society's leading Theologian. But his conscience led him to a separation from the WT Society. An excellent expose by one of the leading Governing Body members of the WT Society.

The Deadly Deception Freemasonry Exposed...By One of its Top Leaders by Jim Shaw and Tom McKenney. Jim Shaw was a 33rd degree Freemason and a Past Master of all Scottish Rite bodies, and a Knight Commander of the Court of Honor. McKenney and Shaw do an good job of informing readers what it is like to participate in Freemasonry. The book also has a good chapter comparing Masonic Doctrine versus Christian Doctrine. Exposes some of Masonry's deception.

Ritual Abuse Task Force Report. Available from Los Angeles Commission for Women, 383 Hall of Administration, 500 W. Temple Street, Los Angeles, CA 90012. cost $5. Exposes the mind control used by Satanism to keep its secrets.

End Of Unit 1-B

Chapter 2.1


The Mason Rigdon had been associated with a fringe Baptist group. The help the Jehovah's Witnesses received was from a very conventional mainstream Baptist church.

In 1893, the Columbian Exposition in Chicago cut railroad rates down to about a penny per mile, a quarter of their normal rates. This prompted the International Bible Students to have their first national assembly.41 Five days of meeting were held, and what denomination helped them out? The Baptists. 360 Jehovah's Witnesses, then known as Bible Students, were in attendance. The JW audience watched in the Calvary Baptist Church while the Bible Students baptized 70 converts in the Baptist baptismal facilities.42 Baptist churches also opened up and allowed C.T. Russell to preach in them.  

41.    Gaustad, Edwin Scott, ed. Historical Atlas of Religion in America. NY: Harper & Row, 1962, p.116.

42.   Local T.V. Newscast, Portland, OR. c. Oct.'90. Various confidential sources have informed this author of Hatfield's occult activities. Mason Baptist Congressman have by the way benefited from various church institutions during their campaigns.  


The Jehovah's Witnesses' Watchtower and Awake! magazines in the 1950s began to report on Billy Graham's crusades. Billy Graham's message about Armageddon and the Millennium is so similar to to the Watchtower Society's, that they like to quote him. Billy Graham has been warning that "many experts project that man will not live to see 2000. "70  

70.    Graham, Billy. Approaching Hoofbeats.,p. 237.  

The Primitive Methodist Church that was set up, had 12 permanent members who ruled. Later in 1846, 24 guardian representatives were selected and legally invested with the Primitive Methodist Church's property. It wasn't until the next century that democratic procedures began.

What was the Primitive Methodist Church like when Russell's colpateurs found them? Apparently, the Masonic influence was strong. John Whittaker, a Primitive Methodist minister exposes the Masonic influence when he describes his denomination, "The desire for latitudinarianism has wrought untold mischief in our Church. Theosophy, Swedenborianism, Unitarianism and even Agnosticism are rampant to-day within our borders. It is time the Church was purged."8

In England, Charles T. Russell's preachers found the Primitive Methodists and Free Methodists very friendly. Bro. J.B. Adamson in a letter reprinted in the WT in 1881 states "Found the Free Methodists very fair. The treatment better than I got anywhere else. Gave the pamphlet to sixteen preachers and one hundred of the most intelligent of the church membership."9 It's possible some of the Primitive Methodists heard of the

Watchtower movement in the Masonic Hall or at some Masonic function. The 1991 Yearbook (for the Jehovah's Witnesses)10 records an early Bible Student preaching to the Masons in their Masonic Hall. What did he preach on? He showed them the pyramid diagrams in the front of Russell's volume 1. Interestingly, the Masons used Piazi Smyth's diagrams also in their literature, (such as Manly P. Hall's The Secret Teachings of All Ages). They must have felt comfortable with Russell's pyramidology. At any rate, there is the possibility some Primitive Methodists might have learned about the Bible Students through lodge functions.

In England, many Primitive Methodists joined Russell's movement. Six Primitive Methodist ministers joined his organization en masse.11

In the WT Feb. 1884, p. 2, the problem is mentioned that Russell's followers were being mistaken for Universalists, Primitive Methodists, or Adventists.

"New readers in all parts of the country are constantly inquiring: By what names do you call yourselves? Are you 'Primitive Baptists'? Are you 'Missionary Baptists'? Are you 'Universalists'? Are you 'Adventists'? Are you Primitive Methodists'?"12  

As this book is documenting, the Universalists, the Primitive Methodists, and the Second Adventists all have strong Masonic connections. As this book has made it clearer what the early Watchtower Society was like (in contrast to today), and how much closer it was to Masonic thinking in its early years, it is not such a surprise, indeed it is understandable how the Watchtower Society could be mistaken for being Universalists, or Primitive Methodists.  

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Chapter 2.2


The idea of Illuminism is an old one. One of the earliest Catholic scholars to adopt Illuminism was Joachim of Floris. Joachim of Floris in the eleventh century was heavily influenced by Jewish apocalyptic thought and under the veil of being Christian began a group of "Illuminated Ones.” A number of the ideas that this Illumined Master Joachim of Floris held, can be seen to have resurfaced with certain Adventists, such as Charles Taze Russell, among others. Joachim of Floris believed a new race of spiritual or enlightened ones would take control of the world. This view is now echoed in hundreds of religious groups today. One of his ideas that of viewing the days of Rev. 12 as equaling a year was picked up by C.T. Russell. Thomas Aquinas attacked that view in Summa Theologia (part 3, "Supplement," p. 77, art. 1 & 2).1  

Napoleon permitted Pius VII to become Pope. But Pius VII and him didn’t get along, and Pius VII ended up arrested. Napoleon treated him according to Catholic sources "brutally" and forced him to sign away more papal power. When Napoleon saw his position in Europe smashed by the Allied armies, he released the Pope. In 1814 in one Pius VII first acts after release he reinstated the Jesuits.54 During these years of the Pope’s captivity, the Masons controlled the Catholic Church. What all they did behind the scenes to the Catholic church would be interesting to know. They did haul the Vatican’s archieves to Paris. What is interesting is that they have not revealed whatever great secrets they must have learned from those archives. It can be assumed that perhaps they kept these secrets for blackmail, or to release when to their maximum benefit. (These are not the only historical secrets that the Freemasons are guarding.)

Charles T. Russell saw the capture of the Pope by Napoleon as the turning point in history. He may be correct.

Apparently, Freemasonry through the Jesuit leadership and other of their men, have had some control or influence over the Catholic Church since that time period. As we will witness in our next subsection, the Catholic Church may have forbidden Freemasonry but the records show that many Catholics, especially revolutionaries from Catholic countries, continued their affiliation with the church after joining Freemasonry, in spite of the bans.  


The Pope has never officially blessed Liberation Theology and has at times not been publicly pleased with it. In a fashion reminiscent of Charles T. Russell, parts of the Catholic Church (Jesuits, Dominicans, Paulist Fathers, etc.) began to promote what is actually Judaism as a type of Christian theology called "Liberation Theology."

Liberation theology follows Jewish thought in several ways. It is revolutionary & socialist (which are definitely Jewish), it speaks only about Christ’s humanity, and it strives for a socialist New Order. Yes, liberation theologians have actually called for a "New Order", which is also called the Kingdom of God, or the Millennium. Catholics are being promised a "Golden Age of Christianity." (Where have we heard this before?)  


