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Sexualizing Young Kids

The Premise
1st Things 1st
Who's at Fault?
Fighting Back
Sexual Temptation
Escape Goats
Indian Brilliance
Another Scary Fact
Vicarious Mommies
Libido as Boss
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The Premise
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A trend has begun in earnest for the powers and authorities to train children at very young ages now, starting at age 5, to learn all about the body parts and mechanics of sex and sex deviations such as oral or anal sex, same-sex relations, etc. This ultimately derived from the devil, who wants to corrupt and destroy all things. Good Christians and the not so good ones are equally under attack.

But the irony here is that the attack has come, in part, because Christians ignored the issues of sex with their children, leaving the door wide open for the government to take over, due to parental abdication of responsibility. There is so much to consider. Lets start now.

1st Things 1st

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There's no shadow of doubt here. The devil has roared and is pulling out all stops to corrupt and destroy any morals or decency. Small children are shown no mercy by him. Little girls are being promoted as sexualized, sexy, provocative, even desirable. Dressed very provocative and getting skimpier by the day. Their conduct is somewhat in imitation of adults and leading girls to believe this is just fine, normal, OK, even decent and reasonable. The worst is that this is conduct that should even be questionable for adult women, to be honest.

It is promoted in every sort of media there is. TV and movies foremost. Magazines, newspapers, printed and posted advertisements and billboards. The entertainment world and music world glamorize this sort of conduct and behavior, which is very strong in sexual content. Schools have now been enlisted to promote "sex education" to 5 year olds, as if they needed to know it all now, right away. Some things do need addressed at 5, but others do not. This saturation leads all to believe that since it is so open and promoted, that it is OK, just fine, not a thing wrong with it. But when all we think about is looking alluring, sexually attractive, desirable and provocative, as if it was some sort of competition or something, then we are in serious trouble. Who can outdo who and get the guy or any guy they want, right?

This promotion is being driven by very powerful and rich sources of power, who want to change our whole view of what is right and wrong, normal or strange. They are trying to change us, one and all. Those who do not like it or resist it will be ostracized and in time, maybe incarcerated or in a few cases, even executed, perhaps. They will not tolerate any dissent from this new "attitude." The devil fully supports this change.

What this amounts to is that the line is being carefully drawn between decency and some limits, and no limits or decency at all. The sheep are being separated from the goats. The wheat from the weeds. Who is and who is not! There will be no mistaking one for the other. Its all out in the open for everyone to see for themselves. Nothing hidden that will not be revealed, says Jesus. The judgment of God is going to be an open public affair for everyone to view.

The world will be worthy of condemnation. We will not have to wonder why God will find it necessary and desirable to eliminate the goats from the earth.

But we have another matter to attend to. What are Christians to do? What are they not to do? Can we cope with all this? I say, yes, and that it is not that hard. Its what we should have been doing all along.

Who's at Fault?
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I have been saying for years that Christians have done a terrible job at preparing their kids to face the harsh world. Churches and their leaders have also done nothing meaningful. All parties have ignored it all and tried to run and hide from it and keep their kids in the dark, as it that was even going to be possible. Let's just stick our heads in the sand and hope like hell it will all go away like some bad nightmare in the morning. Well, that strategy totally and completely failed. No surprise there, either.

First, the devil has elected to push parental rights out of the picture and give the state the right to teach parents' kids whatever the state and the devil deem desirable. Jesus warned that the last days would be a terrible time to be giving suck to a young child. Raising kids today is a nightmare on every level, because the economy is bad, work opportunities rare and low paying, and every sort of teaching and deception is aimed at kids and adults' hands are tied by the state.

So Parents let their rights be eroded, and let others teach their kids, feed their kids, finance their families in many cases. Now parents have pretty much lost all rights to give permission to kids or deny it to kids. The state will make all decisions now. If you doubted me before, you'll be hanging your heads now and looking pretty stupid. Way back in high school (75-77), I fully realized then that I had no chance of having a home, family, or security. Many others found that out the hard way, after having tried to have it all and losing it all due to divorce, layoffs, hospitalization costs, etc., and having wasted a number of years as well. So I stayed single and devoted my life to God by age 21. And since then I have sought out the answers that no one else was pointing out or giving.

The day and age of the late 70s should have woken many up. We went thru turbulent times in the 60s and 70s. We saw oil crises and lines at the pump. We saw Viet Nam finally end. We saw massive layoffs starting in 74, if not even sooner in some places in the USA. 76-80 was a bleak period, but I do not think President Carter had any thing to do with that. It was much higher than him.

Most people could only think about getting good jobs, getting ahead, getting a nice house, a nice car, having a family. They could not see their world was coming down around them. They thought it was going to go on forever. But many did begin to wake up a little at around age 40 and realize they had not gotten very far in what they had hoped for. But still they persisted.

Their kids came into the world without a solid education in the Bible and its prophecies. They had to be given over to daycare facilities, since now in the mid 70s onward, in particular, many couples were both having to go to work to have the "American Dream." Seems like a nightmare to me. Soon daycare would be so expensive that much of that extra income was now being eaten up by the daycare. Church was about having a social network and belonging. The Bible and prophecy were not important. Self-examination (what's that you ask?) was unheard of. Why, we are all perfect, right? That is the lie we have all chosen.

