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Alisa & Gabriel Betrayed

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The Premise
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I propose that 


The Ultimate Horror of Horrors
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I always save the best for last. You can thank me later ;-) I know, your dying to know what this horror is. Remember, you asked for it, didn't you?

Torture/Trauma-Based Mind-Control Programming

While it is known in conspiracy circles, there is still not much talk about it. But it is a mainstay of spy agencies and security agencies of all types. It permeates all aspects of life, yet few are aware of this. This is why its used and is very effective. Because no one can detect it very easily, if at all. So how does one find out about it, you ask? I'll get to it in a minute. 1st, a little info on it.

Its history and origins could be disputed and are not clear. For one, it has always been done in secret, for the most part or without outside people really understanding what others were doing in this regard. Carla Emery (Secret, Don't Tell - The Encyclopedia of Hypnotism - Carla Emery) published a history of hypnosis and how it works. She gives good evidence that it may have been in use for almost as long as humans have existed. Considering that Satan has long been trying to get control of the entire race/species, it would be silly to think he was not going to reveal this "technology" to his followers.

But certainly, if at no other time previous, hypnosis really came to be understood and known in the 19th century thru the likes of Franz Mesmer and later psychologists. Germans of the 19th century are thought to have used torture on their own kids to create hidden personalities to insure continuity of policies from one generation to the  next. But the best research I can find seems to indict Nazis as having researched and developed this technique of torture to fracture minds into pieces which could then be used to store memories, info, or just about anything of knowledge, without the conscious person ever being aware that such things were in their minds somewhere.

As well as torture, which produces trauma, which in turn causes the subconscious to enclose and encapsulate that trauma so that it does not cause undo distraction and pain to the conscious, or disable thinking and functioning of the intellectual aspect., due to the constant interference of the painful trauma. It enables us to function undisturbed and protect us form having to cope with pain that was beyond our ability to process at the time of injury.

Dr. Arthur Janov's practice and theory of Primal Pain is based on this mechanism of the brain. Traumas can be brought up and out and be felt finally, producing the reactions to the pain and relieving the pain as it was stored and is felt and integrated, and contemplated afterward. So traumas can be "exorcised" from the mind, but it is not easy to get it to come out. Nor is getting it out always a fast process or even a certain one.

But there is a curious thing about this stored trauma/pain. As we get older, the gates in the mind between subconscious and conscious begin to weaken in power and strength of the gates. Hallucinogens typically throw pain gates all the way open which is why people can have bad trips. These hallucinogens let it all come out at once, taking the control away from the subconscious. But aging only weakness the gates a little so that they can open up a little easier and carefully let stuff out. Painful traumatic memories will begin to leak out/up and into consciousness.

Mind Control was put into practice in the 1950s in the USA, due to Operation Paperclip bringing all sorts of Nazi technology into the USA at the end of WWII. We got rocket tech, UFO tech, and yes, mind control tech. Something "nice" about mind control is that one info is stored into trauma sections, it can be password encoded so that what is inside of it can never be recovered without the password.

So if a mind controlled agent was caught by the enemy, they would never be able to give up the info. They would not even know it was inside them. Only the subconscious would know and he/she isn't talking without a password. So the agent does not know he has it, and no one else knows he has it. This is the ultimate in secrecy. As well, suicide programs can be installed in mind controlled agents so that if they get into certain kinds of trouble, they will kill themselves as programmed.

The CIA first called this program MK-ULTRA. They have since discontinued it, they say, but we all know better, who know at all. From here on in, I will call mind controlled agents MKs. MKs can have many separate individual traumas isolated so that they can create multiple personalities/identities. Programmers can create different identities for different situations. Message carriers, assassins, sex slaves, spies, etc. MKs can record voice and take pictures of documents with their eyes and minds, or anything else they want to photograph. They can remember huge numbers of files and process them, too. There are almost no limits as to what they can be programmed with or for. And yet, they will never know that they are being used in these ways.

Programming now starts before birth and continues forever after. Most are sexually assaulted by age 6. Rape is very typical and frequent for few things seem to disturb their sense of control and resistance as is the constant loss of control over their bodies. It is a sort of conditioning, really. Rape can be done without mind control programming. But the conscious mind will know it and it will not be out of consciousness like it would with programming.

The programming begins with torture/trauma, but hypnosis is essential for programming in organized ways to produce file systems in the mind, and creating specific personalities and traits of each trauma section created. You can put whatever you want in each of these storage areas. So some personalities may share certain info while other info may be exclusive to certain sections. Only the conscious mind seems to get left out of it all, by design, of course.

I will put some of the most important books/title/authors here for you consideration if you want more info on this stuff. MK tech is very serious power in the hands of programmers and assigned users of MKs.

The Illuminati Formula Used to Create an Undetectable Total Mind Controlled Slave by Fritz Springmeier & Cisco Wheeler Deeper Insights into the Illuminati Formula by Fritz Springmeier & Cisco Wheeler Kathleen Sullivan Brice Taylor

          Fritz will show you the whole scientific scope as well as politics, and people involved. This would be your best place to start. It is were I started. He has 2 books, the 2nd being a follow up to the 1st.
          Brice Taylor's book and experience are so broad and high level that you understand how the world works at the top on down. She was in the position to know. She, as a "super" agent MK victim, was in on far more than most. And she broke free, possibly because of a secret password her father might have left in her, but certainly by aging and a car accident. She is the number 1 victim to give testimony. I can't say enough about her.
          Kathleen Sullivan was a secret programmed assassin for the CIA and what she saw and did will blow your mind. She will  give you tons of insights into that sort of MK agent programming. Her being part of a trauma based MK network of pedophile abusers and programmers, as is the case with Brice, is fascinating.

What these books will show is just how pervasive this stuff is in the USA, and the world, for many Nations are likely doing this now. At least the very big and important ones. There are insulated pedophile groups all over the country, often living an exclusive neighborhood made up of just MK sorts of people. Others come together as places where it is all done. How their minds and brain structures are formed, is very scary and sickening, but so very important to know about, so that you don't walk into a hornet's nest and get stung by a hive, if you get my drift.

There are regular children attending day cares centers and elementary schools that also abuse and program kids whose parents do not have a clue that this is happening. I am of the opinion that no one should send young kids to a school, public or private. True, the chances are not that great, but certainly not impossible and you can never tell. Kids hypnotized, electro-shocked, tortured, will be programmed to forget consciously and the stuff will be stored elsewhere in the brain, to be called up by programmers whenever they like or get the chance. Once a program hook and access code are installed, they will always be able to retrieve you child, even far into adulthood. I would not gamble or risk that myself.

Once you have been programmed, in most cases, it is impossible to escape and not likely you will ever find out until your 40s or later. That's if they do not kill you off first. Knowing that aging causes memories to slowly creep into consciousness, they will often just kill the MK slave when they are done with them in their 30s or 40s.

Now below is Carla Emery's attempt at writing an Encyclopedia of Hypnotism, which is so big a part of MK Mind Control. However, hypnotism is only half the formula. Torture, which causes compartmentalized fractures of the mind, allows programmers to use these compartments to hide info and create other personalities that can take over when someone triggers it or programs it.

So hypnotism can accomplish a lot, all the same. One can be made to do anything against their will, just thru hypnosis. All authorities today will insist that no one can make you do anything against your will under hypnosis. But this is a huge lie told to hide the possibilities of Mind Control.

Candy Jones is an interesting study since she appears only to have had hypnosis and drugs applied to her to hide from her conscious self from what the programmers were doing. They created 1 alternate personality who absorbed any pain or negativity and operated for the CIA as another identify. Jones would change personalities and then put on the appropriate wigs, stuffing, makeup and whatever to make her look different. Since she was a celebrity in real life, disguise was important. From her example we can see what typically happens to normal people, who do not want to face certain horrors or discomfort, fear, and the like.

Now the 2 books by Dr. Arthur Janov seem to have nothing to do with Mind Control. But the underlying scientific principles, of what I call Primal Theory and what Janov, his patients, and fans call Primal Therapy; these principles involve integrating the walled off trauma sections that we develop naturally from life's regular traumas, such as rejection, rape, starvation, cruelty. etc. But this therapy should also work with traumas and walled off brain sections and help us to understand how Mind control programming works, with Janov's treatment undoing that sort of damage, while MK programmers create harm and damage. I believe a thorough knowledge of Janov's practice and theories as they were presented in the 2 books below and in just about anything from the 70s and 80s. Janov went a bit nuts in the the 90s onward, with the exception recommended below, as far as I am concerned. And he ignores MK Mind Control and won't admit its existence. He stays totally clear of it. I ought to know. I have confronted him more than once on it all. Just pure silence. I offered his x-wife and her practice to elaborate on their version of primal therapy but she never answered, either. But just the same, Primal Theory has many validities in it. But it has not been perfected nor fully advanced. That remains for me, I guess ;-)

The Primal Scream
by Dr. Arthur Janov

It has been published with many different covers.
Carla Emery The CIA's Control of Candy Jones by Donald Bain The Biology of Love
Dr. Arthur Janov

Most people willingly (without being aware if it, even) want to avoid scary situations or not be reminded of bad things they did; So the inner mind, the sub-conscious, also known in other writings of mine, as Hilgard's Hidden Observer, can and does blind us to certain realities if it senses that we do not want to know. It also serves as a protective mechanism when the young mind can not handle or process a huge trauma. So we end up carrying around lots of buried pain, guilt, fear, and other such that can cause us to be either bitter, or timid and fearful, or carrying anger or resentment or other such things. We are often aware of muted feelings sort of, just beyond consciousness, but we dare not ask them up. So they often influence our behavior and can completely prevent us from seeing or grasping things. This inner being can blind us outright so that we can not see what is right in front of us and we are just as glad to be relieved of that awareness.

Put another way, we have an incredible capacity for self-deception and even delusion, if not walking straight off the deep end, blocking out many realities. In the extreme, this is called Psychosis in Psychology. We would just call it insanity. MK Mind Control programming takes full advantage of these natural tendencies and they amplify them tremendously.

The bottom line is that you should stay away from anything to do with hypnosis. I have an article in my psychology section showing that the Bible does condemn the use of hypnosis. It has never been recognized due to many translators not even being aware of what was being conveyed to them. Or it may be that some did know and left it vague so that none would grasp what was being forbidden. But what remains is that whether Bible prohibited it or not, it should be quite self-evident that hypnosis is a surrender to another who can program obedience to him so that your mind will never truly belong to you again.

MK agents can be made into sex slaves, assassins, couriers and messengers, spies. In the top models, their brains can photograph, record, playback (thru voice, of course), file documents, process them. Henry Kissinger used slaves to record meeting where electronic recorders could not be used due to being vulnerable to detection. While the slave was with him, he could have her look up things in the files in her mind, she could write notes back during the meeting. To repeat, all these abilities and info are contained in the slave, without the slave even knowing they are there. You can torture the slave all you want but they have no way of knowing or accessing anything. Unless you have the codes the programmer has. Torture the programmer if you want.

With these kinds of abilities, anything can be done in perfect secrecy, carried out without anyone knowing. Entire networks form from the top down. Rulers, politicians, judges, lawyers, police enforcement agencies, entertainers, Hollywood and Media  moguls, The highest levels of corporate and banking elites, all form these Satanic networks, using MK Mind Control and MK slaves to carry out the Elite's agenda.

There are insulated communities and housing of some. Others congregate at churches and other private building or even use a business establishment of one of its members to meet and practice their Satanic religion and crimes against children as well as adults. Because they now have enough of society involved with them and their schemes, they never have to worry about prosecution or punishment. The good are far outnumbered by the bad. Anyone harmed will have no recourse to law or justice. This is a huge network that exists and operates totally outside of the law. And yet, amazingly, they live among us, often operating in our midst and we never know that it is going on, because it is all done in absolute secrecy and darkness, with absolute deceit and corruption.

They know they could never get away with all this if they openly and publicly did it, so they carefully cover their tracks and bury any investigations. Yet, so very Oddly, what they do is known to some, a few, who look beyond and search out to find clues that reveal certain anomalies and loose ends that lead back to this world wide crime syndicate. You see, they have a problem in that their arrogance and their desire to do what they do, openly, if they could; they tend to get careless, reckless or even stupid. They brag in their many symbols and icons which conceal ( and secretly reveal ) their real intentions and loyalties to the devil.

So while it is secret, it is not all that secret. Jesus made the following prediction between about 30 and 33 AD:

RSV) Matthew 24:
38 For as in those days before the flood they were eating and drinking, marrying and giving in marriage, until the day when Noah entered the ark,
39 and they did not know until the flood came and swept them all away, so will be the coming of the Son of man.

42 Watch therefore, for you do not know on what day your Lord is coming.
43 But know this, that if the householder had known in what part of the night the thief was coming,
     he would have watched and would not have let his house be broken into.
44 Therefore you also must be ready; for the Son of man is coming at an hour you do not expect.

Jesus spoke, revealing an attitude the world would have, for most do not notice anything going on. But something is definitely going on. Even many who think they are Christian, are not aware of what is going on. Living in the age we do, some might wonder how you could not notice what is going on since the 911 fiasco and especially since about 2011. But most do not want to know because they sense enough to know that they could get in trouble for noticing anything. More on that shortly.

Satan is the ultimate Godfather of a very large crime syndicate or mob family. His earthly lieutenants (national leaders) and the many layers and levels of this world wide network, have engulfed and swallowed up the whole world so that just as John said in the scriptures:

(Eng Std Ver) 1John 5:19 "We know that we are from God, and the whole world lies in the power of the evil one."

John was not exaggerating when he said the whole world is in the power of the devil. The devil even said to Jesus in his 40 days of temptation in the wilderness, that he, the devil, owned all the nations and kingdoms of the earth and he could give them all to Jesus for an act of worship but Jesus refused. But Jesus never disputed the devil's ownership. Indeed, they were the devil's to do as he pleased, until the final act when judgment was brought upon the whole earth on Judgment Day.

So we should not be surprised at all that corruption and evil is so wide spread. Almost everyone is evil now. How can I say this? Just watch!

Suppose I could show that law enforcement and the courts were all corrupt and evil. Suppose I could show vast networks of child rapists and child killers and human sacrifices were done all over the world in major nations. And then show that almost no one cared about this stuff going on. Would you then believe me?

And the implications for this, if proved? Well, it would mean that we have nearly hit rock bottom when it comes to evil. It would indicate the evil outnumber the good and have control of the world. What is left? Just a few things. A few key events that will lead to a false "Jesus" claiming to have returned to save the human race. But he will not teach what the former real Jesus did. Instead, he will twist the scriptures to get you to do horrible things in the name of love, no doubt.

This imposter will be backed by the nations of the world and the majority will follow him. And he and his administration will remove real Christians who resist following him, and put them in prison/work camps or emptied prisons throughout the world. This is allowed by God so that He may seclude Christians from what is about to happen on earth. This will be, in effect, the separation of the sheep and goats. The large remaining followers of antichrist will then experience the horrors of the various ways of dying, carried out by the antichrist and his men of power. Then the mass dying and killing off, of much of the population will take place.

But as for the depravity of evil, it has reached most of its climax. Children are no longer safe and are just used for abusive sexual pleasure of adults. No longer are children protected, sheltered and cared for with any love or tenderness. We have turned our backs on the young, who can not defend themselves and depend completely on us.

