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Charles Taze Russell and the Bible Students

Russell's Iconographic Symbols
Russell's Doctrines
Russell and the Freemasons
Russell's Choice of Words
Some More about the Man, Russell
A Few Other Encounters
What is Religious Zionism?

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Russell's Iconographic Symbols
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This cathedral like building below on the left is a Masonic Temple in Philadelphia, once the capitol of the USA in the colonial days, where Masons were rather prominent.
The 2nd picture moving right is taken from Christians Science and the 3rd to right below is a picture that was taken from a Masons site in Texas. This picture of the crown and cross is the Masons' York Rite Knights Templar Order's emblem. The picture was removed after appearing in an article at the site link: 
This site is worth visiting for more dirt on Russell and even JWs as well. But as I see it, in some ways, JWs were an improvement over Russell, but that is not saying a lot.


2nd & 3rd to the right below: is a symbol used by the Knights Templar, said to live on in secret after the leader and some members were executed in France in early 1300s AD.
Templars have been said by many to later reform themselves as Free Masonry. Why are these organizations all so fond of the same symbols? Are they related?
No. 4 below far right is from Christian Science books with the cross/crown similar to the middle above. I have heard it said, birds of a feather flock together. Such iconography and images are condemned in the Bible. Also, the meanings of these symbols are secret. The Bible also condemns secrecy and those who seek darkness and secrecy. Christians seek the light and have nothing to hide. By their fruits you will know them.

1. The above crown and cross is the Masons York Rites Knights Templar Order's emblem



The cross and crown on the left is on the door of a Masonic Temple. Grabbed it from a YouTube video on the Illuminati and Freemasons.
There is no doubt about this symbol and who uses it.

While suggesting that Russell and the Bible Students adopted certain symbols because Russell was a covert Freemason is challenging, this is not the case with Christian Science, so called. Former prominent and/or founding Christians Science members are easily shown to be Freemasons. Few dispute that. And with the nearly identical symbols above also appearing on the Watch Tower magazine of CT Russell and the Bible Students below left, it is stretching the limits to suggest that first, Russell knew nothing of these existing elsewhere. Living in Allegheny-Pittsburg, PA, he could not have missed them.

He says it was just coincidence that he adopted them. He has also stated that one could not be a Freemason and be a Christian, (supposedly) too, yet he is adopting a symbol from a group that does not please God. Why not just make a graven image of Baal, Ashter, Isis, Zeus, or whoever and use it?!! He should have known better and had better judgment than to select a symbol common to a questionable organization and should not really have been using symbols at all.

The picture on the right is from the cover of the magazine published by Russell "back in his day." Note the cross and crown so common in other "associations" of questionable repute.


    I got this one from Bible Students as well. They still cling to all things Russell.

The image above left is taken from Russell's Photodrama of Creation, and it was a cutting edge presentation for the time. This was before motion picture film. It was rather popular in its day.
But you will note the symbol here as well and 2nd to the right, it appears again at the top center of the frame.

It is stretching all credibility to deny, at the very least, the poor choice of symbol, and who was and is still associated by that symbol. Russell was talking about of both sides of his mouth. Further, Christians are to make no symbols or graven images of anything to do with the things of Heaven, such as angels, God the Father, His son, Jesus, the Christ, or similar. Neither make any symbols or images representing things to do with worship which might be on earth or in the sea below, where gods, demons, and other mythological things may be said to exist and act. Yet Russell seemed to delight in symbols and images. The Cross? The Cross in the Crown!? You can deny the associations, but Russell is out of line for even engaging symbols to begin with and certainly for using symbols of others that he says are not compatible for Christians. My verdict is that Russell is guilty as charged. Coincidence is not an acceptable excuse in view of his comments regarding them not being Christian.

Left and below: The old Cross in a Crown in a wreath, stuck on a pyramid, ON ALL 4 SIDES, no less. Note the All-Seeing Eye of the Illuminati at the peak of the pyramid, although it is not that easy to discern in this picture I have quoted in fair use. You can find this on the dollar bill as well. Those were who Masons designed it and other images into the Dollar bill. They also designed many things in Washington DC. A host of symbols joined together in unholy imagery. The symbol of the Great Pyramid, most obviously and well known as a pagan Egyptian symbol, could hardly be considered a proper symbol, if indeed, there is any symbol at all to be allowed. And Russell did believe the pagan pyramid did have something to do with God in displaying the prophetic time periods in Russell's Diving Plan of the Ages charts. Mixing pagan Egyptian monuments with the sacred worship of God? Sounds like heresy to me! 

This is placed near to his burial plot and marker shown further below in the back ground and then up close below and to the right. 


Below left: We are looking up hill at this monument. The downhill view from the other side of this pyramid coming up, gets interesting! Below, right: Russell's tomb stone marker.


According to :

>""The area is the North Hills area of Pittsburgh. It is in the "Rosemont United Cemeteries at Allegheny, in the Bethel Family plot, according to his request." (Jehovah's Witnesses In The Divine Purpose, 1959, p. 62)""<

This Cemetery is said by some to be a Masonic Cemetery. It may not be but . . . The close proximity and relations are very suspicious, when added in with everything else. All the evidence together is a bit overwhelming. Call it a preponderance of evidence. At the bottom of the hill this monument is on, is a street and across from it is a large Masonic building as part of the complex there. Substantial Masonic connections to this cemetery only make the likelihood of Russell having Masonic connections more likely as well. Take a look below at a wider view of the area.

Above ^ Here we are looking down hill at the pyramid memorial. A very big building complex exists within this cemetery in the background. Its pretty fancy, too. Now on the left side of this picture is a flag pole and at the base of the flag pole is a stone memorial of some sort, right? And to the right of the pole are steps leading to two buildings at the top of the steps with blue roofs. Below is revealing.

There are the flag pole, the stone, the steps, and the two buildings at the top of the steps. It is a Masonic Center in a major industrial city of the USA, part of the heartland of the USA, really. The entire complex is part of this Masonic holding. This Cemetery is where Russell is appropriately buried. When I say appropriate, I say this because this is what Russell was really a part of and it is not from God and Russell was never the faithful nor discreet servant of God, either. He served the devil, ultimately, as I see it. I'll get to his doctrines later.