In every way possible, people gave no attention to God, the Bible or prophecy, to self-examination, to improvement, to thinking about life and examining it, questioning the past, pondering the future, and letting our minds grow. Now we have been surrounded on all sides and are under siege. There is no way or escape out, now. You can fight or you can surrender.

Fighting Back
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If you can accept    that your kids will be exposed to ideas of loose conduct and outrageous sexual behavior and;

If you can accept    that the state will not let you withdraw or hold your kids back from this "promotion" and;

If you can accept    that you will have to teach your kids on your own time and try to undo what the schools and media have done and;

If you can accept    by now, that this is not God's country and that the devil owns it for now and;

If you can accept    that you must address all those tough nasty uncomfortable issue that you ran from previously and;

If you can accept    that your churches have been and will continue to be useless to you and your kids and;

If you are ready to take on all this and consider the bible anew, then maybe you can salvage your kids from the filthy propaganda the devil has unleashed upon us, one and all;

Then you might be ready to stand against the devil and be of  help to your kids.

But there are a few problems remaining.

1st off, most of you have elected to send your kids to public schools. The smart parents chose to educate their kids themselves (home schooling) because they considered that their important duty to their kids and they were right. In doing so, they could control a substantial amount of who their kids were exposed to for peers. Private schools are an improvement but I am not convinced they are enough. Home schooling by the parents is the best way by far.

2nd, you will have to vigorously discuss so many issues dealing with proper attitudes and the follies presented on TV and other places. Most people do not discuss a lot during TV. If not during, then right after or take notes and address it as soon as possible while it is fresh on their minds.

Issues about dressing and modesty, some forms of flirtation, what goals they have, etc. Christians can only consider marriage for a sexual outlet or masturbation. I have defend those both on this site in great detail. I address lust, modesty, fornication and all sex issues and I spare nothing, knowing full well the devil will spare nothing on his side. You need to talk about it all and yes, some of it will be graphic, honest, confronting the dragon head on. The devil will not spare you so you are best not to spare the devil, either.

To understand the problem better, you have to appreciate that nearly any child your kids hang around with at all, will be a bad influence on your kids. But do not think you can hide your kids or lock them away. In time, they will rebel and might even try to spite you for your heavy hand and be twice as bad as you would have preferred.

Instead, you must teach them how their friends are in serious error. Show them how to reason and defend themselves with reason. I am showing you here, right? Now you show your kids. See how easy that is? I know, it looks good on paper, right? But your kids will never see any of their peers' views as being wild or outrageous. That outside world is, to be honest, the climate we all live in. That climate is permissive and out of control. But no one else sees that and they will not agree. Best not to try and change their view. Just be aware that your kids must learn to see things God's way and appreciate that the world is not the model we follow or trust in.

We do what is right, regardless of what others do. But I can not stress enough how hard this is to do. Most all of us have peers that shape our attitudes. Many religious peoples and churches behave because their peers in these churches would be shocked and offended if you went outside the boundaries. We stay inside so as not to become ostracized and possibly shunned. But many who have been rejected from various churches and religions often go  outside the boundaries because they are no longer surrounded by people whose attitudes they care about.

So do you obey God because of peer pressure? Or do you obey God because God cares about what you do? Our real challenge in life is to obey God, purely for His sake and not for any peer group. We must restrain ourselves, of our own free will, for the devil is determined to isolate us all from any large peer group if we remain loyal to God.

Most people in most churches are going to turn their back on God and God's rules and obey the false messiah (antichrist), who will claim to be "God," and this one will turn all the real God's (Jehovah's) rules upside down and inside out so that bad will be good and good will be bad. Adults and kids will be having sex together. Oh, you should have no doubt about that one! If you do doubt, just stick around and you will see in not much more time.

But we must learn to be outcasts for God, for a brief time, 7-10 years, and live without any one pressuring us to obey God, the real one. This is the ultimate test. Satan wants to see if any will obey God when there is absolutely no reinforcement from others, and  threats from all sides, and worse, that we are tempted by free, wide-open, totally unrestrained sexual indulgence of any and all types. And of course, if we indulge, we will be accepted and will be judged to be a "goat" in God's eyes.

So we must teach our kids to be knowledgeable, convinced, dedicated in what they believe as firmly held convictions, and be ready to be alone. This would be a good time for families to stick together throughout the storm, so to speak. At least you would have your family for support. Some will not even have that.

Going to a college far from home is not a good idea. Not only will you be completely alone in your convictions, but you will be faced with lots of free easy temptation to indulge in and we are all at our most vulnerable when we are young, as our drives and appetites are at their greatest power and intensity. This is why we need to avoid situations like this. As much as is possible, we need to avoid temptation. But we must also know that we can not avoid it entirely. But we can avoid the worst of it, so that God knows we are sincerely trying. He will spare us from too much temptation.

That brings up our next subject.

Sexual Temptation
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Our biggest challenge as the big day draws near, will be the big drawing card for the devil. He knows how strong our sexual drives are. He knows this is where his best chance lies in braking us. That is why Christian "sexual education" is so vital. We must have the right and proper outlets or we will fail, I guarantee it. Proper outlets means having the proper options held out to us.

