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The Children of God Cult
The Sex Abuse of Women & Children

The Premise
The "Children" of God
"Child" Brides?

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The Premise
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There is no greater sign of humans having lost their minds and being ripe for self-destruction than when the women and children are brutally disregarded and extremely abused. How we treat women and children says a lot about us. There is so much to reveal in this subject. Lets get started.

Update Dec 25, 016 >>  This had been part of my sexual slavery article, but was split off at the date at the top but forgot about it and did not get around to uploading it, I assume. I'll look when I upload to see.

The "Children" of God
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This is a classic cult example that has many lessons to teach. 1st up, Its all about the sex. Free sex and sex with very few boundaries. The Founder is known as Dave Berg. How he got started is not my concern. What he created is! I want to show you how far Dave Berg went with his creation. Its important. I grabbed these still frames off of YouTube and they are not always as clear as I would like, but clear enough. This is a Russian version of this documentary so it has Russian sub-text. The illustrations are from David Berg's publications, though he had someone else draw them.

Look at the twisted logic. Jesus was "nailed" to the cross and Berg had another thing in mind when he says nailed. His is much more crude in intent. Since God let his son be nailed, you guys should let your wives be "nailed." Can you believe that? Don't expect a logic any better than that to come. And Berg suggests that this is the law of love. Oh, really! Wife swapping is not love, it is lust and it threatens good solid relationships and can bring a community to ruin. Children need their families and parents protected from others who might disrupt a marriage. It can and does sometimes happen among "swappers." Its not love when it harms kids and their parents and brakes up families. Berg forgot this and so did his followers.

The NWO will say, its a loving gesture toward your fellow human beings. So is that picture suggesting that maybe wives won't want to go along and so they need to "sacrifice". It might be. But the silent message is, you better go along with it if you want to be like God and be full of love. But its all lies.

I first did this article as part of a larger article in 2013. Late December 2015 I got around to making it its own article. Berg is great for bold crass analogies to justify his version of God and the Bible, ignoring passages that might point out he is wrong. And since most religious Christians do not read the Bible or study it on their own, they will be none the wiser to Berg's lies. And if they like wife swapping, then they will love Berg.

But God forbids wife swapping. He forbids many forms of what is often called loose conduct. The reason I would give in behalf of God, is that God knows how dangerously powerful, addicting, and even inebriating and intoxicating sex can be. It is not an urge or drive that one can easily time and control. Much the opposite, sex can be volatile and explosive. One never knows what simmers inside of one's own soul. So God heavily restricts sex to preserve a marriage and what has always been, up the 1960s, a forgone conclusion; that kids would naturally follow marriage. And Dog desired that the union of a married couple be strong and stable for the sake of the long term welfare of the kids. Berg was disrupting these protective boundaries and throwing open the gates of chaos and disaster.

But Berg had obstacles to overcome. Male jealousy was one of them. But that was easy to get around. Since men could enjoy each other's wives, for many, this provided a nice incentive up to a degree. The above picture was part of the reinterpretation of right and wrong, Berg's way!

I, from everything I have ever seen of this cult, believe that part of their recruiting strategy was to seek reasonable attractive people for recruiting. This by itself provided incentive to "join the club," so to speak. They also went after wealth and political power. Their bait was always women, and I suspect, female children as well, at times. We can't know too much about this group because they are very secretive and rarely have people leave and blow the whistle. But they have deviated enough to suggest what else they might have done. They certainly give reason for concern.

Some odd things of the group were that Berg hated homosexuality. It was totally forbidden. Berg was 100% hetero. Children were constantly cultivated to see sex as natural and "Godly." So many do not see this as wrong. It is not typically prone to torture and so they escape the worst of abuses, quite unlike Satanic Cults that operate within Mind Control Government operations and in isolated groups operating in many places who pretend to a religious faith and act in secret. Compared to this extreme, the Children of God seem almost tame by comparison, but looks can be deceiving. More later.

    FF-ER's stood for Flirty Fishing, whereby women (and probably girls at some point) would have sex with men to "bring them to God." They prostituted for God. So Berg did not have try to make it sound nice and sweet. He point blank, suggests it is prostitution, but for God, not money, so therefore, its OK. This picture is not clear, but it is a man going at this ditsy blond, having a good time. She is reading a book which I show the zoomed version a few seconds later in the video, next picture below left. Moses David was another name David Berg went by.