Hosea Ballou's early life has affinities to both C.T. Russell's and Joseph Smith, Jr. All three came from families that appear to have had great expectations religiously for these men. Like C.T. Russell's mother, Hosea's died when he was young. He was only 20 months old. And like Russell he was very close to his father.9 However, unlike Russell's father, Ballou's father was opposed to his Universalist ideas. In spite of his opposition his father did accept his son, and there weren't any hard feelings between father and son in spite of Hosea's changes. The mystic Caleb Rich converted Hosea and most of Hosea's siblings to Universalism. In turn Hosea later converted his oldest brother.10

In the genesis of his beliefs, Ballou, like Russell, challenged a local authority to answer his questions. Elder Brown of Westfield failed to answer his questions.11 Ballou in his late teens, increasingly hardened in his Universalist beliefs. While a youth, Ballou had been interested in the lodge, and as a young man he joined.12 More about his Masonic career later.

In 1789, Hosea and most of his siblings, brothers and sisters, joined the Universalist movement. His brother was a type of homespun philosopher.13 Hosea himself had very little formal education. "Though rich in native intelligence, he was always to suffer from the lack of a good thorough educational background. His accomplishments were to be made in spite of this deficiency."14 Later, Hosea converted his eldest brother to Universalism.15 In terms of family support and education the three Masons Russell, Smith, and Ballou also had affinities to each other.  

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However, the Universalist Church did ordain him in Sept. 1794 at their Oxford general convention.28 Hosea Ballou then went on a non-stop preaching traveling schedule similar to the three Masons C.T. Russell, Lorenzo Dow, and William Miller. He preached nearly every evening.29  

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Chapter 2.4        A FAMILY AFFAIR
Discloses who the people are, that started Mormonism. The occult, religious, and Masonic forces that created Mormonism are brought into clearer focus.

>> I add this next section because though it does not speak of Russell or JWs directly, they are the result of what follows. Russell, I firmly believe, was setting up modern industrial society for the next step in introducing the antichrist - false messiah. He made ample use of pagan symbols and preached that all will be saved in time. He said there was a separate path for Jews to be saved and Jesus for the Christians. He predicted the restoration of Israel as a nation. Big powerful people made sure that came true ;-) Russell was heavily financed by perhaps the biggest banking concern, a Jewish one at that, The Rothschilds of England. Russell never charged for any of his material. Rothschild paid that bill. It all fits together. What follows shows its growth toward that.<<

One of the remarkable features of Jesus Christ was His ability to discern. His perception reached far beyond the established body of knowledge.

This chapter will begin with four astute observations by various people. Then it will take a fresh chronological probing of the origins of the Mormon religion, showing how those four observations relate to Mormonism and the Power.

Let’s begin with an observation by Mormon leader Brigham Young at a meeting at LDS headquarters in 1845, "When we come to the connections we discover that we all sprung back to the settlement of New England about 200 years ago. It is but a little more than that time when Father Smith, the Goddards, Richards, Youngs and Kimballs were all in one family--as it were. We are all relations. It is only three generations back that Brother Joseph Smith’s family were related to this family."1

Along with this observation goes what Joseph Smith told his sixth cousins Orson and Parley Pratt in the 1830’s that their "fathers and his all sprang from the same man a few generations ago."2

Observation #1:     The Mormon leadership and many of the original converts to Mormonism came from the same progenitor.

Bernard DeVoto, a scholar studying Mormonism wrote,

"Some subtlety of climate, racial stock or social organization on the frontier of New England and New York made the air fecund. A circle described on a radius of one hundred and fifty miles around such a center as Pittsfield, Massachusetts, would include the birthplace of ninety percent of the American sects and of an even greater percentage of their prophets. Many prophets before Joseph Smith revealed God’s will within that circle, and many more came after him."3

Observation #2:     90% of America’s new religions and even more of her prophets came from a certain racial group of people located in the geographic area defined by a circle with a radius 100 miles around the center pt. at Pittsfield, Mass.

A very controversial book arrived in 1982. This author has read the criticism of the book, and although some of the book is pure speculation, and 1-track scholarship, this author also agrees with that book’s three authors that the bulk of the research is not refuted by any of the critiques. To quote a small portion which briefly summarizes an intricate story, "We have formulated a hypothesis of a bloodline, descended from Jesus, which has continued up to the present day...But our researches have persuaded us that the mystery of Rennes-le-Chateau does involve a serious attempt by influential people to reestablish a Merovingian monarchy in France, if not indeed in the whole of Europe--and that the claim to legitimacy of such a monarchy rests on a Merovingian descent from Jesus. . .And it would be apparent why the Protocols of the Elders of Sion speak of a new king ’of the holy seed of David.'"4  

The researchers establish that the Masons are intimately part of the conspiracy to establish a new messiah, who is a descendent of Jesus Christ (claimed descendent, that is.)

Observation #3:     The Masonic Lodges have been part of plan by a powerful bloodline which claims to be the lineal descendents of Jesus, and seeks to establish their rule. The machinations of this bloodline underlie much of the political and religious activities of Europe, especially Scotland and France.

William J. Schnoebelen, who became a Master Mason, and a Wican High Priest, and studied in the esoteric European Masonic rites and had the highest Druid Witch as his mentor, later went on to join the Mormon church. His book Mormonism's Temple of Doom is an astute observation of how Magick, Masonry, and Mormonism's Temple ceremony are the same. On one page alone he indicates fifteen ceremonial similarities (p.43). The grips, oaths, prayers, garments, and the Mormon temple's designs are copied from Magick and Masonry, and are complete with occult significance.5

Observation #4:     The most sacred Mormon religious ceremonies, which are held in their temples come from Masonry and Magick. All three are practicing what is called the occult.  


"The revival of chiliasm in the later Middle Ages...had been kept alive in the Middle Ages in Jewish apocalypticism . . . Throughout the Middle Ages Jewish teachers and commentators, studying Old Testament prophecy and even astronomical phenomena, predicted the appearance of the Messiah and the establishment of a Messianic kingdom."6

Jewish rabbi Abba Hillel Silver wrote, "The hope of the Messiah did not at any time disappear in Israel."7

The great Jewish philosopher Maimonides felt that belief in the Messiah was an essential article of faith: "King Messiah will arise in the future and will restore the kingship of David to its ancient condition... he will rebuild the Temple and gather the exiled of Israel...all the laws will return as they were in the past." This belief system also included a belief in a resurrection of the dead, a last judgement, and a New Jerusalem. The last great king would be a human figure with the blood of David, the Messiah.8

The beliefs called chiliasm or pre-millennialism were branded as Jewish by both Luther and Calvin, and the Augsburg Confession of Faith.

The introduction of millennial beliefs and the occult occurred in the British Isles when the Stuarts, part of the bloodline that secretly claimed to descent from Jesus, took the English throne. The Puritans began during this period in England, and their speculation about the Millennium was on a grand scale.9 Certain elements of the Puritans were very much involved with the occult too.10 The millenarian Puritans suffered political defeat in England, but were able to relocate to the New World. The first puritan group is known as the Pilgrims. The famous Pilgrims would retain a certain separateness from the later Puritan groups that would arrive to populate Massachusetts,12 and Connecticut. Johnathan Edwards gave intellectual stature to millennial beliefs.13 The idea of a coming Millennial Kingdom of a Jewish Messiah led Puritans to feel that they had a divine mission to the world,14 much in the manner that the Mormons and Jehovah’s Witnesses view themselves today.  