When confronted with our deep inner desires, we must have an outlet. Do you believe that? I ask because most churches do NOT allow for proper outlets for sexual relief. Yes, marriage is one of them but I propose that as the days wear on, you will have less chance than ever, of finding a decent partner for marriage. Most have high expectations and any partner they find will soon be a disappointment.

I propose that the best outlet may well be masturbation. Why?

First, let me state that we do not understand the term "lust" at all, so I wrote an article on that alone. We have screwed that understanding up and most do not want to admit or accept that. King James translation quotes Jesus as indicting that whosoever looks at a woman so as to lust after her, has sinned. Most focus on the "looks" word instead of the "lust after." Lust after is another way of saying chasing after or pursuing. But Jesus chose lust after to indicate why the chase was being pursued, because lust or desire was the motivation behind the pursuit.

It is the chasing or pursuit that Jesus indicated was the problem. If you chase, then you have a sure intent, if you catch your "desired one." So that whether you catch or not, if you chase after, you are guilty of the completion as well, as if it had been completed already, whether it ends up that way or not. If mere hunger in a sexual way were the crime, then God Himself becomes the wicked one. Need I point out how stupid that is? God gave us our sexual appetite, but with controls we lost when Adam sinned.

We all have an appetite or hunger for sex. For men, it is a very visual thing. Visual stimulation causes the hunger to erupt. This much we can not stop. But what we do with that aroused hunger is what matters. Do we chase after her? Or do we ignore it OR go home and relieve ourselves of that hunger? Most think that is the lust. No, that is the relief of lust/hunger. You might call it exorcising the demons ;-) Or is that exercising? Sexercising? You get the idea, right?

Here is my point. If you do not relieve your hunger, it will absolutely get the best of you and ruin you. You have got to have an outlet, a release, an escape valve. This is the most misunderstood and completely unappreciated principle infecting all of Christianity which is why I fought so hard to destroy this stupid idea of your hunger condemning you.

Hunger build, grows, festers and soon erupts in wounds and casualties. If the hunger is not relieved, you will be forced to obey the hunger sooner or later. Masturbation is that outlet that saves and preserves us in God. In the eyes of God, there are no thought crimes. His son, Jesus, paid the ultimate price thru the ultimate trial and death, so that God could no longer look at us as sinners since Jesus' sacrifice would have to be reconciled by replacement of his seed to carry on in his name. We were bought by Jesus as his, so that God can no longer observe His own laws and condemn us, a bought seed to replace the lost seed.

Thought crimes is a con-cept created by the ultimate con, the devil. The devil wants you to believe the stupid and absurd so that you will fail. So he does not want you to seek the relief of masturbation. He wants you to believe this will condemn you so that there will be no possible outlet for relief except sin or marriage which may end up in divorce or sin, anyway.

Part of the devil's strategy is to make us believe what is wrong is right and what is right is wrong. Can you accept this? Can you grasp it? It is rather simple. We need to take the shame away from masturbation, perhaps better called self-pleasure or self-satisfaction. I grant its not perfect. But it is available immediately upon the awakening of our desires near to the teen years. And you can do it as often or seldom as you please and you can even get quite wild in your imaginations because thought crimes are bullshit, pure and simple. Tell the devil to shove his thought crimes  . . . well, you know where, right?

Which brings up another subject. Porn! Everyone can say what they want but I defend porn, without embracing all of it. Mind-control victims, if you had access to their porn performances, those would be brutal. That is hard core stuff. But it is not the most common type, either. Those/They really are mistreated when the camera is rolling. But there is plenty of porn where no one is hurt. Usually, any hurt was done long before they began performing in porn.

I know most Christians bitterly protest, but again, they are the lust crowd who believes in thought crimes. Most porn is available for free now, or for very little price. The devil has willed it to be that way so that we all might be enticed. But for those whose curiosity is natural and high, and who accept self-gratification as a proper rite/right, they will not see this as an objection.

There are those who strain out gnats while gulping down camels. They got their priorities all screwed up and if you listen to them, you will be all screwed up, too. Christians should always keep in mind that 1st, they must give attention to the top priorities. Acts 15 only listed 4 major concerns! JUST FOUR! What, are they crazy? Was James insane? Paul, too? Peter? Well, they were listening to God and the Holy Spirit of God. And God said 4. Carve that in stone, please!

I could have picked at least 10. So why so few? Because they understood priorities and that one did not need too many if one had the 4 primary concerns. They knew what Solomon wrote of when he warned that being overly righteous (or overly concerned with righteousness) would bring destruction/desolation. We need to worry about the big things. We do not need to "give too much thought to fantasies in our head." They are no big deal. Only the devil wants you to believe that any thought or desire will alienate you from God, which is a bold-faced lie. God is the one who gave us those desires. Can you understand that?

So when your kids come home from school, having learned all about body parts and how they work and how you can masturbate, what are you going to do?

Let me state, that had no one brought it up, this was not be something we would need to address. But it will be brought up now and so we will have to address it but if we do not address it with the right answer, we will likely condemn our kids to rejecting God, who you say you represent. And if they don't like your answer, they will unjustly blame God as well since that is also a concept you gave them, so don't be stupid. You need to get this right.

