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Satan's Lies 101

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The Origin of Demons
A Heavenly Rebellion
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Cult Incentives
Satanic Sacrifices
Religion as a Lie   Jul 28 015
UFOs and Aliens Deception
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The Premise                                                                    Started on Jun 23, 2015 
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Satan is a huge liar. Certain lies have become prominent in the last days. I want to show how these lies are used to manipulate and justify his cult followers and what they do. Some old lies will be reviewed as well. Many who imagine they are not fooled by Satan are actually still fooled by Satan. I'll show it all to you. Never trust a liar. This is also about why the paranormal/supernatural is forbidden by God.

                                      A Glimpse of the Spirit World of "Heaven"

The Origin of Demons
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The Bible does not often give us much insight into the heavenly realm of God, what we might call the spirit world. But neither does it completely neglect that mysterious world that is unseen to us and undetectable to our senses or instruments of our creation. Accept that God allows us such an insight, we would never know what was going on. But there was some necessity for God to inform us of a few things going on there for our protection. Our first clue comes very early, in the very first chapter of the Bible.

Genesis 1:26 And God said, let Us make man in Our image, according to Our likeness.

If you read anything previous to that, you see that God simply says let there be this or that. But here, He says "let us!" He is addressing someone else there who is with Him in heaven, in the spirit world. We are later shown how angels, spirits like God, exist in heaven and also one special and particular spirit who had a special relationship with God, being exclusively the only one who was personally created by God, who then allowed this one, His only son, to make all the other spirit creatures in heaven and the universe and us, too. We know him today as Jesus, the first born and only-begotten of God, the Father.

But our first hints and revelations of this come to us right away in Genesis, the first book of the Bible. Next we are shown a scene in heaven.

Green's Literal Translation was used at the time of writing this below:

Job 1:6 And a day came when the sons of God came to present themselves before Jehovah. And Satan also came among them.

Job 2:1 And it happened that a day came when the sons of God came to present themselves before Jehovah.
       And Satan also came among them to present himself before Jehovah.

I do not quote the whole account but you can look it up. But Satan comes in among the angels, called the sons of God, as they derived their creation from Him, by means of His son. They did not give birth to each other as we do. They do not breed as Jesus makes clear in:
Matthew 22:30 "For in the resurrection [the heavenly one] they neither marry nor are given in marriage,
     but they are as the angels of God in Heaven."

At this assembly of God's spirit sons, the angels of heaven, Satan is asked if he has noticed what a fine servant Job is. Satan, who earlier had rebelled against God and had corrupted and deceived the first woman, Eve, who then enticed Adam to join her, this Satan had not evidently been impressed with these human creations and found them to be rather weak and pathetic. Although it could be argued that it was just sour grapes, as Satan seemed to want the worship of these creatures pretty bad so they could not have been as pathetic as he was claiming.

Nevertheless, Satan's challenges were allowed by God so God could prove that it was not out of selfishness that He forbid angels to be worshiped. Had He simply eliminated Satan, other angels watching might have become suspicious. God was not afraid to be questioned or challenged as He had nothing to hide and knew the truth and that it would become quite clear and evident to others if it was allowed to be tried and settled. God was willing to prove Himself. He set the perfect example for all powers and authorities on earth to follow. They should have nothing to fear by exposure and an open challenge. Truth will always win out over lies . . . always! Love does not fear or run and hide. Love casts fear away and banishes it. So God allows Satan to test Job to see if Job will remain loyal to God when things go bad for him. This is a very famous book in the Bible and for very good reasons.

This book give us insight into why Christians often suffer harm and persecution. It alerts us to the fact that there has likely been a dispute between Satan and God, all the way back to the Garden of Eden. I seriously doubt that Satan would have gone down and tempted Adam and Eve without getting God's permission. Satan might be evil but he is not completely stupid. To act without God's permission could get one immediately killed. Satan was not in the mood to die so he no doubt raised the challenge to God before attempting what he did in Eden.

And ever since that time, we can probably assume that challenges and disputes arise often. So we never know when something might have been disputed by Satan who was then allowed a certain amount of permission to act as he liked, within limits, of course. So we would expect that in some circumstances, Satan might have had a hand in manipulating places and events to throw off and deceive people on earth or give them some opportunity to dispute the existence of God, though not so much that the truth is not also apparent with a little faith and exercise of the brain. In the next scripture, we are introduced to the time when the earth was created, long before man was in existence.

Job 38:
4 Where were you when I laid the foundations of the earth? Declare if you know understanding. 
5 Who has set its measurements, for you know? Or who has stretched a line on it? 
6 On what were its bases sunk? Or who cast its cornerstone, 
7 when the morning stars sang together, and all the sons of God shouted for joy?

And in this passage we see that the spirit sons of God shouted for joy at the creation of the earth. I quote this to make it apparent and certain that when the Bible says sons of God, it means one thing, prior to the first advent of Jesus. It means the spirit sons of God in heaven who we typically call angels. That is important in order to understand the next scripture. From this we are given information as to the origins of the demons and how they cam into existence. That will be important to know as we will later see.

A Heavenly Rebellion
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(GLT) Genesis 6:
1 And it came about that men began to multiply on the face of the earth, and daughters were born to them.
2 The sons of God saw the daughters of men, that they were good. And they took wives for themselves
   from all those whom they chose.
3 And Jehovah said, My Spirit shall not always strive with man; in their erring he is flesh.
   And his days shall be a hundred and twenty years.
4 The giants were in the earth in those days, and even afterwards when the sons of God came into the daughters
   of men, and they bore to them; they were heroes which existed from ancient time, the men of name.
5 And Jehovah saw that the evil of man was great on the earth, and every imagination of the thoughts
   of his heart was only evil all the day long.

In this account, we are told how these spirits took an interest in the fleshly daughters born to men and they gave up their place in heaven to take on fleshly bodily forms of men and take up sexually with the many daughters of men. The resulting children of these marriages were known as giants, which some Bible translations choose to translate as Nephilim, the original Hebrew word which is most commonly translated as giants but can signify fellers, those who make things fall, indicating a sort of bully or brute. They were evidently not very nice which would seem to be born out by the rest of the scripture which says that man was evil all the time and everywhere. So God chose to bring a flood upon the earth to get rid of the accelerated violence that was likely brought about by the angels interfering on earth. Time to start over again.

It was from these events that the heroes, as Moses calls them, the men of name and fame, that many of the gods and myths of later men after the flood were inspired by. Though not readily recognized by archaeologists or historians, I intend to show in a book I am working on, that many of the ancient civilizations discovered and known by archaeologists and historians today, were actually civilizations that were in existence before the flood and were later built on top of by other civilizations who often adopted much of the previous culture that had lived before them, though still standing out much differently in much of their material culture. So these early giants, men of fame, were inspiration for the mythical stories of gods that were so common to many cultures. Early ecclesiastical Christian writers were well aware of this and wrote about it. I will eventually quote some of them in an addition to this at a later time.

But it has always been the understanding of the ancient Hebrews that angels came down to earth and corrupted mankind. This was the understanding of all early post-apostolic Christian writers, too. It came to be disputed in times close to ours because like the classic period Greeks, they believed the tale too amazing to believe. But only recently has that happened, since the birth of the industrial revolution, primarily. But an examination of other parts of the Bible makes it clear how the Bible understood it. Jude refers to the angels who rebelled before the flood by forsaking their proper position in heaven, the spirit realm.

Jude 1:
5 Now I desire to remind you, though you were once for all fully informed, that he who saved a people
   out of the land of Egypt, afterward destroyed those who did not believe. 
6 And the angels that did not keep their own position but left their proper dwelling have been kept by him
   in eternal chains in the nether gloom until the judgment of the great day.

1 Peter 3:
19 in which he went and preached to the spirits in prison,
20 who formerly did not obey, when God's patience waited in the days of Noah, during the building of the ark,
     in which a few, that is, eight persons, were saved through water.

Peter refers to God's patience in waiting for the ark to be built before destroying the materialized angels and their offspring from earthly women. He also refers to this in his second letter, too.

2 Peter 2:
4 For if God did not spare sinning angels, but delivered them to chains of darkness, thrust down
   into Tartarus, having been kept to judgment;
5 and did not spare the ancient world, but preserved Noah the eighth, a herald of righteousness,
   bringing a flood on a world of ungodly ones;
6 and covering the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah with ashes, He condemned them with an overthrow,
   setting an example to men intending to live ungodly.

