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Illuminati Use Sex to Degrade Us

June 10, 2010  by Henry Makow Ph.D.

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The Premise
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This is Henry Makow's article and a good one overall, but still with serious mistakes, too. It holds a lesson for us. I linked it in the title. Sex is used against us by the Satanic Elites. This article is 7 years old as of this reprint I started. I will have a few comments as well. With subjects like this, you will almost always find an error or two and such must be corrected. But overall, Henry is dead on right! People do not do so well in making distinctions, but it is those distinctions that are important to avoid error and not cause some to lose hope and shoot too high in their goals and follow an impossible course they can't hope to live up to. I'm always on the watch!

In a time when the world has gone completely to hell, we have to adjust our expectations of what is reasonable and practical among such madness all around us.

Text of Makow's Article of the Title
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Porn is so freely available on the Internet, I can't believe anyone would actually pay for it.

Yet, it is a $12 billion a year industry in the US, of which the Internet represents $2.5 billion.

I suspect porn receives a hidden subsidy from the Illuminati so it can be free. This subsidy may take the form of money laundering.

Truth1 >>> I agree with Makow that there is almost certainly funding for the porn.<<

Porn serves a vital function for the Illuminati. We know they want to enslave us using debt, mind control and false flag terrorism. But we are not aware they have a deliberate program to enslave us spiritually using sex.

The Illuminati is a satanic cult based on the Jewish Cabala. The course of "modern" history and culture has been designed to induct the human race into this pagan sex cult.

Truth1 >>> Henry has gone too far here. To look at porn has now become a sex cult or we have become enslaved by porn. It has not enslaved me. What about men who love seeing their wives naked? Have they joined a sex cult, too?

Cabalists believe that sexual intercourse somehow restores cosmic harmony. We have imbibed the idea that intercourse is an edifying mystical-religious experience. This has resulted in the deification of sex and young beautiful women. The exaggerated place of sex/romantic love in our collective psyche is evidence of mass deviance and satanic possession. 

Truth1 >>> Illusions of love/romance means Satanic possession. Wow! Henry has gone nuts. Where is this in the Bible. We have many illusions and misunderstandings, but it does not constitute possession. This basket case material.

In reality, anonymous sex is an incredibly degrading experience for both men and women.

Sexual degradation is the primary instrument used by the Illuminati to induct people into Satanism.

Truth1 >>> Finally, he got one right. Satan makes everyone have sex with everyone else in his cult/religion. He gets it right, below, too.<<

Thus, they promote everything that is unnatural and perverse: anonymous sex, bestiality, incest, pedophilia, and homosexuality (which usually involves  anonymous sex and more.) This is how they enslave mankind.


Monogamy and family are wholesome and life affirming. When sex is consecrated for marriage, it bonds husband and wife. Marriage provides a wholesome secure environment for raising children.

Truth1 >>> both bold above and below are dead on right!<<

"Sexual liberation" was a ruse designed to undermine marriage and family.

"Sexual liberation" is the crucial first step to Satanism. It reduces all relationships to the lowest sexual common denominator. Men, and increasingly women, now think in terms of "hot or not," of "hitting" this and "doing" that, no matter how inappropriate.  Sex has become a tiresome cultural obsession and fetish. Homosexuality is normalized and promoted.

Anonymous sex is the antithesis of monogamy and family.
Yet anonymous sex is now the norm. We have been conditioned to think of anonymous sex as "self expression" and "liberation."

In fact, it is the unfolding of their satanic methodology. It is how they dehumanize and destroy their members, how they win them for their evil deity.

Progression in the higher ranks of Freemasonry entails a series of increasingly degrading and perverse sexual practices, all designed to flaunt God and nature (i.e. what is healthy and good.)

Craig Heimbichner writes in Blood on the Altar, "the secret knowledge of High Degree Freemasonry had been distilled by the OTO into a system of eleven degrees...the eighth and ninth degrees consist of sex magick (the eighth involves "magical masturbation" and the ninth, coitus--the "Sanctury of the Gnosis" ...while the eleventh contained a homosexual version of the ninth." (p.88)

Truth1 >>> I gather he is saying that to masturbate is a Satanic Ritual. Bullshit! Where is that in the Bible?<<

 Unwittingly, we have been inducted into this cult.


In his Commentary on the Book of Laws, Alasdair Crowley
advocated a "Thelemic candour" whereby men proudly behave like beasts.

He argued that "incest, adultery and pederasty: should be openly practiced without "shame, slyness, cowardice or hypocrisy."

Crowley demanded nothing less than childhood's end: "the Beast 666 adviseth that all children shall be accustomed from infancy to witness every type of sexual act..." (Craig Heimbichner, 113.)

This is taking place before our eyes. The media and the education system are carrying out the Illuminati's satanic agenda with government complicity.


Pornography ensures that we judge people in terms of sex appeal. The damage it has done to male-female relationships is incalculable.

Truth1 >>> yes and no. Pornography does not necessarily make us judge in terms of sex appeal. I know beauty and excitement when I see it, but that does not mean I am going to judge a woman to be worthy of marriage based on beauty. I know better. In fact, I avoid women entirely now, due to the laws screwing men over and favoring entirely, the women.<<

It is a "turn-off" not a "turn on" for many men. Many men have nothing but contempt for women who display themselves wantonly, and this contempt spreads to all women.

Thousands of beautiful young girls (models) are debauched and made unfit for marriage and motherhood. The stated Illuminati-Communist goal is to destroy marriage-family and make women a public sexual utility, i.e. amateur prostitutes.