So the next section is going to deal with previous cases of Satanic Ritual Abuse (Rape) of numerous children and the most recent one, which perhaps is the most credible one to present itself to date. These should be of ample evidence to show that there is no decency or goodness left in society as a whole; That ruthless evil now operates the world entirely and the general population has been bypassed in favor of evil; And that the general population has shown themselves to be unconcerned with the overwhelming evidence of vast numbers of young children being raped and tortured continually throughout their childhood, if we can even call it a childhood.

I hope you're up to it, you spineless gutless wonders.

Rules of Evidence
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This section is about the breakdown of justice around the world, evident by their rules and conduct. So I will expand on what few good procedures exist and also emphasize new rules and procedures for investigation and trial. These are then going to be applied to the Alisa and Gabriel Dearman case, to show what a farce this mockery of an investigation truly was. Every last indiscretion I can find will be exposed. Why? Because I want to show just how evil our world truly has become. But as well, once you see it is hopeless, I want to make clear what the only true solution is, for fixing this or anything else.

Lets cover some important rules when conducting an investigation or prosecuting a case in court.

All trials should be public  so that the public may attend and observe the conduct of all in the court, so the public can be assured of a fair trial conducted with integrity. Any trial not conducted in public is otherwise known as a secret star chamber hearing. It seeks to hide what goes on and keep it secret. JFK said the very word secrecy is repugnant to Americans. I wish  he were right. But that he was wrong is evident by the fact he got his head blown off. Secrecy is alive and well. And we are all paying for it.

I will add to this. Since law and order is no more in our world, a public trial should allow participation of the general public in attendance, even as is done in many town meetings, where various citizens will come up to a microphone and voice their opinion. In a trial, the public should be allowed to question either side and demand answers, for ultimately, justice, if it is to be true and real justice, must always be accountable to the people at all times. The public has a huge stake in the judicial process so it does have vested interests in observing AND participating in trials by the public.

I note that in the Bible, trials were to be heard in the city square or at the gates to the city. Anyone was free to speak up and out. Anyone could listen in. The older men in the square at the time would judge the case. So it as a very quick and speedy trial where the older ones around would be the judges/jury. They would be observed by public so as to put more pressure on the judges to do the right thing. Were video and sound recording around in those times, I am sure they would have been used and encouraged. God does not fear the truth like Satan's followers do.

Our trials allow no recording and are very limited in who participates or not. This allows corrupt regimes to control court procedures and sweep things under the carpet. They forbid or disallow evidence, and use rules of procedure to invalidate perfectly good evidence. Our courts today are a total farce and disgrace. There is no legitimacy left at all.

All testimony will be heard and addressed. All evidence should be presented and addressed for resolution..  Leaving out witnesses or failing to submit all evidence gathered is a crime, not only in justice, but in science. Leaving out data or falsifying data, or changing data are all serious crimes in science. They should be in law as well and they are supposed to be. Leaving out evidence, which prosecutors are well known for, and defense has done it, too; but just one piece of evidence can make or break any case. Its bad enough to happen in science, but in law, where justice is so vital, it is unforgivable.

To further explain this one, it should be understood that all evidence and testimony should be investigated fully and answered to in court. To ignore or leave out any lose unanswered ends or leads, is to defraud justice. As much as possible, every contradiction should be resolved as much as possible, and each declaration should be thoroughly tested. Corrupt powers love to avoid going down certain paths of investigation. The less they investigate, the less they have to explain or refute. They find what they want and ignore all the rest. They love nothing more than a single patsy to blame so that a conspiracy will not be noticed. Just ask JFK about that one. As well, in order to prevent giving the accused any chance to cover up, warrants for searches should be issued in secret (no warning to the one to be searched) and the arrival and entry of the place or vehicle to be searched should also be unexpected so that no evidence can be hidden, destroyed, or moved elsewhere. All searches should be done at that same time so that others can not be warned of potential searches.

Let me give an obvious example. Suppose the UK gave the Germans a warning of the time and place that bombers would be bombing. That would be pretty stupid, wouldn't it? The Germans would simply rescue what they could and make sure any night raids had lights turned off and extra fire power to shoot down bombers be in place. You quite obviously do not let your enemies even now you are coming. You visit by surprise. Serious criminals are a very serious threat to us all. Just as dangerous as an enemy at war with us would be considered. Aiding the enemy is a serious wartime treason. Anyone who helps cover up justice is a serious enemy of justice and us all. It is very much a crime of treason and betrayal to the public at large.

And it should be opposed by every effort possible to secure that ever so vital thing we call justice. Justice should be in the hands of the people and secrecy should be outlawed and all secret societies should be outlawed and hunted down in an idealistic world. I would say that doing so now is impossible since we are surrounded and made to come out with our hands up. The devil is in power, if there was ever any doubt. Only God can save us from this mess.

Conflicts of Interest are a deliberate sabotage of justice.  When an investigation is being done, how could it possibly make sense to allow the accused to do the investigating of itself? In the case to follow shortly, of Alisa and Gabriel, who accused police and Child Protection Services (CPS) (among others) as being part of a pedophile ring, the British government and legal system allows the police and CPS to investigate the charges against themselves as well as other parties. Oh, what could go wrong there? Of course they will not find anything against themselves !!! I wouldn't either, even if I was super guilty. This is the worst of all legal atrocities since it is the most evident sign of coverup, guilt, corruption and hate for justice and decency.

There is no investigation when the accused criminals are their own investigators and prosecutors. This is total chaos. This is what Alisa and Gabriel, ages 9 & 8 respectively, came up against. A world that did not give a damn about them or decency. And not only them, who we personally are acquainted with, but the many children who we have not met, who also suffer for their entire lives in this trap of multi-generational Satanic ritual sexual abuse and torture. Alisa and Gabriel escaped partly because their mom was not in on it. Further, that they were caught in sexual play, caused them to spill the beans. The rest of the kids in the pedophile ring had both parents selling them out so that they will never get caught or get punished for sexual play. Unique circumstances allowed our 2 darlings to escape (maybe). We will see what their fate ultimately ends up as. I am sure many of us have offered up prayers and hold out hopes for them.

Another form of this is when people sue their governments and government agencies. Since the courts also belong to the government and judges are appointed by the government, then there is no possibility of justice being done. I know a few things about this by experience. More than a few things. But how stupid can anyone get to think that government is going to give an average citizen a judgment against the government accused? Especially when the government also owns and controls all enforcement (police types)! I suppose you believe in the fairy godmother, too! What recourse is there to grievances against the government? None! Hey, you asked! I told you the truth. Its sucks, doesn't it?!

This is why in the Bible, justice was administered by those who lived around you in your community, all of whom were the older, wiser, more respected men of the community. It was not left to people who you did not know and who did not know you and may not even live anywhere near you. Justice is far removed when those who judge are far removed. There is at least a chance that a judge who lives in your town will fear his neighbors and might even care about them. In our society today, we do not know most of those who live on our own street. We are strangers amongst crowds. We are doomed. Only God can save you now.

Selected Juries are evil, and should be illegal.  I know, our justice system does it all the time. That is the problem. We are supposed to be judged by our peers. Our peers are a great variety and mixture. So selecting say, all women and old people would be dishonest, since men and middle aged and the young adults are being ignored. A proper jury should be random to insure the selection has not been tempered with. Using profiles is attempting to fix the outcome/decision/verdict, by selecting people who might be likely to favor the suspect or the prosecution. It is illegal to threaten a jury or bribe a jury. Well, then, being very selective of a jury should also be illegal. It is not only legal, it is the way we do things here in the USA.


Having the right to be confronted by one's accusers is vital. Yet, we make allowances for it in the case of children. But in law and justice, children have to rise to the standards of justice as anyone should. No excuses. An adult's rights should not be violated because accusers are minors, so called.

But caution should be mandated by courts to make sure that neither prosecution or defense should batter witnesses or intimidate those who are young. In fact, I question whether battering witnesses under oath is ethical at all. One can get to the truth without dirty tactics. Dirty tactics are more symptomatic of trying to corrupt or intimidate a witness.

Let me illustrate why it is so important for children who accuse, to do so face to face with the accused. First, the reason we "excuse" children from having to confront the one they accuse, is because courts and lawyers know quite well that a child's testimony can be very powerful and effective. One example I recall is a teen daughter accusing her dad of forced sex many times. It was her extreme shaking and trembling and deep sobbing and crying that would have convicted a saint, had one been around. Her testimony was absolutely authentic. No one acts that well. We will soon be reading of 2 young kids, Alisa and Gabriel, whose taped video accusations are extremely convincing except to those covering for pedophilia-child rapists and torturers. Their clarity, sincerity, the details, everything was so dead on and solid. Their testimony was and is their greatest asset. All the lawyers in town would not have been as effective in their behalf.

Children confronting their attackers is to the benefit of the children, not their detriment. Those in power know this. That is why they excuse kids from having to do the right thing. But if a man was to be falsely accused, he has the right to confront his accusers and ask his own questions of them. It goes both ways and needs to go both ways. None of the attackers of Alisa and Gabriel has ever had to make an appearance before those kids. The kids have a right to be able to ask questions of these people. Those accused have an obligation to answer any and all charges. How convincing would the accused ones have been in that case? Yes, and that is why they were not there and did not have to be there. Because they would have been a total failure. Alisa and Gabriel did their part, but they never got to testify in court. They were denied a court trial, at least in public. And the guilty parties never had to answer to anything. Indeed, we live in wicked times where justice is hindered at all possible times and places to make a total farce out of justice.

However, I think the process of taking an oath is a bit phony. Taking an oath puts you under obligation to tell the truth. But what I say is that any words that ever come out of your mouth, at any time, or on paper at any time, should be valid evidence, that could exonerate you or incriminate you. We are always at all times and places, accountable to the law and to society at large. We are responsible for our actions and words at all times.

Lying under oath is called perjury and is a serious offense. But I would say that dishonesty, which includes lying and deception, should always be a crime at all times and not just under oath. Very Small lies could be ignored. But any substantial lie that causes harm or loss should be fully accountable to the law. Dishonesty is an evil thing to tolerate in any society that wants decency and wholesomeness. Dishonesty always leads to the very worst, given enough times. We do not want to allow it a foot in the door.

Do keep the ideas of being confronted by your accusers close in mind, as well as testimony always being valid and accountable, whether under oath or not. My opinion is that courts and politicians make a big deal about oaths and using technicalities to throw out testimony not given under oath in a court. Why should video evidence not count just as much? They excuse lies because the lies were not told while under oath and that being under oath is all that matters. I know of few crimes that were ever committed in a court of law, other than perjury or some technicality. All evidence counts always. That is part of the scientific method and it should be a part of the judicial method. Further, I know of plenty of politicians, businessmen, and gangsters who routinely lie under oath. What good is an oath when you can not prove the witness is telling the truth or not? Criminals do not respect oaths at all. Lets dispense with them. When you testify, you are responsible for what you say or lie about.


A mysterious death of an important witness should automatically by applied against whoever was made to look bad by the testimony of the murdered victim. All suicides in such circumstances should be held with the greatest of suspicion. In long term investigations such as JFK's murder, a large number of murdered witnesses should alone be enough to render a verdict of conspiracy to defraud justice and interfere with justice and law, as well as Murder 1 of a President.. All suspects should have been rendered as guilty. It would be quite a list, too. Evil is far more numerous that good.

However, I will say that in the interest of Justice, which is a large vital interest, indeed, should be open to being retried, observing all the rules previously mentioned above. In the JFK case, the evidence recovered over years has made far more progress to show that there was a very large widespread conspiracy carried out to murder the President. The record should be set straight, even if it did take 50 or more years. Late justice is better than no justice at all.

Its too easy to kill witnesses and that has happened far too many times to allow this to get people off the hook. Suspicious deaths must be answered for by defendants. If one was not really guilty, they would not need to kill witnesses. And for witnesses to be killed while the suspect is incarcerated, means that someone is helping the suspect. I am serious about this, because it is a routine occurrence now in trials, since so many are conspiratorially related. Crooks come in gangs and syndicates. Few work alone anymore. When a new and powerful tactic is used by enemies of law and order, then new weapons have to be formed against those new tactics of the enemies.

When a gang such as Hell's Angels see one of their guys get attacked or threatened, they all come around to "lend a hand," if you catch my drift. Criminal networks have become so big and so connected, that nearly any crime is going to be a conspiracy now. Its hard to get along in substantial crime unless you belong to a group. A group is much harder to defeat than just an individual is. They know that and YOU should, too. Shame on you if you don't.

For example, if 2 nations were engaged in an arms race sort of cold war, and one of them introduces a new and better missile, we will say. The other nation will have to find a way to either make an even better missile or a way to defeat the missile made by the enemy. Either that, or surrender to the enemy, which I have never seen happen. So anyone with just a few brain cells knows that when truly ruthless tactics are employed by criminals, that law enforcement will need to find an antidote solution to the problem. Automatic guilty verdicts could be very handy and effective.

Real modern law enforcement can only come from citizens, mostly unpaid. Remember that money corrupts everything that touches it. All law enforcement agencies should be assumed to be crooked because crooks at the top have long been making sure that all positions in enforcement have been filled by "their guys." Wake up and smell the coffee, folks. Its not a nice world anymore. Everybody is in on it, now. We the abused are the minority who receive all the abuse and if you'll forgive me for quoting a vulgar but very accurate proverb, "Shit only rolls downhill." Its a fact and don't you ever doubt it.

So someone says, well, what if a gang wanted to frame a patsy? Well, patsies would have those who would suggest they were patsies, but if those identifying a patsy know they might be killed by those trying to blame a patsy, then few would want to become accusers of patsies. Am I not right? Now if the patsy had people who call him patsy and could exonerate him, these might get killed. But their killing would then set him free by default in my system. Generally speaking, only criminals kill off witnesses. Law abiding citizens do not. Innocent people do not.

So any time any witnesses get killed for any reason, those suspected of such killings would immediately be executed were I in charge. I would warn them before hand and might even incarcerate them until justice was served. And I'd say, if anything happens to my summoned witnesses, you guys all die! Gee, wouldn't be a shame if the trial happened to last for 5 or 10 years, huh? ;-)

When courts encounter massive attacks on the judicial process, then those attacks must be counteracted swiftly, certainly, and severely, by the law. For law not to do this, would indicate that the law is favoring the criminal conspirators. I am afraid that it is hard to avoid concluding that most courts and law, have let the inmates run the asylum, and criminals run the nation. Restated, that the court and judicial system no longer treats crime seriously, if prima facie evidence that the judicial system is itself a criminal enterprise and since it is part of the government, the government, too, is guilty of being a criminal enterprise.

Evidence of a cover-up is a guilty verdict, beyond any shadow of doubt. Not just reasonable doubt, but even beyond a shadow of doubt. And Bless Sabine McNeil for also noting that a cover-up is a conviction of a crime.


The court of any jurisdiction is the most vital function of that jurisdiction. The conduct of the court must be beyond any reproach whatsoever. Not even the slightest indication of any impropriety can be afforded. Where this becomes most evident is when those harmed are innocent and perhaps young, helpless and defenseless, or a woman facing threats and stalking by a man, especially a crazed or obsessed man, or an elderly person with feeble mind. Even poor people could qualify. Or even the wanton abuse and harm of animals or the environment, which harms all who are affected by the harmed environment. When someone big, important, and rich attacks someone of little stature, this, too, is a horrible abuse.

In the Bible, God often warns Israel to look after the widow and orphan, recognizing these as being disadvantaged and more easily preyed upon and exploited, due to the absence of a male provider and defender. God swears all sorts of misery to any who ignore the plight of the widow or orphan. The widow/orphan was a generalization for those who were more susceptible to abuse and harm. A handicapped person would qualify. The bottom line is that a society where the weak and vulnerable are preyed upon is a wicked society, indeed. God promises to destroy such abuses at the prescribed time in His schedule. We are in the last days of those times right now! There is not much more time left.