Now I would like to point out that there were any number of ways that God could have wiped out the ungodly and rebellious ones. But perhaps, though by no means certain, He chose the way He did, due to a dispute with Satan as to how it ought to be done. God might have chosen a flood so as to leave physical evidence, or it might have been Satan's preferred way so as to seem so incredible and unlikely to a doubting skeptical world puffed up with their own understanding of the natural world and their new found industrial power. But regardless of why, we know it happened to correct a bad situation and preserve man on earth and progress at a more reasonable pace toward the ultimate result of man's sin and rebellion against God. We are also informed on a later event in time, near the end, near the last day, when Jesus would return (in action but not physically) for a 2nd time to finally bring the corrupt evil world to an abrupt end and reward His servants, both the living and the dead through resurrection.

Rev. 12:
7 And war occurred in Heaven, Michael and his angels making war against the dragon.
   And the dragon and his angels made war,
8 but they did not have strength, nor yet was place found for them in Heaven.
9 And the great dragon was cast out, the old serpent being called Devil, and, Satan; he deceiving
   the whole habitable world was cast out onto the earth, and his angels were cast out with him.

Here we are given the vision of Satan and all those angels who have rebelled along with him and cooperate with him against God and those of God's on earth. These are those rebellious angels who came down to earth to breed with earthly women and violate their positions and places with God. It is important for us to know about them, though the Bible is quite careful to avoid giving them much attention but just enough so that we are not unaware of their existence and influence from the spiritual realm of existence. For these are the ones who continue to exert a limited influence over the earth and men. But God has placed limits on their influence and sphere of power. And then God tells us what to avoid in order to escape that power and influence of these wicked rebellious spirits.

With that in mind, we want to give careful attention to what God instructs for us, knowing that it is for our own protection and understanding that we are informed and instructed as we are by God. That is why obedience to God is so important for us. He knows what we do not, and though He informs us to some degree, it may be that Satan demands that we only be given the very limited basic essentials and that enough be left out that we have to trust in God to some degree. So faith and obedience are salvation for us. If we stray from God's commands, we could fall into great harm. I am going to show you how by examining the lying/deceiving signs and wonders.

Things to Avoid!
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Today, as also in past times, witchcraft and the paranormal enjoy a certain amount of popularity and perhaps even gained more popularity as of recently. Psychic investigation and services have also gained more attention. Contacting the dead is still as big as ever and we now have what they have called channeling, in which supposed spirits of the past communicate through people who often go into a trance to serve as a mediator. There were also many practices of the past that may have been lost over time, too. The law of Moses deals with these many sorts of things, forbidding them to be practiced. See for yourself.

Green's Lit. Trans.) Deuteronomy 18:
9 When you come to the land which Jehovah your God is giving to you, you shall not learn to do according
   to the hateful acts of those nations.
10 There shall not be found in you one who passes his son or his daughter through the fire, one that uses divination,
     an observer of clouds, or a fortuneteller, or a whisperer of spells,
11 or a magic charmer, or one asking of familiar spirits, or a wizard, or one inquiring of the dead.
12 For all doing these things are an abomination to Jehovah. And because of these filthy acts
     Jehovah your God is expelling these nations before you.
13 You shall be perfect with Jehovah your God. 
14 For these nations whom you shall expel listen to observers of clouds, and to diviners.
     But as to you, Jehovah your God has not allowed you to do so.

Here are two other versions that use similar but slightly different words to describe the practices forbidden.

(RSV) Deuteronomy 18:
10 There shall not be found among you any one who burns his son or his daughter as an offering,
     any one who practices divination, a soothsayer, or an augur, or a sorcerer,
11 or a charmer, or a medium, or a wizard, or a necromancer.

(BBE) Deuteronomy 18:
10 Let there not be seen among you anyone who makes his son or his daughter go through the fire,
     or anyone using secret arts, or a maker of strange sounds, or a reader of signs, or any wonder-worker, 
11 Or anyone using secret force on people, or putting questions to a spirit, or having secret knowledge,
     or going to the dead for directions.

Now the question is bound to come up, why does God forbid these things? As we explored earlier, there are angels who were created by God and disobeyed God. These are commonly called demons. It is they who have been given (allowed) to exercise certain limited powers in certain kinds of situations. Where any false god or rites or rituals performed to or for a false god, or practices forbidden by the real and only true God, these are given to the demons to do as they wish. 

And when Jehovah and Satan had their confrontation and dispute, they discussed a way for each have their say and their options, with Satan being allowed to challenge and dispute God's motives to men in earth. Each has options and each has limits or restrictions. Satan wanted to be able to seduce men with magic as we see it as mere humans. So he wanted the rights to powers that violate the normal laws of physics. He knew these would be very persuasive in getting humans to listen to him, regardless of motive.

So God agreed to allow these powers to Satan and his allies (demons) and God was willing to restrict Himself as well. Satan's basic premise was that if humans were decent and of good heart, they should obey God, no matter what Satan tells them and what he shows them for powers and offers to them.

Now the premise is fairly correct. but when overwhelming temptation is put before someone, there is a good chance that he or she might succumb to these temptations and leave off from following God. Now is Satan were fair, he would not use "bribes" to get his way. But he was not interested in being fair. Only interested in getting his way.

So Satan has the reigns of the paranormal and God does not allow His angels (spirits loyal to Him) to interact with humans unless they are delivering a message from God to someone. They are otherwise silent. The only ones you will fine in the paranormal-supernatural are demons.

This is why God, the one called Jehovah, forbids us to use these practices. He does not listen to these practices or normally work through them. Some of these practices, such as communicating with the dead are not possible since God will not resurrect them till after the great judgment day reserved for a future time.

These rebellious angels, these demons, gladly pose as these dead people to make us believe that these people are still alive and that God is a liar. And by deceiving us and tempting us into communicating with them, we come under their deceptive influence and are more vulnerable to being misled and fooled. All the various things forbidden to us are used to help mislead people and give them the wrong ideas and understanding of things. And some of the practices honor other gods, which is obviously wrong in God's eyes as is shown in the 10 commandments. Often, the demons will perform for those who engage in these forbidden practices so as to mislead them and displease and dishonor the real God in heaven. One could even come under the demons' direct influence. That would not be good. All in all, these practices will lead you down the wrong road away from the true God, Jehovah.

Let us consider some of these practices to see how they might harm us and how God protects us from these if we listen to Him.

Passing a son or daughter through the fire, which naturally killed them, was sort of sacrificing them to a God. It was known to be done to one god called Molech, Melech, or Moloch. Worshipping other gods and doing things God detests such as sacrificing children (or adults for that matter) are clearly wrong.

Divination in various forms such as observing and interpreting clouds, stars, tarot cards, entrails, E-ching sticks, or any other numerous way of discerning the future or asking questions, and seeking guidance was wrong. Fortune tellers would come under this topic. Demons are allowed to respond to such things and will almost certainly use such opportunities to lie and mislead people. God's people use the Bible and the advice or wise men of God, studied in the scriptures, to help them along in life. And they pray to their God, Jehovah as well, for His blessing and enlightenment.

Charms and spells are another danger and a form of poor mental hygiene. God allows us all to choose freely and make decisions for ourselves. When we want others to like us or do something for us by some magic force, what are we saying? We could describe this as using force to get someone to do as we wish. Forcing people to do things when they do not want to or are not actually inclined that way could be considered rape. It at least violates how God wanted us to treat each other and how God treats us by giving us free will and choice. Further, when we attempt such charms or spells, we are invoking and inviting the powers of the demons. Definitely not a good idea. This is why these are likely forbidden.

>>I add here, a  link to an article of mine showing that Hypnosis is what is referred to in the Bible as a charmer or charming and casting spells.

The Sin of Hypnosis                I'll link this article at the end/bottom, too.

Contacting the dead or acting as a medium to channel spirits. To inquire of the dead when they do not exist makes no sense. But this is an attempt by Satan and his pals, the demons, to make us believe in life after death as spirits or souls. And since it conflicts with what God says, then one might conclude that God is a liar or that He has not told us everything. An attempt to deceive and mislead. So we want to avoid speaking or inquiring of the dead.

Witches, Warlocks, Wizards, some types of medicine men, witch doctors and others who perform many of these rituals are not allowed by God. They are agents, even if innocently or unknowing, of the devil and his gang. We would avoid all such persons when they are performing in those capacities and positions. We would not want to be one ourselves, either.

As verses 12-14 point out, the nations that God was driving out from before the Israelites were guilty of these things God hated. God forbid Israel to do such things. Indeed, if Israel started to do such things, "he" would also be similarly punished as the previous nations were.

Paranormal Supernatural
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This is less understood today, more than ever before. It is the topic of supposed paranormal or supernatural abilities of humans. I declare with extreme emphasis that humans are mortal, are flesh, can and do die, and are not spirits inside physical bodies. They exist only as physical bodies, and have no paranormal or supernatural abilities. Now Satan has declared this is not so. He promotes the immortal soul doctrine rather than God's resurrection (bringing back to life). And Satan says we all have psychic-paranormal-supernatural abilities. And a number of humans seem to demon-strate such abilities. How can this be so? I was hoping you would ask.

