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The Spirit vs Porn & Masturbation

The Premise
The Human Instinct
Redemption of Sin
You’re Not Perfect!
Coping with Sin
A New Problem
Internet Shills &Trolls
Caring & Concern

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The Premise
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As much as I have written on these subjects from every possible angle, it is quite clear that the world does not have eyes to truly see and hears to truly hear what the spirit has to say. I'm giving it one last attempt. My recent considerations of MGTOW vs Feminism have brought more things to mind to address. A bit of enlightenment, you might say. But as well, most do not understand the essence and meaning of our being bought/ransomed by the sacrifice of Jesus. I'll give that one last attempt, too. Most Christians, as well as phony shills, crusading for Satan by pretending to be Christians while arguing for the ridicuous to make serving God impossible and out of reach by the severity of what they insist upon, unrealistically, in order to discourage poeple from seeking God.

Matthew 23:

1 Then Jesus spoke to the multitudes and to His disciples,

2 saying: “The scribes and the Pharisees sit in Moses’ seat.

3 “Therefore whatever they tell you to observe, that observe and do, but do not do according to their works; for they say, and do not do.

4 “For they bind heavy burdens, hard to bear, and lay them on men’s shoulders; but they themselves will not move them with one of their fingers.

>>The Jewish leaders of Jesus' day set the bars way too high and none of them lived up to the standards of the Father. In fact, Jesus said their hearts were far removed from God. So I am going to rip some ideas to hell!

The Human Instinct
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What seems to escape the notice and understanding of Christians, who I assume MIGHT mean well, is the function of the instinct as compared to the intellect, which caculates, anaylyzes and makes decision. The instinct is the very same as what the animals possess. It handles things we never have to think about, like digestion, heart rate, breathing, healing and repairing, body temperature, and so much more. But as well, part of that very same instinct are our desires and appetetites. To let us know we need water for hydration, the instinct makes us thirst. When we need food, the intsinct sends hunger pangs. And to make sure we breed, God planted a desire in our instinct that would be very stong to insure our willingness and desire to breed.

That male instinct is poorly understood and not very appreciated. Men do not make a calculated decision to like beauty. It is an automatic instinctive reaction to beauty. In fact, a man can not stop that. And even at night, the instinct is apt to cause a man to have a wet dream. We certainly do not control our dreams or our minds, while we sleep. The instinct, operating from the right side of the brain in most poeple, handles all that night time activity that goes on.

In the last 100 years and more paticularly, since the 1960s, the male instinct has come under extreme fire and accusations, as if men themselves had control of thoughts and impulses, as if they were simply decisions, rather than very powerful urges that border on obsession. Were it not for that, men would probably never marry or breed. God made the image of a woman compelling. A man can think of little else when contronted with facial beauty or the body of a woman nearly fully revealed, or worse, totally revealed and exposed as in so called porn. Men are truly driven by their eyes and the understanding of the pleasure that a woman enables. Every man wants a beautiful woman for what really amounts to, a narcotic high. Its not rational! Its instinct pure and simple. Men can't get rid of it or ignore it, either. This was the will of God.

But after Adam sinned and disrupted the instinct that had been in tact prior to sin, and the decaying process began in the body and its function, including the brain, and all humans struggle to keep their instinct and its resulting behavior under control. This condition is called sin, and that could be called rebellion, too. It caused all humans who descended from Adam to have the same aging/dying process and the same instinct malufuntions that lead to various obessessions and addictions and other out of control behavior, for control, power, glory, worship, and a desire among most men, inside them, to, if they could, have every beautiful woman they see. Men even have a desire for variety and novelty. Even women have that.

We all struggle to try to keep the laws of God. Its never easy. Its something we do not have control over. It is in our instinct, largely. This is the situation that God wanted to fix, but Adam had the right to sin and pass that on, and God owed neither him nor us, any intervention. I can speculate that while God explained to His son, when God first created His son, what He wanted to do and the possible outcomes that could happen, a decision had to be made as to how this might be overcome.

Redemption of Sin
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What could atone for the sin of Adam? About the only thing that could rebalance the scales of justice God obligated Himself to, would be if another perfect sinless man were created that should loose his own life unjustly, and his right to offspring carrying on his family line. But who would want such a lousy job? And could such a person not waver and sin when confronted with fear, persecution, pain, and death?

The decision was likely made by Jesus, himself, that he could provide that sacrifice and would be the one best qualified to take on the horrific testing and ensuing painful death. They were also aware that when they created other spirits like themselves, that some would be overly taken by the reverence of humans and want some of their own to manage. So it was undertsood that this would be inevitable and whoever headed this challenge to God, would cetainly have a lot of anger and jealousy toward Jesus while in the form of a man. That future Satan would be very angry and mean to the son of God on earth.