The revivals of the Great Awakening and the Second Great Awakening produced great resurgences in religious activity. Researchers found their hottest points of revival, in those areas where descendents of the Puritans resided.15 Michael Barkum in his book Crucible of the Millennium discusses many of the connections between the revivals and the Millennial religions that sprang up in what is called the "burned-over district of New York." The burned-over area produced Mormonism, Adventism, as well as a host of other religious groups including 55 communal groups during the years of 1842-1848.1 Two of the better known groups are the Oneida communal group and the Shakers.

The burned-over area was settled by families, the majority of which had come from western Connecticut, western Massachusetts, and western Vermont.17 The New Englanders tended to move in groups of families en masse. Where that did not occur, relatives would join afterwards which meant that communities were usually culturally homogeneous and blood related.18  

>> I definitely think you should read "Be Wise as Serpents" in its whole, or at least from where I am leaving off here, where Fritz gets into the start of the Mormons.<<


Joseph Smith, Sr. was a member of the Universalist church82 and most likely had contact with occultic and mystic Masons that were preaching for the Universalist Church in that area. The first Universalist minister in Western NY used occult powers and a rod.83 The Universalist minister who preached at Palmyra, NY from Jan. to Mar. 1825 likely mentioned to his congregations about his visions of Christ.84

Universalism is directly connected to Freemasonry.(See chapter 2.3). The public image of the Jehovah’s Witness and Mormons is that they teach that they alone will be saved. This is not the case. According to the WT, at Armageddon only baptised JWs will be saved.85 But at the resurrection, almost all of sinful mankind (the WT figures 20 billion sinful people)86 are to be resurrected and given a second chance. Their doctrine is veiled universalism. Likewise, the Mormon church envisions essentially all of mankind will be saved minus a handful of exceptions. Some end up going to a lesser heaven, but this lesser heaven is claimed to have essentially all the blessings of a Christian heaven.  

84.    ibid, p. 12.

85.    missing

86.   Overland Monthly, p. 388. This is admittedly an old WT figure, it may well have been revised upwards since then.  

Chapter 2.5        The Golden Age
Shows how the concept of the Millennium  was introduced by the Masons  through Communism, the Second Adventists, JWs,  Mormons, and others.

>> If you just think about it, since God has made prophecies, who better than the liar, the devil, to also spread his misleading "version" of those prophecies, and even start promoting them before God (unveils) does His.<<

The Christian scriptures in Revelations refers to a period of time that the saints will reign with Christ. "And they lived and reigned with Christ for a thousand years." Rev 20:4b In the preceding sentence it tells us that these saints were those who did not received the mark of the beast on their foreheads or hands.

This Bible verse in Revelations 20 has been the basis for much speculation and thought. The concept of a 1,000 year period has been extended by some to apply to other passages in Revelations, and by others like Charles T. Russell to apply to vast portions of scriptures. C.T. Russell arbitrarily decided through the entire Bible whether a particular verse was for now, or for this 1,000 year period called the Millennium.

The popular concept of a 1,000 year Golden Age millennium, that has been advertised so strongly by groups like the Watchtower Society has been rarely held by Bible scholars until the last two centuries. The appearance of this Millennium concept on the modern scene has actually derived its principle impetus not from Bible study as much as from a wide-spectrum of Masonic-started groups ranging from the secular communists and socialists, the Second Adventists, certain Rosicrucian groups, and the Jehovah's Witnesses.

This chapter is not an investigation into the meaning of Rev. 20 and what the Bible says about the Millennium. It is an investigation into how the conspiracy has used and manipulated people with these Millenarian visions. According to Scripture Satan quoted Scripture to Christ, the catch was his motivation was wrong.  


Millenarian visions have been a global phenomenon. Secret societies which have continued the Ancient Mystery religion, have believed in the pagan idea of cycles, and reincarnation, which has as a part of its system of thought the revolution back to a Golden Age. The Pagan religious concepts of a Golden Age (the term is nowhere in the Bible—but often in Classical Greek and Ancient Egyptian literature) have been easy to promote in Christendom, because of their close affinity to the Christian scriptures.

A present day example is Hans Hofer, who in 1985 came out with his book The Final War. Hans Hofer is Socialist with Fabian beliefs, whose mentor was the Fabian Bertrand Russell.1 From Germany, Hans now lives in Australia. His book is being pushed by some esoteric groups even now that the Iron Curtain has fallen in Eastern Europe. Let us read some snippets from his book that summarize his Fabian beliefs.  

1.   Hofer, Hans. The Final War. Belgrave Heights, Vic, Australia: Three Lions Pub., 1985, p.7 "My thinking is very much influenced by the great philosopher Bertrand Russell."

"...I still believe in a coming Golden Age, a time in which suffering is little, where justice prevails and where good men and women reign on this planet earth. This new Golden Age brings fulfillment and happiness to all who...understand the Law of Politics and

Economics...and accept other nations...and let them live their own way of life according to Nature's laws..."(The Final War, p.6)

"To know the Golden Age is coming is good, joyful news for those who have children that they want the best for."(p.7)

"All wars from the early beginning of mankind were nothing other than a selective process towards the will-be world leader. Until this process is complete, there will be no peace. Warfare goes on until only one is left, and this one will be world leader."

"Unless we have a world leader, a One World Government, there will be no peace, harmony, controlled trade or lasting prosperity."(p.9)

"...Therefore, all those wars have been nothing else than for the natural selection process for the Would-be World Leaders.1"(p. 11) "Now after this great struggle, the selection process towards World government, a new 'World Communism' will take over the world, which will be a far better system of communism." (p.32) "The U.S.S.R. will declare World Government before the year 2000." (p. 45)

For a much earlier instance of Millennialism a person can look at the Muenster affair where another Hofmann from Germany comes into view. Jewish, occultic influences with Jewish chiliastic ideas within the Anabaptist movement produced the disastrous Muenster affair when a group of Anabaptists tried to set up a Millennial kingdom. This affair seriously discredited those Anabaptists which had nothing in common with the Muenster Anabaptists, even though there was not justification to associate the different groups for the Anabaptist in general publicly repudiated Hofmann. It was the result of Melchior Hofmann's followers taking over Muenster in Mar., 1535, which they was renamed the New Jerusalem. There they set up the Kingdom of God and Jan of Leiden became King. A terrible Kingdom of God was created, which in turn was brutally overthrown by Catholic and Protestant forces. Interestingly, Melchior Hofmann designated himself "the second Enoch."2  

2.   The Complete Writings of Menno Simons. Scottsdale.PA: Herald Press, 1956,pp. 7-11.  

In this chapter, the reader will be presented information on how the conspiracy has introduced new religious groups with Millennial visions in order to further their ultimate goal of creating a gnostic one-world-religion based on the efforts of man, and subservient to hierarchies, which in turn are centrally controlled.

The Masonic Lodge has preserved and promoted the concept of the New Age, the Golden Age, a Millennium.

The twentieth century has seen the rise of secular millenarian visions such as communism. With the introduction of the New Age movement the vehicle of promotion has shifted back more to a religious millennialism as the end of the 20th century is approached.

The distinction between religious and secular Millennial views is blurred in real life. Secular ideologies, while lacking religious symbology have replaced the various parts of religion with secular equivalents. Men from various groups have coordinated their millennial views, so that it becomes difficult to identify the individual millennial movements as strictly secular or strictly religious.