It is a very great evil that preys upon weakness and vulnerability. Few are entertained by a lop sided Super Bowl in the USA's NFL. We like to see a close game where the game is not decided till near the very end. We expect some lopsided games in the season. Not all teams are always in good functioning order.

But now in the case of say, a child, what fairness or decency is there in stealing from that child, or going out of our way to hurt the child's feeling or to inflict painful injuries because we wanted to take our anger out on something? Most would see this as heinous and beyond comprehension .  .  . or would they?

That is the problem before us now, for institutionalized pedophile rings exist thru many parts of the world but seem to be most prevalent, in my mind, in the most advanced industrial countries where secret government spy type agencies operate many of these pedophile rings which are used for often very sophisticated (but evil) purposes. I am referring to, among others, the USA and UK, quite likely the 2 most powerful nations on earth, since they work so closely together.

This is the institutionalized mass raping of children that goes on routinely on vast numbers of children. Many babies and kids are killed in ritual sacrifices to the devil. This is the most sick and disgusting level of corruption ever systematically perpetrated upon a population that, whether wise or not, that population trusts.

But to go one step worse, most of us, by not pursuing a higher level of intellectual development and perceptiveness, and heightened awareness of what goes on around us; we condemn ourselves and all who we care about. Without realizing it, we turn the young and innocent over to the most hideous abuses ever devised by human beings by being so damned stupid and clueless. It is truly unforgivable, if I can prove my case.

In brief, our law system is totally corrupt and broke and works against justice, rather than for it. So now we have examined law and its needs. We know what good law should look like. Now lets look at the sad state that law is now in!

Some History First
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I assume you can read the title and author. A very ignored pat of 19th century industrial USA is the vast numbers of orphans turned out onto the streets. New York City had a substantial number of them. They would be rounded up like cattle and shipped to farms or orphanages by train. They were unwanted and unloved. As if that was not enough alone, they were perfect victims for abuse by perverts and monsters for sexual pleasure. they were worked like slaves quite often. Oh, and by the way, this was in a so called Christian nation, allegedly. God's chosen, even, some say. But I would never blaspheme God like that. I fear lightning very much. This is excellent evidence for why unbridled breeding is not a good thing and that only responsible breeding should ever be attempted.

"With grace and precision, and a novelist's sense of time, place, and character, Stephen O'Connor has thoughtfully retraced the gripping, often harrowing tale of Charles Loring Brace and the Children's Aid Society, showing us in the process how a great city came both to abandon and to redeem some of its most vulnerable citizens."
-RIC BURNS,  director of the PBS series New York

"Once again, O'Connor has used his empathetic genius to bring to life the world of children — this time, the poor children of nineteenth-century New York City. O'Connor's story is unsentimental, and though it is about a time and place whose brutality and ignorance (and piety and self-sacrifice) may seem distant, the human problems this book illuminates are problems we have not yet solved."

Yet another story of kids rounded up in NYC and shipped on trains to places all across the USA. Many former children gave interviews. Some very sad stories. There are other books and accounts such as these, revealing hell holes for orphanages and boarding homes, where love was non-existent. Many condemn abortion, but honestly, I am not sure that abortion would not have been a more merciful option than what they had. Sex abuse was rampant. Being unwanted and without love is a very good definition for hell. There truly are things worse than death. But our nation, the USA, has a lot of shame to hide. Abuse of kids is not new, I regret to report.

If you look on Amazon, you find other books like these, 11 just on the 1st page. Many who adopted, did so for selfish reasons, such as cheap farm labor or cheap sexual thrills. Many who were abused never got to tell their story or where too shamed so speak up and no one would have listened, anyway. The USA was and is full of horrible skeletons in the closet. Today, its Satanic Pedophile Rings and Mind Control Programming to make slaves out of kids. When God is ready, there will be no mercy on the USA or any other nation, for that matter. You can take that to the bank !!!

All these books are in my collection. Every nation paints itself as a saint. But the reality is that they are all monsters. The Bible describes them metaphorically as Beasts. These beasts reflect the personality of their master, none other than Satan. This is why we have Satanic abuse in these pedophile rings. Worship of Satan is found throughout and consistently in these horrific types of abuse and torture rings to be found all over the world. It is not new, its just that it is, in my opinion more widespread throughout the world, contaminated the entire species of man. Surely, if you are a decent soul as some are who visit here, you can agree that this is worth objecting to and taking a stand against. Don't let childrens' youth be taken from them and leaving them condemned to a life of never ending horror which they then continue on others in most cases. Its self-perpetuating.

Howard Zinn is a unique professor in that he focuses on the history of abuses in the USA. Labor gunned down by corporations and government goons. I am posting here the table of contents. The history of the USA had not been a glorious one.

1.      Columbus, the Indians, and Human Progress       1

2.      Drawing the Color Line    23

3.      Persons of Mean and Vile Condition       39

4.      Tyranny Is Tyranny           59

5.      A Kind of Revolution       77

6.      The Intimately Oppressed 103

7.      As Long as Grass Grows or Water Runs  125

8.      We Take Nothing by Conquest, Thank God        149

9.      Slavery Without Submission, Emancipation

Without Freedom        171

10.  The Other Civil War         211

11.  Robber Barons and Rebels           253

12.  The Empire and the People           297

13.  The Socialist Challenge     321

14.  War Is the Health of the State      359

15.  Self-help in Hard Times    377

16.  A People's War?    407

17.  "Or Does It Explode?"      443

18.  The Impossible Victory: Vietnam 469

19.  Surprises    503

20.  The Seventies: Under Control?     541

21.  Carter-Reagan-Bush: The Bipartisan Consensus  563

22.  The Unreported Resistance           601

23.  The Coming Revolt of the Guards           631

24.  The Clinton Presidency     643

25.  The 2000 Election and the "War on Terrorism"    675

Afterword       683

Bibliography   689

Index   709


This book is similar to the one above, except that this one focuses on diaries, letters, and other sorts of documents of people writing about historic events. Usually from the perspective of the abuse or someone who witnessed abuse. The history of the USA is not a pretty one. But it is a good one to study as it has made great brags and claims about liberty, truth, justice, freedoms, dignity, respect, and other such total nonsense and bullshit. The USA is a classic liar, doing much like the devil, who Paul says presents himself (Satan) as an angel of light. (and and wisdom, knowledge, freedom, liberation and other such garbage). Bad guys might meet up with justice often if they did not lie and pretend they were so benevolent and righteous. But anyone with a lick of common sense and experience knows there are no saints down here on earth. We do well just to keep ourselves in line. One great way is to condemn the dirt that does ggo on in secret such as pedophile rings, among the most abhorrent of abuses committed by people who ought to know better. But like their Master Satan, hate humanity and hate innocence and love to degrade it, abuse it, and kill it, sort of giving God the middle finger in the process. But not to worry. God will soon be breaking all those fingers and then ridding the world of the Satanic animals that have become the scourge of our modern age. It is not far away anymore. I urge you to get to know more about it and  trust in it.

I could go on and on and there would be no point to it. Evil has always been. But evil is about to meet its end as well. Our job right now is to demonstrate to God that we will take a stand for decency and kindness and do all we can to defend those who can not defend themselves. I invoke God because I do believe that God can intervene here in behalf of Alisa, Gabriel, and their mom. There may be issues involved in this case between God and the devil, adversaries in the ultimate legal case in the spirit realm. But I also get the sense that this case may well have been brought forward by God, He haven chosen the appropriate time and circumstance. Its too long to get into here to explain more.

But if we will refuse to take a stand for righteousness, then why is it that God should take our prayers seriously? If you say it and pray it, then be damned sure and do it as well. Do what you can but do something, even if just spreading the world around the net. Pledge to get smarter about what is going on around you, too.

If we can not bother to try to help kids avoid the horrible treatment of these pedophile rings, then to be quite honest, we are no better than those who rape the children. The best way to help, is to give great publicity and attention to what is really going on. Let people know just how truly evil this whole matter is. It can not sink any lower than this. If people can ignore this, then all I can say if that there are few people left worth saving. It should be very evident by now that things have gone very wrong along the way to the present at that we did not recognize it and must repent in sack cloth and ashes and take a stand against government judicial systems, at least by exposing them as frauds. If you can not lend any hand to publicity, then what good are you honestly?

And on that note, we have been handed what might be of divine providence, in the witness and testimony of 2 children of very recent time, who have spoken out and testified on video what they and other children have gone thru. I refer to Alisa, age 9, and Gabrielle, age 8, victims of a Satanic Pedophile Ring, their mom, Ella, Ella's boyfriend or whatever, and many others who are now involved. The next section shall be all theirs. It is the most persuasive and credible testimony ever revealed, as far as I am concerned and there have been many good cases over the last 40 years or so. But this one takes the cake.

The 2 children are like nearly God sent for their hearts and clear minds and very sincere honest expressions. Its time to make a stink and expose the whole web of evil that has overcome us in the 21st century. We can not stop it, but we can expose it. We can take a stand and God will remember our good service to Him, to our selves, and helpless powerless victims all over the world.

Alisa & Gabriel            March 1, 2015
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Disclaimer: The following section/account is alleged and not proven in a court of law. I should not have to spell out that as such, those accused are not necessarily guilty. That verdict could not be published unless it was the final verdict of a court. Most of the opinions in this section are mine, based on my reasonings which I share with you. My motivation is my concern for what I see as a very credible case in favor of the original testimony of 2 brave kids, who at a young age, have already been thru so much and have so much more to go thru. They do not deserve  this, but neither do they have anything to be ashamed of, if their accusations are correct.


I first come across this in 11 February 2015. But it has been going on since the summer of 2014. I have taken info from sites on the net that cover this. Many have copied the info so that it can not be wiped out by evil censors. So I will begin with a short time list to give you a better picture.

"During the summer of 2014, Ms. Draper’s new partner, Mr. Christie, caught the children sexually touching not only themselves but a pet dog. This discovery led to a series of exchanges between Mr. Christie and the two children that he video-taped, where the children gave a shocking and very detailed description of horrific sexual abuse and child sacrifice at the hands of their father and, according to the children, many members of staff at the Christchurch Primary School in Hampstead that they attended. The children also implicated other parents, attorneys, doctors, the school nurse and employees of the Children and Family Court Advisory and Support Service (Cafcass), an English governmental body set up to safeguard and promote the welfare of children involved in family court proceedings."

"In the tapes, Gabriel and Alisa display a highly abnormal awareness of adult sexual activity and give detailed descriptions of alleged distinguishing marks on the genitals of their alleged abusers. In one segment Alisa describes how her father, Richard (Ricky) Dearman, held his hand on hers and “because we’re not so strong, because the spine is there, my father, RD, holds our hand and cuts off the baby’s head, and if his hand is on it he wipes off his fingerprints“."

It was in the summer of 2014 that the family made a trip to Morocco and that many of the video recordings were made on that trip. Mr. Abraham Christie, has in my mind, been unjustly framed for being abusive and of bad character. I don't believe a word of it. When Abraham made the discovery, he was intelligent enough to know what must be behind it. But it turned out to be far worse than he could have imagined. He did a good job in recording the testimony of the kids.

There are claims that he made the kids testify as they did on video. Complete rubbish. When an authority wants to cover something up, they look for the weakest link they can find and exploit that as being the real cause. They saw Abraham as the best chance they had to find a crack and exploit it. After all, it was not the mother that discovered it. Too hard to blame. That only left Abraham. What does not come out on the videos is that the kids at first did not want to tell and refused. They had been threatened by their genetic dad, that he would kill them if they told. This is the most common tactic of rapists and continual abusers of children. It is also the tactic of Satan worshipers and Trauma-Based Mind Control (TBMC) programmers. Many are also tortured and torture conditioned to fear and be quiet and go along with the program.

Abraham had enough street smarts to grasp this. It is alleged that he tapped their foreheads with spoons and hit Gabriel in the left side of the head over the ear. The examination that took place later did not detect any permanent damage. Gabriel had been caught molesting a 3 year old girl when Abe reacted to it. Lets face it, Gabriel is suffering some serious damage  at age 7/8 and Abe was not impressed with Gabe's preying on a 3 year old girl. I don't find that a disturbing reaction but with better understanding, Gabriel was responding to the girl the same way adults had responded to him. I am sure it did not seem like a big deal to him.

Abraham later admitted, I believe, to Sabine, that he had hit Gabriel on the left side of the head over the ear when Abe caught Gabe molesting a 3 year old girl. Abraham felt strongly about that. Honestly, can you blame him? A 3 year old girl? As you can see, poor Gabriel has already been seriously scarred and is now doing to others as has been done to him. It seems quite natural to him. So the crime is not just harming children, but causing what is likely to be multi-generational, nearly perpetual abuse and harm that will likely only become more widespread and common.

It is a very serious crime. AND it is happening all over the world as these Satanic Cults have proliferated near and far over the globe.

Truth is that few of us give a whole lot of thought and understanding to life's many problems, issues, and solutions. We react as best as our instincts can handle. WE have given little thought to life and what we might encounter. Most of us are unprepared for what life is going to dump on us. Gabriel needed help and guidance and no one even knew he had a problem until he and Alisa were caught "touching" each other, and their dog in the summer of 2014.

As well, poor Abraham was unaware of so much and was not adequately prepared for what he came upon. Are you people out there sure you would have done better? I have my doubts.

I am going to paste the mother's account to a point. Keep in mind that she only found out what had been going on with them after they had been caught sexually fondling each other or something like that. Be aware that the allegations are those of the mother and do not necessarily reflect the truth or lies. Nothing has been proven "according to law." But I have my own ideas and rules of evidence as well. But I do believe the mother has a right to be heard and to testify. My comments will be in brackets and red text.

Mother's Account

Chronology of the contacts and father’s involvement in Alisa and Gabriel’s lives

The relationship between Mr Dearman and I was on and off since 2004 until 2007. We have separated several times.

From what Alisa and Gabriel have been telling me:

Mr. Dearman started to abuse the children since they were babies. I clearly remember an incident when Alisa, around 6/7 months of age, once became upset all of a sudden for no apparent reason. I knew she was fed, clean, and well. I was breastfeeding then and have been very careful with my diet to not upset her tummy but she kept crying and crying as if something disturbed her deeply. Mr Dearman was around but seemed to not take much notice of it. He was saying that she just was difficult and wanted her own way. I couldn’t believe what I heard.

>>Yes, I have to speculate. You're free to ignore me or disagree with me. Dear daddy was beginning the torture real early. I suspect it involved contact with Alisa's genitalia. Nice guy, huh? She was just 6 or 7 months old. She hardly stood a chance barely out of the womb. Mind-Control torture begins as soon as a baby is born. In fact, they even irritate the child in the womb, sometimes.<<

We have split up when Gabriel was around 1, although Mr Dearman was frequently visiting or taking children out after that: during 2007-2008. Children are telling me that around this time he started to fully abuse them inserting his front private into their bottoms and making them to perform oral sex, too. He was taking them to the places where there were disabled toilets: at nearby Golders Hill park, Starbucks in Hampstead, Costa coffee in Golders Green, Topsy Turvy indoor children’s activity centre.