Don't kid yourself. It would be a risk for Jesus to submit himself to the intense anger the devil would unleash on him. Being in the flesh is nothing like being in the spirit in heaven. As flesh, your flesh, the sensation of pain, can be used against you. There is no physical suffering as a spirit. You can feel emotional pain (sort of, maybe) and anguish but not physical pain. There was no guarantee that Jesus would be able to handle the fear and the pain, and remain without sin, even to death.

I deal with this much more in an article linked at the end of this article  and here, too:  Half God, Half Man? Ransom and Atonement!

But now lets jump ahead. Jesus rejects temptation and suffers torture and dies without having sinned. A perfect flawless innocent man who dies unjustly accused and executed for sedition/treason to Caesar. What now? Glad you asked. In the eyes of the Father, the scales of justice need corrected. He had long obligated Himself to correct any and all injustice. Before Him was the sacrifce His son made in the flesh, at great risk! Jesus could have failed du to fear of extreme pain he knew was coming.

Jesus had said to his disciples that at any time, he could call on twelve legions of angles to devlier him. This was an escape hatch, so to speak. No doubt required by Satan, in hopes that Jesus might decide to back out and lose the big challenge tween him and Satan and not be able to rescue fallen men from the inevitable and otherwise unescapable death that befell all men. Probably, backing out would allow Satan to have his way and either take over from God or have his own sphere of humans to manage, along with his buddies in crime. And we would have no chance of escaping death. But Jesus did not back out nor sin. He won. As such the devil lost and now must die for losing. But not until he gets to test all humans alive by means of controlling the world and persecuting all those who follow God and His son.

You're Not Perfect!
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But what is it in man that must be fixed and corrected? Some say that God makes you perfect when you accept Christ into your heart. Perfect? Are you sure? Do you understand that Paul said, that a perfect man can not die and can avoid sin. But if he continues to get old, then he is on his way to dying, and by that we know he is not perfect. Perfect poeple do not age or die. If God made someone perfect, they would not be old any more. They would look near to being teenagers in perfect youth.

The biggest lie out there is that the Holy spirit makes you perfect. Absolute lie and heresy. Anyone preaching this fully deserves to be burned at the stake. They will certainly burn in the lake of fire and that will be their end, permanently!

Does anything get fixed when you get baptized? That's right, the command is not the acceptance of Christ in your heart, though that would certainly have to take place if your baptism was to be legitimate. The command by the Apostles was to get bapatized. After  the spirit was poured out upon Cornelius, intended by the spirit as a sign to Peter that God approved of Cornelius to become a follower and that Peter was to require the bpatism after, since the 2 went togther, with Baptism normally being first. It was not the acceptance of Christ in his heart. No one can see what is in the heart. So a visible public demonstration had to be made by the order of God and Christ.

All "Born-Agains" who say that being born again and receiving the spirit takes splace when you accept Christ in your heart, are fully liars, and apostates and surely deserve to die on a cross for their decietful message of lies and deceit. They will burn in the lake of fire. God hate liars who do not pay careful attention to His words and doctrines and repeat them precisely.

So you see most Christians are liars, which as a result, makes them Satan worshipers. You can't make this stuff up! God will take away our sin after judgment day. Not Before! Those who say before, should be stoned and beheaded. They will burn in the lake of fire! We are still imperfect and sinful and do not get young and we do continue to age and die. All the proof in the world that we are not perfect and were not made perfect. See how easy sound careful doctrine is? It makes sense all the way and at every step. Total harmony.

Coping with Sin
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No Christian has any business expecting any sort of perfection or even anything anywhere near it. But Christians should not be judging other Christians severely! How so? Do we hold a person's fallen instinct against them? Do we fault them for the instinct they have? Do we fault them for being hungry or thisty? Do we hold it against them, that they desire and find the opposite sex attractive, desireable, and even exciting and intoxicating or narcotic, inebriating?

I say most Christianity does! It is a sin, for a man in particular, to like to look at beauty or or get excited about it, or desire it or wish for it, or to hunger for it! A man is going straight to hell, they say, for being a natural man who is very drawn to beautiful females. Burn in the flames! Well I got news for ya. Any who condemn men or boys for that, are ones who are going to burn and burn bright, and go up in smoke. Good! Good riddance!

4 “For they bind heavy burdens, hard to bear, and lay them on men’s shoulders; but they themselves will not move them with one of their fingers."