This is illustrated, by a letter which appeared on the front page of the New York Daily Tribune (Mar. 15,1843). The letter was written by a Boston abolitionist who later that year attempted to establish the Skaneateles Community, a Utopian experiment using Robert Owen's secular Millennial ideas. The letter was addressed to Albert Brisbane. Albert Brisbane was America's principal exponent of the French occultist and Utopian philosopher, Charles Fourier. A close relationship exists between the secular Utopian communities established in the U.S. and the U.K. and the secret occult Fraternal orders in Europe and Fourier. (The reader is encouraged to read Fire In the Minds of Men, for a scholarly history of the connections. Then he encouraged if still wants to pursue such a study to look at the individual experimental communities.) The letter reads:

"The millennium of the sacred writers and the golden age of the poets have buoyed up the drooping heart in every age and every condition of life. The harmony of the material world, its ability to supply our wants, and the constant swelling up of the Soul for a purer and better state, convince every reflecting mind that a benevolent Creator designed Man for Happiness in the present state of existence, in spite of all the teachings of the Church."

In 1820, the Anglican church which was heavily mixed with Masonry, saw some thousand Anglican priests and radicals band together and announce that the "Second Advent" was due not in some hazy future date but at any moment.3  

3.   Faiths, Cults and Sects of America, p.57  


The year was 1825 and the country's attention was focused on the famous French General Lafayette, (a member of the Illuminati) who was touring the United States. At every town the Masonic Lodges went to great lengths to prepare great festivities. (General Lafayette had possibly been given his position in Washington's revolutionary army due to his Masonic connections, although initially the Americans had been somewhat cool to putting him on the staff of the Continental army. The foreign military experts taken in by the American Continental Army were all Masons. Prior to Lafayette's original arrival in the colonies, French agents, with ties to the Grand Orient Masons, had been stirring up trouble in the British colonies.)

After the American Revolution's end, Lafayette went back to France, where he was to play a role in the French Revolution. Lafayette was one of the most powerful men within the secret Masonic societies of France. He did have his secret Illuminati superiors. He was not only a high ranking Freemason, but a leader of the Carbonari (called Forest Masons).

It is interesting to note that the man the Masons selected to wine and dine with Lafayette in the New York area on his 1825 tour was a farmer from the town of Poultney, VT. At this point in history, this Mason farmer had not distinguished himself in anything especially except his fervor in Masonry. This Mason was William Miller.

>> It is impossible to stress how big the movement across America was, that was started by William Miller. To get a feel for it, go to Wikipedia and look up Miller and The Great Awakening. Then you will  know what I mean and why Fritz makes note of all this. It was also Miller (in theory) that impressed Charles T. Russell and caused him to carry on day for year predictions of when the world would end or Christ would "arrive." No coincidences here, my friends. It was all planned. <<

He was aided by the Masonic deists in his area to broaden his knowledge. The Episcopalian deist Matthew Lyon had a large personal library and had shared it with William Miller. Miller read all the great Masonic thinkers of the time, Voltaire, Hume, Paine, Ethan Allen, and others. Up to now however, most scholars because they are unfamiliar with the strong secular millennialism within those non-Christian Masonic writers, have tended to view Miller's Millennial views as his own creation.

It is hard to accept that William Miller did not draw from others. One of the best Millennial scholars, Michael Barkun aptly writes, "Although to all appearances theologically self-taught, the congruence between his Biblical interpretations and older readings of millenarian symbols strongly implies access to an oral if not a written exegetical tradition." This Author concurs.

Before meeting with Lafayette, Miller had married Lucy Smith. Then he claimed to have become a Christian in 1816, and to have discovered the date of the return of Christ from independent study in 1818.  

So the Grand Master met with him. And Miller, like Lafayette, would within a few years be traveling around the country visiting many Masonic Lodges. Miller claimed to have lectured 4,000 times from June 9, 1834 and 1845. His biographer, Sylvester Bliss, mentions more than 230 communities that Miller spoke to. Up until 1839, these were confined to New York and Vermont. Miller's meeting with Joshua Vaughan Himes changed that.

William Miller joined the Masonic Lodge in 1803. At that point he was well known for his rejection of Christ as Savior and his Deism. Later, he joined the Baptist church. According to Miller, he set out to harmonize the contradictions of the Bible himself. It's interesting that when Miller was finished harmonizing his religious views, those views were described as "a type that would pass with the world philosophical, pure, and sublime."

Two important ministers early on for William Miller also had Masonic connections, Elder Fuller of Poultney, VT. and Joshua Himes. Elder Fuller had influenced William Miller during the "silent years" before Miller's ministry and was one of the first to join his movement. William Miller's best friend, Truman Hendryx, was a Baptist minister of possible Jewish heritage.

In 1833, a group of Baptist ministers from White-Hall where Miller had met Lafayette, and from Hampton, NY gave Miller, a layman, a license to preach. For a layman to receive such a license was unusual, especially since it was clear at that time that William Miller was preaching the return of Christ and that the Millennial Age was soon-to-come in 1843. Soon afterwards, another strange and unique document was put together by 17 clergymen from various denominations authoring Miller to preach. As these denominations often back then had heated squabbles over doctrine, it was very unique that such a variety of denominations would give Miller such a document to authorize him to preach. It smells of Masonic influence.

The Masons at the time were powerful within the clergy. According to the scholar Whitney R. Cross, "About a fourth of all Protestant ministers were Masons," in that region of the U.S. The Masonic lodge recruited men of influence: politicians, merchants, and clergymen. Cross adds, "though their congregations were not, and like any group of private individuals interlocked against competition on economic, political, or social levels, they [the Masons] subverted the democratic process."

Also interesting is an analysis of the 1850 census. It reveals the following statistics about the Adventist movement and their leaders. 20 percent were farmers, 6 percent were merchants, 13 percent were craftsmen, and 45 percent were ministers. The Adventist movement drew from all types, but consisted mainly of Methodists, and of small-town New Yorkers with New English heritage.

The rapid rise in Second Adventist thought implies that its leaders went to other sources. It is also interesting to examine what type of men became Adventist leaders, such as men with Jewish backgrounds, with Yale and Andover educations, and men prominent in the Abolitionist movement. The Abolitionist movement, although it drew its moral indignation from what was happening to the slaves, it drew much of its finances and leadership from Secret Societies who apparently were bent on revolution.

William Miller's prophecies failed and made a laughing stock of those who would talk about Christ's return.  

While attention was focused in the U.S. and the U.K. on the fulfillment of the Mason William Miller's prophecy about Christ's return a new religion very similar to Freemasonry believed that Miller's prophecy was fulfilled in the Middle East. This Masonic like universal belief held that a man Baha'-u'llah was the manifestation of God, the Christ. They believed he created the foundation of the Kingdom of God on earth, and that the day would soon come when the Golden Age would be ushered in. The foundations for a New World Order were passed to his son, who began to implement Baha'u'llah's Tablets and Instructions. So began the Bahai religion.

Bahai writer Jessyca Russell Gaver wrotes, "Among these prophecies was the belief that sometime between the years 1843 and 1847, His Holiness, Jesus Christ, would reappear on earth."

"Should you search through the scriptures of any divinely revealed religion, you will find that God has never sent His messengers to a place having no need of them-be it a town, a city, or a country that is fairly content, progressive, or spiritually aware....Instead, such messengers seem to arise where they are needed most...This was the condition in the ancient country of Persia (now called Iran) about 200 years ago."4

While Miller's failed prophecies brought scorn on the Bible in the U.S. and Europe, in the Middle East they were being used to bolster a new universal religion called the Bahai faith. The Mason Kheiralla who first began teaching the Bahai faith in the 19th century had some Millerites as his early pupils. He taught them that the Mason William Miller's prophecies about Christ's return had been fulfilled in the Bab.