Demons and Satan have been allowed a certain measure of supernatural powers, which normally come to spirits in the first place. They also have limits on the use of these powers. Some of the ways they use these powers make it look as if humans actually had them. Demons perform thru "mediums" who may or may not say they are mediums or they may say these are simply their own natural abilities, promoting the idea that we are spirits inhabiting bodies and that our spirits go or return to the spirit world after. This is a lie. When we die, we are dead and cease to exist. I will link to an article on that at the end of this article.

We are not spirits in a body. We are not spirits in any way and we have no powers that spirits have. I can't say that forcefully enough. So any powers or "works" that seem to come from people that are magic, supernatural, or channeling a spirit, or whatever, are not really coming from people. They are coming from demons who want to make it look like these works are coming thru people as if they had spirit powers in them and were spirits within fleshly bodies. It is a mass deception upon humans.

This was and is the goal of Satan and his demons, to con-vince us (fool us) into believing we are spirits that live forever and do not need God to bring us back to life or keep us living. But we do know our bodies die. We see that easy enough, right? What remains is whether we believe that the intelligence and personality of that former body has passed on as a spirit or not. To convince us that these have gone on to the spirit world after death, demons often pretend to be those dead people, convincing us that they are still alive as spirits. But the demons are liars and the dead are dead. If you want to live again, you must get God to bring you back.

I now want to point out another related danger. It comes from some forms of meditation. Some of those reference plugging into a universal consciousness, or a "collective" consciousness, or whatever consciousness outside your own brain,  or opening up to some sort of expanded consciousness. You are venturing into a realm that belongs to the demons when you seek a "consicouness" outside of your own. That is an invitation for any outside source to accept your invitation and do as they please with you and yours. We do not have any consciousness extending outside of our heads/brains. Any expanded consciousness will be with the spirit realm and only demons inhabit that realm. So we have no business visiting that area or supposed state of mind. Visiting the dimension or consciousness of demons is a bad idea.

But references to these are so deliberately vague that we do not know what we are really getting into. That is why I write. There are definitions of meditation that vary, or even depart from outside consciousness. As long as your meditation stays focused on what is inside you and not outside or beyond, then you may be fine. I cover this more in the sections on meditation.

But all manifestations of supernatural powers come from demons, not humans. This is one of the biggest tricks that Satan plays on us.

So let me ask: If one was to inquire of the "cosmos" or "collective consciousness" and get an answer or be given a prediction which then comes true, would this prove that the Bible is wrong? The Bible does not say it would not work. You may end up contacting someone from the dead or at least appears to be that one, now dead. But the Bible says that demons are behind all of this. So if it works, it does not mean it is wise to do it unless you want to be possessed and used by the demons.

God is trying to protect you from the demons as God knows the demons hate humans and want to lie to them, mislead them and cause they to die while alienated from God so that they miss out on a chance to be brought back to life later. It is in your best interest that you avoid the supernatural.

Another thing I will banish is the idea of astral projection, which suggests that we are spirits in a body and that the spirit can still leave the body, while retaining an attachment to it, described as a silver cord. The mind can naturally project itself as watching its own body from outside. This often happens in dissociating, where one wants to escape what is happening to them thru their body, so they imagine they are outside their body, often above it, watching the body suffer down below by some attacker or whatever. But this is imagination, not a spirit leaving the body.

But it is easily possible that with the help of a demon, we go visit all sorts of places and see things. Some have accomplished "remote viewing" by means of demons, though they are not aware of the demonic help. The demon acted to let them think they left their body and traveled elsewhere as a spirit. There are lots of modern new ideas, but all of them usually involve the paranormal sooner or later. Since the paranormal is involved, it can be said that Satan is involved. All New age stuff bears many similarities with old pagan concepts and ideas, as well as Wicca/wiccan. Again, these go back to Satan.

Any road deviating from God and the Bible is a road leading to Satan, whether one wants to accept that or not. Deviating from the Bible, is deviating toward the devil, who ultimately will have everyone violating every rule God ever made, particularly in regards to raping small children, supposedly for their won good as it will be said that this is necessary to progress to the next level of "love," whereby all unselfishly share their love and bodies with all their other fellow human beings and there will be no prohibition against incest of any type, either. All in the name of so called love. But love will be far removed from it all. Rape is how it will be felt by kids too young to want or care about having sex with adults.

Satan is the author of all pagan gods and goddesses. So any god, goddess, or religion you choose, that is not from the Bible, ultimately has Satan as its author and promoter. Satan just wants to keep you away from God and keep you away from being brought back to life by God, which the Bible refers to as a resurrection.

Satan wants us to eliminate all restraints and embrace his so called Freedom and Love. But they are rejection of God and rejecting the opportunity to obey God and be brought back to life, once the issues with Satan have all been settled, which settlement is near to being finished soon, likely less that 10 years, now.

Ley Lines        This comes from

by Benjamin Radford, Live Science Contributor   |   November 19, 2013 07:14pm ET

Article quote >>> Many people believe that a grid of earth energies circles the globe, connecting important and sacred sites such as Stonehenge, the Egyptian Pyramids, and the Great Wall of China.

If you plot these and other sites on a map, a curious thing becomes apparent: Many of them can be connected by straight lines. Were these monuments and sacred sites specifically built at those locations by ancient people with lost knowledge of unknown earth energies especially strong along these "ley lines"?

History of ley lines

People have often found special significance in the unusual landmarks and geological features surrounding them. High mountain peaks and majestic valleys may be viewed as sacred, for example, while deep, dark caves have often been considered the domain of the underworld. The same is true for roads; in 1800s on the British Isles many people believed in mysterious "fairy paths," trails connecting certain hilltops in the countryside. It was considered dangerous (or, at the very least, unwise) to walk on those paths during certain days because the wayward traveler might come upon a parade of fairies who would not take kindly to the human interruption.

<<< end article quote

Wikipedia article >>>

Ley Line
For other uses, see Ley Lines (disambiguation).

Ley lines /l lnz/ are supposed alignments of numerous places of geographical and historical interest, such as ancient monuments and megaliths, natural ridge-tops and water-fords. The phrase was coined in 1921 by the amateur archaeologist Alfred Watkins, in his books Early British Trackways and The Old Straight Track. He sought to identify ancient trackways in the British landscape. Watkins later developed theories that these alignments were created for ease of overland trekking by line-of-sight navigation during neolithic times, and had persisted in the landscape over millennia.[1]

In a book called The View Over Atlantis (1969), the writer John Michell revived the term "ley lines", associating it with spiritual and mystical theories about alignments of land forms, drawing on the Chinese concept of feng shui. He believed that a mystical network of ley lines existed across Britain.[2]

Since the publication of Michell's book, the spiritualised version of the concept has been adopted by other authors and applied to landscapes in many places around the world. Both versions of the theory have been criticised on the grounds that a random distribution of a sufficient number of points on a plane will inevitably create alignments of random points purely by chance.

<<< end Wiki article

As I see it, ley lines are another lie of the devil to deceive us and get us to believe in powers/energy tied up in these ley lines so that we will go after these powers, which open us up to demons and their influence.   <<< Just last night, 7/6/015, I caught a radio show recording of the Kev Baker Radio show interviewing Sonya Vangelder, a New Age believer and supporter of the Hampstead kids, and deploring the injustice done to them. But she mentioned the many ley lines and the interviewers also shared beliefs in ley lines or their possibilities. It was said that between ley lines on earth and those on the outer sphere of the earth, matching those on earth, contained the positive or negative energy of mankind and that we had gotten into negative energy. The energy was said to be at the outer ley lines in the ionosphere.

This does not mean many buildings or places were not deliberately placed along ley lines. They were deliberately placed. Satan's followers believe what Satan says. So they build along and on ley lines, imagining that they are drawing spiritual energy to themselves by doing so. But its all in their heads. Satan lies. As an example of how Satan plays with our heads, consider the many religions and beliefs that Satan has created. All of them have variances with each other and some seem directly opposed to others. Satan gives you a variety of choices, each with a different flavor so that you can pick the flavor you like. All Satan really cares about is that you do not follow God or His son, Jesus. He hates them. His followers hate them. But any religious belief that does not lead to God and His Bible, or encourages you to disobey it, is a religion that serves Satan, ultimately, and rejects God, ultimately. There truly are only 2 choices.

Ley lines are just another lie to take you in the direction of the paranormal. I want to make it perfectly clear that this is more pagan Satanic mumbo jumbo of the paranormal that will place us in the province and realm of the demons. If we try to tap into that energy, we are opening the door to the demons. That could end in big trouble. One interviewer also spoke of a collective consciousness in this energy. All Satanic lies.