Let me make this clear. Many parents, including my own, tried to convince me that looking at pictures of naked women (Playboys my father had hidden that my uncle gave him and I found and stared and drooled over at about 9 or 10) was bad or some crap like that. I told them, of course, its not good or right. We kids will tell you idiots (parents) anything you want to hear to get off our backs. but I never accepted a word of it. I knew as sure as I was living, that what I was seeing was absolutely heavenly and very exciting to look at.

and when it comes time for interest in sex, kids will not listen then, either, unless you have been reasonable and credible, and not suggested that naked woman were not beautiful or some similar stupid crap. Our eyes do not lie to us. The parents do the lying. The devil does that, too. Rule 1! Never lie to your kids.

So if they want to try masturbation (if they even bother to ask),  I would not discourage it. That they know it can be done will most likely make them curious and want to see what it is like. You will not stop it either way. But you can help them cope with it. If they know this is OK, then make sure they understand that sex without marriage is not OK, even though everyone in the world thinks otherwise. My articles will give you lots of ammo to defend your position.

Avoiding real sex is a challenge but if they can masturbate, there is a good chance that will suffice until they can get married. Its the best chance the devil is going to allow us. Its better then nothing.

Escape Goats
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Those who promote this sexualization propaganda have claimed, perhaps justly, that parents have not done enough to help their kids avoid pregnancy or disease or shown proper ways to make sex safer. There is something good and bad to be said of both sides. Allow me ;-)

Christians who long said, if they know about it, they will do it. This is sheer nonsense and stupidity. They might run out and do it if you don't give them good reason why they should not and that has been the case for nearly 1800 years, probably. Knowledge is not harmful. That knowledge is harmful, is the devil's line. He does not want you to question anything and wants you to obey your superiors, who he has complete control of.

Christians have been woefully neglectful of good solid reasonings to defend God's laws. Take a look at my sex articles and you'll see what you have been missing. As well, Christians blame liberals and subversives for the ruin of their kids. But really, it is the absence of good sound defense of God's laws and why He commands what He does that leaves kids without any good reason to resist temptation.

Now there is no doubt that our society is saturated and obsessed with sex and promotion of sex, as if it needed promotion. Its not popular as it is, right? And it is a serious impediment to raising our kids in a healthy social environment. But God is of the opinion and maybe the devil, too, that you should still be able to overcome this with solid reasoning, if you applied yourself or sought out those who have.

Failure is primarily yours. Maybe you bit off too much when you decided to have kids. Maybe you had not taken God seriously when you did have kids. Whatever, the failure is yours and your parents and all who came before you. Forget excuses for why you're not to blame and start applying yourself to God's ways now. Don't blame the devil or his followers. You're the problem here.

While the leftists claim they care about your kids, their claims are a joke. A bad joke at that. They won't be happy (nor will the devil) until they have very small children having sex with adults and posing and performing in all types of porn. There is no doubt in my mind or the minds of all like me who are on the look out for  God's interests and yours, too. We are all sounding the warning.

How am I different? I will blame you for your failure, not the leftists and subversives. The other watchmen are apt to tell you that you need to resist the evildoers. I will not say resist. I will say that you should try to work around them and give your kids the best you can with my well thought out help. This, the other shepherds can not say. They haven't gone that deep and don't dare to.

The devil has had the world given over to him quite some time ago. His time is still not quite up, yet. Ours is not to stop him since he can not be stopped by anyone except God, Jehovah. God will take care of him when God is well and ready to do so. You'll just have to wait.

Indian Brilliance
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There are some parts of India, where people and parents have this clear understanding of the dangers presented in the teen years at the commencement of puberty. In times long ago, they decided they would arrange marriages for their kids while the kids were still young and pre-pubescent. The kids would remain with their parents until they should enter the phase of puberty. AT that point, the two, now young adults, really, would be joined together so that the sexual urges could be properly satisfied in a healthy supportive safe way.

The absurd Hollywood notions of romance have not infected these ones. These people are far more practical and realistic. They know that finding a mate can be a challenge for some so that the parents actively participate in helping the process along. Both sets of parents know their help is needed. They understand and believe that they are the providers for all things their kids have or need, including help with getting a mate at the earliest possible convenience.

They also understand that in order to keep their respective kids from fighting or contemplating divorce, both sets of parents have to be fully dedicated to making sure they get along and have the same goals and values for their married kids so as to reinforce agreed upon shared values of both sets of parents.

Parents are essential components, along with the community, it making it clear to their kids that divorce is out of the question. Neither kids will be able to run to their parents and get any sympathy about divorcing. It won't work out that way. The parents will make it quite clear that the "child" will return at once and get over it fast. In this respect, East Indians are fare more obedient to the laws of God, than most any Christian, so called, is. That alone ought to shame Christians but it seems "organized" Christians can not be shamed.

These Indian parents know that if you don't quickly accommodate those urges, that they will find other means to get "accommodated." So these very intelligent Indians of the East prepare for this event well in advance of its arrival. They will take no chances with this sometimes explosive and potentially harmful time period.

But we American are as dumb as they come. We prepare for nothing and hope (against hope) that nothing will happen to our kids. We do not lend a helping hand. Why that would not be romantic, they say. They fell for Hollywood's bullshit! We do not see ourselves as being providers for anything for our kids. Not education, not guidance, not for arranging for marriage as soon as puberty hits. So we experience all sorts of failures and catastrophes. And we never learn a thing from any of it.