He was putting, twigs, small rocks, PVC glue, pieces of toilet tissues in their bottoms, and then making the children to poo it out while watching. If it happened in the disabled toilets he would put children on the baby changing folding board. He was touching his front private while doing this. Mr Dearman was forcing the children to intimately touch each other in front of him and do it secretly at home. He would punish them for not doing it and was questioning them on how many times a day they did it, and still would hurt them even if they obeyed.

>>Once account of a child victim of a Satanic cult said that the word "touching" was used to refer to any sort of sexual activity. I suspect touching involves sexual stimulation of the genetalia.

Now you can see why they were touching each other in the summer of 2014, right? But I do want you to understand that the kind of torture and manipulation he is carrying out on them is a well designed torture with a purpose. Its not random. It is chosen with a plan. The techniques are well known in sick circles. They are a form of torture based conditioning that usually keeps secrets secret and reduces kids to a state of hopeless obedience. But as well, it destroys them and makes them very mean, angry, and without feeling or compassion. In fact, I would suggest that sex is really a very secondary objective. These children are "designed" to be the next generation of pedophiles, so yes, believe it or not, dear dad is a victim as well as a predator.

Don't get me wrong. I don't bleed for dad. We have only ourselves to blame after age 20. Laws typically say 18. The Bible says 20 for some things and other things make us accountable from birth onward. But also understand that Alisa and Gabriel will have serious challenges to overcome but I also believe they can do it if given the chance. What they have been thru is not as bad as TBMC. But what I saw in the videos gives me  hope that they can beat the odds. There really seemed to be that spark of goodness and decency in them, and Abraham, too.

The biggest problem with life is that nothing is black and white. Problems are seldom simple problems with easy solutions. Only governments would suggest that lie.<<

When Alisa and Gabriel were around 3-4 years old Mr Dearman was also taking the children to his pedophile associates, members of the pedophile ring: Minia (Polish) – the most violent and wicked, hurting and humiliating, one of the leaders, Buster (German), Joseph (English). Mr Deaman’s family members also abused the children: his mother Linda, sister Lisa and her husband David (Indian), brother Wayne and wife Mary. The adults were bringing other children to the properties where the abuse and violence was going on: Lisa’s children Katie (6 years old), Max (8 years old); Wayne and Mary’s children: Amelia (5 years old), Alex (7 years old). Apparently, Minia was looking after 2 two babies: Rebecca and William, (around 1-3 years old) and also brought them to abuse.

>>As you can see, the "training" of kids to be the next generation of pedophiles starts early. Everyone around dad was in on it. There was no escape, even as it is for all born into parents that are in to this Satan worshipping crap and torture, typically referred to as Satanic Ritual Abuse SRA.<<

The adults were hitting the children hard on the head, treating them like slaves, frightening the children, swearing at them, forcing them to perform oral sex. They were taking turns to sexually abuse the children, 2-3 minutes each. The adults were doing similar things with rocks, glue, twigs and grass, which were inserted into the children’s bottoms. They were made to poo it out while they were watched. The humiliation and violence was filmed on video. The children were made to watch each other being abused even though they didn’t want to. The adults were holding their head in place so they had to watch. Afterwards the children were forced to watch the videos that the adults filmed. Alisa and Gabriel said that their dad was putting it on Internet since they saw it there too. During the filming, adults and children were wearing the masks. Children were consistently threatened to be killed if they talked. They were told to say that “none of the abusers have ever existed” if asked.

>>A lot of this is aimed to create shame and humiliation and really rub it in deep. The kids did not want to get humiliated and then have to relive it again by watching the video or film. Then they were told likely, that everyone was going to see it on the internet. These are really grotesque inhuman monsters. Perfect Satan worshippers. Mean as hell.<<

During this time Alisa and Gabriel were displaying very disturbing behaviors, being aggressive towards each other, me, and sometimes other adults coming to the house. For example, Gabriel could throw himself on the pavement and tantrum for 5-15 minutes kicking and hitting anyone who tried to comfort him. This was usually happening on the way home. (from school, I assume).

>>As you can see just above and below, kids being tortured can only accumulate so much torture before they develop Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, PTSD; a sign that the brain has reached an overload and has to dump some emotion and memories out. Dr. Janov's "The Primal Scream" refers to this sort of dumping and experiencing emotional release. The kids should have been allowed to fully vent, yes, even if it were 15 minutes.

What is also evident is that mom had no idea what was going on. Again, most of us are quite unprepared for life's true realities. Most of the things we are taught as kids tell us the world is just fine and trustworthy. In truth, it is just the opposite and we need far more preparation than we are getting in school or from parents. Those who rule over us prefer us to be ignorant and unprepared. We are easier to manipulate that way.

So I say to you all, we all need to wake up and smarten up and learn a whole lot more than we have to date. But I write because I have largely uncovered is much of this type of stuff that I feel I can offer help and be useful. But getting people to want to open up and expand their horizons is not easy. I got my first wake call as a child, when my father discovered boys being beaten and abused at the Boys rehabilitation center (kid prison) way back in 1966, when I was 7. It was traumatic for him and for all his family. His co-workers would come over with beers and cigarettes and discuss the horrors. I was 7/8 at the time. I knew the world was shit after that and it only got worse. I was too young to understand JFK, but at age 9, I cried when RFK was shot and killed in L.A., CA, USA, June 1968.

At that age I was angry and hurt that someone could come along and kill the person I wanted to be president. I thought it was very unfair. It was hard to accept at that age. MLK had been killed just 2 months prior but I had never heard of him at that time. So I did start to develop an attitude at that time. It was mild but long lasting.<<

Alisa would throw the tantrums at home, also without apparent valid reason. She would hit and kick the fridge and anyone who approached.

>>I hope you can also see why these poor kids were giving mom and Abe a hard time. They got nothing but shit from adults and so they would give it back as they got it. You can't really blame them, can you? Being born to pedophiles is almost like a death sentence for the poor little innocent ones.

Imagine, though, the frustration of Mom Ella. She could not understand what was  going on. She must have felt overwhelmed and had no idea what to do. This is a scary position for anyone to be in. Experts might know well about this, but schools do not teach a thing. We are all kept in ignorance. No one is going to offer free advice. If you want illumination and enlightenment, a higher understand and broader knowledge, You have to strike out on your own and go after it.<<

From the end of November 2008 to mid autumn 2009 Mr Dearman didn’t see the children.

>>He was likely receiving improved torture training techniques and being entertained with lots of children, if you get my drift, so that he did not need his own.<<

In March 2009 I had started the legal proceedings, applied for the emergency non-molestation order. After the serious incidence of violence towards me and then several months later towards my mum (February 2009), she suggested to take Alisa to Russia for long holidays and for Gabriel to stay with me in London. This was a relatively peaceful period for both of the children and me.

After Alisa came back from Russia, James has already begun the counseling sessions in the Tavistock Centre after witnessing the violence towards me and been hit by Mr Dearman. Soon after I started to take both Alisa and Gabriel to see the psychologist Charlotte Burck too. On one of the occasions she has invited Mr Dearman. He was rude, started an argument with Dr Burck and slammed the door on her.

>>James was Ella's son from a previous marriage to a Mr. Draper. I hear rumors that James is involved in the cult now, too, as Mr. Draper, a financier of some type, had involvement in the cult in some way. This was not known by Ella till after the kids had been stolen by the UK secret family court, in order to silence the kids forever, says I!

Ah Tavistock. Let me tell you about Tavistock. Bacially, Tavistock was a big think tank for the mega elite who devised ways to manipulate and change society. They would do research and pass on their findings to the elite. They were programmers of society at large, rather than as individuals. Even John Lennon talked about the manipulation of Tavistock on society and war, as opposed to peace. This is what Ella ran into, sending James there, though she did not know that. Over the months since the kids were taken, Ella and her partner Abraham have learned much about many things. Hind sight is wonderful, but I am sure they would have appreciated having more foresight. We all wish that. The other 2 went to Burck, also at Tavistock, I believe.

Thing is, this is all easily verified by records if one wanted to. Were court officials sincere about allegations of abuse, they could have verified and should have verified these problems, indicating extreme abuse and PTSD, as well as sexual abuse. One does not get PTSD by simply getting spanked a few times. PTSD takes a lot of serious abuse.<<

Sensing an evil in Mr Dearman, I was adamant to limit any contact between him and the children but the court still has ordered the unsupervised contacts every Saturday from 10am to 6pm. This was going on from autumn 2010 until October 2011.

>>Why was the court of that time so merciful to dear old daddy, the saint? Forgive my sarcasm if you would. Kids show tremendous agitation, anger, angst, fighting with each other. And yet, the court was not concerned about its validity or resolving it. The court was already showing indifference. OK, Judge Truth1 presiding now. All rise!

The court was avoiding their responsibility and duties. They were already covering for Dearman Dad. They showed absolutely no concern for the welfare of the children. At this time, the court has shown itself incapable and incompetent at the least but I say that they demonstrated deliberate negligence. That is a deliberate intention to subvert the legal process as it was intended. This verdict by me would be used against them, the court, in the decisions to follow in Fall 2014 and early 2015.

As it turns out, the entire government of the UK and many UK celebrities and wealthy people are all Satanic pedophiles. I say that loosely. I do not know that every single one of them are, but all are involved in covering up for others. Many allege that the Royal family is very much a part of it. I know that nearly all governments practice TBMC like MKULTRA, which all make heavy use of SRA. So Satan is an integral and necessary part of all governments and spy operations, whose ultimate job is to modify and change the human race and destroy it, eventually. So whether many want to recognize it or not, Satan is very real to government and the very wealthy as well as all wealthy people.

So if you want to cling to evolution, you go right ahead, but most of those above you are not real evolutionists. They are hard core worshipers of Satan and if Satan is real, then you can pretty much count on God being real, too. And He is not as dormant and uninvolved as it might seem.

I am going back to black text for my long comments now.<<<<

Now the kids say in their 2nd video interview with so called police and CPS, that Abraham poured luke warm water over their heads as well, but Abe has never admitted that. Certainly pouring water on their heads was no big deal. I had water poured on my head by my father in the bathtub. I fail to see any harm in that. It is alleged by the kids that Abraham put them outside without anything to eat until they were willing to tell him who taught them the sexual stuff. Regardless of why, Abraham finally convinced them to talk. I do believe the accounts of the kids. I do not see those accounts as reveling anything harmful about Abraham.

Watch the video of Alisa telling the Officer about the water. He is hoping to find out Abe was a violent horrible torturer. Steve was the officer. He asks if the water was cold or warm. Alisa said it was room temperature but that is felt cold. He asked for more clarification and it was quite clear that Alisa was defending Abraham the whole time. She said emphatically that it was warm water but that it felt cold. She mentioned a small scar on her chin was unintentionally cause by Abraham but that she was not mad at him and forgave him. Alisa was a remarkable witness throughout that 2nd interview. She seemed more relaxed and open than the first interview. She started to feel safe. the sad thing was that the CPS ad police took her and her brother into "protective" custody, right after that interview.

I want to point out something here. The kids did not want to talk about or reveal anything about the cult. Abraham was not a trained therapist and did as best as he could to try to get the kids to open up. He tried some fear tactics, threats. Listen, here in the USA, when parents have real problem children in their teen years usually, they send the teens to a psychological "boot camp" as they refer to them. These institutions fully sanctioned by the state and nation, do what parents would never be allowed to do. Its not right that parents should have to pay many thousands of dollars when if allowed, they could do what the camps (psychiatric facilities) do.

But the camps get tough and the teens suddenly realize that while they were safe and could get away with total outrageous rebellion with their parents, they will have no such luck doing that at the camps. They totally break down. They are in shock. They suddenly realize that they can be touched by a government sanctioned surrogate on the behalf of the parents. The teens had no idea such a thing could happen. Its then that they wake up and realize they are not getting out or away till they accept some very serious rules and behavior changes. The change is quite amazing, too. As well, there is communication facilitated between parents and teens. It is recognized that the problems are family problems, not just the teens.

What Abraham did, in comparison to these boot camps, is very petty stuff. Abraham's intentions, which seem perfectly obvious to me, were very good and in the interest of the kids and the mother. He knew it was absolutely essential that they talk and tell him and mom what the hell was going on. I do not find him guilty of any abuse. By the way, Alisa had called the water incident, "water torture ." You should have seen the cop get excited. He almost wet himself with excitement. That was, until she explained what it was. Kids pick their names for things and I thought it was kind of funny how they named that incident. But poor Steve the cop was so broken hearted when it turned out to be nothing.

But Abe did mange to get the kids to finally give up and tell what was going on. I find that amazing if not a bit miraculous. Boot camps cost a lot of money, often over $20,000. Abe got it done for the cost of the trip to Morocco. I am glad it worked. But I think God mght have helped him, too. Sorry Abe, but if you can consistently do that, you can make some great money setting up your own practice. Just something to think about ;-)

The State (UK) and the courts know all about these "camps" !!! They, too, sanction their versions of USA "boot camps." The kids were clearly disturbed by something and were not going to tell, and they made that clear. Police in the USA have what are called grounds for doing a search without a warrant, if they believe they have probable cause for believing a crime was being hidden or had been carried out, or suspicious behavior was present. Assuming these are used honestly (which we know is not always the case), these are good fair rules.

These are the rules that Abraham employed to push the children some in order to get them over a fear hump and get them to talk. Recall in the videos that they talked about overcoming their fears (fear is the mind-killer! Remember?) They even mentioned Abraham helping them with that. What is heat breaking about this is that the trip to Morocco was a great strain on everyone. And deep inside, the kids did not like doing what they were doing. They were reacting to fear conditioning. They knew that they had been bad, so to speak, putting Abe's tooth brush in the toilet and getting him sick and other such mischief. They say him as the enemy.

My judgment is that Abraham has done nothing wrong, nothing dangerous or harmful, beyond what parents must do to secure the safety of their kids, such as getting to the bottom of some serious sex abuse. Abraham and Mom had just cause for the fair reasonable measures employed.

I have this view of things, a religious interpretation if you will. Abe got results that were important to get. He got those results with far less effort than could have been done by professionals. I say it was divine providence. Satan lost yet another challenge. How many million is it he has lost so far?

Alisa showed doubts and skepticism at times, but she trusted her mom and Abe. Now whether Alisa had any regrets about the way things worked out, it would be likely after being taken captive by the UK, she might have had some. But really, I think foremost on her mind, she wants to be back with mom really bad. If the kids ever get out (and I say they will by a miracle), then they are apt to have various things come up into their minds. Some lingering resentment might show up about  the whole affair.

But if they should get free, which could only happen by a miracle, then hopefully they will come to understand that the horrors they experienced for a while were all important and necessary to show the world what was really going on in secret, throughout the world at its highest levels and that in the end, God will make it all up to them. And He will dry up every tear in their eyes.

But if there were ever a chance to put a wedge between mom and Alisa's feeling for her, this is the kind of thing the bullies might use to get Alisa to give up hope and just go along with the abuse. What's the use of trying, they would say to her. Didn't we tell you this would happen? We were right, weren't we? You might as well give up and accept this and maybe they might throw in a few promises they have no intention of keeping once they have severed the kids from mom. Just a possible scenario.

Poor Alisa is going to have to weigh it all in her mind, but the possibility of being back in the abuse does seem pretty real and unless the courts were to change to a fair verdict, she might conclude that she better start cooperating with the bullies now and try to make up.

But notes from a foster care mother and other signs seem to indicate at least a slight hope for the kids' mental state, which was diagnosed as PTSD the day after they were taken captive. They were traumatized. But they started telling foster mother all the horrible things of the cult and that mom and Abe were good to them. It says a lot when one is looking for some hope and encouragment.