The paranormal covers many different ideas all meant to get us to open up to demonic gateways so that we can come under their influence. You do not want this! Trust me! That is why I write this article. New Age types need to be aware that their ideas involving the paranormal are the domain of Satan and his Demonic spirit followers.

It is not the this paranormal gateway does not work. It works, but not like you think. You think it is psychic powers or magic powers or spiritual powers of your own. It feels exciting. It seduces. That is why Satan demanded to have a certain amount of those powers allowed to him and his buddies to use to seduce and fool you. They know how those kinds of powers impress and and overwhelm most.

Just look at how nuts people go over celebrities or men in power. Now multiply that by 100 or more and you get how seductive these paranormal manifestations can be. But the result of believing and practicing these powers is that you ruin your chances with God and guarantee that when you die, it will be forever. If you want to live again and live forever, you need to do things God's way, 100%.    99.9% will NOT work! It must be 100% His way. He knows what is best for us. None of you know the answers. Guaranteed!

Jul 30, 015

It is very important to understand something here. Satan wants obedience. God wants obedience. Both test out their subjects to see if those subjects are obedient and loyal. God asks for obedience because His rules are important to all peoples' long term survival. He wants obedience for our own best interests. Satan, on the other hand, has no goal for his subjects other than death. But he does not tell them that. He gives them this elaborate plan and lie. And then he asks for obedience. In fact, if you want to please Satan and rise in his ranks, you need to be obedient to anything and everything he says.

What this means is that Satan set up a bunch of nonsense rules and rituals. He speaks of spiritual energy, life force, and other crap like that. It is all lies, but if you want to follow Satan, you had better go along with those lies and carry out those rituals and sacrifices. So people being affected by planet and star alignments? All lies. Ley lines with spiritual power? All lies. The 3rd eye?  A complete lie! Energy from eating babies and drinking blood? All lies. Dead people as spirits talking? Not at all! Psychic powers of the mind? All lies. But if you don't subscribe to those beliefs as a Satan worshipper, you won't last long with him. If you don't keep those rituals? You will be severely punished and might even die. Satan does not like the disobedient, skeptics or doubters.

So the elaborate system of pagan worship that Satan has created, is designed to see how obedient you are. If you believe and obey, you are rewarded. This, along with demonic signs and wonders performed to deceive and make the lies of the paranormal seem real. They are, every last one of them, lies upon lies.

Here is the kicker! Many Christians believe in ley lines as being real. Many Christians believe in life after death. Its true! They believe in spiritual energy. God does posses and rule all power and energy. He apportions a small amount to Satan and his fellow demons to attempt their deception. But God ultimately holds all power in His hand. That power appears to us at all times as the laws of physics. But God can violate those laws He put in place, at will. But He made them to normally follow His rules for them. So called spiritual energies promoted by the devil are pure lies.

So don't pay any attention to the so called spiritual energies that Satanists, and even New Agers promote and believe in. They have been tricked by Satan and don't even know it. Even some Christians imagine they can alter or control spiritual energies which do not even exist. Jesus did grant authority, which is power, but is not spiritual energy as promoted by Satan. Ley lines mean nothing to God. They are non-existent.

I know this may all come as a shock to many but it is time to wake up. Satan is a liar, and father of the lie. He has deceived you all. Be deceived no longer. While the Bible did supply about half the info that forbids all types of witchcraft and sorcery, it left the other half out for you to figure out. All things paranormal and supernatural by means of sorcery and the like, have all been given to Satan and the demons to try to mislead mankind. Why be allowed to mislead? Because Satan questions what humans really are and are capable of. So God says, OK, test them then and see. You'll get some. You'll even get most, but you will not get all. I, God the almighty, will get my fair share and had you not interfered at the beginning with Adam and Eve, I would have had them all. But Satan and his demons will die for the deception they brought about.

The chance for you remains to become obedient to God 100% (relatively speaking since we are not perfect). By doing this, you can have the chance to live forever.

Now some will say to me, how can you say that spiritual energy does not exist? Does not God use spiritual energy? Why would He be against it? 1st, God creates and uses the energy of the universe, which energy is part of the cycle described or attempted to describe, in the laws of physics. God does not mention spiritual energy or ley lines. If there were spiritual energy and it was good thing, would God want us to have it? To get it? But He does not mention it. What He does mention is laws and how we are to behave. God has always been preoccupied with our thinking and behavior. He wants us to behave the right ways and live the right ways. Spiritual energy was never His concern. That is because it does not exist.

Satan concocted the notion of spiritual energy, energy that scientists can not detect or identify. He did so to support his religion based on astronomy, cartography, geometry, all of which are said to be related to spiritual energy in one way or another. He also tells his followers how important and helpful this energy is and that they should desire it. They swallowed it, hook, line, and sinker. Pursuit of this energy is a way to honor or supplicate Satan. So Christians should have nothing to do with this energy. God's Holy Spirit is real power with manifestations and you can measure many aspects of that power. The sun for example and the energy it gives off. Electricity can be detected, measured, and harnessed for work.

The above example is why we should only listen to what God commands or tells us about. He does not lie. Satan does nothing but lie and deceive. God wants you to stay away from anything that God gave over to Satan to test humans. It is for your protection. Because if you approach Satan thru channels that he has a right to answer to or intervene in, he likely will. By avoiding those things, typically called sorcery or witchcraft, now typically called paranormal or supernatural, we avoid coming into contact with demons or the devil/Satan. It is for our protection that God prohibited the paranormal stuff. You would be smart to listen to Him.

Mark Passio
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I first came across Mark Passio on Aflred Weber's Radio show, well known to those who follow the Hampstead kids kidnapped by the UK.

Alfred Webre Mark Passio Youtube - Video Results

Passio also has his own website:

Even Hampstead Reasearch, now Research Hampstead, references a Passio video:

The above was from the Free Your Mind Conferences of 2011 in April.

He also spoken at the Free Your Mind Conferences of 2011 and 2013 in the past. In particular, I want to draw attention to a common theme of his. This conference was a result of his vision. It has gained followers over time.

Passio was once a high ranking Satanist who began to see thru that nonsense and ended up leaving and pursuing his own new emerging ideas and relating his former experience, too. So when he says that all New Age religion leads back to Satan, he knows what he is talking about. So you can ignore me, but that its not just me saying it should concern you at least a little.

Now some will complain that Mark is not the total solution. Well, he may not be preaching Bible prophecy, but more of a secular message. But it has a certain spirituality to it, being a thinking type of philosophy. Mark has lots of sound reasoning which is more than I can say for most. That he sees thru the New Age for what it is, is no small thing, given his background. He is a great speaker with passion and conviction, 2 things that should never be absent from a good speaker of claimed truth.

"New" Age Bullshit And The Suppression Of The Sacred Masculine

This is the presentation Mark Passio gave at the Free Your Mind 2 Conference in Philadelphia, PA on April 27, 2013. In this presentation Mark exposes 10 "New" Age Deceptions, and then offers balanced corrections to each distorted "New" Age "teaching." If you have fallen for the "feel-good spirituality" of the "New" Age Movement, this presentation will provide a much-needed street-wise viewpoint, and help you to understand how you've been deceived by "New" Age Religion.

I am going to highlight his 10 New Age Deceptions now and comment on them as well. I make Fair Use of these under copyright law.

Mark begins by called the New Age Movement a Cul-de-sac. See Below left ;-) Just below right, was the bullshit button. Every time some bullshit was uttered in a New Age statement, this picture appeared over the picture with the message, and a load honking noise would go off. I left the link above so you can watch the whole thing. The BS button was a riot. The audience loved it every time it went off. Passio is not only a great speaker, but he has a sense of humor as well. You'd never go to sleep at one of his presentations ;-) I think you'll find that the 1 hour and 23 minutes goes very fast with Mark and his info.

I'll say this. Of all the speakers that take part in this conference, Mark is the best and most entertaining, too. By the way, Fritz Springmeier was a featured speaker at one of these conferences, if not more. I saw one on Youtube. Fritz has great info. But Mark is the headliner as far as I am concerned. 


I confess that I did not know exactly what the New Age platform was really about. But since Mark was once a high level Satanist, he knew the platform well as Satanists were the ones behind its making. No one know better than they do. As well, Its not hard to see why Mark rose up in rank, given his obvious mentally sharp intellect. He is not to be underestimated. His pictures in the presentation really helped drive home his points and add entertainment value as well. Knowledge does not have to be entertaining and sometimes there is not much you can do to make it so. But in this case, it could be done and Passio really nailed it.


His message on this was short and sweet. You can't stick you head in the ground and not suffer. You can face things, prepare for them and head them off. So why duck, hide, or run? Nuf said!

The Hulk would never get left alone. So he would always end up getting mad and turning into the Hulk. That usually took care of those bothering him, says Mark.