Even with masturbation, the teen years are extremely trying and challenging. The urge is just too overpowering. But we refuse to accept that continually proved (again and again) outcome. The problem here is not the media or schools. This is just pure raw hormones at work. So don't blame the media, entertainment industry, or schools. Blame yourselves for being think-headed, stupid, and short-sighted people who can not read the handwriting on the wall.

You need, desperately, to get your kids married by the time puberty hits. That might be 14, but it could also be 11 and you had best be ready for whenever it happens. And if at 11, then at 11 it should be, that they are married off. Or  you could wait till they get pregnant at 13 and without a good prospect for a husband but just a dumb boy of 13 or so.

Or worst of all, you could allow them the freedom to not only masturbate but even view porn. It might or might not work, but honestly, from your standpoint, is the pregnancy thing more appealing to you?

Now we come to another absurd prospect, which shows the evil intentions of the do-gooders who want to "educate" your kids. They will show your kids porn or will in not much more time. But if you were to OK it at home, they might claim you were a bad parent and take your kids from you. Its OK if they do it but not you, the parent. You let them walk away with your rights a long time ago.

As well, if you were to teach your kids the graphic birds and bees that the school now is teaching, you again might lose custody of your kids. They can teach it but not you. You have absolutely no rights at all with your own kids. Are you happy now?

If you merely wanted to let your kids sleep in the same bed as you, something that has been the case for most of human history, you could be accused and perhaps have your kids taken away. But the day will likely come when they will have to participate in instructive schooling whereby everyone must cuddle in a bed with the teacher and other students. Not yet, perhaps, but I have my suspicions. In fact, someday, your kids might be taken away, anyway, for no reason at all, so that the government and schools can reprogram them for the new age of sexual freedom. Ah, the brave new world.

And the all time worst of worst, if your child caught you having sex with your wife or husband and you let them watch for a minute or so, so that they know mommy is not getting hurt and that she likes it, well, say goodbye to those kids. Showing them sex is just plain wrong. Mind you, God says sex in marriage is a perfectly pure and wholesome activity that should bring no shame.

Yet, I have little doubt that in the not too distant future, a couple will come in live and perform in bed for the kids to show them what it is like and ask questions if they like. Monty Python's "The Meaning of Life" had a comical version of this in a sort of high school setting. It was very funny since the "boys" were bored and uninterested and the couple, which the instructor was one of, was boring and dry about it. For all I know, it might be on Youtube or should be. I checked. It was, of course.

Sexeducation       from "The Meaning of Life"     Jeroen Beekman

They cut off the last/best part, but you can rent the movie and I'd recommend it as enjoyable and with good points to make.

But I say all this because I know the devil's ultimate agenda and I know that of those that follow him. You will lose your kids sooner or later, unless you prepare and fill their minds and hearts with God's stuff. 

Another Scary Fact                                        NWO=New World Order
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I hate to be the one to bring this up but someone has to and it usually is only me, out of all those on earth. Most shepherds have no guts or courage. But my reward will  be forthcoming. Hopefully, it will not be a bolt of lightning ;-)

If you are a careful observer of aging, you would notice the following. Since I consider myself a Life Extension-ist and take a keen interest in it, I started observing from a long time ago, especially when it looked like I was not aging nearly as fast. Beauty tends to start off well, but with every passing year, more and more of each generation will lost some of their beauty, till its all gone. Some lose more much earlier and some manage to keep it longer than others.

In general, what this means is that beauty is most likely to be found in youth and less so with each passing phase of growth. Girls who start in good form very young, often tend to be a little heavy after puberty. Those a bit thin or bony can often turn out looking better after a little fat and flesh is added by the new estrogen of puberty. After age 17, most will experience some decline in beauty. Some might keep it well till their late 20s and a very rare few might keep it to 30 or 32. But by 40, a lot has been lost. Many moms become fat if not ugly, by 40. Keep this in mind for this section.

So demographically speaking, the best essence of beauty, balanced, proportioned, without distortions, without complexion spotting or browning, will be in the very young, of say, 4-17.  A lot at 4, with the tender little baby faces we all adore. But those numbers drop as some lose it at progressive ages. Likewise, the body of some will be proportioned, though usually not as strong in the later secondary sexual shaping that commences at puberty. Proportion and minimal fat will be much better in the young before puberty rather than after. These all tend to favor the young over the old.

Any older woman is terrified of the young women, because they know, instinctively, that the younger women are far more attractive, even before puberty. The older women also know well that men prefer that younger beauty for its strength. This was before the liars started to say that the young were unappealing and any man was wicked for noticing anything under 18, which is absurd if one knows anything about history such as Roman Law, which for 1000 years saw a boy as "of age" by 14, and a girl as "of age" by 12. They had to have guardians before those ages. Or parents, of course.

The NWO, some call it/them the Illuminati, have made the young off limits and taboo, since the young are more desirable and the NWO blocked access to the young thru legal legitimate means so that they might offer the real candy to those willing to sell their souls and join the NWO in its Satanic quest for world rule. To say it another way, they do not object to any young, no age limits at all, for themselves. I limit and define young as in developed, regardless of age, for the most part, usually being from about 13-17.  But they forbid the young any but their own. The NWO are the biggest pedophiles on the planet and any conspiracy theorist knows that. That is the truth, whether you can handle it or not.