    She, herself, is reading the "FF-ER'S Handbook" while "bringing" a man to God, in theory. She wants to better learn how to convert men to God, by getting them to sin against Him. How is that for logic? But you do not have to have good logic or reason to get people to go along with you. You just need to offer them something they would really like to do, but are afraid of what others might say. But the others, in this case, will not say anything bad, since they are all told how to view it, of course, by their great leader, inspired of God, I suppose the story goes. Now whether a woman wants to preach with her body and sex, the husband is "encouraged" to go along with it.  You must learn to share or you're selfish and hate God. See how that works? You should be ashamed for not wanting to share your wife "with God" and men. With God since the men will come to God, supposedly.

There are techniques, instructions, and programming women, to take on this task, too. Berg had his own carefully constructed conditioning of the mind so that what would ordinarily be unthinkable, simply becomes ordinary. Berg produced lots of art work like the pictures here, with artists working for him. He wrote plenty as well, and either he or the leaders of splinter branches of the group, would carefully control the "flock." This picture does not seem to indicate love so much as a wild, out of control, frisky sexual romp. I am sure the technique certainly did attract come converts.

God encourages prostitution? Since when? Well, "Moses" says its OK if you whore it up for God and convert people to the faith. I must note here that most members were attractive, as were their kids. I suspect they did not invite just anyone and targeted good looking people, for after all, if you are going to pass your wife around or share your husband, you want to make sure there is plenty in it for you as well. Its appealing to selfishness, pure and simple. So, being a whore is now a good thing, when it has always been bad in the Bible. You will see this in the future. Mark my words. Sex is always the ultimate weapon the devil uses to gain converts of his own. It hardly ever fails.

But it has to be noted that the primary burden of this religion was on the women and even trickled down to girls as well. They were the bait and sexual slaves. The entire group would put pressure on them to do it. Guys had a much easier time. Berg was totally against homosexual relations.

    Grandpa Moses (Dave) Berg in bed with either his wife or a daughter, or maybe even the older of 2 grandaughters, and a blossoming younger grand-daughter showing a breast. Oh, Sure, that happens all the time, I suppose. He would suggest that it should and it is wholesome. But does it stay wholesome. If you read the accounts of ex-members, you will see it does not. Berg is trying to recreate "reality," even as TV or Hollywood do. Its just one big happy family, right? Practically the Brady Bunch. No?

    I guess they never read scriptures forbidding incest. Berg twists the concept of being freed from the law. We are not free to break the law of God. Berg employs a well known tactic called gradualism. Slowly, he led his original followers to embrace wife swapping, then using them as whores to attract more members and maybe money, too. Then teens, then pre-teen and we are never sure where the limits are. He has another tactic I will focus on shortly.

I do believe that Berg had kids in mind from the very beginning. But he knew he would have to take his steps slowly and carefully. He was not without brains, even if they were bad in their intentions.

The cost of flirty fishing? As you might imagine, getting husbands and wives to let each other play around or whore for God, could be a problem, and no doubt some problems arose. Berg, in art and writing, addressed jealousy and even suggested that after much pleading, if a man will not let his wife "go fishing," then she must obey God rather than man and fish and dump hubby, too, if she must.

If she is reluctant, she is being selfish and not loving. Wife swapping helps bring down the barriers to, ultimately, prostituting. As well, in art and books, Berg recommends that if a prospect gets carried away, that the flirty fish should let him rape her. In fact, Berg made light of rape in general, suggesting that if Jesus could endure what he did for us, then women can endure the sometimes overly aggressive ones and love them just the same. Nice guy, huh?

If you visit the former members site:
you will find numerous comics, pictures, Berg articles, videos, and much more. This is a site I urge all to carefully look into. It is a perfect blueprint for what is to come from government, the NWO, and this new age religion, based on old pagan concepts. Berg uses many of those pagan concepts revolving around female sexual priestesses, another word for whores.

"Child" Brides
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    YOU can see the strong emphasis and direction as you look at the many pictures, which often are quite provocative and explicit, even though just drawings. Some would call it mild porn. I dislike the word porn, but it is what it is and Berg art is often very suggestive. Here on the left is such a drawing. Well drawn, for sure. But lots of problems here. It is clearly a well developed woman. But the words, typically used by members, little flirty fishies, is a rather childish way to phrase it and that was exactly the intent. Its to make it seem harmless and nice and fun for kids. "Its sweet and innocent," so they say. I say, the intent was to eventually have kids fishing as well. Some may have. They certainly were shared among the adult members in some groups, maybe most. 

   Since secrecy was their SOP, we will never know unless former members come forward more. Many have already, which is how these pictures came to us. But Berg made his moves cautiously. There is plenty of art with kids in it. But the mermaid bait is a woman. Children being used started and it was not that long before it brought them lots of trouble and they became even more secretive and careful. It was their skeleton in the closet. All the artwork was kept to themselves, for their eyes only. Berg only preached to his own. The outside world was largely clueless till women and families started leaving the cult. Many, due to shame, may never reveal what they did.