Next Written by Randall Watters    Sunday, 22 February 2009 14:13, "Russell's instructions for his funeral:"

""I desire to be buried in the plot of ground owned by our Society, in the Rosemont United Cemetery, and all the details of arrangements respecting the funeral service I leave in the care of my sister, Mrs. M. M. Land, and her daughters, Alice and May, or such of them as may survive me, with the assistance and advice and cooperation of the brethren, as they may request the same. Instead of an ordinary funeral discourse, I request that they arrange to have a number of the brethren, accustomed to public speaking, make a few remarks each, that the service be very simple and inexpensive and that it be conducted in the Bible House Chapel or any other place that may be considered equally appropriate or more so. (from Watchtower Reprints, 12/1/16)""
End of quote

It is my opinion, based on much research, that Russell was a secret Mason. Masons are almost identical to spy organizations. They secretly infiltrate groups or even start groups pretending to be something else, enabling those who started the group to control the group, or if they are members of a group, they try to move up and get control of the group. They pretend to be loyal dedicated members of the group, often trying to be the most zealous members so that they will be followed and can lead and control the direction of the group and its activities. And none would ever admit the truth, no more than a spy or an undercover police officer would. So don't expect Russell to admit anything. We will try him later here.

Other pagan images from Egypt are also used by Russell. Note the cover of these Russell publications below.



     < Look who else likes this symbol. An order believed by most to be connected to Masons and other related groups. Birds of a feather flock together, do they not?
Just above left, Egyptian sun symbol of Ra, the sun god, symbolized with falcon wings, I believe. Photograph taken in the British Museum  -

Having become a serious student of Ancient Egyptian Culture myself in my quest to find Moses, Joseph, and the Exodus and determine Chronology as well, I know this winged symbol very well and will put a few more of these up for all in time. My old picture archive was lost in the mid 90s but I will be restoring it someday soon, I hope. The one quoted from another site below shows a similar, but not exact, imitation. But there do exist nearly identical images to that on the books of Russell, you can be assured. It is very common in Egyptian iconography.

The imagery and iconography and Russell's generally inordinate use of such in his publications wreaks of Masonry symbols and Templar carvings. I, for one, can not escape concluding who Russell seems to be associated with, by deliberate choice, a poor choice. For the sake of the accusations that could be made or inferred, he should have avoided them. That they were so important to him and his followers and defenders speaks volumes. Guilty!

Look at it this way. If none of us knew anything about Russell or his beliefs, what would we associate him with, seeing his tendencies toward iconographic images almost identical to the others covered on this page? We might very well conclude that he favors or likes causes of Freemasonry and the Knights Templar and maybe sympathizes with them. He should have avoided anything even remotely questionable, as I see it. Given that even Russell said being a Free Mason was incompatible with being a Christian (supposedly), then it must be assumed that anything not loyal to God, is otherwise, of the devil, knowingly or unknowingly.

His Followers should at least admit his very poor judgment in making heavy constant use of symbols and particularly of such questionable groups. Masons had a real bad reputation in the USA due to an incident in the 1820s so any connection with them should have been avoided just to play it safe. Russell's insistence on the use of icons and images only makes one further suspect things. But Jesus says that "by their fruits you will know them." Do you have ears to listen?

Many, myself included, find great fault with Catholics and Eastern Orthodox churches as well for making heavy use, or even any use at all, of icons, graven images, and idols. This is so incompatible with the commands of the Bible. They use all sorts of excuses, saying they do not use these images for worship or veneration but many actually do use them as such or at least as an aid to worship and regardless of the reason or the way they see them, such images and icons are forbidden completely, regardless of how they are used. Obedience to God is better than sacrifice. Its all that matters!

"An assiduous student of the Bible, he taught Sunday School at the Congregational Church on Ninth Street, near Penn Avenue , until around 1880 when, rebelling against the doctrine of eternal punishment, he set up a tabernacle of his own on the North Side."
"Followers flocked to him. He organized the International Bible Students' Association and established the Zion Publishing Company, which printed his "Watch Tower" magazine, and sermons and tracts on the second coming of Christ, and other beliefs he incorporated in his religion." We'll start from this point.

Russell's Doctrines
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It must be understood that any good charlatan must use good legitimate bait in order to attract an initial loyal following, who he then gets to let down their skepticism and doubt and begin to trust so that he may begin to steer them a little bit off one way or another. Russell started out appealing to simple logic and reasoning, showing that Hell was not a real place of torture but a symbolic outcome, like so many symbols in the Bible. And note that when I say symbols of the Bible, I refer to literary ones, the only type used in the Bible. The only other symbols allowed by God are those directly authorized by God such as those prescribed by Him for the temple instituted by Moses. The only wars and killings allowable are those directly instituted by God in the Bible. We do nothing of our own accord but limit ourselves and our actions according to the will of God as recorded in the Bible. Make sense?

Russell showed the completely irrational logic of the trinity and a much more sound way of understanding the descriptions that people interpret as the trinity. These are very appealing to thoughtful rational people who are not overly attached to tradition and prefer reason to dogma. In fact, having read a substantial sampling of Russell's writings, I can tell you that in many ways, he was a very sensible and logical man and he attracted similar types of minds. Russell's very best doctrine was his neutrality doctrine of no participating in war. This is one of the most important ones for Christians and most get it wrong. Russell got it right. Hats off to him on this one.

But he had one doctrine in particular that might have been very attractive to people, and though it is not supported in the Bible, anyone who embraced his "hell is symbolic" doctrine might have liked it. Russell taught that everyone eventually will be saved. God had a plan to eventually save and pardon every last soul that had ever lived or ever would live. The more stubborn and resistant would eventually be brought around to accept God, so said Russell. This is the worst of heresies but it may have had a greater purpose in Russell's mind, which we will consider shortly.

The other doctrine which fascinated and gathered many followers was his continuing to explore possibilities for the prophetic chronology of the mid 19th century preacher, William Miller. Miller interpreted the prophecies of Daniel, particularly the 2300 days of chapter 8, and the 7 times of Daniel 4, whereby it is interpreted to be 7 years multiplied by 360 lunar days in a year to come up with a prophetic period of 2520 days, which represent 2520 years from the time the kingship was removed from Jerusalem, with the fall of Zedekiah. Russell eventually settled on 1914 as D-day and it came and went, but since WWI began that year, that was seen as the sign that Jesus began to reign invisibly, followed by a visible presence in the future. This too, has insidious implications.

Russell had one more very suspicious doctrine. I call it the "Religious Zionism" doctrine. It involved the 2 previous doctrines as well. It says that in bringing about the salvation of all people, that the Jews were to be brought back to God by a different path than Jesus and that Jesus would enable them to re-establish the nation of Israel and rebuild the temple and re-institute the temple worship, upon which, Jesus would literally physically return. I suspect this was a set-up instituted and enabled by very rich powerful financiers, the head of which was the Rothschilds. Indeed, the state of Israel was re-established true to the word of Russell and the political manipulations of the most rich and power banking financiers, who, along with Great Britain, sent General Allenby to Palestine to conquer it in 1917. But Britain did not immediately give it to "Israel" until 1948, I believe. Said to be from God and providence.