I have another interesting quote:

"Adolescent women aged 11-17 have the highest percentage of rapes occurrences."
(National Victim Center and Crime Victims Research and Treatment Center, "Rape In America: A Report to the Nation," 1992)

This contradicts a number of myths. Men clearly have established their preference in this statistic. Visit any nation or district where child prostitution commonly operates and you will see where men gravitate to. Any good vice cop in the USA will tell you that under age prostitutes are the most popular on the street, without question. It is about looks and the young have that.

I would also suggest that the delicate tender looks and innocence of those un-abused, should produce some gentleness and ward off attacks in decent men, but decent men are rare to find now.

But for those who know no restraint over any passion, impulse, or desire, they will prefer the young, and even 14 may be too old for them. In addition, since many adults are emotionally stunted in their development, often not progressing past the age of 5, if that, then it may very well also impact their sexual preferences, seeking someone closer to their developmental age, almost always lower than their actual age.

But now we have the 2nd problem in the next section.

Vicarious Mommies
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Dangling our young in front of sex crazed men is a really stupid thing to do. That said, who is doing it? That's right! Its all those mommies living vicariously thru their little girls.  These has-been moms, now fat and ugly, for the most part, take great delight and consolation in being able to show what they can produce with their womb since the brain is out to lunch. Women can be quite competitive with each other and they use their daughters to compete, often ferociously.

Kid beauty pageants are well known. But many moms who are not into those, still love to dress their daughters to kill. I do mean provocative! The moms are showing off thru their daughters, of course, taking credit for the genetic beauty, as if we willed it to be so, rather than just the chance combination of genetics. You would think that maybe some would be concerned about men looking. I think they want men to look and even drool. Its madness!

Some moms may see their little girl as not much more than a real life Barbie doll, to dress up and play with.

These mommies are the biggest danger to their little girls. The girls quickly learn that their beauty is all that matters. And they develop that same ferocious competitiveness in some cases. But you won't hear the NWO complain. Its just what they want and they produce plenty of it themselves. Keep in mind that most moms today, at 2014, were born in the late 80s and school was already a nightmare for teasing and bitches ruling the hallways. So they don't have their own heads on straight so as to be a good example to their children, their little girls in particular.

Girls depend on their parents to guide them correctly. If they can not depend on them, they are doomed. Everyone else will just use them. Its bad enough that the entertainment media objectify young girls but when mom sells her girl down the drain, what is left? Where is the good sense and judgment? I still notice some dads get very upset when a man notices their daughter.

I recall a roughly 16 year old girl in 2013, wearing a quite tight and perfectly body conforming pants in an evidently test run of a Halloween costume. It was in October. As God is living, I have not seen a body any more perfect than what she had. Her brother must have noticed and dad, too. It must have been that drool coming from my mouth or my tongue hitting the floor that gave me away. The brother got in front of her so that I could not see what I wanted to see. In fact, they had her go home at that point, with the brother going along to shield her figure. But listen, you can't show off perfection like that and not think men are not going to notice or look  . . . or drool and imagine ;-)

I note that she did not seem to mind at all. In fact, half a year later, while I am in the store, she comes in and must recognize me, and she tries to sort of get my attention and talk. I gather she really enjoyed my previous admiration. But that was a far as it goes for me. Just the eyes, thank you. And I will make no apologies for being a red blooded man. That is as God intended.

If dads don't want real men gawking at their daughters, then don't let them go out virtually naked, because men are men and will look. I think dads are less inclined, for the most part, toward living vicariously thru their daughter, although it may be that some more ill-willed ones might have their eye on their own daughter so they might be inclined to let her lust and show off. But they may feel jealousy, too. Look, its a very sick world. That is very apparent by now, isn't it? Don't you doubt it for a second.

But it is our world in general that has lost its senses. Not just the media or entertainment. It is moms, dads, and everything and everyone. We are all to blame. Each generation gets more bold and more crazy. Our libidos are taking over and making all our decisions. This can only end in disaster and this I must explain.

Libido as Boss
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I am warning you all that there is nothing more dangerous in the world than an out of control libido. When the libido makes all the decisions, you are in serious trouble. For one, the libido is really the part that wants to get high all the time, with the high being sexual stimulation. This is part of that obsessive-compulsive loop we all have in our brains. It is a dangerous loop that can get stuck and become very desperate.

Lets say that one starts out with a little success at getting females to bed down with him. Its exciting, it feels incredible, and as well, there is that thrill of conquest. For some, just conquering is an incredible high. It becomes a game, but those who are played may have hoped for more and will feel hurt when they realize that they were just a conquest, and not a person of desire to keep or have a relationship with.

Soon the man wants every beautiful thing he sees. In fact, he even wants the plain ones. He just loves being able to talk them into giving in. It feels like power. The power to influence and control! Soon, he might start to broaden his field. Now he wants some high school girls, to flex his skill and ability to seduce. Maybe he messes with married women often, some of whom have jealous husbands. So eager is he to conquer and enjoy that he  no longer exercises the caution he used to. Now he gets diseases. Maybe a woman or 2 stalks him. Maybe some are angry with him or key scratch his car.