But if a miracle has been in process, they might well have had interesting dream. Its a long story.

Abraham, on the whole, deserves nothing but credit for getting the kids to dare to come out and reveal all and I think they truly felt relieved and the stuff was just pouring out of them. There had to be some therapeutic benefit in that. Abraham meant nothing but good for the kids. I believe in that without a shred of doubt.

I do recall in one of the videos, I think the one of Alisa in an outdoor patio being recorded by Abe, that the Irish voice in the garden video confessed that neither he, Abe, nor Ella, Alisa's mother, had ever believed in Satanic Pedophile rings and that sort of thing. But the testimony of the 2 children convinced them, otherwise. This confession by "Irish" seems absolutely credible and believable. So I want to make clear that when Abe gathered all this evidence, he really thought going to the police would help and things would get stopped and fixed, as likely did the mother. He and She were in for a rude, shocking, traumatizing awakening. In fact, I would say that only Alisa seemed rather doubtful about any of it. She was wise beyond her 9 years. Far beyond. But if you had been thru what she has, you'd be wiser, too, as well as a bit more hopeless.

I have been fortunate in my experience of life, being woken up a long time ago to how rotten the world was. For me, hearing that social services and the police were in on the cult and sex abuse, and that babies were being imported from all over the world to sacrifice in the cults in the UK, would have alerted me that this was huge and went all the way to the top. But Everything I have managed to learn about the UK since February 8, 2015, convinces me that most in the UK are very trusting and not all that up on conspiracy sorts of things.

It always comes as a shock to parents to find out that social services can do whatever they want, with absolutely no accountability. Even many in the USA are not aware that we have the same problems, although they are a bit more sensitive to publicity than the UK is.

The police have since tried to make Abraham the patsy and scapegoat. That is total BS! First, if Abe had the purpose of trying to frame poor Ricky Demon, ah, Dearman, sorry, then how do we write off Deman's past? Oh, Dearman. I keep doing that. I'm a bad typist, you know. How do we explain the extremely disturbed children? Further, the testimony of the children could have filled encyclopedias and it came out of their mouths so fast and with expression. They had clearly lived this stuff and the detail was amazing. That is in the medical report, too, which we are just about to get into.

And police and others will suggest that Abraham rehearsed them for many hours. Well, if Abraham did that, he would need many months or even a year of rehearsal to accomplish that kind of thorough detail if it could even be done. Listen, that would not even be possible. How did the children develop PTSD? Its unanswered. Abraham could not have done it. Mom Ella could not have done it. Why did Ella take the kids to a psychologist if she or Abraham had anything to hide?

The evidence only supports gross sexual rape and abuse and torture. That could only have happened the way the children told it. But the most telling evidence is the fact that almost none of the children's accusations were ever investigated with searches issued in secret and delivered by surprise so that the accused ones could not clean up and cover up. There was no sincere diligent attempt at true investigation. I find the whole of the investigation and court proceedings to be totally lacking of anything good or sincere. In fact, the conduct can only be construed as false, deceitful, malicious, even evil in intent. Rotten to the core. They ought to be ashamed but they are so far beyond ashamed. The evil has been, for many even now, beyond belief or comprehension. But what is done to babies and children can leave no doubt about my conclusions, that they are right conclusions.

Our world has become a living nightmare that has overtaken the whole world and left the good totally surrounded and out-gunned, without exit or escape. I don't revel in this except to say that God has offered one small way out, if you can stand it.

Further, it should be understood that psychological and physical examination of other kids should reveal quite a bit. Polygraphs could be employed while interviewing to see and look for intense emotional responses to questions, as long as blood tests were taken first to make sure no sedatives were injected to produce calm.

In last defense of Abraham so that I can completely destroy this stupid line of reasoning, and destroy the excuse for taking the children from the mother, I present the following:

A Common Practice

If a child has a serious injury or disease that requires an operation, which means taking a very sharp knife, and very literally cutting them open. Absolutely no different from what Jack the Ripper did. The difference is that the surgeon's scalpel makes his cut carefully while putting the patient under sedation so that they are not conscious of the serious injury being inflicted. And it is serious. Not all operations are successful. Some people die while being operated on. It is a risk.

After the cuts and procedures are done, they sow the patient back up and the patient then needs to heal from the wound inflicted upon them by surgery. It is always a serious wound. But most recover and sometimes good is accomplished. We allow our children to be surgically harmed in order to preserve their long term survival. We reason that they are asleep and can not feel it, but the sub-conscious mind is still awake and knows full well what is going on and it is terrified and it feels the pain that the conscious side does not.

I remember when my leg was broken skiing, not too far from my 16th birthday. It was a nasty mess and some strange drugs were used. The only thing I can tell you is that I felt great angst for the rest of my teen years, if not more. It left psychological scars as well as physical healing and a slight abnormality left in the leg that was broken.

Why do we allow painful risky operations, which are deliberate injuries done to people? We do so because we believe that the impending dangers of doing nothing are far worse and more dangerous than operating and causing injury, with a view to fixing and resolving the medical problem so that we can live far longer. We believe the risk and guaranteed harm is not nearly as much as the certain harm that would or might take place if we do nothing. No one argues against this, that I know.

Abraham was confronted with a similar dilemma. Do I let the kids keep this apparent sexual abuse secret, or do I use some mild force and intimidation to overcome their first fear and release the info to me. Well, that depends on whether you, the reader, believe that sexual harm is no big deal, or that it is a very big deal. Is rape a small thing for you or big? Is prostituting young kids only a slight inconvenience or a major betrayal of trust and security?

But I got to be honest with you. Significant sexual abuse would cause me great alarm were I a parent or if I was dating someone I really liked and discovered her kids were having someone violating them or teaching them sex techniques to be used. I might have done just as Abraham did or maybe another method to accomplish the same thing. Further, seeing the kids act like demons and throw fits of anger and rage sure as hell would have concerned me or nearly anyone decent.

A Farce

But dishonest governments and courts are famous for straining out gnats while gulping down camels. They make a big production about a scratch on a chin, but ignore extreme physical evidence of sexual abuse as well as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). If you will allow me to be quite crude for a minute (its important for its graphic effect), Which is worse in your book, a scratch on the chin? Or having an adult penis driven hard up your ass like a sword? I think you get my point quite well and I rest my case.

The truth is, that all evidence points to the testimony of the children being the real and true cause of their suffering, namely sexual violence and torture. There is absolutely no other reasonable possibility. All the evidence points in the same consistent direction.

In fact, Abraham as abuser is an absolute absurdity. His actions were perfectly consistent and reasonable. By the way, Ella's other boy by another husband, a Mr. Draper, whose name she still carries, could and would implicate dear Ricky as the nasty one, according to his son, James, who was living with mom when "Daddy Dearest Demon" was beating Ella.

You have to understand here that these pedophile bastards in power can twist and distort so bad that black becomes white and up becomes down, inside is outside and everything is a lie. They would have you believe that Abraham is a monster from hell, when in truth, these investigators are the monsters who rape and torture, and prostitute kids and then call Abraham a monster for pouring some water on 2 kids' heads. They can rationalize anything. They have ZERO credibility and you should not take anything they say seriously. They are an absolute joke, although I, for one, am not laughing.

They are the opposite of justice and benevolence. Justice and benevolence are God's domain. He is pure light, love, and motivation. The courts and government authorities are pure God-forsaken evil and monstrosity. They are like their father and god named Satan. You have a perfect contrast in those 2 polar opposites to clearly mark a division and separation. You will only have 2 chances, 2 choices, coming in the next ten years or so. You are seeing the sides draw up lines right now. At stake is your humanity and decency. Chose wisely my friends. You have to get this one right or you lose all. God, "the heavenly father" who is a pure idealistic father, will not forever let humanity suffer. He must end the misery and that means we have to choose Him if we really want life and decency. There is no other option. Sorry for the soap box preaching but do not think all this stuff happening around evil exposure is by accident.

More to the point, are you dumb enough to fall for this ridiculous crap of the UK courts, or can you see the obvious cover up in blaming Abe for a slap across the head? It was important that the kids talked. It is alleged that Ms. Ella Draper (now Ella Gareeva, her maiden name) was also a witness to some of this and she did not disapprove. Is it because she did not care? If she did not, then why did she and Abe go to the police with this stuff? That sure sounds like caring to me. If they did not care about the children, they likely would have just told the kids to shrug it off and enjoy themselves with each other like they were doing when caught. Ricky told them that. He ordered them to do that.

I will tell you this. The accused parents who all sexually rape their own kids and then bring the kids to a gathering of other parents with kids, who all swap and share each other's kids in a mass sexual rape? These are the real parents who don't care about their kids. They only care about their own selfish and often sadistic cravings for helpless innocent kids, to sexual and psychological damage and ruin.

Of course, they are doing it for Satan, you realize. Satan knows that torture is an effective way to continue abuse and loyalty to his cause. He rules by fear, not benevolence.

This is another case where those in the cover up so ridiculously and savagely twist and distort truth, doing to truth what they do to kids, raping and mangling their little minds and little bodies, so that everything is completely the opposite of the truth. They make Abe and Ella out to be monsters of abuse when the real horrific abusers are the investigators and those above them who control this cover up and protect their network.

Just thought I'd set that record straight. It should be real obvious who the real criminals are. I believe, that by far, all who come across this are horrified and side with  Alisa and Gabriel, as well as mom Ella and Abraham. But shills, all paid professional liars and promoters, visit these sites and would have you believe that most do not take this seriously. But I can assure you that they would not be posting and campaigning, were this true. Instead, they are petrified and terrified and are now frantic to try and bamboozle us all into believing their insane lies.

These shills are as hideous and monstrous as humans can get, in defending Satanic Ritual abuse, Rapists and pimps of children. Now lets move on!

About Those Tests!
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"In early September 2014, Ms. Draper informed Barnet police of the testimony of the children and provided them with the video-taped evidence. A police inquiry began and the children were interviewed starting on Sep.5, 2014. A police medical examination was ordered that confirmed that the children had been sexually abused, with serious injuries to the inside of rectum area noted. A hair sample analysis was also conducted to determine if the children had ingested any drugs, although Ms. Draper claims the results of the test were never revealed to her."

The reason, says I,  for them not telling mom the results of the drug test is that the tests no doubt confirmed drug ingestion as well, further confirming that sexual abuse had certainly taken place. Transparency and honesty are not typical for investigators in such cases, as I see it. Police serve those in power. That is not the people. That is the stratified levels of government who control all law enforcement and investigation. Everything is controlled, always.

Below is the official report that the monsters would prefer you not see, since they are so guilty, says I, of course. Courts have said nothing to date that I know of. Shills say the report showed the Satanists/Rapists were innocent. See for yourself. I have to go into details here. It is essential. Anyone wanting truth will not be able to avoid painful details. Given the clinical terminology used by medical professionals, I have been forced to "translate" and make it graphic. It was graphic for the kids, I assure you, who had to live it. I cut out the birthdays of the kids.

May I add that in any reasonable and legitimate court of law, all witnesses, accusers and the accused are all identified. This is for the benefit and protection of all involved. To hide any information about who, what, where, when, is a serious breach of judicial process. Such a breach always is a potentially dangerous and a threat to its citizens and the integrity of the entire judicial process. A trial is not public and transparent if one is going to hide anything. False pretentious courts do not require children to face accusers or face being accused. As well, their identities are kept from the public. The public at all times should be included in all a trial's aspects and denied nothing. It is the public that provides the largest and most vital aspect of a court and judicial process in that the public serves as the watchdog and ultimate guardian of the judicial process, whose said process is supposed to serve primarily, that very same public at large.

So the identity of the two victims is present for their benefit and for that of the public as well so that the public may observe whether justice is done or not. The public, by the grace of God, and by reason of goodness, decency, and mutual human respect, should have the right to oversee that which affects them most, the public trial.

I looked up these medical terms to figure out what they were saying. It was disturbing but you need to hear it and understand it. Dilatation is nearly the same as Dilation, an opening or expanding, in this case, of the sphincter and rectum. This test is disputed in the USA, so that they can better hide sex abuse. But in the UK, it is still used and thank God for that. Examiners rule out other causes of the dilatation, only leaving abusive penetration as the cause. Evidence of laxity with the gentle tests indicates chronic and extreme stretching of the anus at the least. The sphincter/anus did not immediately retract and left a brief view into the rectum.

With the knee chest position, the sphincter and anus, relaxed and opened after 5-10 seconds. That is not normal at all. It was stretch far beyond normal capacity to achieve this. It persisted and a clear view inside with no stool present. Stool, of course, could cause some expansion. To put this more bluntly, This girl of only 9, had her whole sphincter anal region stretched way beyond all proportion.  Something had been in there quite often and substantial in size. You mean, like a big plastic willy, as the kids call it? Exactly! Alisa was telling the truth about the abusers. She ought to know better than any.

This report refers to ruggae, but in the USA, it comes up as rugae, which are folds of skin in the anus. Those folds can become thickened with abuse. There was a scar in these folds found, when Alisa was in either position. The report states the injuries are consistent with abuse reported, including blunt penetrating force. In other words, they weren't very nice about it. Real mean and nasty! They also point out post-traumatic stress.  PTSD for sure. Alisa told the truth the first time and many times, with only the final retraction departing from this and yet even then, there were contradictions I cover in the police interviews.. The injuries make it quite clear that the retraction was a farce.

Alisa did say near the beginning of the 3rd interview at about 3:45: "So what are we going to start off by saying?" In other words, "tell me what you want me to say and when." She  seems drugged and giddy near the beginning. I took screen shots to show this. Not like the first time. Does that sound like a confession or a forced reciting of instructions? Surely I don't need to answer that, do I?

Gabriel's exam is next.

Gabriel has maybe slightly less damage than his sister, but did have the long fissure, possibly once a tear.

Conclusion of Examiner? Significant harm to both, physically and psychologically. Note 5: of repeated testimony to different professionals (Satan worshippers says I) with details that would need to have some sort of direct real experience. Verdict? Guilty as charged for the Satanists.

Next up is the testimony of what the foster care taker saw in the kids.

I noticed a sort of glassy eyed look in Gabriel on the 3rd interview where he is forced to retract. Gabriel was slightly on the filled out side in some of his videos. But you should understand that hunger is not caused by not eating, necessarily. Often, if a person feels empty, it will first be felt in the gut, whereby the child might try to push the feeling down and away by eating and filling the stomach. Dr. Janov finds that all ascending feelings from the mind, are first felt in the gut. Consider that when you feel nausea coming on, and you are close to feeling it getting ready to explode, it will feel like pressure rising on the top of the stomach. There is a certain dread as well, because we lose control when we begin to vomit as the autonomic nervous system takes over. Finally it just explodes.

When I was young, lets say 14 or younger, I hated the feeling of vomiting because you can't breath in that time. Its not fun. But I began to realize that not being able to breath only lasted for about 3 good heaves and then you could catch your breath and allow the remaining heaves to finish off. As well, there is a great relief afterward, since the body has managed to throw off the toxins or whatever.

Gabriel's eating is another sign he is suffering deeply inside. By the way, it is very common for sex abuse victims, in Janov's practice, to be overweight and use food to help ease the pain. This eating disorder of Gabriel's should have been diagnosed as another possible symptom of PTSD, but Janov is way ahead of the curve in this area of psychology.

I assume you read about the vaseline above. So the caretaker also verifies the sex abuse. You have to be amazed if not sickened by just how obvious it is that investigators are totally ignoring the abuse. Remember that the foster care was after they were taken away and retracted. Well, this report is clear evidence that the retraction was also retracted and the former testimony restored. And also ignored by the "enforcement." It could not possibly be any more obvious. Can you read the hand writing on the wall?