According to Russell, the temple must be rebuilt and worship reinstated in order for Israel to be ready to receive Jesus back finally. But in reality, this is the devil's plan to introduce a counterfeit "Jesus" - messiah, to mislead the world into going along with him. I say he will come down in a UFO, one of those lying signs and wonders spoken of in Thessalonians by Paul. Check out my Antichrist article and Lying Signs and Wonders article if you need more info at the end of this article. And of course, the 1914 doctrine says Jesus will return physically when the Bible says he will not ever return again physically in the flesh. He will come in the clouds, hidden away from the sight of man. His return will be sort of like lightning showing up everywhere to behold. But the enemies of Christ have long been preparing us for a physical return, but Jesus said not to follow anyone who claimed to be Christ or who could be found here or there on earth.

So Russell was laying quite the foundation for a complete con job, a great big huge lie of epic proportions. He must have been fed a game plan by someone who was capable of pulling strings and making things happen and we do not have to wonder at who. It was forces with a lot of money and a lot of political clout.

Russell was given his portion of his dad's business or so we are told. It was said to be $250,000 at that time, around 1875 maybe, off hand. That is a lot of money at that time and I am not sure his dad's business would have had that much value to pass around. But it is a fact that Russell received plenty funding from the Rothschilds and many other sources of financiers and non-profit organizations. What was their interest in Russell and his religion? Was it to set up the antichrist to return again and lead people away from God and allow them all to be used and manipulated toward some sinister goal? Interestingly, the Bible forecasts just such a scenario.

What I can tell you is this:
The prophecies of Daniel do not predict a symbolic invisible presence of Jesus in 1914 or any other time. He appears only at the very end to clean house, so to speak, and he does so from heaven, along with his brothers, the first fruits in the resurrection. So Russell got this one totally wrong. So have many others before and since.

2nd, that there is only one way to be saved for anyone. You must accept Jesus and his sacrifice and recognize him as God's chosen vessel to act in God's behalf, as the son of God. There is no other way to salvation. Yet we have Russell speaking to Jews as a matter of public record, telling them not to follow Jesus but to wait and go the temple route. So Russell is a clearly established heretic who has rejected the ultimate truth of Jesus. And anyone not following Jesus will be destroyed forever, as symbolized by the lake of fire, symbolic of the 2nd death, and not hell/Gehenna.

3rd, Russell was helping to prepare the way for the antichrist, which not only makes him a heretic, but perhaps one of the worst heretics in existence, ever. He was backed by questionable characters. He had loads of money coming into him. I can see no good in this at all. So to be honest, I can see no single church leader who is more offensive than Mr. Russell. He is the handmaiden to the antichrist. I say this! If you doubt my word on how this is going, just let time bring forth the answer. We'll see who is right and who is wrong as things unfold. I'll bet you I will be still standing, God willing.

One more note. Russell ended up getting a nice choice piece of property in Brooklyn, NY, right next to the Brooklyn Bridge, very visible and prominent. Did big money help get it, or did big money give it to him cheap? Was it an inside deal? All I can say is that what would become NYC in time, is among the most expensive real estate in the country. And it was a prime location, since the Brooklyn bridge was quite the attraction for many years. I suspect Russell had lots of help in getting that property. When you have good "friends," it is amazing what you can pull off.

A few more things to consider.
Russell was also observed returning the handshakes of Masons. He passes it off this way by saying he just felt around and figured out their shakes and responded back. Listen, the Masons are not stupid. You can not figure out their handshakes impromptu, on the spot. They offer something, and you have to know ahead of time what the next appropriate move is. It would not be easy to figure out. That Russell knows it, says he was it! Again, he is not about to confess or admit anything, but the evidence by this point is overwhelming. Russell was one of the all time heretics and apostates. That is why I have selected this particular denomination out of all of them to highlight. But it is interesting how this movement got derailed in a minute.

Wikipedia notes the following:

In June, 1913 during his trans-continental speaking tour Russell gave a discourse in a Masonic hall in San Francisco , where he stated: "Although I have never been a Mason...Something I do seems to be the same as Masons do, I don't know what it is; but they often give me all kinds of grips and I give them back, then I tell them I don't know anything about it except just a few grips that have come to me naturally". [65] Throughout his ministry he stated that he believed Christian identity is incompatible with Freemasonry, [66] and that Freemasonry, Knights of Pythias, Theosophy, and other such groups are "grievous evils" and "unclean". [67] [68] An official Freemason website states: "Russell was not a Freemason. Neither the symbols found in the Watchtower nor the cross and crown symbol are exclusively Masonic." [69] A critic of Russell's has conceded that "there is no firm evidence that there were any links between the Masons, Russell and the early Watchtower, although many people have tried". [59] Author Fritz Springmeier, the first to allege that Russell had connections to Freemasonry,[ citation needed] stated that he "hasn't had access to the full range of documents that would help confirm Russell's membership in a Masonic order" and that "rather than presenting conclusive evidence about a membership," merely wished "to open the reader's mind to the possibility of Russell's duplicity with occultic Freemasonry." [70]

It is true that Russell can not be convicted by confession or documentation .  .  . or can he? Next section will answer that! But by association, I believe he is convicted. His doctrines and idolatrous iconographic tendencies, that is, his fruits, convict him. Call it a preponderance of evidence. At the very least, in doctrine, he fails miserably. His ridiculous excuse about the handshakes being an accident he does not even understand? No way! And the symbols? Oh, well, they are not exclusively Masonic. Maybe not, but would anyone choose the same symbols as that group unless they identified with the group or wanted to be identified in some way with that group, a group Russell pretended to condemn? If you want to believe Russell, go right ahead! I don't buy it and never will. He is a Mason and a heretic and certainly not God's servant or the faithful and discreet slave. I want you to consider his words more carefully in more detail.

Russell and the Freemasons
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I got the following from this link in August of 2011:
Know Your Enemy (Part 73 - Jehovah's Witnesses)

Bible students convention report, 1913: In June, 1913, Russell's trans-continental speaking tour, his discourse in a Masonic hall in San Francisco. My comments are set apart in brown/red text.

I am very glad to have this particular opportunity of saying a word about some of the things in which we agree with our Masonic friends, Because we are speaking in a building dedicated to masonry, And we are also Masons. I am a Freemason.