    So whether kids still "participate" in those "special" activities is hard to say. I do note that boys in documentaries were far more likely to want to go back or not leave. Again, women have the tough role in this cult. Berg employed another technique very effectively. This one exploits the lack of credibility often found in mainstream Christianity. For instance, Berg encouraged teen marriages, which I also do. He had many good points. but he used some tricks, too. I'll show you.
     Just below left:   These are called "Child Brides." But they are clearly teens. Calling teens children or kids, is seriously stupid. This is the error that Christianity makes all the time. Even 17 year old young women have been called "little girls." The world says little girls to make teens off limits.
           By the way, I hate to be crass, but having seen many of Berg's pictures, do not imagine for a second that the hook in this mermaid was placed quite unintentionally, where it is. Very Typical Berg!

    But Berg says Child Brides while showing teens so you won't flinch or buck. But he attempts to work subliminally so that he can get you used to the jargon, while having another thought in your head. Jehovah's Witnesses were masters at this game. Take a word and give it a unique new meaning in your mind, that would not come up in normal un-indoctrinated people. Then Berg can make the married couples look younger and younger until finally, you might end up with 9  or 10 year olds being pictured as married. And if you succeed there, then they can also share wives and husbands, right?

    Christianity gives Berg that wedge to use on them. Teens did typically marry until the early to mid 20th century. So Berg even gains a small measure of credibility, thanks to churches and their pastors lacking credibility. This is why credibility is so essential.

    Berg also uses this with rape. He makes some valid points from the Bible, but then twists it with reasons that have been used by police, courts, and defending lawyers, to protect rapists by suggesting the victim asked for it or provoked it. Berg, in trying to get women to not take rape so hard or make a big deal about it, also applies guilt and blame to the women or suggests they put up with it for God and be forgiving as God is.

    Churches and pastors have often blamed rape victims and their dress, conduct, and whatever else. The Bible basically suggests that if a woman is in an isolated place where people will not hear her and come running, that her word must be accepted. A pretty good rule.

    But no one ever imagined the world we would live in, today, where no one will help a woman crying out rape and help me. Further, most rape at one time, was about sex. Now, rapists often rape just to be very mean and cruel, enjoying hurting and injuring women. Any woman who puts up a fight might get killed or seriously hurt. If the rapist is not cruel and strongly violent, resistance might well work. But I say, let the woman decide what she wants to do and stand by her, either way. Its her call. If she is clearly out numbered or out-muscled, or he has a weapon, then she does no wrong in quietly not resisting, for fear of her life. Berg joins the world in heaping blame on the woman, with Berg suggesting she just take it. I say, let the woman decide what she wants to do. In General, women have it very tough today. They could use some understanding and support.


These 2 above came from comic books Berg published on the Title subjects at the tops. Note the child bride/wife on the left. She looks no more than maybe 10-12. The comment at the bottom has someone saying brides in India are often 7. Yes, but they don't actually live together or have sex until puberty. They left that out. This is a distortion in every way. I believe teens should marry, work, and have good parents and a community, too. "She" says she wished she had married at 15  .  .  .  or younger! Why did "she" not suggest the younger age, rather than the, what I assume is, the maximum age to wait by her opinion? Why did she not say when she was first ready? Berg wanted to leave the "younger" open and unanswered. Then with time and watching how others react, he can try to push the boundaries more openly younger.

On the right above, the Law of Love. Notice the 2 little kids kissing. I have seen such things but it is not the kissing that say, a couple of teens might engage in. The 2 small kids do it in imitation and innocence more than lust or excitement. Now you'll note the very good looking and provocatively dressed "spirit" of the "Lord." It looks an awful lot like the spirit of flesh to me. Berg is confused. Would you go to church dressed like that? Berg speaks of the harsh restrictions of the law. He prefers letting his lusts run wild and unrestrained.

Now I am not so dumb or so deceitful as to say I would not be enticed by something like that on the right. But I would refrain because any woman approaching me dressed like that is probably going to want an awful lot of money and would not marry. Just my guess. But you can see what Berg is really offering and appealing to. Its in all his comics. His comics are very realistic, provocative, suggestive, boldly so, yes, very graphic and explicit. I left the really strong stuff out. They will catch the eyes of any real man. But they are not from God. They are from the flesh.

So, are you getting the picture? Tell people that morality is bad, and that you don't need to feel bad or guilty about loving someone and being affectionate. Just get rid of that damn Bible and come join us in the fun. Everyone is happy and enjoying it. Can that be bad or wrong?