Jesus said that as you judge others, by the same standard you will be judged, too. If you are a harsh demanding judge, you will be judged harshly as well.

Men do not choose to have a powerful desire for women. It is born in them. They got it from their genetics first given by God to Adam. So if you want someone to fault for a man's deep craving for female beauty and pleasure, you need to take that up with God. And good luck with that!

But what this also means is that porn, which I limit in my definition to nude photography, with provocative exciting poses, showing everything. But no abuse or sick stuff. As well, hardly a man alive will avoid watching sex actually performed between 2 people, or sometimes 3 or 4. It happens.

It is the unavoidable consequence of our world in the 21st century, that with photography and film and video that such abilities make porn very easy to make and distribute, and some even do that for free and I suspect, as some have suggested, that porn photos and video maker have been offered a certain amount of compensation for making a fair amount of that porn available for free, by the will of Satan, no doubt, in hopes that some will get addicted or seek out more extreme fulfillment thru fornication or prostitution or the like.

Now while watching porn or exploring it a little can become a snare, it does not have to progress to that extent. Its been a very long time since I explored some, near to 2000-2003, I think. Nothing happened to me. Even if one forbids these, they certainly have no business condemning or forbidding mastrubation. Had avoiding masturbation been important to God, He surely would have issued a clear command against it, even as He did with other sex crimes. That no such prohibition exists, should be the end of this but it is not. I address these subjects in greater detail in linked articles at the end of this article.

God will need to help us learn to put up barriers in our minds, to prevent us from going down paths that will lead to sin and death. It is largely our instinct that will need some fixing by God in order to get back to a point of perfection where we can keep the commendments of God and not let Him, ourselves and our fellow human beings down.

A New Problem
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Since the 1980s if not earlier, a radical weaponized form of leftist Feminism has come about. Its not really so much Feminism as it is a cover for leftist Marxists who seek the overthrow of men, at least temporarily and Western Civilization in its entirety, to the goal of bringing about the end of the world thru forced mass immmigration and extreme poisoning of the environment in every possible way.

Its run by women, but its objectives are clearly subversive and seditious, with the goal of destruction of the USA, and other similar western nations and traditions. The women are clearly funded, directly and indirectly, and government reps are clearly paid by lobbyists to pass laws to cruicify men and benefit women in every way.

But as a cover for overthrow, the movement is disguised as women's rights. But then why invite and praise Islam and Muslims, who are very harsh and controlling toward women? The causes seem contradictory, and they are, unless you consider that the real goal of this movment, said to be feminism, is really a Marxist movement to overthrow all the nations by seeding them all with other cultures that are completely different and hostile once they get big numbers. The Bible predicted such a thing in Daniel 2 and elsewhere. See my prophecy articles for that.

But in regards to men, Feminists have accused men of every foul and vile insinuation there is. Men are said to be racist, sexist, homophobic, rapists, and child abusers, too. We are nothing but evil and sinister according to their hate speech and false accusations. As a consequence, any viewing of porn is abomidible. False rape charges are readily and commonly made to falsely make people think we have some sort of rape culture and out of control male lust and desire, none of which is remotely true.

This is done as political and public manipulation. But they have overplayed their hand and its likely to come to an end. Feminism is motivated by the rich world elite and their god, Satan, to put men out of power and make them weak and broken in spirit. Men were holding Satan back. So out they went and in went women, as they would be happy to sell out to nearly anyone with a dollar or two. It worked like a charm.

So now men have a 2nd battle front to contend with. Christianity on the one hand, and feminists on the other. And then there is one more!

Internet Shills & Trolls
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This is a new breed, that joined us, especially since the advent of Facebook and Youtube. These exist and haunt the net for only one purpose. To lie, deceive, manipulate and subvert and disrupt. Shills are not about logic or reason. They are happy to suggest the ridiculous and mislead those with poor IQ and stupidity, as well as gullibility. Shills want to keep you from the truth. They want to muddy the waters and truth and confuse people. But in general, it only works on the stupid. Problem is, 95% of the world is stupid and they clog up the internet and politican system with their stupidity and their being easily misled to vote or act in whatever way the previlaing voice of the mainstream media suggests. This creates a challenge to the few with brains.

In particular, men are targeted with what are leftist Marxist tactics from many different directions and platforms. Oddly, the shills and trolls are actually very involved in religious discussions and activities on the net. I want to share their tactics with you so that you do not get easily fooled or perlexed. Their subtle, yet very effective, for their leader is Satan, himself, who guides them.