>> Russell does not mean this literally and plainly  . . .  or does he? It is supposed to be figurative but the association is chilling. <<

I am a free and accepted Mason, if I may carry the matter to its full length, because that is what Masonic brethren like to tell us, That they are free and accepted Masons. That is their style of putting it. I trust we all are. But not just after the style of our Masonic brethren. We have no quarrel with them. I am not going to say a word against Freemasons. In fact, some of my dear friends are Masons.

>> He calls Masons brethren. Really? No quarrel with them? Oh, so secrecy and paganism are OK now, are they? Well, isn't that interesting! See how far gone Russell was?  <<

And I can appreciate that there are certain very precious truths that are held in part by our Masonic friends. I have talked to them at times, and they have said, how do you know about all of these things? We thought nobody knew anything about these things except those who had access to the very highest logic.

>> Masons have some partial precious truths, he says about his "friends." Russell seems to be trying hard to make a bond between his followers and Masons. He was 3 years from his death at this speech and definitely old. He knew he would not be around too many more years and was preparing his flock for their connections with Freemasonry and the eventual antichrist. That is how it looks to me. <<

I had been in conference with the great master workman, the Lord himself, and I have secret information  .  .  .  and so if we talk to our Masonic friends about the temple and its meaning, and about being good Masons, and about the great pyramid, Which is the very emblem they use, and what a Great Pyramid signifies, our Masonic friends are astonished  .  .  .  we are going to discuss free and accepted masonry --the Bible Masonry, my dear friends.

>> So Russell says he talks to the Lord, who he calls a Great Master Workman. He is talking about the devil, isn't he? Probably! But he is leading his followers to think it was Christ. Christ does not talk to anyone till he comes back. Russell has secret information. Let me tell you about that. We have veiled hidden symbols in prophecy. But once they are revealed to us, we share them with all, though perhaps still using the symbols rather than the plain meaning. We keep no real secrets. If those on the outside do not understand, it is not our fault. We have explained. They just don't believe. But Masons and Russell love secrets. By their fruits you will know them.

Russell seems to indicate that he and his followers share the same symbols and understanding of the temple, pyramid, and "being good Masons." Russell then speaks of Bible Masonry as if there was such a thing. He is linking Freemasons with Christianity. Talk about an abomination! What sharing do righteousness and lawlessness have? Or paganism, for that matter? Masonry is the old pagan religion restored. Christians can have nothing to do with it and its secrecy and dark ways. <<

You know our order is so secret we cannot know each other always. Is that not wonderful? I find that is so with Masons also. Many Masons shake hands with me and give me what I know is their grip; they don't know me from a Mason.

>> I have no idea what Russell is suggesting in the 1st line. Christians know each other always and know Jesus always. But Russell says Masons can't tell him apart from Masons. I don 't doubt it. Russell must be a Mason for them to acknowledge him like that. Masons are not stupid nor easy to penetrate or fool. If they see him as one of them or nearly so, then he is. <<

Something I do seems to be the same as Masons do, I don't know what it is; but they often give me all kinds of grips and I give them back, and I tell them I don't know anything about it except just a few grips that have come to be naturally.

>> Perhaps there is a small chance Russell might figure out one grip. But to know many of them? Not by accident! No way! Russell is, in my opinion, a total liar. He is a Mason if ever there was one. <<

Do our Masonic friends understand something about the Temple and being Knights Templer and so on? We more.

>> Russell here admits that he and his followers know more about being Knights Templar and about the "temple" than Masons do. His way of saying they were one and the same. Masons would know to love and respect Russell and his followers as at least cousins of theirs. It could not be more clear. <<

Blessed are your eyes, for they see . . . Not everybody has the hearing ear . . . It is only those who have come into this divine masonry that have the spiritual insight, and this spiritual guidance, and may know the things that are freely given to us. It is something that is freely given to one class, and not intended for anyone else.

>> Now Russell calls Christianity, his version of it, divine masonry. What? Why? What do they have in common? But obviously, Russell had been grooming his flock to follow the devil, the antichrist, and Masons, too. He claims they have insight and guidance. Well, all Christians would claim that so no fault there. But knowing what Russell really stands for, we know he is linking the Freemasons with his group. That is most disturbing. <<

. . . If you feel that you want to become a member of the free and accepted order of masonry, and do not feel free and Masonic enough as a follower of Christ, God bless you, use your own judgment; that is yours to decide, not mine.

>> Russell says its OK to join the Freemasons! A Fact! Nothing wrong with them at all, he implies. Need we know anymore? We got all we need. Below we see more identifying of Masonry terms with Christianity. Not an accident. I am going back to regular text after this address ends. <<

So you and I as under-Masons are waiting for the return of the master Mason . . .  

<<< End of Russell Address of 1913 >>>

Remember how the Wikipedia author said Russell was not a Mason? What do you say? I believe this speech above makes it quite clear that Russell absolutely was a Mason and cooperating closely with them. He knew far too much about them and they seemed to think he was one of them almost as if he was. And he closely associating himself with them leaves no other possible conclusion. The Wikipedia author is almost certainly a Bible Student and devotee of Charles Russell. He may even be a Freemason. He is in denial of the obvious associations between Russell and the Freemasons. And he likely recognizes that if Russell is a Mason, then it would disqualify him, absolutely. So denial is essential in order to maintain Russell as the faithful and discreet slave.

But if not a Bible Student, it could well be a Mason or Illuminati or someone acting for them who wrote this, for after all, Bible Students still look for the temple to be rebuilt with a separate path for the Jews to be saved and for the antichrist to be accepted as the genuine Christ, which he is not. Bible Students are big supporters of this Religious Zionism which will mislead all the earth.

The interesting thing about this Russell-Bible Students movement is that it was the very obvious plan of Zionism in action, maybe the 2nd one of its kind and financed by those who have a keen interest in this "Zionism." It could not be more clear and obvious. As well, most all members of religions or denominations are so very much typically in denial of the true past of their groups. It takes a lot of courage, honesty, and objectiveness in order to leave everything behind. You must love truth more than belonging to a group.

Russell's Choice of Words
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I will point out that some of Russell's terms he used were most out of character for the Bible and a bit like the Masons. Russell refers to congregations as companies, as if being military. A reference which I do not have recorded declares that "Russell was a freemason. It has been recorded in his own material, his admittance to being a Freemason." I am very glad to have this particular opportunity of saying a word about some of the things in which we agree with our Masonic friends, because we are speaking in a building dedicated to Masonry, and we also are Masons. I am a Freemason." Charles Taze Russell. (The Temple of God-Pastor Russell page 120)."