The BS button goes off, of course. Below is the quote from the movie, "Network" from the later 70s. But anger is argued to be important and should not be missing when things are not running right. The words and pictures below say it best. You should be angry about today's world. Jesus throwing out the money changers and profiteering merchants from the temple is classic literature. Mark is not a Christian, per say, but he finds useful accounts from its heritage Bible. He knows  good one when he hears it.


Now this one is particularly important to me, since of late, I have been accused by a Hampstead Research (HR) Click of being Mr. Always Angry. Well, only recently, since they did ask for it. For one, they want to forgive Cult members who have not even asked for forgiveness and Mark is going to talk about that, too. Oh, I can't wait! But they no longer allow anyone to post any contrary ideas about that. And yours truly, Truth1 (who else?), takes much exception to that concept.

There is a bridge too far, from which there can not be any recovery. That is in the Bible by the way and a number of those in HR who claim to be Christian (though I dispute that), and yet do not recognize that God condemned some nations in Canaan, ordering all men, women, children, and animals to be killed off as they had gone too far. In fact, God, in Ezekiel, mandated that all Israel must be killed off as unrecoverable, every last man, woman, and child, as too far gone.

Ezekiel 9:

4  And the LORD said unto him, Go through the midst of the city, through the midst of Jerusalem,
    and set a mark upon the foreheads of the men that sigh and that cry for
    all the abominations that be done in the midst thereof.

5  And to the others he said in mine hearing, Go ye after him through the city, and smite:
    let not your eye spare, neither have ye pity:

6  Slay utterly old and young, both maids, and little children, and women:
    but come not near any man upon whom is the mark; and begin at my sanctuary.
    Then they began at the ancient men which were before the house.

7  And he said unto them, Defile the house, and fill the courts with the slain: go ye forth.
    And they went forth, and slew in the city.

8  And it came to pass, while they were slaying them, and I was left, that I fell upon my face,
    and cried, and said, Ah Lord GOD! wilt thou destroy all the residue of Israel in thy pouring out
    of thy fury upon Jerusalem?

9  Then said he unto me, The iniquity of the house of Israel and Judah is exceeding great,
    and the land is full of blood, and the city full of perverseness: for they say,
    The LORD hath forsaken the earth, and the LORD seeth not.

10  And as for me also, mine eye shall not spare, neither will I have pity, but I will recompense their way upon their head.

The Hampstead Cult, so called, rapes small children every day, kills and eats baby flesh and drinks their blood and teaches their kids to do the same. They love to cause hurt and pain to children. They bring in babies from all over the world to distribute among UK cults. If this does not match God's requirements even as it did in Ezekiel, then there is nothing that ever will. You can not say you love or care about Alisa and Gabriel, or any of the other cult kids, of the many thousands and hundreds of thousands of babies killed, and children abducted to be sacrificed, or used for child porn and prostitution. And by the way, where are all the anti-abortion protesters while this crap is going on? No where to be seen or heard. Hmmmm. You don't suppose they are all controlled by Satan, do you? Many of them probably worship as Satanic cults, too.

So I would say if there was ever a reason to condemn a group of people or organized network of people, this ought to do it. You ought to be very angry. That you want to forgive, I call down the wrath of God on you, you phony lying so called Christians at HR. If you are Christian at HR and do not agree with their forgiveness policy, then you had best speak out and cleans the blood from your hands.

Meanwhile, Jackie F.K. (JFK) sits as Gatekeeper of HR, so she can protect you and keep you safe, she says. You know, the UK says the very same thing about everyone's kids. The UK wants to supposedly "protect" the kids. But that is not what they really do and I don't think Jackie dearest has your best interests at heart. She has a personal grudge along with some doctrinal disputes and does not want any challenge or discussion. So I air it here. It is appropriate.

Many complain about the UK's secrecy and deceit. Secrecy is a real problem. How ironic that those who say they support the kids, conduct themselves more like the UK, than the openness and transparency they ask of the UK. They want one thing, but do another, like their enemies. I have always found that when you encounter a person or group who is a one way street, you will find more dirt as time goes on.

HR publishes many good findings. It also passes over many, too. Why some and not others? Good question. But since it has all been kept from you, you'll have no way of knowing if anything is out of place or not. The gatekeeper will see to that.

But as far as I am concerned, I do not work with people who can not show even minimal respect toward those they work with, when the mood hits, and I suspect it hits often, from what I read yesterday. I do not want anyone protecting me. I can and want to be my own protection. I do not need someone looking over me and deciding what I hear or not, or decide whether I am in danger or not. I am an adult and responsible for my own consequences and that is coming up in Mark's presentation, too. Poor J.F.K.

But since most people subscribe to "collective group think"  and just want to fit in and belong, they will go along with just about anything. Values and principles? Those mean nothing to them. they just want to belong somewhere. If I have to choose between principles and acceptance, I'll take the principles every time, and to hell with acceptance and belonging. I have rejected these many times and I plan on many more, because I know human nature and its blindness. Many will find the gate to the narrow cramped road (the Luke account of it) and will not be able to travel it or want to travel it.

So I think Jackie F.K. (JFK if you must know). has some personality problems that betray potentially more serious problems. I know of 3 who have left in the past, "bulincat", "truthandpeaceforever," who appears as "truth" in his posts, and I was thinking one other, too. And now me as well. Jackie almost lost another the other day, by her own confession. I have found some interesting Youtube accounts as well, with Jackie appearing to be in control of these, possibly, which have existed for as much as 6 years. Yet, she says she and her hubby started this Hampstead thing in Feb or Mar of 2015. She may have been an activist for much longer than that. Is someone supporting her and exactly what for? I have nothing certain, but many things that beg an answer. Jackie K., as best as I can tell, is a mega New Age believer, too. Oh, and look at what we are covering. Oh, the embarrassment and shame. What a shame! But one wonders if her New Age ideals might also be influencing her choices in deletions and censoring. Ya never know!

I started this article because of the Hampstead cult and related judgment. Kundalini energy and awakening was also one of my concerns as it related to the anal rapes of 3 year old boys that cultists seem so fond of. But after I began it, all kids of stuff started coming in thru recorded radio broadcasts, videos and the like. And it grew to fantastic proportions. This very same thing happened in February of 2013, in writing on the abuses of women and on Bullying. Everything just started pouring in while I was still writing. Mark Passion really cam thru in the last couple months and especially yesterday and today.

So if you see Jackie K. you can always ask her if she wants an open 3 way dialog. I am certainly willing. I got nothing to hide. What is she really up to? Has she been fully open with us? Who is she really protecting? It might be interesting to know. I don't have enough yet, but it is building. Could that be part of her fear that causes wrath? I think it might be. Where there is smoke, there is fire.

I'll offer one more thought. If I have turned up things that prove to lead to more, such as previous activist activities, why has the cult not seized upon these? They seem to want to pick or her, or do they? Could it be that they pick on her to enhance her image as a hero for HR? And this talk of exposing her private life? I have not seen the cult reveal a thing yet. So far, no evidence has been forthcoming, though JFK assures us it is out there. I am sure it will all get resolved in time.



Mark hates this Moral Relativism as I do, too. He calls it Satanic. Again, the Bs honker goes off and he puts up another picture of Jesus. He seems to really like Jesus, deep down ;-) I understand perfectly. I'm soft on Jesus, myself. But He shows Jesus as defiantly being against moral relativism and I agree with that sentiment. Jesus would probably avoid the finger, but the intensity of feeling would still be there. I laughed when I first saw this. I laugh now, too.


Mark sees big differences and distinctions between good and bad, right and wrong. Right has to be based on truth, moral, Natural law, which avoids harming others. Wrong is not based in truth, nor morality, and does harm others. Pretty obvious, right? He points this out since he once was a Satanist and they often did harm others. So it was a point well worth making.

As for conscience, he applies it to knowing the contrasting and opposing concepts of right and wrong and that one needs to be aware of both extremes, polar opposites, in order to understand better the objective difference. Since matter and spirit co-exist and that in harmony, neither is superior, says Mark. We need both, he suggests. Old dualism suggests that spirit is always good and matter always bad. Dualism was a stupid doctrine, anyway, but it is still alive and kicking today. I deal with it on my Modern Day Heresies articles.

But one thing I will note about the above. God is a spirit, says the Bible. All His created sons in heaven, angels, are spirits. Spirits can not die. They can be executed. Spirit is incorruptible, says the Bible. Flesh, composed of matter, can be corrupted, its programming disrupted so that we begin to break down, age, and eventually die. But the material world was created by God and declared by God to be GOOD, in Genesis 1. But Spirits are superior to matter in that they are not bound by matter and are powerful. Matter is somewhat inert, except for the energy God supplies to make it all run.