First, since they have no logic or reason to offer, like any good communist, they will avoid a whole lot of discussion or reason. They can't win, there. Lies do not work against solid truth. So they avoid that. What they will typically do, is offer the one good point they might have, without addressing any opposing arguments that might refute their point. They discuss very little. This works great on lazy people who put little to no effort into any thing. But it fails badly for anyone sincerely looking for all the facts.

We need some examples.

On the left, 1st discovered a few days ago on Pinterest, and save to disk Nov. 19 017. They quoted my article/link. The stupid simplistic comment was:

"So I say, walk by the Spirit, and you will not gratify the desires of the flesh.

For the flesh desires what is contrary to the Spirit, and the Spirit what is contrary to the flesh.
They are in conflict with each other, so that you are not to do whatever you want. - Galatians 5: 16-17

Truth1>>1st off, I suspect I know who this is. A shill I often deal with. She quoted the scripture and it is authentic. But she does not address any of it in detail. 1st off, going to black text, "walk by the spirit" does not define spirit or flesh. What is it referring to, specifically? She does not want to get into it. But I will. Paul refers to focus. Studying the Bible, and trying to correct the big errors and sins, and not sweat the small stuff. We can't not be perfect and will fail if we try to be perfect. It does not work. See this ariticle: Our Sinfulness  also linked at the end.

The desires of the flesh are numerous and listed by Paul in other places. She does not address those. No surprise there because if she did, her argument would fall to pieces. The goal is to bluff.

The flesh, which refers to that instinctive stuff, the gut urges and appetites, is at times, very hard to resist. They are immediate impulses and very stong, sometimes even over powering. Whereas, when one pursues morals, and Godly things and restraint of the flesh/impulses/primal urges, one will have to develop self discipline and self control and not just give in to the appetites without care or restraint. No one is saying, let go crazy. What I am saying is that when hunger comes along, you will have to accomodate it to some degree or you will die of starvation. If you let a sexual urge build really big, strong, and even overpowering, you could be in danger of engaging in sex or falling to tempation. How much better it is to let off some steam, and relieve some of the desire so that you are not vulnerable to temptation.

Which is worse? Jacking off or fornicating? Which would God prefer? Obviously, jacking off hurts no one, whereas fornication could lead to disaster and violates 1 of the top 4 sins of Acts 15. The bitch that posted the above did not bother to answer that, did she? She did not. You are supposed to somehow suppress all your desires and be perfect. Oh, she does not say it, but she leaves no other solution. That is the game. If you try to do it and not allow the slightest indulgence in stimulation, you will quickly find out that complete abstinence, not only of sex, but even the slightest viewing of porn or self-gratification; will not be possible. Take that route and you will qickly break down and realize you can't avoid any and all desire. Those desires are natural and necessary. They were made by God and He said it was good.

Many in the past have tried to be perfect, failed and gave up and left God and embraced sin because they could not live up to the absurd, that God never even asked of us in the 1st place. So we have to be realistic. and reasonable.

The only goal of shills is to make you give up trying to live by the commands of God. But James in addressing the Jews and Gentiles in Acts 15 says, and I am paraphrasing: We only have 4 important laws for you to be concerned about. If you keep these, you are doing quite well and we have nothing more to add to it.

In essence, the spirit spoke at that gathering saying you must have priorities. These 4 laws are the main things to worry about. After judgment day, God will make all things new and fix everything and then make us perfect.

The shill was never trying to help God or help Christians. Her only goal was to get you, to shame you, into trying something stupid and impossible. That is what religious shills do. Feminists, SJWs and Marxists, will try to get you to do stupid political moves that will hurt your nation, rather than help it. Or they will try to set you up to start a riot or blow up something and then let others know to wait for you and arrest you. Don't fall for any of that crap.

Caring & Concern        (And walking by the spirit)
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So let me ask, as a final part of the article:

is it caring/walking by the spirit to only give a subject a very brief and poorly though out opinion of something? And leave out most of the material involved in a subject?

 is it caring/walking by the spirit to try to discourage or ask too much of people, know they might give out and give up if they fail?

 is it caring/walking by the spirit to misrepresent another person's view point?

 is it caring/walking by the spirit to lie and deceive people?

 is it caring/walking by the spirit to unfairly accuse others of bad motives without any real or solid evidence?

 is it caring/walking by the spirit to pretend to be a Chistians when you are not?

 is it caring/walking by the spirit to be a shill?

The person who posted against my article gives absolutley no evidence of having any good honest sincere motives and she seeks only to lie and cause people to miss out on a chance to serve God and live forever in a wonderful world, rather than the crap heap we all live in now.

Be careful to who you listen to!

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