"We have also learned those three phrases of terminology that are popular with Enochian Magic, and the Freemasons are "Millennial Dawn", "Golden Age" and "Watchtower." Russell named his organization The Watchtower Bible and Tract Society. His earlier magazine was called The Golden Age. Before the name of Jehovah's Witnesses was established with the Watchtower Magazine, the followers of Russell's teachings were known as Russellites and Millennial Dawnist. Not a chance this is coincidence."

Zion ís Watch Tower Ė The Herald of Christís Presence. This was the name of the now Watchtower Magazine of Jehovah's Witnesses (so called) in Russell's day. Note the name "Zion" and Herald, terms not unfamiliar to Masons, and added to the rest of the evidence, leads one to wonder. Some might complain and argue that Zion is right out or the Bible. Yes, absolutely, but it has taken on additional symbolism in the movement known better as Zioinism and what I have termed Religious Zionism, whereby the temple and priestly worship are restored. It is the focus that I object to. Jesus preached the Kingdom of God and the Kingdom of the Heavens, so why the focus on Zion, long abandoned by Jesus in his ministry?

Russell's father WAS a 33rd degree Mason. Could his son have been far behind? Some say that CT Russell was also a 32nd or 33rd degree Mason as well. This is not something we can prove but it is certainly a reasonable possibility, and not far fetched at all. We will have to leave it at that, I guess.
Regrettably, The (York Rites) Masonic Order of the Knights Templar are Masons, it is necessary to be a freemason to become a Knights Templar as reveals the site of this movement in the United States at the URL:

 Here are some quotes from Russell and a site which I do not have a reference for and I apologize for missing it.

 "...the Lord Jesus, the grand and everlasting Head and Master of this Order...the Grand Master....We are not hindered from telling the ultimate purposes of this grand Secret Order which our Lord organized..."

This is a quote from Russell and the wording is practically right out of a Masonic handbook. How dare he align himself so closely with such a poor choice of words and literary symbols. For this along he ought to be stoned, figuratively speaking, of course. Why not use Bible wording and phrasing rather than from a society that even Russell said was not good (supposedly).

But this tactic of trying to make Jesus Christ of Nazereth the head of a Secret Order devoted to the occult is nothing new. Adam Weishaupt states exactly the same thing about his Secret Order of the Illuminati, which is devoted to the occult:

"Jesus of Nazereth, the Grand Master of our Order, appeared at a time when the world was in the utmost disorder...he took in the aid of Religion...and, in a very clever manner, he combined his secret doctrines with the popular religion...and they have been handed down to the Free Masons."

"So there is very little difference seen between the "Order" or the Jehovah's Witnesses church that Russell founded, and the Order which Weishaupt founded for the purpose of bringing in and ruling a New Age. In fact, Russell frequently talked about this New Age--calling it a "Golden Age" to come. He preached a sermon on it entitled "Must We Abandon Hope of a Golden Age." He even established a paper called The Golden Age, which is now called 'Awake.' "

[Take note that Russell did not found or start Jehovah's Witnesses. The voting membership of the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society, not too long after Russell's death, founded what then became known as Jehovah's Witnesses, which was first lead by the elected President of that body Corporate, Joseph F. Rutherford, who more than anyone else, founded Jehovah's Witnesses. Russell should not be accused of this crime. More coming in a minute or two. ]

 "...the 17,500 [Masonic] lodges of the U.S. and Canada...are to act as harbringers of that 'New Order of the Ages,' that Great Golden Age that is to come...May the Masonic Order become re-orientated to make its peculiar contribution to that Glorious Objective."

>>  But this hope of a "Golden Age to come" does not originate with the Masons either. It is an ancient Egyptian and Babylonian term specifying the time which "men and gods could live together happily." Hence we see that this great push towards a New World Order for the Ages, is nothing more than the ancient Plan for a One World System.  <<

I have heard of Jehovah's Witnesses using terms like the New Order and the New System. It could be innocent but I wonder. They have had some questionable political relations and seemed to be immune from sexual abuse charges against leaders, local and national, even as for years, the Catholics seemed immune from for a while. I get the impression that the USA looked the other way for as long as they could, which could indicate some special relationship with those religions who seem to enjoy protection or favor.

Some More about the Man, Russell
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Russell was accused by his wife in court of not "accommodating" her, thereby "consummating" their relationship. This seems to be commonly accepted. Russell led people to believe that sexual urges were impure. But this is a false doctrine of long standing, known better as part of the doctrine of Dualism, whereby all things fleshly or physical, the physical world, are evil and all things spiritual are good. It is false. Anything God created was good! But regardless, the Bible requires that each partner in a marriage "accommodate" the other, unless it is otherwise by mutual consent, which it clearly was not, in this case. And I want to point out that Mrs. Russell was a very attractive woman as well. Russell had no right to deprive his wife of her due. If he did, he was violating the commandments of God and the obligations of a man of God. He has become less than a man without faith.

But that is not the least. He was said to be on very good terms with the secretaries of his organization and got very close and friendly with them and was with some of them behind closed locked doors. True, we do not know what, if anything, went on behind those doors but in view of the legal records of the trial, his behavior was totally inappropriate for any man, especially one who was already married. His conduct was scandalous, even if nothing happened. But his touchy feely mannerisms and the confession of one of those women seems to be more than enough to cast doubt and suspicion, which is justified. He ought to have known better. MY opinion is that such conduct can not be overlooked. As a supposed man of God, he behaved inappropriately. By their fruits you will know them.

Russell started out in Pittsburgh, the place of his birth. But he eventually was able to move to Brooklyn, a not so cheap place to set up shop but I am sure he had some help in landing such prime real estate.

David Icke notes the following:

>>>   The founders of both "faiths", the Mormons and JWs, were of the Illuminati bloodline. Charles Taze Russell, who founded the Watchtower Society (JWs), was of the Illuminati Russell bloodline, which also founded the infamous Skull and Bones Society at Yale University. Charles Taze Russell was a Satanist, a pedophile according to his wife, and a friend of the Rothschilds. Indeed, it was the Rothschilds who funded the Jehovah's Witness operation into being, along with other Illuminati bankers, through "contributions" by organisations like the Rothschild-controlled B'nai B'rith. This was proved in a court of law in 1922. One of the key people involved in this was Frank Goldman who later became President of B'nai B'rith. Why would an organisation set up (in theory) to help Jewish people and promote the Jewish faith, be funding into existence the Jehovah's Witnesses?? I think the name Rothschild answers the question. Russell was also a high degree Freemason and Knights Templar. He promoted Zionism, another Rothschild creation (see Was Hitler a Rothschild), on behalf of his friends and backers.   <<<

I do not find evidence for Russell being a pedophile. But he was on "friendly" terms with a young woman who worked on his staff who was raised for some time in the house of him and his wife at some age. Nothing particular is suggested until she is working in the office. Accusing him of being a pedophile does not appear to merit credence, without further proof. I must discount it unless better, more specific evidence can be given. As for the rest of the suggestions, I do not know. They do not inspire confidence in the conduct of Russell, at the least. They are interesting and might answer why Russell was the chosen one for laying the Zionist foundation.