Soon, he might get too aggressive, when fearing he is losing a potential conquest and he begins some date rape. Maybe he gets away with a few at first. He will start taking more and more chances and risks, because he wants to get high as often as possible. Once a day will never do now. More like 3 or 4 times a day? He decides to venture into very young teens, 13-14. Maybe he has success at first. He wants to push further and try to 12 or 11. Maybe a 12 year old decides she does not want to, but he risks the rape, anyway, perhaps figuring she will be too embarrassed to admit she even went out with him.

Maybe now he finds himself alone with a relative's girl, maybe only 9 or 10. Can he do it? Why hell, he is superman. Of course he can pull it off.

The problem is that as these guys take more and more chances, their risk factor increases exponentially, with every encounter pushing new barriers because to him, this is just a game and and thrill. He does not see feelings of others. He just feels the exhilaration of taking a chance of risk and winning. This pursuit of getting high will end in him breaking a barrier that will end him up in court and prison. Or it could end in a jealous husband killing him. Anything is possible when you are reckless.

The obsessive compulsive brain demands an ever greater thrill. The first thrills no longer get him high. He needs to go higher and higher. He could go cold turkey and restart his limbic system so that a simple sexual encounter will please. But it can quickly go back to the escalating process. He has failed to understand how and why getting high works like it does.

This process is known as de-sensitization. We get numb to a certain level of stimulation. If we gave it a rest, it would re-sensitize, perhaps in a few days or a week, or a month. If we got really high, it might take several months to come down and re-sensitize. For example, we have sex with our wives. We might do it twice one day. Or we might go a day or so without it. But in general, a burst of sexual activity, perhaps a 3 times in one day affair, might leave us unable to perform well (if at all) for a couple or 3 days. Most will have a certain amount of down time after every sexual encounter. Some recover faster and others take longer to recover.

But in obsessive compulsive mode, the person just wants to keep getting high every chance he can. But as he does, it becomes harder and harder to keep getting high unless he pushes the boundaries further and further. This is why getting sexually high/addicted often leads to prison. Obsessive compulsive people do not like to reset by taking time off. They have that compulsive nature that just wants to keep going and going.

Getting High - Why?

My theory! The mechanism behind getting high is meant to enable strong powerful attraction to a person we meet and are turned on by. This strong force can help enable people to bond enough so that it keeps them together long enough to work things out in adapting to each other. But in time, sex will be good, but it will seldom ever reach the high it did in its early days. The power of attraction did its job to help bonding. If they followed up with working at compromise and cooperation, then things will run smoothly, relatively speaking.

Life in general is supposed to be filled with gratifying things that require long-term commitment and devotion, like raising kids, starting a colony, building a business, and those sort of things. These are long term projects that give a sense of satisfaction and fulfillment. Call them long term highs. They are not like the short impulsive highs, which are powerful but short lived and do not help long term goals and strategies, unless staying married is a goal.

But sex was never intended to remain this outrageous high. When one has been without sex long enough, the first sex after a period of abstinence will feel amazing. That is kind of how married sex works within God's law.

But for the thrill seeker, getting high and needing greater highs will force him to push all boundaries way past their good limits. He will push the youth barrier, or the rape barrier, or frequency barrier, variety of different races of women, and all such related barriers. One day he will go too far. It is not the fault of porn, or sex, or age, or anything like that. He simply will not be satisfied with resetting his sensitivity threshold.

We all like to place blame somewhere other than where it belongs. Blame porn, or those who make it. Blame entertainment or the devil. But in honest to God truth, truth 1st, and truth only, we only have ourselves to blame for our failures to get control of our faculties. But when out of control, there is nothing we are not capable of.

So there must be limits on how small or young a girl can be for consideration as a sex partner. I do believe our present limits are not reasonable or beneficial. Teens are ready to have sex, but they need to be prepared for what will be required when marrying and after. They will not wait till 18 or 20 anymore and should not have to. Our laws are screwed up when we call a 16 year old a "little girl" who "does not know what she is doing."

We need to place limits how far we go with provoking the opposite sex with our dress and grooming. We need reasonable standards of conduct in a public setting, but right now, we do not have any, anymore. The devil is taking it all the way to madness. And God has agreed to let him try, in order to test out each and every one of us to see who will obey God when no force is applied and we are seemingly free to do as we want. That is an illusion about to come to a halt. But before that, we will see madness set in.

But I hope it is clear that we can not let our libidos just run wild or do whatever they want. We have to  make every attempt to bring them under reasonable control and limits. God prescribed marriage as a reasonable outlet for sexual satisfaction as well as bonding the couple together to raise emotionally stable children, in a nurturing protective atmosphere.

The devil does not want you to think carefully about this. He just wants you to act impulsively. So he tempts you with women gone wild, or girls gone wild, if you remember the videos. They are tempting but they bring ruin, ultimately. We need to focus on long term living and survival of our race and species.

In Conclusion                    NWO=New World Order
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Te devil is a formidable enemy, and so is the media and schools around us. But the biggest enemy by far, is ourselves. We must recognize that, and stop playing the blame game. The permissive media is up to no good. That is a fact. They want young girls of 5-7 to think and act in extremely sexual ways so that, in theory, any adult will be able to engage in sex with them, and without their objection and perhaps even with the blessings of the parents, who can enjoy other peoples' children in return. They want young girls to be out of control sex addicts.