The Bab's Declaration in 1844 began the Baha'i' Era according to his followers.

Numerology is part of this religion. The numbers 9 and 19 are revered. They have a heirarchy called the Baha'i' Administrative Order which is headed by the Guardian of the Faith. Their goal is to unite mankind into one religion. They hold informal meetings called "firesides."

The Bahai faith has received help from the United Nations and the sympathy of Masons. It established its International Headquarter in Palestine just prior to W.W.I at what is now Haifa, Israel. The British government was very positive toward the Guardian of the Faith Abdu'l-Baha and knighted him in 1920. When he came to California he spoke in Oakland at the YMCA. Jewish, Christian, and Moslem leaders attended his funeral. Troops of Moslem and Christian Boy Scouts also paraded at his funeral.

The new Guardian of Faith Shoghi Effendi Rabbani received land earmarked by the Jews for institutions of the Jewish State on which he built at Mazra'ih a Holy Place. He also built at Mt. Carmel a world center. Bahais would use Prince Albert Hall, London for meetings. That Hall has seen a lot of use by the Masons and the early International Bible Students. A series of 7 years plans which were parts of several stages to bring in a New Order were put into motion. These plans were part of what was called the Divine Plan.

A Universal House of Justice was established and its pronouncements are put forth as divine.

According to Bahai teachings the cradle of the New World Order is to be America. They believe the troubles the world is suffering and will go through are the "birth pangs" of the New World Order. A new race of spiritual beings is to come under their tutelage. They do not believe in the concept of sin.

Although they build temples and other religious buildings they claim not to be a church.

In the book The Dynamic New Religion Bahai Faith it states, "Someone who is attracted to the Baha'i' Faith finds that he is on the threshold of a new spiritual experience. He learns that God loves those who work in groups and that His chief purpose in this age is to create unity. To do his part in building a New World Order, each person has to develop new qualities of character, which the Baha'is feel their teachings demonstrate."5

5.lbid., p.24 6.lbid., p.18  

In contrast to Jesus who was concerned about sin and spoke, "Blessed are the poor in spirit," the Baha'is' believe having poverty of the spirit is the worst situation.6  

6a. Stockman, Robert H. The Bahai Faith In America Vol. 1, Origins 1892-1900. Wilmette, IL: Baha'i Publishing Trust, 1985, pp. 61, 89-90

They like other New Age groups, they believe man is going through evolutionary stages.

The Baha'i Way of Life is clearly in accord with Masonry which believes that by following their path a man will receive salvation. The Masons, Universalist-Unitarian Church, Mormons and Baha'is practice essentially the same universal religion with different labels, and different rituals. Today the Baha'is are forbidden to join the Masonic Lodge or any Christian denomination. They don't need to join the lodge, considering they are committed to much of the same thing. Interestingly, it was Masons and the Chicago Masonic Temple that got the Baha'i religion going in the United States.

The man who began propagating the Baha'i religion in the U.S. Kheiralla was a Freemason. By 1900, he had his "medical" office in the Chicago Masonic Temple. The secret Masonic Oriental Order of the Magi produced the core of the pupils who took Kheiralla's Baha'i lessons. The Order of the Magi had mostly men but also women which were mainly physicians and their relatives. Dr. Rufus Bartlett, Dr. Eugene W. Sawyer, Dr. Chester Ira Thacher, and Louisa ("Lua") Aurora Moore were all early Baha'is that belonged to the Order of the Magi. A comparison of the names of a number of the prominent early Baha'is in Chicago including those of the Order of the Magi with this Author's list of Chicago's Oriental Consistory (Scottish Rite) membership fails to produce any dual memberships. It is not clear to this Author just what the relationship of the Oriental Order of the Magi to the Oriental Consistory (Scottish Rite) is. Baha'i Dr. Chester  


One lodge system that is overtly satanic is The Golden Dawn. In their publication Watch Jerusalem in 1948 they tell readers that Armageddon is to happen during the 1990s.7 In another publication, they tell us "The Aquarian Age is already upon us and it, too, is radiating a most powerful influence. The Aquarian Age will be in full power all through the coming Millennium. In fact, right now it is preparing the way for the Millennium, the THOUSAND YEARS OF PEACE."8

7.   Frater 7th degree. Watch Jerusalem. Los Angeles, CA: The Golden Dawn Press, 1948.

8.   Frater 7th degree. This Final War.(Monograph No. 28) Los Angeles, CA: The Golden Dawn Press, 1950, p.3.  


In Mystic Americanism billed as "a book for every Mason and for every man and woman who is looking for the fulfillment of prophesies", it teaches that the defeat of the Dragon will reopen the teaching of the Holy Grail which is illumination of the Soul. A New Dispensation is coming. Supposedly, the cycle of Jesus of Nazareth is over, and we must discard that old cycle for the new one we are in. My question is, is it really outdated? and what are they trying to replace it with? Nothing but the oldest superstitions around from ancient India, Egypt, and Babylon. (Personally, the New Age looks like the old cycle.)  

>> There is more worth reading on this. but I am stopping here to move on.<<

Chapter 2. 7

Councils of Heresy

3 items you will learn:

*the details on how the Masons working with the New World Order, built the World Council of Churches

*how groups like the CIA have closely monitored letters, telephone conversations, the media, etc. in the United States

*that the center of world intelligence and political power is geographically in Great Britain

THE PLAN     (to be detailed and documented elsewhere)

The plan was to create a world government. Three world wars would be created.1 The first would set up an illuminati controlled government in Russia. The second world war would allow them to conquer Europe from their secure base in Russia. The third world war would be an imitation of the Biblical Armaggeddon. These wars were to occur during the 20th century. The 20th century was to be a century of terror and war, so that by the time the third world war was over, the world would beg them for the New Order. They would be asking them to bring in the strong One-World-Government that they wanted to establish. We would ask them for what they wanted to do over 200 years ago.

The plan called for controlled conflicts. As long as they controlled both sides, according to their Hegelian ideas, they would control the synthesis, the outcome of any conflict. In the 19th century, both the Scottish Rite and the world's Jews had their own secret intelligence networks.2

During the 19th century, the machinery was put into place and tested.3 In the 20th century, this machinery succeeded. Only the finishing touches are being put into place, before the unveiling of the One-World New-Order.4

Because the center of power is in Great Britain, a great deception has taken place. Great Britain has "given up" her empire, has seemingly lost her power. The Masons in Great Britain try harder not to be seen associated with revolution, and not to be associated publicly with the occult. The British MI5 and MI6 operate under far greater secrecy than the American CIA. The power in Great Britain that issues directives has been kept very secret. Under the disguise of conquering nature, of protecting us from enemies (which they themselves created—sometimes real sometimes fictitious) they have built powerful systems and technology to enable a few hundred men to rule over the billions of mankind. C.S. Lewis foresaw what was happening in his book The Abolition of Man, pp. 68, 69, 70, 71.  


The close interweaving of Gnostic thought into the Masonic stream is important in terms of understanding how power is created. The principle "knowledge is power" is skillfully used by Masonic religions. For instance, the WT May 1, 1922, p. 132 states C.T. Russell is the only source of knowledge about the divine plan of God. "Then to repudiate him and his work is equivalent to a repudiation of the Lord..." Joseph Smith, Jr. and the "Bhagwan Shree" Rajneesh, and so many others, by virtue of their claims to special knowledge have created an automatic power base. One has to come to them for knowledge.