Further, it is suggested that the financiers funded Jehovah's Witnesses, since these took over Russell's organization. This is not an accurate accounting and needs clarified. Russell died in 1916. Up to that time, he had formed his holdings into non-profit corporations such as the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society and International Bible Students Association (IBSA). Russell was very careless in how he set these up. AS long as he held the assets and money, he could do as he pleased with them. But once he incorporated, he became bound by the laws of incorporation of the USA, whereby the voting members determine all things by their majority vote. Russell had left his organization to 5 men he saw as faithful and trustworthy and they were, as best as we can tell. These men were to run the organizations.

But It was not Russell's to pass on the incorporated bodies this way. The law required the voting members to go along with this or some other arrangement. Now Mr. "Judge" Joseph F. Rutherford had risen to quite the heights in the organization and was elected by the voters as the new head of the organization, which was according to law. There was nothing illegal about it. But there may have been moral problems with it. The voting membership, evidently favoring Rutherford substantially, went along with his every plan. Russell was evidently not very good in legal or business matters.

Now the problem here was that Russell was claimed by his followers to be the Faithful and Discreet Slave mentioned in a parable in Matthew and Luke in a slightly different account. And it was interpreted by his followers that this referred to a specific slave servant, which Russell was the fulfillment of. There was just one problem. The parable did not suggest anything of the sort. Further, Russell was no faithful servant of God. Clearly, as evidenced by his loyal following, he was charismatic and convincing to many, but as I have pointed out, he was an absolute heretic beyond dispute. The complete irony of this is that when Rutherford took over the organization-denomination, he changed many of the doctrines over the next 20 years or so, beginning with the allegedly written by Russell before his death but not published before he died, commentary on Revelation. It sounds nothing like Russell and everything similar to, and more like, much that Rutherford would go on to write.

The organization that grew out of Rutherford and company was nothing like what Russell had promoted. The Religious Zionism was gone; salvation for everyone was gone. Those were good things to get rid of. They even adopted a new name highlighting God's personal name, written out 4 times in the King James version but missing in nearly 7000 other instances in most Bible translations. A number of translators later put that name back in before Rutherford and Jehovah's Witnesses did so, but they are the most notable for doing it, perhaps. Many more recent divine name advocates have done similar, but they have also advocated a return to the law and are hung up on Hebrew translations of the name of recent times. Jehovah's Witnesses ( JWs from here on in ) even managed to discern two groups in Revelation 7, which some are only now catching on to, but the JWs did not understand what made the 2 groups different, exactly.

In general, I would say that the JWs were an improvement over Russell but that is not saying much. They did undo some good as well. Russell had gotten rid of the authoritarian hierarchy type system so common to so many denominations, the Catholic Church being the most obvious, while the JWs went back to that authoritarianism. The JWs became far more legalistic and much more authoritarian and controlling, perhaps not as much so under Rutherford and much more so under Fred Franz. JWs are what I classify as a mind-control denomination, as opposed to a full blown cult. But then again, I could say that about a number of denominations, but the JWs are among the most strict and intolerant in that respect.

The supreme irony is that the JWs very much depend upon maintaining the faithful and discreet slave status of Charles Taze Russell. How can they possibly support this proposition when they rejected so many of his teachings and directions? But had they not remained loyal to Russell at least in name, they would never have been able to steal many people away, and would not have been able to convince the voting members of the corporate body to vote for Rutherford. But here is the moral dilemma.

If Russell was the faithful and discreet slave appointed by none other than God and His son, then when the voting members rejected Russell's last will and testament in favor of the laws of man/USA, they slighted Russell and God. How do you do this and still remain in favor with God? Basically, you can't. But if they were to say that Russell was an apostate, then it ruins their claim to being the organization found loyal (and yet not loyal) when Christ returned in 1914, and had to punish them, not reward them in 1914, by their own accounting, and they did not repent until 1919 they say. So they are caught in a tragic lie in order to maintain some silly theological ideas which contradict each other so severely and make a mockery of the entire affair.

But what I point out here is that Russell can not be blamed for the JWs, nor do the JWs carry on Russell's mission. What is more, that the JWs stole the organization out from under Russell's chosen followers must have been a stunning blow to the Zionist financiers who were hoping, no doubt, to use this organization in a big way to promote their false doctrine to pave the way for the antichrist. And with it being stolen, perhaps by the will of God, it left the Zionists without a strong advocate, although the Bible Students have remained very faithful followers to this very day, not changing Russell's doctrines by even a letter as best as I can tell.

They are still ardent Zionists and say everyone will be saved sooner or later, in some way or another, according to Russell's "Divine Plan of the Ages" book. And they continue to defend Russell and swear he was not a Mason nor Knights Templar as well. They assert he did not commit any sort of indiscretions with the women folk but I am not so sure. His wife seems credible to me. They certainly are loyal to him. But I would suggest that this is the same as being loyal to the devil. And the JWs?

Well, their religion is formed on nothing but lies and theft and contradictions. Their modern doctrine is basically authoritarian and they insist, as many do, that they are the only group which will be saved and through who God works His will. They say that only the faithful and discreet slave, the ruling body operating out of Brooklyn NY to this day, is the only body that has a right to interpret the Bible and all members must defend that body of doctrine or otherwise be guilty of heresy and apostasy and be excommunicated, which they call disfellowshipping and it is a very severe technique, pretty much like the Amish do in shunning those who will not live by their man made rules or those of God. But in the case of the JWs, they determine correct doctrine as interpreted by the governing body, "appointed by God" and "led directly by His spirit," so they say.

Of course, these are the identical claims of the Catholic Church and the Mormons as well, and there are other groups similar, who do the same. Basically, members do not have the right of interpretation or even a voice to question or speak out. Only the leadership has a direct line with God. This is a pretty serious form of heresy, not much better than Russell's crap. But let it be known, there are few similarities between Russell and his followers and the JWs. They are day and night different and neither Russell or his followers were or are, responsible for the JWs, and, to the best of my knowledge, the Zionist financiers did not continue to fund the JWs as they did the Bible Students of Russell. They might still contribute to the Bible Students, for all I know, but I do not know if they do.