Again, the BS detector goes off. We can misperceive reality, perception is not necessarily reality. But we can bring them into reality if we want.


Solipsism (Listeni/ˈsɒlɨpsɪzəm/; from Latin solus, meaning "alone", and ipse, meaning "self")[1] is the philosophical idea that only one's own mind is sure to exist. As an epistemological position, solipsism holds that knowledge of anything outside one's own mind is unsure; the external world and other minds cannot be known and might not exist outside the mind. As a metaphysical position, solipsism goes further to the conclusion that the world and other minds do not exist.

Mark says we can know what is outside of our minds. And it is important to know what is outside, like our rights. If we do not know our rights, we will not say No, when someone demands we give them up.

New Age Deception # 5 gets a lot of treatment by Passio. Hold on tight!


Above left is Bush and Cheney ^^^ ;-) I've already said plenty about the dangers of Meditation and its use with Yoga. I have mixed views on this particular one. There is much that is valid and yet, from an authentic Christian perspective, a lot that is missing and wrong. We'll work on it. First, I do not believe we should just accept the world in its Satanic state of evil. but we should not attempt to overthrow it by physical force. Our weapons, as the Bible calls them symbolically, are weapons of ideas and philosophies of God, designed to overcome the lies of Satan. These are what we employ as "missiles" to "attack" the propaganda of the devil. We seek to change the ideas, but not the world. God has chosen to be the one to change the world physically. So He wants us to stay our of His way.

Typical New Agers are very passive and compliant. By the way, this is often different from what I encounter among some New Agers and other non-Christian types who are involved with Satanic Ritual Abuse and Pedophilia, the final scourge of the world. These often prefer protest and some even advocate resistance in some form or other. There are plenty of Christians who believe in forceful resistance but I say they are violating God's instructions to be peaceful with all peoples. You can try this article of mine on this subject:  Neutrality and War.


Christians resist bad ideas. But not laws and authorities. We can find fault with laws and point out the errors in them, but can not offer forceful resistance. Of course, Mark's point of view is not Bible based and does not need to be. He is approaching it from a point of view that God does not step in and that we are our own masters and must guide our own fates. From this point of view, one might see things as the Arawak Indians did, who when Columbus tried to enslave them, they preferred death to that and killed themselves. If one does not believe in God, this is not such an unreasonable view. If live only serves to make us work all the time and have no rights or pleasures, then why live?

Mark's view, a common one, is that resistance is called for, at some point. I only say, according to my analysis of the powers and abilities of governments in power, that it has gone way too far to be able to overcome or resist the evil ones. So one better plan on death, and to avoid prolonged suffering, taking one's live with speed and no pain seems the best way out. But all resisters will be eliminated, probably before they get a chance to resist. But some do not believe the government is in possession of super weapons but I believe they are.


Passio says that Satanists created the New Age philosophy of pacifism and submission. But as a Christian, I go along with that, too. God will supply the force when He is ready.
Above right side: things that can not be changed! Our world has gone too far in becoming a slave state. It can not be changed now, accept by God. But many disagree with that. but the courage to change what should be changed, I am all for that, as far as changing ideas, philosophy, theories, and the like, we need to correct our thinking and ideas. Mark talks more about that to come.


Above on the right: Proper Meditation. Oh, just what I wanted. Passio sees correct meditation as fixing and correcting the mind, balancing it between the left and right brains, the sacred masculine and sacred feminine. Regardless of his terminology, I agree with correcting and balancing the ideas of the mind. That is, to create a balanced coherent body of ideas and wisdom that can guide us in our lives. This is not emptying the mind but focusing and using the mind for that it can do for us. It is bullies, governments and demons that want us to empty our minds so that they can keep us dumb or in the case of demons, maybe even invade our minds if we use their religious "techniques" in emptying our minds and inviting some vague non-specific consciousness to become one with our consciousness. Bad Idea! Passio believes, I take it, that we should use our minds to discover truth as he will later state.  A "useful active mind" sort of meditation, where focus and pondering, observing, are the proper forms of mediation. Empty minds are often asleep minds. Sleeping minds are dangerous. We need awake alert minds, ever on the watch for problems in a world of evil.

You'll note below left that thoughts are expressions of consciousness, that is, being awake and alert, even focused rather than random scattered confusion of mind. I love the right side picture and message below: To resist the wrong thing is like trying to resist a freight train coming at you full speed! Get it? Natural Law, as Mark calls it, is not something you can resist or overcome. You have to work with it, not against it. It can not be resisted. It will win every time.


Opposing forces, below left, have to be balanced out. Each serves a useful place and purpose at the proper times. Its knowing when to use one or the other.
Far right, he contrasts force with violence. To him, force is a neutral term where morality and natural law do not violate the rights of others. Moral correctness allows defense against violence.
Immoral use of power is in opposition to morality and natural law and violates others' rights. So Passio points out how important it is to be moral and follow natural law, respecting rights rather than violating them and if someone wants to violate your rights, you have a right to oppose him and defend yourself. That is perfectly moral and I agree up to a point. Criminals can be resisted but I would not resist cops. That can really hurt ;-)



Lastly, Mark speaks of a new religion above left, to get people to stand down and not resist the changes. But this turns out to be an advantage to Christians. If New Agers are peaceful and compliant, they do not get bothered. Smart Christians will also be compliant, which will get them thru some hurdles, but not all. Eventually, Christians will be put into prisons and camps, away from the population of Satan followers, because the Christians will not go along with the evil. They will say NO! Christians must develop a state of mind that is not easily swayed by intimidation and one that is solidly dedicated to God and the Bible. So Christians will get into trouble for resistance, but not for force or violence. New Agers will go along with everything evil, because it will be said to be love and moral, but it will leave morality far behind, which is why Mark says they will need to fight and resist. He knows morality is going to be "sacrificed" to Satan. So Mark sees a lot of problems ahead for New Agers, falling for deceptions. Are you listening? The thing about the New Age is that it has infected and infiltrated many other religions and practices like meditation. Those ideas must be identified and corrected. Are you up to it?



Attraction here is sort of what Tony Robbins often speaks about, in that by what we think and do, we attract certain results. Mark has some good stuff on this. Many try to attract wealth or success, or love, or whatever. It is usually centered on ourselves, and what we personally want. Me, me, me! EGO says Mark below left.



Do we seek for ourselves? Do we seek for others? It is important to look out for others as well as yourself. To neglect others is to shoot yourself in the foot, if not the head. Above right makes some contrasts. There are positive and negative expressions of love vs fear; knowledge vs ignorance; you have the list of all of them above. But below left highlights Passio's "service to truth" and I am all for that in a big way. Any and all truth leads to all things good as far as I am concerned. Mark then points out below right that all people make up reality and that reality can be good or bad depending on how many good there are vs how many bad. It is possible to have good in power or bad in power by that logic. Mark spells it out that numbers are required to overcome bad. That is, there have to be more good than bad to win a battle for supremacy. So what follows is that we must win a war of truth, convincing people of the truth. Its not guaranteed that good will overcome bad.

On the other hand, God does guarantee complete victory for Himself and what He originally set out to do. He invites any who want to join Him and be a part of His plan and purpose, to join Him, providing they will do things His way, knowing that He does know better and that His ways do have good explanations if you want to go looking for them. He will help you if you do that. So good win because God will make it win. He does have that kind of power and control and always has had it.



Oh, some of you might like this and some of you are guaranteed to hate this. But I love it. What timing! I say Satanic cultists ought to be eliminated but they outnumber us. But they should not be forgiven. Their sins are far too great.

Among the Hampstead groups supporting Alisa and Gabriel (dubbed by me the Dynamic Duo since I loved Batman as a child of 7 in 66) are those (idiots) who want to show mercy and forgiveness to the Satanic cultists. I bitterly disagree and Mark is here to help me. Imagine how Alisa and Gabriel might feel, if they knew many wanted to forgive those who raped and tortured them since like age 4. I would just want the kids to know that I stood by them and had no mercy for their tormentors. Further, I want to deter this from happening more, but punishing it, not forgiving it. Besides, these monsters would only laugh about our stupidity and weak-willed softness.

For me, to forgive, I'd not only expect to see cult members upset, but changing their ways, and along with that, turning in their fellow conspirators who are criminals. Yes, that would endanger their lives in all likelihood, but at least they could count on a resurrection to life if they were killed. But we don't see that in cultists. I hear (and can not verify) that 2 of them are seeking treatment and both had numerous tattoos. But one might still be a trustee at the church school where she taught. That is not repentance or sorrow, if it is so.

Forgiveness is not Godly in this instance, it is stupid and evil. Forgivers will say these were once kids. Yes, but once you get past a certain point, you are broken and can't be fixed. God says there is such a point.