The end result is a world gone mad with sexual impulse. Since all they will think about is sex, they will be easy to control and outsmart, since no time is wasted thinking about how rotten life is.

But as well, you should know that the Bible foretells and indicates that the NWO plans on killing off the majority of people on earth.  They will leave a fair amount of women to men ratio so that each man has lots of sexual variety. Women will serve primarily as sex slaves. What the NWO does not understand is that their leader, Satan the devil, knows that they will not get the chance to kill all they want to kill, nor will they rule the world for very long. Satan has already lost the trial and will lose his power shortly. But he will succeed in killing many and depriving them of eternal life.

So the sex game sounds great on paper. Sex is an incredible high. But the long term harm to the human race will not justify reckless unlimited sexual freedom. It will fail. Don't let your libido tell you what to do. You have a brain, use it. Once sex takes over entirely, no one will ever be able to think again. The human race will suffer and die except for those belonging to God.

Nothing is sacred to the NWO. They want to corrupt and ruin your girls and have your girls live to serve men's desires. Does that really sound good to you? They want to enslave us all and then kill a good deal of us off.

But we can still overcome, not by trying to stop the NWO and Illuminati, so called. But by applying ourselves to good sound logic and reasoning with our kids. Don't worry about what the NWO is doing. Who cares! Let them do it. We got our own problems to worry about. God will take care of the Illuminati, Babylon the Great, and the NWO, and sex perverts, too. Its not our job to do so. Our job is to please God in all things and not become like the world around us is becoming.

Now below, I have gathered a number of videos on Youtube that have shown just how far the NWO has gone in promoted very young girls as "role models and examples" for other girls to imitate and to entice men to leave God and join in the "fun" soon to be allowed to any who will take part in the new religion of the false messiah and "God." Do not be any part of it. Serve the real God and be delivered from the madness soon to overcome the whole world.

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If you were to go to YouTube and type in search: children sexualized or sexualized children, you'll get all kinds of results. This has been recognized as a problem for most if not all of the 21st century. The links below, the 1st 3 being with a Bible viewpoint, while the latter 3 are more secular or news oriented.


An Epidemic of Perversity: Satanically Sexualized Kidz (2014)    TheScariestMovieEver
I really recommend this channel for excellent Bible based warnings.

The Satanic Pedophiles Of Hollywood & Their Corruption Of Children      EyezOpenWyde
Another good conspiracy channel. The entertainment industry continues to be the best corrupter of kids. Merely being televised gives kids the impression that it is OK or normal or that everybody is doing it. TV creates a false reality.


Children mimicking adult sexuality in the playground

Sexualization of Children

MrRepzion has a very good sound insight even though he appears to be young. I tip my hat to him. He is truly outraged at the insanity of parents in letting young girls go wild.


BANNED Discovery Channel Documentary Satanism and Pedophilia EXPOSED

Too Sexy Too Soon  

CBC Doc Zone: Sext Up Kids

Illuminati Hypersexualization of Children Exposed! Disney Pedophilia and Satanic Rolemodels

If you type in a search for Illuminati and mind control or programmed or programming and/or entertainment, you will find many more videos about how the entertainment industry is guided and lead by the devil /\ Illuminati /\ NWO /\ Feemasons and how many celebrities have sold their souls to the devil. I don't doubt a word of it. Its true.

Everywhere on the net, now, those of either Christian or Conspiracy oriented ones are recognizing that the powers of darkness love their cryptic symbols that have been around nearly since time and man began. The devil put those in place from the beginning. God has His people avoid idols, iconography, symbols and the like. God restricts Himself to literary prophetic symbols and figures. Words rather than pictures! So many are pointing out the hidden symbols of the devil and his followers to be found all over the place in entertainment, advertising, and promotion.

So by their fruits you will know them. I am most grateful for the fine work many have done in scanning video footage and finding symbols and many copy each others material so that it can not get banned and suppressed easily. I can not say enough good about them.

You should understand that we are now in the closing days of the devil's great wrath, knowing that he has but a short time left to complete his business. He is fit to be tied and raging. So things are going to get really bad, really fast now. Everyone is sensing now that we are very near to a  horrible climax. Most have grasped that there is going to be a false messiah come, pretending to be Christ returned, but Jesus said he was not going to be visible, but rather, sort of hidden away in the clouds, making things happen. We will not see him in the flesh and in person. But we will recognize that is going on is being directed by him, against the devil. All things are being exposed now.

So do not delay in seeking out God, if you want to escape the madness that is about to take place. Once the false messiah appears, you got 7 years before it all ends, except for Christians (and Jews converting to Christ by the mid-point of the 7 year period, if not less). No time to delay any longer.

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The most important link you should consider - right now - is this one on my site:

This shows the real life example of the Children (literally) of God, a religion that worshipped sex, rather than God, and had attempted to make child sex OK for everyone. They had to back off on the use of children, at least publicly, but it is at least possible they may still use them privately, in their own secretive groups. This group demonstrates the pattern for "sexualizing" kids and making them "acceptable" sexual partners.

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