16.   One Christian writer writes, "The Fallacy of Conspiracy Theories...We do not have time to trace endless charts and seek to find relationships between earthly political powers....It is a fruitless effort in view of Christ's victory over all powers and dominions and thrones." (Eph. 1:21)

This sounds very good, but how much Christian activity is fruitful toward Christ's victory? This Author has been verbally told this same thing as this Christian writer' quote, but I suspect it is only an excuse to justify ignorance and lack of zeal. Those who spout this line have not been out using their time wisely, they sit in front of the T.V. and watch sitcoms and the news, they go to worldly movies, they fritter away their time with 101 little meaningless items of life, they spend inordinate amount of time on hobbies and games. They read the newspapers, they read novels. But they don't have time to study their enemy.

Don't let any accuse you of wasting your time reading this book and making you feel guilty or wrong for doing so. You the reader are to be commended. You are reading a "newspaper" that is telling the real story for once from a biblical standpoint. If your friends read the worldly papers, why can't you read a Christian paper such as Be Wise As Serpents? These people who are against studying their enemy are the ones who are placing Satan worshippers into high church positions, they are these people who welcome Jehovah's Witnesses as Christian brothers even though the JWs don't reciprocate, and these people are not defending the faith that was delivered to the Apostolic Church. From personal experience, I know those out in the trenches doing spiritual warfare out of devotion to the Kingdom, have found apathy in the general Christian population. This apathy stems in part due to a total lack of wisdom and knowledge of what is going on.

17.   The interested person who wants to maintain America's liberty and standard of living should read The Trade Threat and U.S. Trade Policy by John M. Culbertson which challenges the globalism rhetoric.


Examples of how the conspiracy directly provides power to their network of offspring will be the next feature of this chapter. We will examine how the same people who funded the Communists funded the Mormons. We will see how the channel of communication and orders for the power, UNESCO was created by them. We will examine how the prominent families that make up the Order, the power here in the U.S., happened to be the families that were prominent in the creation and control of the Jehovah's Witnesses. We will see how a well spring of Unitarian heresy was directly run by the Order. We will examine specific ways the Masons have promoted the New Age movement, and how the New Age Movement has been systematically planned, and is not an accident of history. All these are examples of what has been happening on a world-wide but secret level for several hundred years.

18.   Numerous WT and Convention Reports indicate how the Jehovah's Witnesses were helped by being able to use Masonic Temples & Halls. This Author has personal knowledge plus flyers of C.U.T. meeting at the Masonic Temple; and Brown, Rebecca op. cit., p. 49 indicates Satanists used the Masonic Lodges for meeting places.


For the Jehovah's Witnesses they will be told that they are the only ones who will be saved when the revolution for the Golden Age comes. The terminology for this has changed to "the battle of Armaggeddon." But in the older WT publications both the words revolution and Golden Age have been associated with these events. For the New Agers they will be promised that every one will become gods.

Chapter 2.12        The Second Tower of Babel


The Masonic goal was to get prayer, the pledge of allegiance, and religious trappings out of the public schools. In 1939, the composition of who sat on the Supreme Court was changing. The next few years would see many new appointees. The Mason F.D. Roosevelt was appointing Masons to the Supreme Court. When the Jehovah's Witnesses began taking cases to the Supreme Court in the late 30's and early 40's, many of the Mason Supreme Court Justices were Masons. In order of their appointments, the following Masons were serving on the Supreme Court when the Jehovah's Witnesses began winning court cases:

Hugo L. Black (Mason) 1937-71
Stanley F. Reed (Mason) 1938-57
Felix Frankfurter (Jew with B'nai B'rith) 1939-1962 (while Jewish supreme court justice Louis D. Brandeis ended his term in '39)
William O. Douglas (Mason) 1939-1975
James F. Byrnes (Mason) 1941-42
Robert H. Jackson (Mason) 1941-54
Wiley B. Rutledge (Mason) 1943-49

This author has been told by one Mason how closely he watched each of these Jehovah's Witness Supreme Court cases. This Author's theory is that the Jehovah's Witnesses were serving as the foot soldiers for the Masonic hierarchy's ambitions. Most of the Supreme Court cases of significance during this period involved the Jehovah's Witnesses. By 1955 they had won 40 Supreme Court victories.21a An example of how the JWs repeatedly won is May 3, 1943 when the Supreme Court decided 12 out of 13 cases in their favor.21b

Roosevelt's Attorney General Fracis Biddee was very liberal toward the Jehovah's Witnesses.21c.

Rolf Svensson, researching at Shiloah, found out that their legal library had 20 large shelves filled with legal literature involving the Jehovah's Witnesses. The Jehovah's Witnesses were instrumental in getting the vestiges of Christianity and acts of nationalism taken out of a number of countries' schools.

On June 14, 1943 the Supreme Court decided in West Virginia Board of Education v. Barnette that Witness children could not be expelled from public schools for refusing to salute the U.S. flag.22a

Although the Jehovah's Witnesses are out in the trenches winning battles against Christendom and Nationalism for the Masons, it appears that they are considered expendable. In contrast to the Mormons who are advised to get the best education, and to have large families, the Jehovah's Witnesses are advised not to get good educations23 and to consider not having children.24 The Mormons have an aggressive door-to-door campaign also, so it is not necessary to throw away the potential of the Jehovah's Witness youth, and to deny the JWs the privilege of enjoying family life, just to have an aggressive door-to-door campaign.

The WT Society has chosen the dates 1914, 1925, 1975, 2000 as the dates for Armaggedon. This is interesting. The Masons had big plans for 1914, the creation of WW I, the Prieure de Sion wanted to put one of the Black Nobility in power over a United Europe in 1914, but someone changed their plans. The Theosophical Society wanted to introduce the New Messiah in 1925-26 but that plan collapsed in embarrassment. The New World Order wanted to bring in their rule by 1976, and it was also announced far in advance that the New Age Subversive organizations announced they would do their work in the open after the key year of 1975. Things happened but not as big as they had planned and they put off many things. Finally now, the New Agers, the Masons and others are pointing to the year 2,000 for the start of the New Age, and so is the WT Society. An example of numerous low key statements coming out of the Society is this quote from Awake! Nov. 8, 1986, pp. 7-8:

"For the year 2000, I visualize a world transformed into a beautiful paradise! But I don't think that either the present world or its rulers will live to see that day....We are living in the last days of the system of things."

21.   The only way this type of labeling seems appropriate to this Author, is if we understand open-minded as to be open-minded to demons. Then such labeling seems to have some validity. 21a. MacMillan, Faith on the March, p. 184.

21b. Jehovah's Witnesses in the Divine Purpose. WTB &TS, 1959, p. 208. 21c. MacMillan, op. cit., p. 185.

22.   Cole, Murley. Triumphant Kingdom. NY: Criterion Books, 1957, p.168 22a. 319 U.S. 624 (1943)

23.   Awake! 5/22/1969, p.15; Awake! 3/22/1985, pp.17-18. WT 4/15/86 pp. 28-30. What these articles declare is still in force. The Jehovah's Witnesses have a book especially for teenagers entitled Questions Young People Ask—Answers That Work. It's conclusion is, "In view of these facts, many Christian youths have decided against a university education. Many have found that the training offered in congregations of Jehovah's Witnesses— the weekly Theocratic Ministry School in particular—has given them a real edge in finding employment."