What do they have in common? Well, they both subscribe to what I call the rational, reasonable, logical interpretations of some of the basic doctrines such as non-trinitarianism, which is abundantly supported by the earliest post Apostolic writers of the 2nd century; Hell interpreted as symbolic; the dead not going to heaven immediately but waiting for the resurrection on the last day; the soul not being immortal, and those sorts of things, all of which I tend to identify with, and not only me, but most of those are also held to by Seventh Day Adventists, and a number of upstarts of the 19th and 20th centuries. They are not that unusual at all, really.

These might be possible references for the above:

The founders of both "faiths," the Mormons and Jehovah's witnesses, were of the Illuminati bloodline.  Charles Taze Russell, who founded the Watchtower Society (Jehovah Witnesses), was of the Illuminati Russell bloodline, which also founded the infamous Skull and Bones Society at Yale University .  Charles Taze Russell was a Satanist, a pedophile according to his wife, and a friend of the Rothschilds.  Indeed it was the Rothschilds who funded the Jehovah's Witness operation into being, along with other Illuminati bankers, through "contributions" by organizations like the Rothschild-controlled B'nai B'rith.  This was proved in a court of law in 1922.  One of the key people involved in this was Frank Goldman who later became President of B'nai B'rith.  Why would an organization set up (in theory) to help Jewish people and promote the Jewish faith, be funding into existence the Jehovah's Witnesses???   I think the name Rothschild answers the question.  Russell was also a high degree Freemason and Knights Templar.  He promoted Zionism, another Rothschild creation (see Hitler was a Rothschild), on behalf of his friends and backers.

In his book The Watchtower & the Masons Fritz Springmeier says :

"It has always been disconcerting that the Masons are so adept at smokescreens. The leader of the Anti-Masonic political party in the 1830-1840ís turned out to be a Mason.  Both C.T. Russell and J. Rutherford printed material that was less than favorable to Freemasonry.  And yet I now know that C.T. Russell was a Freemason, a Knights Templar.  I also know that Rutherford worked intimately with Freemasons who were his good friends."

So now maybe you can better understand why I feel the Russellites, which I do think is a more appropriate name for Bible Students, are such a danger. Their brand of doctrine is among the worst. And if you look at the many associations and the imagery and iconography of their denomination, it is hard to not see them in a questionable light. All things written in this article are my views and may not represent the facts as they are. I am basing this on what I have read and discerned and I could be misinformed and unintentionally wrong. You have the evidence to make your own judgments. There are lots of things that can be found through search engines. I also use the images of other sites based on the "fair usage law" and on the basis that they seem to be in the same general cause as myself and would not object to the use of these. I hope I have supplied the proper references but will correct any oversights and even remove images claimed for if I can not justify their fair usage in my view.

A Few Other Encounters
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I love to explore every sort of group and denomination. In the process, I have found a couple who are interesting for their symbols.

The left image is from the Kingdom Identity Ministries    As best as I can tell, they are of a type I define as either "Israel is Gomer" or some might call them White Supremists. Whether that is true entirely or not, they do seem to indicate that white Anglo-Saxon (Sachsen) Germanics and the Keltics are the lost tribes of Israel, which is just not true. The Kelts and Germanic tribes are descended from Noah's grandson, Gomer, son of Japhaeth. From out of Gomer came these peoples. And God's Israel are Christians today but they come out of every race and nation from long ago to this very day. Nor does God have any use for the USA or any other country. Those all belong to the devil to do as he please till the antichrist is destroyed.

But what got my attention was that symbol to the left. It is nearly the same as those of the Masons, Templars, and Russell. Could it be that this possibly White Supremist "Patriot" group is ultimately run or controlled in some way by Free Masons or one of their associate groups? I don't see why not. Now why would they support possible racists, and possibly patriot resisters as maybe it indicates in the words around the icon? Well, I think it has something to do with Israel being restored and the antichrist coming as Jesus. Or it just could be the Masons have penetrated and taken over this group, even unknown to many members, so as to keep an eye on them and control them or mislead them at the proper time. All I can tell you is that I find their choice of imagery quite disturbing, beyond their other doctrinal choices.

They say that "conquering" for whatever that might mean, is justified for their cause is just. AS I see it, God will conquer when He is ready and we are not to take matters into our own hands. We are to spread the word of truth of God and that is all.



The 2 icons to the right above come from Christ's Gospel Fellowship newsletter, The Pathfinder, P.O. Box 291, Spokane, WA 99210. They do not have a web site that I know of. Note their cross is sort of similar in tilt, but to the other side and instead of the typical crown, we have a Bible opened. And on the top left of their newsletter, we have one of the many idolatrous flags of the nations of Satan, this one being of the USA. So their loyalty is to the devil and not to God. The cross is not really closely associated with the others, necessarily, but it is still an icon and still forbidden by the Bible as I see it. They also seem to favor white races and "patriots" and the USA being God's country rather than the devil's.

I might point out that most denominations favor the USA flag in the USA. To me, this constitutes "friendship with the world and enmity with God" and is a heresy. It is also idolatry and iconography. Outrageous, yet so common. That is why I believe most of the mainstream of Christianity is corrupt and serving the devil for the moment. Perhaps some will come around as Christ begins to separate the sheep from the goats.

Thou Shall not have any Graven Images

Now lets consider the prohibition of graven images, icons, idols, and the like. God forbid picture or image representations of anything without His authorization. He authorizes the decoration of the temple, including a few images such as pomegranates, the lamp on the holy room, the table, the altar, the washing pool, etc. But in general, God mandated His people and their culture to be completely free of imagery and idolatry. Perhaps His goal was to make his people stand out in contrast to those who would come along full of such icons and images, to cause a to appear. Just as light is different from darkness, so it would be with those using images and those not doing so. Think about it. Almost everyone uses images and icons, right? So, those who do not, are so few as to contrast  them and make them stand out as the good guys. God made it easy for you. Some obey God and most do not. It could not be easier.

Consider this. Men in prison or gangs always have tattoos, which have very significant meaning. These are not just random symbols. They symbolize specific accomplishments and often show membership or ownership. In the Bible and ancient times, tattoos often were a sign of ownership. Men use and like to use images and symbols. Christians would really stand out by avoiding such and what typically accompanies such use of images. Perhaps that is what God intended. Tattoos are sort of a fleshly tendency and secret sinister types seem to really like them. As Christians, we avoid fleshly tendencies, sinister tendencies and slavery to men, at least psychologically/spiritually speaking. Images often hide dark secrets and are used to secretly identify fellow members of whatever. Christians are to have nothing to hide.