Miriam Williams was once a member of this cult. She left when the group started to use kids and took her kids with her. She wrote a book, "Heaven's Harlots," on the whole matter. I thought this paragraph from her book summed up many things:

>>The leader of the Children of God, Moses David, has been described by cult expert Dr. Steve Kent as a "lustful prophet," who used the group to unleash his repressed sexuality. Kent writes that the most abused and sexually manipulated people in all the cults he studied were the women of the Children of God, who were instructed to demonstrate God's love by giving sex first to the men in the group and then to the "lost" of the world. According to Moses David, "God was a pimp," and we were the "loving whores of God."<<

Its obvious, isn't it? Some go along with it very reluctantly and did not like it. One Victim, a Celeste Jones, was scheduled to sleep with a different guy each night and then start over again when everyone got their turn. I don't know at what age she started, but there was a brief video of her performing a strip tease which was being taped for Berg to see. She might have been 11 or 12 and was pre-pubescent. She said the leader of the group was often physically abusive of her, would threaten her, and he would have her masturbate him, then he would masturbate her, and then he would masturbate himself. It happened many times and she was 9 when that started. It is often threats and brutality for many girls and women. They learn to go along and give in or else. They put up with it but wish they did not have to. What else could Celeste do since her parents were really enjoying themselves. That meant she wasn't going anywhere and better put up with it.

Berg was a pervert. He just wanted what he wanted and he knew many others would want it, too. I suggest that many today, would really enjoy a lifestyle like this. They will embrace the future and go along with the coming 180 flip, welcoming free sex and with children, too. I'd put money on this one. Kids will have no choice but to go along with it.

As I see it, Satanic cults will do similar but worse. Boys will also likely be required to accommodate men as well as girls and women. Likewise, females may have to accommodate other females as well. Berg was not into that. He liked his whores and orgies straight.

The following paragraph was written in 2013 with reference to Masonic conduct in, say, the 1700s on, it nor much earlier, perhaps the 1300s. Since then, Alisa and Gabriel have revealed many schools already doing great horrors in 2014. So the joke was on me.

2013 >> It has been alleged and I do not doubt it, that in secret underground places at one time and later in private building and castles and what have you, many wild orgies and the like have gone on. The spirit of man does not want to be constrained by long term benefits and practices. Short term lust is all that matters. The continuing legacy of human kind does not matter to them. Solid family structure for kids has no meaning to them. They only care about sexual satisfaction, regardless of the cost to the long term interests of mankind. << 2013

What I also want to point out here, using the "Children of God" again, is that they clearly violated a number of Bible rules, while distorting others, like "love," to justify something totally foreign to the Scriptures. Many cults do this. They have many religious symbols and trappings but if you look closely, they do not follow many of the Bible rules. And it will be no different with the New World Order and the Antichrist. He will pretend to be the Messiah and God, while leading people to abandon sexual restraint, and embrace a new religion that has little in common with the Bible. Most religions are rather phony, if you get down to it.

So don't blame God or Religion in general, for problems. Blame specific religions for specific problems if you like. But don't get fooled by phony liars.

But maybe key to why I am so certain about this direction as regards sex, aside from elite circles having been doing it in secret for years, is knowing the mentality of the devil. As well, I see girls getting kidnapped off the streets of the USA and forced into prostitution, right here on our streets in America. You don't have to go to Cambodia to "get it." Women are forced into it, too. The Military looks the other way while at least 25% of the female force is raped, often more than a few times. It could potentially be as high as 50%, depending on what their statistics calculate. But that is far beyond just an accident and far far beyond any excuse for it.

>>Again, this was all written in 2013. Little did I know that in February of 2015, much worse would confirm what I said if not a whole lot more.<<

Knowing that history is filled with forced sexual enslavement of all types, it is unusual that we do not have it now. But I believe we will join the ranks of the past civilizations and again, brutally subjugate women into forced sexual servitude, and that will include small girls of nearly any age. There will be no limits. Let me quote Berg on this one again, taken from the last picture of his section just above.

Moses David Berg: "We are Godís last church! The last step in Godís progress toward total freedom! Now all we must do is keep the Law of Love. Each age of the Church has taken another step toward total and complete freedom from the harsh restrictions of the law  .  .  .  through the grace of God, to the total freedom of life and love! Where the spirit of the Lord is, there is LIBERTY!"