Their testimony of the vaseline continues on the next page:

OK, time for a reminder. This is an official report and the various details of their abuse could never be retained unless it had actually happened. You read it, so I do not have to repeat it. But I want to note that the kids noted that the abusers wanted it to hurt as much as possible, but without leaving noticeable scars. This is trauma based conditioning to try to cause these kids to lose their dignity and not have a will of their own, and to give up hope in time, and just as they are told, too beaten and demoralized to ever put up a fight ever again.

Alisa says she felt embarrassed. I shouldn't wonder! Wouldn't you? But this is also a good sign, in some ways. She still had a sense of shame. She had not been completely hardened yet. There does come a time and point where most get hard or desensitized and embarrassment or shame are not felt anymore. Only hopelessness and surrender.

But I can not fathom how someone can read this and not feel the horror of what was done to these kids. Yes, we know its done thousands of times over, but in this case, we have two faces, two voices, 2 souls of expression, telling us how they felt bad. Its just too real and confrontational to ignore. In fact, though we feel pain knowing what  happened, I think I speak for very many when I say its not nearly as bad as it would feel if we turned our back on them like the UK system has. We will never be able to forget this.

Which is why I say and plead, don't take their faces away from them in your pictures. You are not protecting their privacy. You are destroying their ability to reach hearts and souls. Your cutting their tongues out, and putting a bag on their heads. What next? Throw them in a river to drown like cats? Let their eyes and faces torment us all. I would not have it any other way. Let their eyes and faces condemn the Satanist rapists who don't feel any remorse in attacking two children face to face and not feeling any empathy or pity. I don't pray for pedophiles. I don't give them the time of day. I have nothing but hatred for anyone gone that far.

Oh, the poor pedophiles. They are just victims of their birth. Bullshit. Its one thing to have an inclination or longing. Its another to act on it. I have no sympathy for these bastards. Isn't it odd that these pricks make child porn and sell it and then put those in prison who buy it, often for stiff sentences of 10 or 20 years. I see no sympathy there on the part of those that make this crap and then victimize others with it. Let the perpetrators suffer the same way they cause others to suffer. As the bible puts it, as you judge others, so shall you be judged. They can get a dose of their own medicine.

One last note that Gabriel did not show any lasting harm to his left ear, lest someone say Abraham did serious or permanent damage. None such reported. As well, Gabriel had told his mother before the interviews, that Ricky Demon (his dad) used to yell in their ears, Gabe in his left ear and Alisa in her right ear and Gabe said that Demon dad hit him in the left ear/head. the report shows a couple black spots on the ear drum, I think. But there were no injuries detected.

Gabriel has perhaps suffered more emotionally than his sister, as I see it. She is a resilient soul and it has been my finding and experience in life that boys are more easily and severely wounded and much harder to reach or help after. I find girls far more resilient and moldable, pliable, reachable. Perhaps God willed it that way since they were to be mothers. But what is not stated in that report is that being taken from his mom likely had a devastating impact on him. But also realize that at those ages, 1 year can make a big difference. That Alisa had one year and 2 months on Gabriel was enough to give her a little more resilience. He was glassy eyed at times in the "recantation." He seemed to me like he was in denial and had dissociated. In simple terms, they ripped his guts out, which was their goal and plan.

Now there is just one problem with all this. These findings were excellent grounds for a thorough investigation of all involved in the accusations of the 2 children. That includes Child Protection Services (CPS) and the police. What an amazing conflict of interests in even allowing the police to have anything to do in this since they were accused. Even if only a few officers were accused, anyone with any experience knows the rest of the force will cover for them and help them cover. I know something about that.

There are no separations or distinctions from one layer or department to the next. No special rules or appointed special prosecutors, appointed for this massive network of accused ones and their being examined. There is no chance of a fair trial and certainly no evidence of good faith in this investigation. The medical report was totally ignored. How will that be accounted for? It won't be!

Sabine has said this and she nailed it, too. Evidence of a cover up is solid evidence for guilt and conviction of a crime and conspiracy. In fact, what seems to be lacking in law all over the world, but especially in the most powerful countries, is a solid body of caselaw and precedents for even prosecuting a conspiracy or cover up. I now all about this. I am working on such a case myself. I am not a lawyer but I know my way around law books and law theory. I could use more in the way of procedures, not that they are good or useful, but one has to follow them. But real law and justice is a complete farce that no longer serves anything except guilt and corruption. Most law has only one purpose. To subvert and make justice impossible.

So now it belongs to us, the broad public opinion of justice on the net. Did you read the early sections on bullying? Yahoo and others had been using like and dislike on posts. As soon as I started using these and discussing results, they quickly stopped doing this in many places. If you consider these, you will see that shills are outnumbered by a broad spectrum of people all in agreement, to the tune of 90% to better than 99%.

This is not what we are led to believe in opinion polls on TV news, papers, magazines and the like. Voting may be close on politicians since both sides suck. But on actual issues in the USA at least, and I am sure its the same all over, agreement is always very high. There is not a lot of division. And like I said, the response is so huge and united that shills just get swamped and swept away by the percentages.

But evil governments and their bosses, the Corporations and Bankers, do not need support from the people and they do not fear anger from the people, because they own all the well equipped military and they control all our judicial systems, police systems, tax agencies, public works. Worst of all, they control all our employers who we all depend upon for existence. Once upon a time, everyone worked the land for the most part and had a measure of independence, sort of. They have us where they want us, except for just one thing.

The Internet. It at least gives us a voice and means to maybe influence others. But it may not remain free for very much longer. Don't think that governments are not noticing what a pain in the you know what, that this means of connection and publicity is. However, there may be another side to this. Please indulge me on this one.

But the freedom of the net is being lost as I write this line, Dec. 7, 2015. Governments are taking war to the internet. A propaganda war of ideologies. With an army of professional liars, then set out to contradict truth. Pure concentrated evil. I got new articles dealing with that, too.

God vs Satan et al
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There was a dispute among spirits in the spirit domain once upon a time, about 6,020 years ago, or nearly so. It revolved around God retaining all obedience and glory, too. You might call it gratitude. This won't be long, so please be patient. Satan was not always named Satan. The following account comes from the American Standard Bible, of about 1901, I think.

Ezekiel 28:
12 Son of man, take up a lamentation over the king of Tyre, and say unto him, Thus saith the Lord Jehovah: Thou sealest up the sum, full of wisdom, and perfect in beauty.
13 Thou wast in Eden, the garden of God
; every precious stone was thy covering, the sardius, the topaz, and the diamond, the beryl, the onyx, and the jasper, the sapphire, the emerald, and the carbuncle, and gold: the workmanship of thy tabrets and of thy pipes was in thee; in the day that thou wast created they were prepared.
14 Thou wast the anointed cherub that covereth: and I set thee, so that thou wast upon the holy mountain of God; thou hast walked up and down in the midst of the stones of fire.
15 Thou wast perfect in thy ways from the day that thou wast created, till unrighteousness was found in thee

This was the beginnings of one of God's many cryptic prophecies. But it is believed by many to also allude to Satan's early days just before he went bad.

But it all had to do with these human creations God had designed and made. Understand that even in ourselves, we have different types of drives, desires, enticements. We have those things such as need for air, water, food, comfort, avoidance of pain and shame, sex, etc. These are basics and quite strong at times. Then there are the mental stimulants such as ideas, concepts, and things which enable us to extend our abilities and develop our environment. Ideas can be exciting if they allow possibility to extend to power and control. We all need control in our lives but when things get out of control, we get very scared. Control can enable power.

Then we have those other mysterious needs or desires such as wanting recognition and praise, esteem, even worship, which is inordinate or excessive craving for recognition and esteem in the eyes of others. These are the types that evidently are potentially very enticing to spirits. Spirits have unbelievable powers compare to us in the physical earthly realm.

These powers can really seduce human beings and yet, among spirits they are no big deal cause any spirit could do the same things. But for some spirits, hungering for recognition or devotion, the spirit realm is not so gratifying. But the human realm is very enticing to these spirits. They are seduced by our enthusiasm for what they can do and many will give anything for the promises or attention of spirits.

In fact, so vulnerable are humans to authority, celebrity and power, that we will even fall all over ourselves to impress superior (allegedly so) people. So imagine a spirit with great power on the loose!

Satan and a number of angels were enticed and seduced by this reverence that humans could shower upon them from their spiritual realm.

We know Satan wanted to challenge God's exclusive clause to esteem, obedience and worship. You can be assured that before Satan (meaning rebel, aka the devil, meaning liar) was allowed to corrupt mankind by means of the first human couple, there had to be terms set up and agreed upon, by both parties. That would have been essential but it is not specified in the Bible, but we are expected to use our heads and put two and two together.

God would have liked to have spelled it all out to us, but the devil made the counter claim that if people really loved God out of a pure heart, then they would put all effort into looking beyond certain things and knowing what had to follow previous to that. The devil thought that if we really cared, we should be willing to put forth the effort. If we wonder about a law or rule, do we trust God and then wait and see or maybe even seek out why God might have done some particular things? This is what I have tried to do on this website.

There was a means agreed upon as to how the devil could prove his point. God was going to place His 1st born spirit son in the flesh and on earth, with Satan being allowed to fully test him, to the point of death, a cruel painful one at that. If the devil wins, God turns His creation over to the devil, at least the one planet. I don't now the full terms as I was not there. Sorry. But if the devil could not sway Jesus and Jesus died on good standing, then the devil was wrong and will eventually lose his life.

Put another way, tempting Adam and Eve, who had not yet fully developed solid sound reasoning and experience, was easy. Eve was genuinely decieved and Adam was not, but went along with Eve, anyway. But God contended that were a person given proper time to develop and get strong in mind, that tempting or deceiving and causing someone to sin would not be possible and that Satan had not allowed mankind to get on its feet before he did what he did.

Adam and Eve were tempted and failed that test. Even though God gave them warning, they ignored their conscience and accepted the lie from what appeared to be a serpent talking to Eve. The devil was not willing to allow God's creation to play itself out to see  how it works. That's another story altogether.

But Satan would not wait. He was quite sure of himself and quite sure of what we represented as well. We were all simple tools easily fooled and herded. Satan lost the Battle with tempting Jesus. Satan was now facing a death sentence. But one more issue had to be settled. A very big one, too.

How far will mankind go in their madness, after rejecting God ??? Any answers ???

All of you who have followed Alisa and Garbiel, what do you say? Have we gone totally out of our minds as a species and race? I am going to assume that you are horrified right about now as I am. For 2 reasons! One, this has been taking place in secret for quite some time. The Apostle Paul went so far as to declare that it was already in progress in his time. But it would someday appear.

From the Revised Standard version) 2 Thessalonians:
6 And you know what is restraining him now so that he may be revealed in his time.
7 For the mystery of lawlessness is already at work; only he who now restrains it will do so until he is out of the way.
8 And then the lawless one will be revealed, and the Lord Jesus will slay him with the breath of his mouth and destroy him by his appearing and his coming.
9 The coming of the lawless one by the activity of Satan will be with all power and with pretended signs and wonders,
10 and with all wicked deception for those who are to perish, because they refused to love the truth and so be saved.
11 Therefore God sends upon them a strong delusion, to make them believe what is false,
12 so that all may be condemned who did not believe the truth but had pleasure in unrighteousness.

Now we recognize that Satan really does appear to be real. So are his spirit buddies, typically called demons. And if they are all real, you can bet God is, too. God even had Paul warn us all about its eventual arrival and manifestation.

Wicked deception is mentioned. Is not this whole damned pedophile ring business an incredible deception? Most of the world still does not believe it. If you do, then you are one of the lucky ones who has a chance to escape the fate awaiting blindness and ignorance of the clueless masses. But surely we can agree that there is nothing more hideous and revolting, totally stomach sickening, leaving us with absolute dread about what those 2 little ones are going thru. We know many more are involved as victims and others as predators.

We have also come to recognize that they have gained enough control over all the systems that run our world and societies so that they can operate these Satanic rape rings on helpless kids and no matter how overwhelming the evidence, they can cover it up and laugh about it. We have been surrounded and asked to come out with our hands up.

Recall the Title of this article? How Bad Is It? So what is your answer? I can't see it getting too much worse. Jesus did give us this warning, though, in regards to the last days:

English Revised version) Mathew 24:
3 And as he sat on the mount of Olives, the disciples came unto him privately, saying, Tell us, when shall these things be? and what shall be the sign of thy coming, and of the end of the world?

12 And because iniquity (evil) shall be multiplied, the love of the many shall wax (go) cold.
13 But he that endureth to the end, the same shall be saved.

19 But woe unto them that are with child and to them that give suck in those days!

Evil as going to get much worse and more prevalent, and another very bad thing. Great woe would befall mothers with young children. You know, it has always surprised me how little Christians give to this verse. I have never married or wanted to have kids. Not because I did not like them but because I feared for them, though I never imagined in the 80s that it was going to be like it is now. This is a very dangerous time for children. Satan has desired to corrupt the young and destroy them by any and every means. He does not give a damn about decency or fairness. Killing babies and torturing precious innocent kids gives him great pleasure. He is a very sick spirit.

So what is God waiting for, you ask? I was counting on you asking that ;-)

There is a big showdown coming very soon, I suspect. The devil will use WWIII, perhaps a market crash, a mock (apparent) UFO invasion or perhaps said to be a rescue of us. Don't believe any of it.

Continuing in Matthew 24:
21 for then shall be great tribulation, such as hath not been from the beginning of the world until now, no, nor ever shall be.
22 And except those days had been shortened, no flesh would have been saved: but for the elect’s sake those days shall be shortened.

The devil wants to kill every last person off. He hates humans because they fouled him up and he resents that he wanted their adulation so bad and they would not give enough to him. Its never enough for addicts and obsessive compulsives. But he does not accept blame and blames us. But because God wants to spare some, God is going to step in and stop it all at some point. But many will die before He does.

But God is determined to show the world how black and evil it has become. Then we will have a choice to make. We will only have between 2 choices, the devils side or God's side. I assume you can see the obvious choice to make. I cite this passage that is also on the home page of this site:

NKJV)   Mark 4:22  "For there is nothing hidden which will not be revealed, nor has anything been kept secret but that it should come to light.  23  "If anyone has ears to hear, let him hear."

Do you have ears to hear? We might call them ears of discernment for God speaks in riddles and puzzles, seeing who will make the effort to interpret or not, what God is saying.

A & G Continued
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So now we are coming back to Alisa and Gabriel. God is revealing the evil like never before. Alisa and Gabe are a rather unique occurrence, an anomaly. Most kids never escape because both parents are in on it and the kids got no where to turn. For Gabriel and Alisa, their mom was not in on it, but they had been tortured and it was very effective in keeping them quite for 8 or 9 years. But they broke out of it, in part, due to Abraham, not mom. I know, that might surprise you but look at the facts. Abraham, without knowing it, may have been used by God. I hope he will take heart and not get down or feel guilt. He was not up to the full challenge but very few anywhere are. It is not really anything to be ashamed of.

But he and Ella believed their kids when their kids starting coming out and spilling the beans. I am sure Abe and Ella would do different if they had to do it again. But all things work to God's glory. I have hope for this situation, despite my logical analytical side that says doom. I get the very distinct sense that God is involved in this one in a big way. Big Big way! But I felt I had to drag God into this.