24.   This Author knows couples who gave up having children for the WT Society. The WT publication Children (1943) essentially forbid the JWs from having children. The policy eased up, but childlessness is still recommended. WT 3/1/88, pp.25-26.

24a. Sacred Temples of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints put out by the Corporation of the President of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, 1975, pp.8-9.


Although confidential sources reveal that there is cooperation between the LDS top church leaders and the WT Society, it is very difficult to see any cooperation publicly. It would be nice in a way to be able to say on such and such a day Pres. So-and-so called Pres. So-and- so and here is the transcript of the discussion. Further, there is the difficulty that publicly, the Mormons and Jehovah's Witnesses are enemies, which totally obscures the cooperation.

We could expect a no-holds religious conflict going on between such zealous proselytizing groups. Several items are hints of what is going on at the top behind the scenes.


item 1.    Jehovah's Witnesses have been given so little and such poor quality anti-Mormon material from headquarters that a typewritten manuscript of about 10 pages written by a JW not in the WT hierarchy has been circulating among the JW congregations in the Western States. It is rare that local JWs will dare write anything religious; that role is reserved for the WT Society. This Author has personally examined this JW Anti-Mormon paper. It is superficial and simplistic. That the JWs have to resort to it, underlies how little importance WT headquarters in Brooklyn, NY have placed in converting Mormondom.

item 2.    C.T. Russell had a genial attitude toward Mormons. When the WT Society's founder C.T. Russell stopped at Salt Lake City, UT he went to the Mormon Tabernacle for a service. His reaction to Utah, "It is our opinion that Mormons are as honest as others—more honest than many." The tenor of his brief stay could hardly be labeled antagonistic. (WT Aug. 1, 1911, pp. 229-230 ; WTR p. 4861)

item. 3.    The WT Society speaks of a restoration of all true doctrine in the WT 8/15/1971 p. 503. The concept that there was a modern day restoration of true doctrine parallels Mormonism.

From these three little hints we could gather that the WT leadership is not as antagonistic toward Mormonism as we would expect, and that they both even share some common religious ideas.


1.   Preparing  the  Money  System.  Examines  their economic plans, the World Money waiting in Canada for distribution orders,
          & the planned cashless society.

2.   Interest Taking. How the Conspiracy "bites" the world  with  interest  and  God's secret Formula concerning money.

3.   Financial Wizards, and Wealthy Cults. Find out about the Rothschilds, the Rockefellers and others, how  they use the Federal  Reserve,
          Interlocking Directories, a hereditary Aristocracy, and the World's resources to maintain control.

4.   Education. Reveals how controlled our history has been. The values and doctored history that the Conspiracy approves have been taught for many years.

5.   The Media  and Communication.  "improvements". Exposes the evil role that the media and communication play.

6.   Concentrating Power. Examines the continuing process of the centralization of all power.

7.   Scandals.   Examining  scandals created  to discredit Christianity.

8.   Separating Church and State. The Masons devious efforts to insure that Christianity has no power at all.

9.   America's Concentration Camps. Are you ready for camp. They are ready for you, that is if you don't want to enjoy the good life of a New Order slave.

10.  Where the Rubber Hits the Road. Coping in a Christ-like way with an overwhelming Satanic conspiracy.
           Seeing how Christ can win a victory under difficult circumstances.

Chapter 3.2


What you will learn:
*That the Old Testament and New Testament forbid interest taking
*Some of the role interest taking has played for the New Order
*Some ideas for Christ-like responses vs. the evil financial system set up today.

In 1979, an articulate JW elder, who was an ex-Baptist minister, engaged this Author in conversation about religion, specifically the JWs version of it. This Author's approach was to beat them at their own game, to outlegalize the legalizers.

Having just self-published a book examining how both the NT and the OT Scriptures condemn interest taking, it was only natural that this Author would raise Interest as an issue.

The idea behind showing the full brunt of the OT law, and Christ's expectations for us, is that in showing how demanding the law is, one shows the need for grace. After all, didn't Christ say the law is a schoolmaster to lead us to Christ?

For the next two years, this Author raised the issue of Interest taking and the lack of proper scriptural understanding about it to the Jehovah's Witnesses. This Author had also mailed out free about 500 of my books on Interest taking to various addresses. Judging from the small amount of feedback, it wasn't a hot topic.

Today's attitudes within Christendom toward interest are 180 degrees opposite of attitudes that have been held by essentially all Christians for most of Christendom's history. Who could guess by looking at the Vatican Bank's large assets (over 1 Billion in 1978) and their annual profit in 1978 of over 120 million dollars1 that the Catholic Church forbid interest until 1830?

What does Christ think about all of the Vatican's stock analysts, their computers following the economic markets, their world-wide banking interests and so forth?

Today's attitudes toward interest taking are so different from the past. And not only is that significant in itself, but there has been a wholesale memory loss about the evils of interest taking, undoubtedly facilitated by the One-World-Power's control over the media and religious institutions of learning.

The JW elders with whom this Author raised the issue were totally unaware of the strong scriptural indictments against Interest taking. The subject hadn't surfaced until recently. Since this Author's book, other Christians have begun to speak out against it. Apparently, the Lord has laid the issue on more than one heart.  


"There's the answer to your questions," a JW said to me when the WT came out with articles on interest taking in the Mar. 1, 1981 issue. They followed with another one in the Aug. 1, 1982 issue.

It seemed far-fetched to think that this Author precipitated a response from the Towering Watchtower buildings in Brooklyn, but it wasn't a subject that was being raised by anyone else as far as I knew. At any rate if it was a response, then it unwittingly did not help the WTs position with God Almighty. The scriptures condemned interest taking, but did leave one loophole; those, who the Israelites were authorized to kill and cleanse from the land, could be taken advantage of.

It's clear why the Society had to hedge on their own repudiation of interest taking, because the Society has been making money off of JW hardships. Their articles said that it is O.K. to charge interest for business deals, but not to take advantage of a brother's need. Yet, the Society, when a group of JWs is too poor to raise a Kingdom Hall, encourages them to borrow money from the Society, and charges them interest. This is a direct contradiction of their own articles in '81 and '82.


A popular story is that if you want to boil a frog, then put him in cold water and heat the water slowly. If you put the frog directly into hot water, he'll jump out.

Over the years, the Christians have been slowly cooked. How far have we come in the cooking process? We're almost done. As the Scriptures warn, Unless those days are shortened faith will not survive. Is that an overstatement? Those readers who will bear reading this chapter will get a small sampling a how far we have come from the Scriptures. It is not likely that you will hear a sermon on such a topic in today's churches.

Ezekiel was commanded to warn both the righteous and the unrighteous (Ez. 3:17-21). With God's help, I seek to declare the full counsel of God. Paul did this and was therefore free of their blood. Acts 20:27

Many sincere Christians receive interest, due to the lack of good scriptural teaching in these times. Wisdom and tact and patience are certainly needed in regards to correcting these dear Christians. It is up to God to judge their motives. (l Cor. 4:3-5)

Interest-taking is only one financial weapon of the New World Order. Inflation is another weapon. Economist and Nobel Peace Prize winner Friedrich von Hayek noted, "Inflation is probably the most important single factor in the vicious cycle wherein one government action [increasing the money supply] makes more and more government control necessary." Lenin felt that the best way to destroy capitalism is to debauch the currency. Germany's horrible inflation was a big reason Hitler appealed to the German people.  