I will bet you that the Antichrist will say almost exactly the same thing when he comes. They call rebellion from God's protective and nurturing law, Freedom and Liberty. But God's law is about self-discipline and regulation of our most volatile desires. The "God" and "Lord" that Berg speaks of, is the devil. The devil will recommend freedom and liberty, no restraint or limitations whatsoever. "Reason" rather than laws and restrictions. What he will call "Reason" is actually insanity and lawlessness. They will welcome one and all to join in and embrace the new love. But its not love for women, who will have to put up with anyone who wants them, sexually. And worse for kids, who will be forced to submit. God's law is beneficial to all members of the human race, with balance between the rights of the children and those of the adults; and between those of males and those of females, where no one is placed into forced submission to anything against their will.

>>To repeat for the 3rd or 4th time, All this has come true and been revealed in the Hampstead Conspiracy/Coverup. Not too far away, what they do in secret right now will be done openly. All kids will be forced to have sex, like it or not. They will have no choice, unless God pulls off one of His miracles and I can not say for sure if that might happen or not. But humanity will be tested and shown up for that it is or is not.<<


After I had uploaded this, I took a search engine gander around to see if there were better photos of the pictures above or perhaps an American version of the documentary that had been on MSNBC, I think. CNN or something like that. It had been on at various time for a month and then like half a year later, they ran it again for a few weeks at different times. I did find a site of former members of the Children of God cult with lots of every sort of evidence, including lots of pictures which I presented above in this section. I also found something else!

The photos above were in this documentary "Cult Killer." Someone put up an American version in 3 parts. YouTube, bought out and owned now by Google, banned the 1st 2 parts as "Inappropriate." I am gathering that it was the very pictures above that were deemed inappropriate. Well, then why was MSNBC or whoever, so willing to air it many times with all its content? If it was good enough for multiple airings on national TV, through cable or satellite, of course, then why was it suddenly inappropriate for YouTube/Google? Why the absurd about face change?

Those photos represent an attempt to show the horrors of what was being promoted among the "Children of God," in hopes that it might stop and prevent future types of cults and activity. Is that suddenly bad? I am going to suggest it might be, in the eyes of some, like Google. What if you were planning a cult, like the Children of God? Would you want this being exposed and making trouble for you? Of course not! Are we perhaps already near to the time when such things will be attempted and so they want to avoid picking on poor Dave Berg any longer.

Yes, women and children must soon serve perverts whenever they want and I doubt rape will be off limits, either. That is my prediction. We will see. Time reveals all. But what should also be noted in this mystery, is that Google is a high powered search engine "business" that quietly serves government interests in creating very detailed psychological profiles of everyone alive. Google is, you  might say, a secret branch of the secret government working under the public government.

That means, if anyone at all knew what was going on and what direction to take, perhaps by government orders, it just might be Google. Is it just a coincidence that Google now wants to hide this documentary and what it reveals? You can decide. As for me, I think it is very possible or I would not have suggested it. There is something seriously rotten in Denmark. There is no good explanation for why an important documentary, fully promoted by reputable TV networks, is suddenly inappropriate. Be afraid! Be very afraid!

What I find interesting about this cult is that it is near to being a perfect blueprint for who Satan & the NWO thru the antichrist, will "force" all women and children into obligatory sex. Some women are apt to enjoy it. That's understandable on some level, but in the long run, it will be a disaster. Satan wants to convince you that bad is good and good is bad. Being a child in a perfect world, allows the child to learn about the world around them, without being occupied or concerned with sex all the time as is the case when puberty overtakes us. Men lose their brains once testosterone kicks in. So childhood has a purpose and whether you subscribe to God or evolution/nature, that childhood came without reproductive abilities and desires for a reason.

But Satan wants to ruin kids so he gets adults to force on the kids what they were intended not to have. Just look at the size of female genitalia say under age 12, prepubescent. While abusive programmers and cults have shown those can be stretched so that they can accommodate adult male sized members, that is done with great pain to the girls, usually causing horrific trauma if done bluntly without hesitation. Why the hurry to tear them open? It makes no sense. Now I great that forbidding teenagers (who should classified as adults if they have gone thru puberty) has made it worse for if some had that option, maybe they might leave the little ones alone. But it is still without excuse.

Satanic cults will likely take cues from the Children of God one day. Maybe they will ditch the rape and sacrifice and settle for gentle sexual indoctrination. But I doubt it. Most are too hateful and mean to stand being nice for even two minutes. But Antichrist will only have a short time to offer his package and then everyone will have to choose.

Again, here is the link to the very best source on the Children of God cult, by former cult members and it has lasted for 3 years now, since I found it. So it has longevity.

Youtube video of Documentary "Cult Killer - The Story of Rick Rodriguez

The above video sometimes gets banned. Just type in Cult Killer or Rick Rodrigues and see what ya get.

This one works, too:

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