This situation is beyond our power, despite the attention it is getting. The powers in power do not give a damn about us or the kids. They laugh at us all and mock us behind closed doors. But should God have plans to intervene, they won't be laughing much longer. What I want to try to convey is how God worked and how He also has constraints He willingly consented to, the initial agreement between Him and the devil, about who can do what, where, when, how, etc.

Let me illustrate a few of these. God not only gave the devil control of the earth, meaning that the devil can manipulate nations and peoples, even tempting them, making them offers, using them to get control of the entire world. But there was another domain granted to the devil to use. The realm of magic and the paranormal. In Deuteronomy, all such sorts of stuff is forbidden by God, due to its being given to the devil to use. That means both good magic and evil magic. They are opposite sides of the same coin.

I see the new age movement of today as being split and confused. There are those who believe in goodness, light purity, love, etc. This is one side. Then you have the other side of the mystery religions and symbols and other such trappings and these are all the work of the devil, black magic, Freemasons, Illuminati, New Word Order, and all that jazz. Satan is eventually going to try and merge these two, seemingly opposing sides. Its in progress already. Both are designed to lead you away from God.

Satan is going to offer the whole world, thru this fake returned Jesus he is going to promote, and embrace total free sex, and it will include children. You best believe that and most will go along with it. So any who are of the love, purity, peace, light, goodness, etc, you are soon going to see a separation of those within that "good" side. It will be one eventually. Sex with kids and, of course, it will be love. I am not so sure the kids will be happy about it. Ask Alisa how wonderful it was and is. Gabe will tell you, too.

God answers those who believe in Him and trust Him completely. He will not listen to those who doubt or do not believe. So if you want His help, you need to know his terms. You're already here at the greatest web site on earth. Come on. Have a look around. I am so modest, aren't I?

But seriously, I want you to consider how God is likely using this event that has us all upset as it should. God is exposing the dirt of the devil and the devil's followers, which are quite a few now. You've noticed, right? ;-) Alisa and Gabriel may be required by God, to show an appropriate response to their captors, that is within their abilities for their age and maturity. God may be holding them back from serious retribution right now as we speak. We do not know what God might be doing, but we have got to trust Him because the evil has no regard for us or the kids. Its hard not knowing but I do trust God is involved with this. Its got too much of His style in this matter.

So lets pick up where we left off with the 2 darlings.

"In early September 2014, Ms. Draper informed Barnet police of the testimony of the children and provided them with the video-taped evidence. A police inquiry began and the children were interviewed. A police medical examination was ordered that confirmed that the children had been sexually abused, with serious injuries to the inside of rectum area noted. A hair sample analysis was also conducted to determine if the children had ingested any drugs, although Ms. Draper claims the results of the test were never revealed to her."

"On September 11 (911) Gabriel and Alisa were taken into protective custody and six days later Ms. Draper was informed that both children had retracted their allegations against their abusers. Barnet police then closed the case on the basis of this retraction and that other allegations made by the children (including claims of secret abuse rooms in both the school and a local McDonald’s restaurant) were false."

Now we do know now what a total farce that whole crap was. Neither Abraham nor Ella had anywhere near being any sort of threat to the kids. But the verified evidence shows huge amounts of abuse that are totally unaccounted for. So the law is guilty of deceit and treason. Make no mistake about that. They are accountable to God, but God also has restraints till everything is in place as both sides agreed to about 6000 years ago.

Now for the sake of the public, who always has a huge interest in any legal proceeding, if they choose, any investigation of secret rooms should have had someone video taping the whole search. I personally do not believe they investigated any of the alleged places with intent to expose any hidden rooms they might find. I believe they carefully avoided finding anything. Nothing but lies from government at any level or department.

Most accusations made by Alisa and Gabriel were never followed up on. Remember those rules of evidence? Not following up on most accusations?  A cardinal sin that should cost the job of every officer involved and then each should be imprisoned for failure to do their duty and to violate their great responsibility to follow thru on every lead and accusation, with diligence and integrity. Sentence? Minimum 20 years and if the cover up was serious enough? Honestly, I support the death penalty for serious treason against the law.

In war times, treason is a capital offense. There is a war on justice and decency now. No better time to bring on the serious measures of justice.

So now we supplicate directly to the internet and its world wide public forum that any can participate in. We take our case to the world as it should be. The internet is an interesting thing all by itself. I pose a question. Could it be that there is an agreement between the devil and God as regards the internet? I think it is absolutely regulated by an agreement between these two opposing forces in this information war. It could be that God had required that the net stay open as the only true forum to the truth to be heard in. He will at least keep it open long enough to serve His needs and ours.

God knows and understands how the odds are stacked against the common people. He of course, in His foresight and vision, foresaw the net, and so did the devil. They had to form some sort of agreement about it. It might eventually get shut down, but not before we have all had a chance to get to the truth. But while we have a chance, we could decide not to bother and then we would have no one to blame but ourselves. God gives us the chance, but He is not going to force us to take it. We can blow Him off if we want. God does not force anyone to do anything. He gives you 2 choices. You then pick as you please. He wants you to have the chance and opportunity, then the rest is up to you alone.

Regardless, the net is where all the real open discussions and conspiracy theories are being discussed. It is where people of sufficient alertness come to gain more knowledge. We have to have far more in the way of knowledge now, at this very critical time. Perhaps 200 or 300 years ago, we could be slow or ignorant about things, but no longer my fellow brothers and sisters of mankind. Now we need every scarp on info we can get our hands on, for the deceptions of the devil are many and we have found out how pervasive those really are. We are surrounded on all sides.

More on the kids - Retired police constable as witness.

It appears that the police inquiry concluded that the allegations were fabricated and that the children had probably been coached by Mr. Christie (the man heard in the videos). A witness statement by retired police constable K. Wilson, who apparently had access to parts of the police report, is generally critical of the overall investigation:

To state categorically that the children had been coached (which is written on the Crime Report) which I understand is the assertion from Social Services, is simply not feasible.

Some investigation has been conducted into proving or disproving, however most appear to be slanted towards merely disproving the offences occurred […]

This investigation does not look at the fact that the children are giving accounts of abuse and how they came to use such language other than to suggest Mr Christie coached the children.

Other named suspects who are professionals were not formally interviewed.

Investigators should not make assumptions that due to the unlikely or seemingly ridiculous nature of the allegation that it is untrue. If an account appears to be untrue corroboration should be sought for this also.

I do not feel it was suitable to close this investigation at this point without further enquiries and corroboration being sought.

End of Wilson Statement <<<

"The two children are now in the custody of child welfare. Their mother is allowed to see them once every two weeks while their father is allowed to see them once a week. Between September and December 2014, three family court hearings were held with both of the children’s parents arguing their case. A 12-day fact-finding hearing is scheduled to start on February 16th at the Royal Courts of Justice in London. The hearing will be held in secret."

"While much of what the two children claim in the videos appears to be the figment of their imagination – that 100 parents attend the sexual abuse sessions and that sessions take place in McDonalds and Starbucks for example – according to the police report they have been sexually abused, and that abuse has taken place in a country (the UK) where there is long-standing culture of sexual abuse of children, including by people in positions of power and influence."

"A 1990 National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children document, which was the subject of London Times newspaper story by Libby Jukes and Richard Duce, titled “NSPCC says ritual child abuse is rife” found that, of 66 child protection teams in England, Wales and Northern Ireland, 14 teams had received reports of ritual abuse from children and seven of them were working directly with children who had been ritually abused, sometimes in groups of 20."


From the following link:


Child pornography is said to be a $20 billion industry.

Here are the allegations concerning an international 'the snuff movie gang' that allegedly operates in Hampstead, a very wealthy part of London:

The allegations by the family and friends of Alisa and Gabriel come from: Details on the Satanic Death cult


1. The child abuse videos are made in several Hampstead schools and at various other locations in North London, including a Hampstead church.
2. Members of the gang film, edit, translate and sell the movies around Europe, Russia, Ukraine and the USA.

3. The scores of adults involved include certain school staff, certain parents, a priest and others.
4. Babies are sexually abused, tortured and murdered.     Satanic ceremonies are carried out.

Michael Aquino - Satanisun - MK-Ultra

5. The Hampstead gang gets babies from such countries as the USA, South Africa, Portugal, Spain, South America, China and India. 

This is extremely important. This info reveals astonishing things. Child Porn is made in the UK and distributed to the world. They sell and get money for it. Quite a bit, I imagine. This is the forbidden fruit which does not come cheap. How could the kids have made all this up, at ages 8 and 9? Alisa and Gabe were obvious participants so that they knew the situation and dad was the ring leader which gave them more of an inside position to know.

>>Now big point no. 2. This gang in Hampstead, to which the children are privy, inform us that babies come from all over the world. From the world to Hampstead. Its it only Hampstead? You can't be serious. The children report a number of schools do this in that area. And it is all over the UK. So the world supplies the UK. Why does the UK need so much? Well, let me tell you. Mind you this is only speculation on my part.

The UK is the central location and capital of Satan Worship as well as the Banking Capital of the world and maybe even the Capital of the world or NWO, even as Rome was to the world of their time. So Satan's worshipers need lots of babies to routinely sacrifice to Satan. In fact, this sacrifice and burnt offering of babies is in most respects, like the animal sacrifices of God's Temple way back when. But God forbid baby offerings to Molech, which did take place in Israel at some point. so if one were to suggest the UK is some kind of central HQ, the one way direction of the babies in masses, does seem to suggest this. I am convinced myself. They aren't acquiring all those babies for nothing and eating them every day.

Put plainly, the world is run by Satanists and the UK is the Jerusalem of the devil. Its finally come out of the closet, huh? Listen, I am not being funny here. The trafficking of babies from all over the world to the UK is strong irrefutable evidence that something is very wrong in the UK. They ought to take the whole of the ruling body and its agents and dump them into the sea but since they also control, not only the British military, but USA military as well. So on one will be doing anything to them anytime soon, except God in some instances, till the big day arrives.<<

6. Locations where the gang meet include an upstairs room in an American fast-food restaurant.
The boss of the restaurant allows child sacrifice in a secret room. Babies are prepared and cooked at the restaurant.

1983 - In Jordan, Minnesota, several children made allegations of satanic ritual abuse against their parents and an unrelated man. The man confessed and then identified a number of the children’s parents as perpetrators. Twenty-four adults were charged with child abuse though only three went to trial with two acquittals and one conviction.[53] Despite strong medical findings of sexual assault, all other charges were dropped. The children made allegations concerning child pornography, child murder, and ritual sacrifice.

7. The Hampstead gang includes the father of Alisa and Gabriel.

The gang includes a headmistress, a school nurse, a school receptionist, the owners (from Belgium) of a shoe repair shop, certain Germans, certain East Europeans, certain Indians...

The headmistress has a huge pink birth mark around her shaved front private. The headmistress is involved in the business of child prostitution, child porn and snuff movies.

One member of the gang regularly travels to Thailand and runs a lucrative child pornography and snuff movies business.

Oude Pekela. 1989 - a group of parents published allegations in a conservative magazine that their children had witnessed Satanic Ritual Abuse and had been ritually abused from May, 1987 until October 1988 in Oude Pekela, in the Netherlands. During the initial investigation, only the non-ritual aspects were reported in the press and investigated by the authorities. In 1989 the Christian news program Tijdsein reported allegations that included satanic ritual abuse, to which there was no official response. Oude Pekela doctors Fred Jonker and Ietje Jonker-Bakker alleged that several children had been abused by unknown men in the context of satanic rituals. 

>>Now the above from the link that started this, notes something of very critical importance. The Satanic aspects were ignored. The devil does not want you or anyone to know he is behind this and that much of this sexual violence is an offering to him to enable a world take-over thru generation after generation of abused ones.

This may well end up being why our 2 children might escape because Satan does not want his name getting dragged into it which is why we need to drag it ever more that way. Satan is behind all this madness. He offeres people the forbidden fruit of unrestrained sexual privilege which many find too enticing. But it comes with a price. You can't show any kindness or compassion toward the kids. You have to treat them cruelly so that they become monsters like those above them. Its a sick sick world. But you got the inside scoop right here at Truth1, baby!<<

8. The Hampstead gang includes:

A man who runs a building company and who constructs secret rooms and escape routes.

An Indian who is involved in procuring babies and selling videos.

A Chinese woman who brings babies from China and sells videos.

A woman in the property business who provides babies from the Ukraine and Russia, provides empty properties for ritual abuse, and sells videos in Ukraine and Russia.
9. The children are frequently injected with drugs to stop them screaming.

UK government child stealing exposed by EU

Key UK government institutions are being run by dangerous child abusers.

Schneider. The charity Colonia Dignidad was set up in Chile by a 'Jewish Nazi' called Paul Schäfer Schneider. Reportedly, the CIA, Mossad and the West German secret service used Colonia Dignidad for experiments involving the torture and mind control of kidnapped children. Child abuse charity, CIA child torture, Colonia Dignidad

End of linked Article <<


The Police Interviews
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After the summer trip to Morocco, during which trip most of the testimony of the kids was recorded, mom and Abe take the kids to report the crimes to the police and child "protective" services (CPS). This was Sep. 5, 2014. If you have read George Orwell's 1984 then you might remember the word double-speak. Double speak is really just a clever form of lying, where you describe something as its exact opposite. the police might be called the "ministry of love." Protective services are really child kidnapping services. This is the outstanding trait of the late 20th and the 21st century nations. They twist, distort, and grossly lie to the extreme opposite. The Environmental Protection Agency only protects industry from having to clean up or install pollution removers and make the people pay for it all.

Schools are meant to hinder and prevent education so that the masses remain dumb and helpless. Police are often enforcers similar to mob strongmen, who carry out the wicked orders of leaders and courts. They also give out lots of tickets for very small infractions as a means to increase tax revenues. The odd thing about this all, is that these changes in words seem to actually work and fool the masses. That is especially scary. As well, we have paid shills and trolls on the internet who are professional liars whose only job is to lie about things and alter the perception of what is believed in common among the people. The various media and entertainment industries have always lied about and misrepresented life.

This was apparently something not understood by Ella and Abe. they thought, despite the kids telling them that CPS supplied babies to kill and eat and that "cops did sex to them." I do find it a little perplexing that people can be this out of touch in 2014. I'll leave it at that. But I will say that since we live in such dangerous and deceitful perilous times, we should waste no time in learning all we can about what goes on around us. People not interested in their environment and surroundings take an awful risk and we see the results here in this instance.

The danger is not just in my head. It should be manifest to all. I'll use Mel Ve's beautiful term here: Cognitive Dissonance Junkies. Its another way of saying clueless. We don't want to be asleep to what is taking place. Jesus had warned his followers that in those last perilous days, that people would take no note of what was going on around them. I'd say he managed to hit that one on the head. But you don't have to agree.

Sep 5, 1st interview, with the kids. Alisa appears calm and focused and there is a straight delivery without lots of stumbling or pauses. She does not fidget at all. No weird body contortions and positions. She is low key in her voice, perhaps even despondent or not so sure about it all. Who can blame her. But she gets more lively in her discussions as she goes on. She does a wonderful job, trusting in the sincerity of the interview, when in reality, they have no honorable intentions whatsoever. In fact, I would say that as soon as they heard about this, they had preplanned strategies for various possibilities of this nature. Mom and the kids were walking right into the lion's mouth. Just damn cruel and monstrous.

Keep this in mind because in her 3rd interview date, the so called retraction, she is a much different person in every way. A changed person indicates a very changed and manipulated circumstance.

Alisa reports that the staff of the school and other do sex in the staff room where there is a sofa, at 11:12.