This also goes along with darkness vs. the light. Christians are not allowed to hide or keep their identity secret. We are commanded to confess our master before men or we will not be allowed into God's Kingdom. If you deny Christ before men, he will deny you. So we can not hide that we are Christians. We must publicly proclaim our identity as slaves of Christ. As well, we can not secretly belong to another group, especially one that might be in conflict, whether just a little or quite a lot.
(GLT) James 4:4  Adulterers and adulteresses! Do you not know that the friendship of the world is enmity with God? Whoever, then, purposes to be a friend of the world is shown to be an enemy of God.
To belong to a conflicting interest would be to disown God, to cheat on Him, like an adulterer. All such cheaters will die. So we can not secretly join another group, such as the Masons or any group who might be rather questionable, especially when they are so secretive, and full of graven images and icons, so contrary to God's way of doing things. God's people are not allowed to be two-faced, devious, duplicitous, lying, cheating, conniving, or other such evil behaviors. Christians could not be spies for the very nature of spying is evil. Christians should likely avoid even being undercover cops or the like. We must be consistent and holy, even as our God is. We are children of light and seek the light. Children of darkness seek the cover of darkness. We do not have anything to hide. God hid some prophecies, but we interpret them and reveal them. We might continue to use some symbolism of literary figures, but their meaning is still pretty clear.

This is the very core of our nature and being, to reflect God's image and likeness. So using imagery and icons, or engaging in secretive or false behavior is a serious sin in the eyes of God. We can have nothing to do with such conduct. We must be pure and holy. It is not optional.

On the other hand, many today engage in secretive spying behavior, lying and pretending to be things they are not. This is common political behavior and is evil, though quite common today. So when someone says, I am not a Mason, nor do I belong to any other secret society, they may very well be lying and Russell likely lied, I suspect. Likewise, if someone says they do not know secret gestures or handshakes or are not aware of what it is they are doing that seems to confirm them being a member of some group, they are likely lying. And if they use the same imagery as these groups or use imagery, period, then they are not of God and are probably lying if they say they do not belong to a group who has the same imagery. Birds of a feather flock together and where there is smoke, there is fire.

We do not have 2 sets of weights and measures, 2 different scales. We do not have 2 sets of doctrines as some political parties do and some religious ones, too. We don't have a set of beliefs for the very loyal membership and have another for the public. We are consistent and honest and true! We let our yes mean yes and our no mean no. Anything in excess of these is from the wicked one, according to our Lord Jesus.

Ah yes, its getting clear, isn't it? The voices of truth will stand out in every way as events unfold to reveal ever greater truth. Soon only one or two will be left standing before God, being in the right. Better get on board while you can or I might be the only one left standing, even as was Elijah in comparison to the prophets of Baal. So, whatever you do, don't let me be the last and only one standing for I would hate to have all that glory given only to me and no other due to lack of competition ;-) Don't let that happen! Time to get with it, isn't it? Its your choice. I'm not going anywhere.

I will add more critiques of more denominations of Christianity as time permits. But this is a great place to start, one that gets at the heart of that Zionist Antichrist scheme which has been in the making for at least 100 years, if not far longer. Its coming soon to a theater near you, so wake up!

If you are an anti-Russell site and would like to be linked here, please let me know and I'll put you up.

What is Religious Zionism?
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Well, there are 2 types really, maybe even 3. So lets clarify that term. Some consider Zionism the repatriation of Israel. This I do not object to, though I would caution that it should be done lawfully and decently without slighting anyone in the process and whether that has been done or not is a political concern that I do not want to be bothered with since I prefer as much political neutrality as possible.

Some say Zionism is like a political party with lobbyist goals and agenda exclusive to Israel's interests. That may be but neither is that my concern.

My concern is with what I should perhaps call "Religious Zionism," whereby it is said that the Jews can only come back to God through a channel other than Christ and that the temple must be restored and worship by priests at the temple re-instituted and eventually, "the Messiah" welcomed back, this one actually being the antichrist.

There is nothing wrong with rebuilding a temple as a museum piece, a tourist attraction or the like. That does not contradict or violate anything in the Bible, as long as they do not steal the site or destroy someone else's property in doing so. My concern would be with saying that reinstating Israel or rebuilding the temple is necessary to fulfill scripture, or to please God, or follow God. Nor is a restored priesthood required or even allowed by God for religious and worshipful purposes. Jesus must be accepted by anyone who wants to become reconciled to God, whether they be Jew, Caucasian, Asian, African, Chinese, Indian, or even Martian, were they to exist. Anyone under heaven, so to speak. There is absolutely no other way or path. Only one way, one path, for ALL. Jews are not excepted from this. It is Jesus, the son of God!

Jesus gave his life in sacrifice and his Father allowed the sacrifice so that mankind's sins inherited from Adam might be redeemed according to the laws of justice, balance, and equity. Since Jesus paid the price previously foreshadowed by the law, temple, and priesthood, those things were done away with and a new covenant established with all mankind, but with special privileges reserved first for Jews, then later for the nations. There is no need or requirement for the temple and priests anymore, and in fact, to bring those back as requirements would be to disrespect and dishonor God and His son's sacrifice and spit on them. It would be a rejection of God's provision in favor of their own. We can not do things our way. We must do them God's prescribed way.

So for me, when I say ZIONISM, I refer to "Religious Zionism," which is a heresy and constitutes one as an enemy of God. This I object to, and not a nation of Israel by itself or even a temple building by itself for sake of remembering the past. Just keep God out of it. But be forewarned people, that the Bible most definitely says that there will be a state of Israel, a rebuilt temple, possibly and likely a reinstituted priesthood, and, beyond all things else, a false counterfeit fraudulent Messiah/Christ, a false prophet, fake/phony, who will come with all manner of lying signs and wonders to deceive the world with, possibly involving UFO technology and other such related technological wonders and marvels. There may even be an alleged Ark of the Covenant, a blood line, a Holy Grail and who knows what else.

It is going to happen! It is on its way! You can take this one to the bank! And when it happens, you can remember that I told you so! And beware of this perhaps more than anything else. Do not follow, accept or believe this lying fraud who masquerades as Jesus the Christ. He will be nothing of the sort and he will be killed off by God 7 years after his appearing. This is the Zionism that I warn of and caution to avoid for anyone who follows this phony will not be written in the book of life and they will be certain to die, never to return ever again. I have spoken and cleansed my hands of blood, and you have been warned. Its your choice, whether you choose life or death. Life is God's way and death is the false Messiah's way. You'll only have those two choices and nothings else! Choose wisely!

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