Coercive semi-secret business monopolies are another tool of the New World Order. The proposed worker I.D. card will be another way to control the masses. Only those approved by them will be eligible to work.

This chapter is not meant to imply that interest is their only financial weapon, but it certainly has been the primary means for the parasite to survive and control its host. This chapter is intended to pull the mask of acceptability off of interest, so that Christians can recognize that the basic livelihood of the International Bankers is contrary to Christian principles. These people in their pin-striped suits consider themselves screwed and superior to the masses; the Scriptures view them as evil. It is hoped that if any Bible-believing Jews read this, they will recognize how wrong these Internationalist Bankers are. The issue with interest is a moral issue. It's not just that they loan money to Russia and Red China to build Socialism, it's that they make their money in the first place from having a monopoly on the money supply, and acting as a parasite.  


The International Bankers have the nations in debt to them. We think of Japan as a rich nation, but the national government of Japan is deeply in debt to the bankers just like the U.S. government. Interest taking has been the life-blood of the One-World-Order parasite. They have convinced even the Christian people that interest is good.

This chapter treats the same subject that chapter 3.10 is set up for, which subject is how to have a Christ-like response to the Conspiracy. This chapter deals with just one small issue, perhaps learning how far off Christianity is on just this issue, will stimulate Christians to investigate other financial issues. The New World Order has run roughshod over the U.S. Constitution and the Scriptures repeatedly, and is pressuring Christians into all kinds of compromises with their faith in Christ. Even though the President has suspended the Constitution, he had sworn to uphold it, as did many other Constitutional traitors. Scripturally, the Christian has a duty to obey the Constitution first, before he obeys anyone who has broken their oath to uphold the Constitution in order to enslave you. The choice of what deserves obedience seems obvious, but many Christians are choosing the later course.

One way to deal with the Power is to be aligned with a superior moral power. The true Christian teachings have almost been destroyed by the Power on this subject. Unless these teachings are introduced, the Christian people will have no concept why we must come out from amongst their evil system, which is designed to promote evil. This is to help you know how to deal with them.  


"If thou lend money to any of my people...thou shalt not be to him as an userer, neither shalt thou lay upon him usury." Ex 22:25

"I pray you, let us cease this exacting of interest." Neh 5:10

"he that by interest and unjust gain increaseth his substance, he (God) shall gather it for him that will pity the poor." Prov 28:8

"And if thy brother hath become poor, and cannot support himself among you, then thou shalt relieve him, yea, though he be a stranger, or a sojourner, that he may live with thee. Take no interest from him, or increase, but fear thy God; that thy brother may live with thee. Thou shalt not give him thy money upon interest, nor lend him thy food supplies for profit." Lev 25:35-37

"Thou shalt not lend upon interest to thy brother." Deut 23:19 LET US...

"Hearken to me, ye that follow after righteousness, ye that seek the Lord; look unto the rock from which ye are hewn, and to the hole of the pit from which ye are digged." Is 51:1

When the Master's sheep hear his voice they obey it. "He that saith, I know him, and keepeth not his commandments, is a liar and the truth is not in him." 1 Jn 2:4 "If ye love me, keep my commandments." Jn 15:14 "We ought to obey God rather than men." Acts 5:29

The Bible has no promises to those who obey Him only partly. When we know something is wrong and do it, it is sin. Look at examples in Biblical history —Nadab and Abihu (Lev 10:1,2), Saul (1 Sam 15), and Ananias and Sapphira (Acts 5:1-11). Remember, "His commandments are not grievous." (1 Jn 5:3)

"God resisteth the proud but giveth grace unto the humble." Js 4:6 The scriptures repeatedly ask us to submit ourselves under God's authority. By doing so we also come under his protection. That doesn't mean we will not suffer— but we will be protected as He knows we should be. This author knows of amazing miracles of protection, but each person needs to trust God himself, and learn for himself that the Lord is good.  

Chapter 3.7        SCANDALS

"What do you think of Jimmy Swaggart and the Bakers?", the New Ager ask me, with a look that seemed to say, there your Christianity is disproven.

"If they did what is said about them, they're wrong. As to what that has to do with my trust in God, it simply adds fuel to the fire, that it shows all the more reason to put my trust in God and not men." (It is because of the truth that all men have sinned, and have a sin nature that I trust the Almighty.)

As to scandals in the church, I've seen enough of them.
What is not known to the public, is that:
a. many of these scandals are created by those groups actively working to destroy Christianity, and
b. the playing field is not level—scandals concerning Rabbis, people in power, etc., are not publicized unless it serves some purpose for the
New Order.

To give a few examples of how "unbiased" our news is consider the following.

This author made an attempt to place an add in a newspaper to advertise a book which documents the Jehovah's Witnesses' false prophesies. I upfront told the newspaper I would provide them with a letter from a lawyer saying that they would not be sued, and showing them other evidence that the material was legitimate. They would not allow the add to be placed under any circumstances. But when the Jimmy Swaggart story comes they printed it.  

>> I have long noted the reluctance of newspapers, reporters, courts, governments, to do anything truly harmful to JWs. Courts in particular, have not defended lawsuits from those sexually abused by JWs and JW policies protecting perpetrators. I also found that JWs, so long the winners in the Supreme Court, did not want to go to court to defend rights to preach. JWs would tuck their tails and leave trailer parks or apartment complexes whenever asked and come back another time. This may have been just practical and smart.

But as I saw it, if we kept doing this, we were going to eventually get banned by law. I wanted to ignore demands to leave places. But the elders said no, because they contracted the "Society" as we called them, the Governing Body, who said to stand down and don't ruffle feathers because there were not sure about the current Supreme Court, say 1982. But maybe they knew something I did not. The "Society" may also have been taking orders from somewhere. I thought the whole door to door thing was a poor waste of time and that tract work would actually be more effective for spreading messages. But JWs were very timid, for what reason we can only speculate, given their often feisty history. They are not feisty anymore!<<

A national "rag"—the kind that people read the headlines of at supermarket check stands was approached to run an add advertising Sutton's book on Bush's membership in the Skull and Bones Order. They would not allow the add in their "rag" magazine. But they sure enjoyed the Swaggart and the Baker stories.  

    Heads of the Watchtower Society, Presidents and acting Presidents
In 1874, Charles T. Russell, II was elected Pastor over a Bible Study in Allegheny, PA. In 1895,
he took on the title of "the Faithful and Wise Servant." He was also called a King by his followers.

1. Charles Taze Russell (1884-Oct. 31,1916)
2. Three men-Joseph F. Rutherford, W.E. Van Amburgh, and Ritchie,
    however A.H. Macmillan played a very dominant role during this time
    period and at times ran the show. (Oct. 31, 1916-Jan. 6, 1917)
3. Joseph F. Rutherford (Jan. 6, 1917-June, 1918)
4. ?? while leadership was in prison, the WT was run from Pittsburgh,
    PA but it is not clear by who. (June, 1918-Mar,1919)
5. Joseph F. Rutherford (Mar. 1919- Jan. 8, 1942)
6. Hayden Covington (Jan. 8- Jan. 10, 1942)
7. Nathan Knorr (Jan. 10,1942- June, 1977)
8. Frederick Franz (June, 1977 - Dec. 22, 1992)    >>I added these last 3 in<<
9. Milton G. Henschel (Dec. 22, 1992 - 2000)
10. Don A. Adams (2000 - )

For more up to date info on JWs, just search the internet. Plenty of material there!

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