The crimes these cultists have committed are so hideous such as killing and eating babies, raping children all the time in the church, school, and private houses, and a commercial swimming facility as well. Great cruelty is dished out to the kids. Indeed, I know of nothing in the Bible that can exceed this. Perhaps match or equal it but not supersede it. God (Jehovah/Yehovah by name) has condemned entire nations, including kids, for such things. But when I would post some Bible verses on this, including the ones I put earlier in this article from Ezkiel 9, got deleted at Hampstead Research, supposedly without a party doctrine of favoring of one religion or view required. So here is Mark's concept of this idea, much like my own.


I love the sarcasm of above far right. The small print says after turning the other cheek, "It helps even out the scars.) At some point, forgiveness is not merited and is even an assault on justice.


If those assaulting keep doing what they are doing, even if they say they are sorry, are lying. The Bible speaks of not only forgiveness, but also repentance, which means change. If you keep doing it, its not change and you are not sorry.

Now I am often deleted at Hampstead Research for posting no forgiveness ideas. I am critical of the gatekeeper and her hypocrisy in deletions. She has expressed dislike of religious posts now and posts that are too long, but only if they are mine ;-) She gets more laughable all the time. She links to cults where you can not leave without being shunned. But my refusing to aid the gatekeeper as I had in the past, revokes any posting permissions I may have one had. She is a cult mamma and gatekeeper. Fact. She says she wants to provide a safe place for people. Safe from what? What possible danger is there in posting to a blog. It is evidence that she wants to exercise control or that someone else wants her to control. She has expressed wanting to protect people. From getting mugged? Ridiculous, isn't it.  its just posting. And all she is doing is offering the very same excuses the UK courts have used against Alisa and Gabe.

Gatekeeper wants to filter and hinder information and lie and coverup. How to justify it? Say it for your protection. I am a big boy now. I do not need protection and neither do I want protected. I want to decide what is right or wrong or not. But most zombies over there are not upset about that language and they ought to know and recognize it as the same crap offered by the courts. They don't. Have they learned anything from Alisa and Gabriel? They have not! I have not turned on the kids or the cause. I have only turned on the gatekeeper who has a personal grudge against me.

What might be in this mix is hard to say. But the forgiveness issue has got to be in that mix. Gatekeeper has an ego, too, and did not like being rejected by me. But after 10 years of hell with Jehovah's Witnesses from 79-89, and 10 more with a mega Corporation job, and 8 years of employment with psychopaths, I have had enough of whack jobs and psychos. I do not need Gatekeeper's nonsense and hypocrisy. And if Gatekeeper wants to vindicate or dispute, I am willing to put up all emails for public review, as well as delted posts, etc. I got nothings to hide. But maybe not so for Gatekeeper. Those who hide have something to be ashamed of. Those who do not  hide and want to be open, would not appear to ahve anything to from public inspection. By their fruits you will know them!

Forgiveness? In many ways and places, I am against it unless I have satisfactory evidence of true confession and repentance and no repeating of the offense.


I like this next one a lot.


Mark says that chaos is often a teacher. Isis represents things in good order. Eris is chaos. Sometimes chaos is the only one we can learn from. We do not learn easy and our heads are hard.
Below right, if we burn our hand on a stove, we should learn. How many times should we have to do this before we learn not to do it? You get the idea!



Mark makes a good point with the above left. No choice we make is guaranteed success. victory is not assured. We could experience collapse and chaos. So Passio says, lets explore what chaos might include.


It is argued by some that we need control and authority over us. Otherwise we have roving bands of marauders and chaos. But a city or society that uses abusive slavery to survive, is lying if they say it is necessary. Abusive slavery is only employed when some want everything and give nothing. They want most of the money or production of your labor, and they want your wife and kids and let you live in a shack in miserable conditions. we can survive and thrive without abusive slavery. Maybe it would be better to risk chaos, says Mark.

Mark answer these so well below. Violence and Abusive slavery is chaos! There is nothing left to lose. Statism says you need us thugs to prevent thugs. What?


So lets think about that. Which thugs do you fear more? Thugs with big tax collections to fuel big militaries that offer no chance of fighting against and winning against, or Thugs with hand guns that you might have to fight with using your hand guns? I believe governments are a much bigger threat than local criminals, but I could be wrong.


Jesus tells us to obey the relative authorities, being rulers of nations. So when Mark says Jesus does not support statism, it is not entirely so. Jesus knows he will be stepping in and bring all nations to nothing when he does. But until then, his followers are supposed to relatively obey national rulers, knowing that this is in the best interests of Christians. Jesus is in a position to make this assessment where as we do not have that sort of long broad term vision that could reveal the best course to take. So Jesus made it easy for us. But Mark is not a follower of Jesus so I understand why he might not have that confidence in Jesus that I do.

Mark suggests that no ruler is the best ruler. But I say, every group of people is easily herded and penned up by the few among them who are more aggressive or greedy. God describes leaders as either being shepherds (if they are good) or wolves (if they are bad leaders). So whether a small little settlement or a large city of ancient times, these can all be brought under subjection and control. So say its easy to resist evil is just naive. History has been one long constant struggle among powers. So Jesus advocating neutrality is important since leaders and their regimes often change from one generation to the next.

If you overthrow monsters today, more will be back in 2 or 3 generations to make attempts at an overthrow. Only God can stop human nature and reform it so that everyone always respects everyones' rights.

I like this above statement. I believe in small settlements and small government. What if roads ceased upkeep and broke apart? What if there were roving bands of marauders? What is sewerage got plugged up and broken down? What if there were no building codes to make us build right? Incidentally, building codes go back to like 1700 or 1800 BC. with Hammurabi, at least. They have been around for a while. Multi story buildings were a problem back then. Fire hazards?

We must remember that any time anew settlement was attempted, most had the basic skills of building. Most today do not have that. We have become specialized. They used to be well trained in all aspects of survival. They did not need codes, or instructions or law courts. They had fairness and decency that everyone seemed to agree on most of the time.

The states/nations of today want us to believe that we can't live without them. It is both true and false. We live interdependent lives where we need the expertise of a number of different people like mechanics, carpenters, manufacturers, doctors, lawyers, repairmen. They enable us to keep us going with all the stuff we depend upon like cars, energy, etc. too much to know and do it all yourself anymore. This is part of our trap. Our lives depend too much on complexity and those who can handle that complexity. Cars used to be simple and easy to fix. Not anymore.

So we do need some organization and governance. So say otherwise is simplistic and unrealistic. If our lives were simple and primitive, we would need little, except fighting ability to hold off other tribes that live sort of near to us and like to rape and plunder once in a while. There are no simple easy answers. Truly smart people who really totally understand life, know that there seldom is such a thing as a simple, pat, easy answer to anything. God needs to reform us and teach us the right ways, if we are willing to be taught and keep those teachings and rules at all times.

There is no real solution without God. We do not have that ability within our own species. This is the lesson we have to accept and learn and most do not like it.



This is a good section. above both are obvious. We perfect ourselves as best as we can and we must always be seeking the truth, especially about God.


Passio nails it here. We should be upset about the world right now. That is the truth. We seek and speak the truth or should. Most people worry about jobs, status, housing, day to day mundane stuff that does not advance us personally nor our society, either. Only truth can do that.


This is a huge statement. What happens when you speak the truth? Well, in an age of deceit, truth will not be very welcome by almost anyone. So you will not be liked. This is part of why I have a dispute with Hampstead Research (HR) right now. No one wants to hear the truth, if it is not what they believe, and since most just follow the leader and do not think for themselves, they ignore the lonely outcast truth teller. Humans love group think. They watch what everyone else does and follows because everyone wants to fit in and no one wants to stand out or be different. I'll prove it in a minute.

Telling the truth will make many uncomfortable. Enlightened people do not need light. But people in darkness do. But who wants to have to bring conscious light into darkness, where darkness is preferred? So if you speak up and out for truth, you will be hated and rejected. In fact, Jesus was killed for it as were most prophets. But speaking truth, according to both Mark and I, is the primary obligation to our species if our species is to survive. God requires that His followers speak and teach truth to all. But in an age of deceit, that is a scary proposition.

So at HR at this time, which seems like a good cause, has many signs that betray a real danger. Not welcoming dissenting thoughts about forgiveness or not, or of hypocrisy, or of free speech. to openly challenge an idea expressed by someone is called an attack and the so called attacker is mean and abusive for asking the one declaring to defend their idea against counter ideas. Instead of rising to the challenge, they run in fear. They don't like their egos being harmed by revealing they can not defend what they declare. So I am the big bad monster for wanting people to account for their ideas. I offer my objections and they can not or will not respond. That is gutless and shameful. If they do not have enough intellectual ability to defend an idea they speak of, then I doubt the got the right idea in the first place. They just inherited it or got it without question or explanation from someone else.