At 12:44, she describes the 2nd floor with room/grade 4 and 5 are and the staff room just beyond. "That is where we do sex."

This would be easy to verify.

The kids get paid sweets for doing sex. The closet with the sweets was in Alisa's classroom 4.

14:35: Social services gets local babies. "they are in on it!" she says! She gives vivid detail of Miss Marden injecting a baby in the neck and Alisa describes carefully what happens to the baby after injection. This could not possibly been made up or coached. This is the real deal. No one would have concocted so much detail with such accuracy.

Now honestly, would Abe be able to concoct all this? Since kids would normally have limited memory if being coached, this degree of detail about the baby slumping off and injected at the neck. Nobody would normally go to this detail and what is more, Alisa offered this without being prompted. the preponderance of evidence and the most likely explanation for this type of testimony is that Alisa was getting this from memories firmly embedded with real experience. "Occam's razor" suggests that the simplest (or most obvious) explanation is usually the correct one. So why was this ignored by police? And not investigated by police?!

This is huge! At 17:05, Alisa says dad is learning them, pauses and says, correcting herself: teaching them to, as follows below.
I'll explain later why this is so big! It is clear that someone corrects her about that usage and I suspect it is her mother.

At 17:10 she explains that her dad is teaching her and Gabe how to cut heads off and that they will have to teach their kids the same thing when they are parents. You see, there really is a method at work in this stuff. Remember this real well, too. This line is remarkable. How do you just write this all off? Lets just pretend that someone did coach her to say this. Whoever coached her understood very well the process of conditioning of multigenerational Satanic Ritual Abuse and Conditioning. Who could qualify for such knowledge? "Irish" told Alisa in the garden recording that he and her mom had never believed in this stuff before. That video was recorded right after this interview back at home. Only Dear dad Ricky Demon could have done this in my opinion.

At 24:00, she says that after killing a baby, there is often lots of blood on the floor and they have to clean it off. Note that blood residue can be revealed by ultra violet light and maybe a chemical. Cops uses it all the time. After the interviews, lots of work was going on in many of the places the kids described. No doubt in my mind that a lot of wood was replaced so that blood would not be found. Therefore, doing any search now in March 2015, would be in vain since investigators allowed so much time so that the criminals could cover their tracks. This should be held against the investigators and suspects accused and the worst assumed.

My reason for this is that in my court, if you  have a chance to do a proper investigative search and you do not do it, then all charges will be assumed to have been deliberately covered up and guilt would be established. If you don't want guilt automatically assigned, then you best take care to do a thorough, timely investigation with the utmost vigilance.

At about 24:20, Alisa describes a silver goblet for the blood and the investigator asks where that is kept. Without hesitation, she puts it in the cupboard where another item is. This was beyond what she told and she could come up with the answer without thinking. This is pretty damn solid testimony; rock hard. Impeccable!

The interviewer wants to know if the kitchen is where they make the lunches. But Alisa clarifies that instead of lunches, they eat the cooked babies. He wasn't ready for that one. He had been trying to trip her up. She could not be budged. She was super! He then asks about the bones, thinking he can nail her here. but she has another ready answer. If she had rehearsed things, coming up with unexpected questions would have thrown her off. Not Alisa! No way! She tells of a carving shop that uses the bones to make sculptures and the like and a man named Felix there. she gives all sort of detail on the skulls. Just remarkable.

The interview ran out before the secret room where the skulls were kept, could be related.

Sep. 5 interview, Part 2: It picks up where it left off. "They hide it in loads of places." They change the places where its stored. They mostly hide it in the houses where they often have parties. Mr. Hollings lives in Highgate and she describes his house and secret places. She describes a lot of detail. She definitely was there in Hollings house. What I note is her emphatic yes, yes, with certainty, at many points. She does not have any doubt about what she speaks of. It would be impossible to doubt her. She is either an actor better than any I have ever seen on the screen or she is the real deal.

Her dad's house is similar to Hollings but long in one direction. She describes descent down into a secret room. She corrects "Steve" and goes into precision detail about the setup downstairs. Listen to her correct Steve again at 18:15. He tries to confuse her but she immediately clears it up. She is fast, it pours out of her with great speed. I would love to see just one politician be even a 10th as honest as she comes off looking. Never any hesitation on her part. This is all very clear and precise in her head. the got big bunches of keys. Loads. She gives Steve precise directions on how to catch the school the next day and who and what he will find. She says he will catch them all. to not follow up on this exactly as she recommended, can only be construed as criminal in intent and action. Intent to commit fraud and to betray duty and diligence, and commit treason against the law and enforcement of the law.

Somewhere in this interview, my first notes record her saying that the teachers and staff do not trust her and Gabriel. I believe this is one of those signs that Gabe and Alisa were not happy ever in this school. They had a contrast with their mother, who did not abuse them. The looks on their faces perhaps gave them away. That they finally broke out of the fear, thanks to Abe, I might point out, is an indication that they were, deep inside, glad to get it out, for the most part. Alisa might have been a little bit more concerned than Gabe. It did seem to me on Abe's/Ella's videos that they were relieved to get it out and have it stop. No surprise there!

Millie changed schools because she did not like the sex. "All the Hampstead schools do it." (Sex). She listed some of them off, a little before 21:00. They take a break at 23:34 and its about 11:28 PM. That is absurdly late. She wants them to go to the school tomorrow but what chance is there of that if they are there so late. They probably did that deliberately.

"It sounds like you got loads and loads to tell us." So they want to schedule a couple more dates. I believe they already knew this was authentic and that they needed to kidnap the kids to derail this whole scandal. This was a cover up all the entire way from the start. I think Alisa knew that they had to strike fast for a search or it would all get covered up. She wanted a search the next day. They were not going to.

I want to draw special attention to the fact that there was no squirming or odd positions for Alisa the whole time. Her mind was focuses and her speech was non-stop and steady. What a contrast it will prove to be compared to the last interview known as the recantation, which was a total deception and fraud as I see it.

End of Sep 5 Alisa Interviews

Notes:    Alisa appears calm and focused and there is a straight delivery without lots of stumbling or pauses. She does not fidget at all. No weird body contortions and positions. She is low key in her voice. But she gets more lively in her discussions as she goes on.

This is huge! At 17:05, Alisa says dad is learning them, pauses and says, correcting herself: teaching them to, as follows below.
I'll explain later why this is so big! It is clear that someone corrects her about that usage and I suspect it is her mother.

Sep 11 (do you think 911 was an accident for this date? I don't) interviews still being worked on.

Sep 17 interviews. Alisa at 00:30 movements begin. 00:45, 3:25, 3:45 these are body postures not seen in her 1st interview. She is much different this time.

Alisa asks near the beginning: "So what are we going to start off by saying?" She almost seems drugged and giddy. Not like first time at all.

5:25 her arm goes down between her legs. Squeezes intensely at 5:40. She sort of stumbles in recounting Abraham at 6:10 and they guessed and they guessed and they guessed and Abe said no, its your father. 6:45 hands are moving. 7:18, too.    odd contortion at 9:05.  9:40 hand buried down. At 9:50 watch the hand movements.  11:50 more.

Near to 12:00. Abraham comes in and says whose touching you. Why do you think he asked that, Steve asks. I don’t know, she said. I think he was trying to get me in trouble, I think. After mentioning her and Gabe touching each other, and Abe catching them, he asks: "Who taught you two to do that." She admits to Steve that they were touching each other.

Then Sofie is said to be the teacher. Sofie was 1st mentioned that I know, in the garden video after their first Sep 5 interview. Alisa said that Sofie was the only one who liked doing sex.

She (Sofie) learned me to do that but I don’t know where she got it from but she just done it to me. Sofie was her friend and then she wasn’t. Alisa could not get her story straight this time. Nothing like her wonderful debut. Its so obvious. Gabe says Sofie was Alisa’s best friend in his interviews to come. Alisa doing some fidgeting. Sofie got her, Alisa, to touch Gabe for sweets. It was not very convincing. Alisa: Sofie learned me.   Abe: No, someone else. Alisa: It was Sofie. Abe: No, it was dad.

I really do need to point out here that Alisa was very cognizant of "learned us, I mean, taught us," in the 1st interview. But in the 3rd interview, it was consistently "learned us" how to do that. She was either under great stress or she had age regressed in that session to a time previous to what is likely mom's trying to elevate her language skills. She was quick to correct herself that 1st time. Her mind was no where near the previous level. She was a mess inside. It is so obvious.

The pool stuff was all made up by Abe, supposedly. How did Abe know about the pool since only Ricky took them there that I know?

Total bullshit that Abe made up the skulls story. Abe had no idea. The Irish voice in the garden video confessed on video to Alisa in the patio video that he and others have never believed in any of that Satanic ritual sex stuff. "We didn't listen to the children." But now he was a believer. It seemed like a very credible and believable statement. Why else would they go to the police? This statement would directly contradict any accusations of the "retraction."

She admits dad takes her to the pool. So Abe concocts, she says. No way. 16:00 leg twisting. Watch 16:51 where she gets uptight. 

Alisa: He (Abe) called me bad words which hurt my feelings. Steve had said at the beginning of every session that bad words were OK to say. But Steve did not ask what any of the bad words were. Alisa was so good and thorough with numerous details in the1st interview, and yet here, offers so very little info. Its not like her at all. She gave Steve all he thought he would need, but not in my court! I want to know where his quest for details disappeared to. He asked all sorts of stupid questions on detail in the 1st interview. Bad words were OK to say. Non-specific.

17:15 legs over arm in middle.

Alisa said she was hoping that they doctors would find a problem with her (in the anal exam) because she was afraid they would find out she lied about the abuse if there was nothing. I have never heard such bullshit. They must have threatened her real good. so she was relieved when they did find a scars.

She could not explain the scars of the exam. No one has ever stuck anything in her bum, she says. We have just solved this case, in case you did not notice. You can't have her kinds of injuries and not remember something. stick something with a girth of probably near to 1.5 or 2 inches in width, and I guarantee you will remember. Can I get a witness? Anyone?

Anyway, since it is impossible that she could not know, then she is lying. I do not fault her. But someone coached her and she had been, as I see it, incarcerated, without anyone like mom to be able to account for Alisa during that 8 days of in-house arrest. True, the police do not say arrest. They say they were taking her away because she was in danger of some sort. Boy, was she ever. They did not mention the danger was them, not mom.

She not only had injuries to her anus, but had PTSD. So don't tell me nothing happened. Abraham supposedly coaching, could not cause PTSD. This is absolute indisputable (prima facie) evidence for the police having tempered with a witness and creating a story that was impossible in explaining the medically verified evidence of both children. You do not need anymore than this.

Plastic willies not true. Alisa says Sofie had sexy toys and pictures of plastic willies. Look at 20:20 all previous testimony not true.

Sofie blamed for everything. Alisa had to be very threatened. She gave ample denial and excuses, and none of it with the style and delivery of her 1st interview. It was like a totally different person in every way. Gabriel was not able to give much detail or even denial. Alisa had to explain it all and she had a far better skill level to be made use of, so they used her primarily.

What is more, a totally different manner in the girl indicates great duress. That she was not in the care of the mother should throw out this fraudulent interview since mom had no way to verify what sort of treatment and communication took place.

I think it should be understood at this point that serious and deep psychology must be employed in our detective work. Alisa's former calm body language and vast details and clear coherent explanations without lots of odd body language stands in huge contrast to the final interview/retraction, where her body language was most unusual and such a great departure from her former posture.

The subconscious human mind is a fascinating thing to understand. I have read on it extensively. Experts may well contest my assertions but  would say they are part of the coverup that extends throughout every part of society. They can not be trusted.

The subconscious acts as a great and vigilant protector of the entire person. Our fight or flight responses come from the deep instinctive regions of the brain. The subconscious stands every ready to shelter us from realizations that are life threatening in its eyes. We can be potentially blinded in our realizations if the subconscious believes we would not be able to function mentally if we had to face certain realities and so the "sub" spares us from confronting that and it walls off that realization, which is traumatic in scope, and keeps it hidden until such time, if that ever arrives, when we have the tools to be able to process it and the willingness to do so.

Hilgard called this sub-conscious the hidden observer. Erickson was also well noted for this dual consciousness theory. Dr. Janov also deals with these understandings.

The subconscious will often try to communicate through dreams at night, or it can choose a non-verbal outlet, most often involving non-verbal body language and posture. Alisa's body responses in the recantation were screaming out to us for help. she did not believe a word she was telling. Somebody had threatened her but good and she was scared. Ever been uptight? Do you feel relaxed when you are? I don't. Feel on edge? I do. and you will be stiff in manner and appearance or you will be very fidgety and squirming around just as Alisa was. You can't imagine how she was suffering but she feels like there is no way out and probably no hope. There are many people who ought to be executed for this type of treason against law, land, nations, and citizens.

This whole matter is sound evidence that all has gone wrong in our world. Can you read the handwriting on the wall? I believe we are standing on the threshold of a major confrontation and showdown. I would not be surprised to see WWIII started to distract us from this. Time will tell.

In legal terms, when the lawyer for one side is allowed communication with the judge and the other side is not, this is a serious breach of conduct. They call it unilateral communication. To simplify that term, it is one way communication when it should be all parties involved in any communication. In addition, since police and CPS were accused by Alisa in the 1st interview, those 2 parties should have been relieve of any involvement in investigation, as I see it.

Because both of those parties have more than the usual responsibility as a public office that affects every aspect of justice, they should have been prevented from any involvement and a special prosecutor should have been appointed by someone of a very serous and responsible office far above the levels being bypassed. Some very high raking officials of the municipality of London should have been appointed. In fact, any time law enforcement is accused of indecent conduct in an investigation, there should be special prosecutors intervene at that point.

Alisa's personality transformation is not noted or accounted for and same for Steve, who had no questions this time, on details. The changes and no possibility of the mother having recourse to observation and care of her kids makes this entire exercise a serious violation of all manner of proper investigation. If I were a judge in power, I would have immediately returned the kids and ordered an independent investigation of the accused agencies and many would have been put on administrative leave until I had a satisfactory explanation for the huge discrepancies. Further, this should have been a criminal investigation, not a family court.

had I found inexcusable conduct or serious oversight, there would be some offices going to prison for while. Investigation and judicial procedure are not small matters. They are of the highest order, and merit the highest responsibility and accountability. Inexcusable conduct must be severely punished in such instances in order to deter others from doing the same. That nothing is done is every indication that the worst of judicial atrocities is perfectly acceptable at all levels.

This means there has been a total corruption and destruction of the judicial system and certain evidence that then entirety of that system is now nothing more than a crime syndicate of the worst of proportions. At this point, I could only conclude that the UK is now in total chaos and ruin. I would then recommend an investigation by the world courts of justice, such as the UN. I would question the UK's continuing to be on the security council of the UN, when she appears to have no semblance of law and order within her boundaries and is not fit to judge any other nation or judicial matters of a world scale. I can see no other conclusion, as a citizen of the USA, who is also concerned with the conduct of her allies and matters affecting the entire world.

There needs to be an immediate response to this outrageous atrocity by the UN or she, too, will lose her credibility. But to be honest, I have no confidence or faith in any political authority to sincerely tend to honoring justice and dignity to peoples of little power or wealth. I believe all power and authority has abandoned the common people and declared war on the people. Satan is in charge and he is not a nice guy. I believe the people have enough evidence to come to this conclusion and decide how to best resolve their matters among themselves.

People need to become wiser so they can avoid as much trouble with authority and power as is possible and know that danger is now clear and present everywhere.








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