Truth1 >>> OK. He has a good point there. Women dressing like sluts does get our attention but I would never ask one out or marry her. Her head is not on straight. But I'll always enjoy looking at her showing it all off. Its because I am a man. Henry would probably object that I might like looking at women showing their goods off. But men are men. I would think Henry would have a better\ appreciation of that.<<

All this is part of the hidden agenda of pornography. But the most important thing to understand is: We are under a massive psychological attack. Sex is being used to enslave and induct us into Satanism. This deluded fascination with sex is a large part of what we call "modernism."

To neutralize this attack, we must eschew pornography and anonymous sex, both in fact and in fantasy.

Truth1 >>> Entirely eschew porn? No way. If a naked picture comes my way, I am going to look and enjoy it with no shame. He attacks fantasy as well. So are we condemned by our dreams, too? Fantasy is fine as long as it stays private. What you do with your head alone is your business and no one else's. And it does make you a Satan worshiper.<<

Truth1 >>> going back to regular black text. The mistake that many like Makow make is that they go way too far and do not make very careful distinctions in what is a sin and what is not. Not enough Bible consultation. Chronic problem. The young need to know exactly where those boundaries really are. Henry has not figured it out yet.

Part of the problem here is the pendulum swing or backlash. We over react to a problem and throw the blanket over every thing. It destroys our credibility when we do so. We are too lazy to put the extra effort into carefullly made distinctions of right and wrong. Let this be a lesson.

Next below were comments worth addressing.

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Brigitte said (June 11, 2010):

Truth1 >>> I believe I know exactly who this Brigitte is. The date is interesting, too.

A while ago I was researching porn addiction and reading questions and answers on the Yahoo website ( There are a lot of male teenagers who are addicted to porn. Apparently they are introduced to it by their peers as someone said earlier, and they get hooked really fast.

Truth1 >>> It can be addictive. That is why our society needs to be marriage oriented and allow the young teens to marry as soon as possible. to make them wait till 28 or 30 is absolute insanity. And then we wonder why we have problems with porn. No outlet? Then they are bound to seek relief somewhere, somehow. See how stupid people are?<<

Some are challenged to watch really disgusting stuff, and it's a test of their manhood to be able to watch without throwing up. They send each other porn clips on their cell phones as a joke. "Did you see that?" kind of attitude, apparently dissociating the sex acts they are watching from themselves and what sexuality means to them as adolescents.

Truth1 >>> This is what happens when society leaves God. Is just that simple. Parents used to help get their kids married when the time came. But we have stable communities where everyone knows everyone and compatibility is easier to achieve. They always miss the real solutions. We have become a godless society.

Some find it more exciting to watch gay porn. Then they wonder if they are gay because they respond to it more than to heterosexual sex acts. They are tormented by the thought because many never had intercourse, though most admit they are attracted to women.

Needless to say they are not just watching, but masturbating as well and this brings another point.

Masturbation used to be frowned upon, and there were stories to scare young men about it making you blind or deaf or brain damaged. In fact there is a grain of truth to this. Semen is composed of nutrients taken from the blood stream, and after each ejaculation a new ejaculate is prepared by the body. The density of nutrients in semen is ten times higher than in the bloodstream. An adolescent watching porn will make himself "come" time after time after time. I have read stories of teenagers who can no longer achieve a full erection.

Truth1 >>> Yes, masturbation has always been taboo, but it should not be. She suggests we lie and tell them they will go blind or become brain damaged. Holy shit! Are you kidding me? I know who this is! 100%. She says when we deplete semen, that the body needs to produce more and drains us of nutrients. Really? Yes, the body replenishes semen as it was designed to. Nothing wrong with that. Did it ever occur to her that married men also have the same problem? So is it a sin to have sex when you are married? It would be easy to conclude if we listened to Brainless here. Is banging your wife more than twice a week a sin. If this bitch has her way, it is! She's nuts!

Of course there is more to orgasm than the ejaculation, a lot of nervous and psychological and perhaps also, spiritual activity is taking place. The repeated stimulation is depleting the system. Men who overstimulate themselves, in addition to feeling depressed, are also physically depleted. Nutrients need to be absorbed to nourish the bloodstream but if they eat junk food and drink soda pop or beer their health is going to decline and by age thirty not only will they be impotent but their health capital will be exhausted. They will be "enervated" in the true sense of the word.

Truth1 >>> This one it truly amazing. She is now saying sex is a spiritual activity. I say it is fleshly and if you are married, it is clean and not sin. You body can handle the depletion of semen even as the body throws out excess nutrients in the urine. Go ahead! Have a nice squeeze every day! Further, I have never experience depression from jacking off. In fact, reputable studies suggest that sex is a great stress reliever. Better than drugs, any day. Where does she get her facts?

This state of stupor and prostration, isn't it something the illuminati could want to impose on the men in society? Such men will not fight against tyranny, nor will they effectively protect their women folks and children. In other words, making men defenseless and innocuous could be another goal the Illuminati are trying to reach by inundating society with pornography. <<< End of comment

Truth1 >>> A stupor? You mean the total relaxation response that leaves you feeling so relaxed and almost drugged? That's a great feeling and why sex is so important. Married men get it. Why not young teen males? It could not hurt, that's for sure. Oh, and she says jacking off will not make us protect our families. Where the hell is she getting all this? Is she mad? I assure you, she is!

This woman was and is a shill and deceiver who gets paid for what she does. You don't want to know. But her goal is to discredit the bible by trying to make you think that the bible says masturbation is wrong. It does not say any such thing. But if she can get you to believe that, you might reject God and the bible as nonsense. This is why I write and fight. To correct the many lies out there. I am sad that Henry has fallen into this. I thought he had more brains than that.

The greatest challenge for any good Christian is to overcome the lies of Satan for others so that God does not remain slandered.

Truth1 out!

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