It takes guts and courage to re-examine what has been handed to us from those previous to us. But what I am up against there, is what all truth tellers experience. Most do not want to hear anything that contradicts their unexamined knowledge. Always seek truth! Mark Passio says it! God says it! I say it! Want to join us? Or do you want to run?




Do you see the above? "Never confront anyone on their Bullshit. This is the attitude I get at Hampstead Research. You'll find it anywhere and everywhere.

What concerns me most is that HR will declare that they care about the kids, Alisa and Gabriel. But upon closer inspection, I find this a lie. If you do as the courts do, then you are no friend of the 2 children. If you commit the same evil acts as the courts do, then you are no better than those courts. The kids and many more, need much more from us that just what the courts offer. We are all in trouble if that is the best we can do. So stop hiding behind the kids and come out and defend yourselves, you total phonies who know who you are. Or the days are coming when you will answer to God and you will not like the results because God demands goodness and decency and something better than the courts and law of Satan's world wide network.

If your righteousness is not more than that of the Pharisees and Sadducees, then you will be executed by God at a time of His choosing. Just letting you know up front.


I got it out for lies and errors. I am out to destroy lies and errors. Don't get in my way! And getting in my way, might also end up being getting in God's way. You might not like how that turns out.


Are you refusing to defend truth? Do you have the courage (and integrity) to defend truth at all cost? I ask because most people just follow the herd wherever it is led. Are you an independent thinker who has no regard for the lies or errors of others? If you are, then you might have what it takes to live in God's kingdom.

This ends Mark Passio's presentation which I piggy backed on. we agreed some and disagreed on other points. But we have different foundations that cause some of that to differ.

But as for New Agers, I think you should be concerned about your direction. It makes little sense that you follow something created by Satan and his followers, who rape young children, kill and eat babies, and many more horrible things. This does not sound like light, purity, or love. It is brutal sadistic cruelty. I think you should reconsider. But I'll put it in another section for you.

As for those at HR and like places, are you willing to defend what you declare or do you delete and run. Deleting is not defending truth. Do you even care about truth? Alisa and Gabriel care because they lost their freedom and could stand to lost their lives if given back to an angry vengeful cult. Truth defended is what they want and need. So reform your hypocrisy or God may soon decide to remove you from power if not terminate you.

A Passio Commentary
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These are a few of the things Mark brought up in the above presentation. It was in this presentation that Mark shows his documentation of how he was appointed as a priest of Satan directly by Anton Lavey so that we can be sure that Mark knows what he is talking about when he speaks of Satanists and what they say, believe, and do. Mark has since defected from that "religion."


Satanism depends on catering to the base mind, the lower mind, the reptilian brain as it has been dubbed by science, where the most primitive and power drives/feelings come from. The mammalian brain still shares much with the animal kingdom. But the intellect/neocortex is where we gain the image of God in mind, so to speak. Mark calls this the higher-order thinking part that makes us human. This is the part we seek to realize our full potential. This is part we need to develop or we remain as dumb animals, if not even dumber than the animals.

Satan, according to Mark, seeks to accomplish emotional mind control over us. Emotions are not thinking, analyzing, or rational. Those things are in the neo-cortex and we call them intellectual functions. If we do not develop the intellect, then by default, we are controlled by primitive emotions that make us irrational and waste our intellect entirely. Just what the devil wants.


Henry Kissinger has always been a high level politician, likely higher than presidents. Presidents are just figureheads. Henry does not have much respect for military goons. Just dumb, stupid animals! Ouch! If you serve in the military, you should realize that your leaders do not respect or appreciate your "service." That is what Mark wanted you to understand. Police fall under much the same situation. The Masonic checker board rim has a meaning to the effect that you mind is controlled. I can't recall the exact description. Its on police hats in the UK and maybe other places, too. The 2 squares laid upon each other with corners placed on the middle of the other square's sides to make an 8 (octogonal) pointed badge "means control of all that is right and all that is wrong, all that is just and all that is unjust, all that is positive and all that is negative." Passio quotes Icke, but Passio is well aware of the symbolism of this emblem, too. It signifies that they control everything thru the police, including the police officers. And there is the crown over the 8 side emblem, too, showing it controls the police.


Mark says police and military men and women have to wake up. Above left and right are good sound examples of support for this assertion. My favorite is Orwell, of which one of his statements is right on the front page of this website. Do we have the right to tell people what they do not want to hear? Do you want an honest answer? Yes, you say? Are you sure? OK, but you asked for it, not me. No, you do not have that right. People will resent and hate you for telling them what they do not want to hear. They have tried for years to avoid it.

BUT, you do have a responsibility, if you are a Christian, to tell them what they do not want to hear. God asks that much of us. Mark warns police and military that they need to listen to what they do not want to hear, if they are going to avoid total slavery or even annihilation. But I do not think that possible.

Now I find just a few things that I disagree with Passio on. First, the devil is smart enough to pick idiots who love violence and power, to be cops and soldiers, for the most part. The devil has been busy trying to get rid of good soldiers and police and keep them out and not let more back in. So don't expect the dumbest of the dumbest to suddenly have an awakening. That type does not rise above, for the most part. Very rare! They function on an animal level. You have to be at least a little bit of an intellectual. So if Mark's hope rests on "enforcement" waking up, then he and we are doomed.

Satan has us where he wants us. He has most under his grip already. We who are Christians are already a minority. We will only get smaller as the dragon roars and spits fire. It will take God to rescue us from this misery. It is beyond us to do anything about it. To many today believe those who say we can overcome the rulers. This is a lie. Except for the grace of God, we would be doomed. We need to rely on God. There is no other way and that means we have to do thing God's way, not our own way.

Unlike most, Mark does not guarantee that the good will win. But if they do, it will have to be by making truth the most important thing in our life and telling it to all as our life's mission. I agree with Mark on this. But telling the truth will not succeed. God will have to step in and overcome the monsters. Telling the truth will not do it, but we are still obligated by God to tell all, anyway. They need to be warned so that they have no excuse for ignoring God. Then God will punish them for ignoring us.

Mark still uses a number of new age terms. He likely does this to help convey things to them in a way they can understand. But I also think that some of those terms are just wrong in their concepts. I think their thinking needs a complete overhaul. But that's just me.

But in many respects, I like the ideas of Passio. He does not lead people to God as the only hope, but he does recommend truth as the only hope, which should bring them to God, really. At least he stimulates thinking and I think that is essential. Mark expresses his ideas very well. They are powerful and he is a good presenter. So I tip my hat to him. He is certainly a lot smarter then New Age types, who do not understand their many false concepts and values. I hope he gets thru to them. I am not sure how it will all play out as things unfold. More on that a little later in this article.

Cult Incentives

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Satan tells lies to his cult followers, in order to get them to do horrific things, obscene things, with extreme cruelty. Let me show you. In the modern cults as they became manifest in the 80s and more so now in 2015, the rape of small young children is very common, as it has been for ages, really. In particular, anal rape seems to be a favorite among some. Why is this? First, it is the most painful of all rape penetrations, since the anal sphincter resists any outside penetration, by nature, while it allows waste to come out with ease. That waste is often as big as an adult male penis. but coming out, there is no pain. So the sphincter tries hard to keep out anything and rapists put their full force to overcoming that resistance. The result is kids screaming. In the "Hampstead Cult," Alisa and Gabriel relate that some of the kids, themselves included, were put to sleep with drugs and the raped/sodomized anally. They would wake up feeling horrible in many different ways.

The subconscious mind never sleeps, even when put out on drugs. It remains awake, even as it does while we sleep. So while the conscious mind was out and unaware of the rape, the sub-conscious mind reacted to every bit of it. Traumas were registered and stored away from the conscious mind. But the memories and symptoms of those memories, the altered states of mind as a result of the rapes, will be there and are felt mildly when the kids wake up. But the worst of it is hidden away till such a time as when the kids, perhaps in adulthood, maybe find a period of relative safety and security, so that the sub-conscious, which goes by many other names, like "inner child," the "brain stem," "primitive brain," "the instinct," and other such labels; this inner protector of the totality of the person, can slowly, in order from the most recent to the very first trauma, release these slowly, often in bits and pieces at a time, into the conscious to be felt in all their power and then integrated permanently into the conscious area now to be used by the intellect as useful information to learn better from.

Most sorts of rapes and other tortures are applied with specific goals to be achieved. They are not just random tortures for the sake of torture, or random rape for sexual thrills. First, women will use "strap-ons" to rape kids so we can rule out sex in those cases. The goals are usually to destroy self-esteem, and cause hatred in the hearts of the kids so that by the time they are adults, they will be as mean and hateful as their tormentors were. It will also insure that they will be "generous" with their bodies and sex as adults, since all natural barriers in the mind have been destroyed. They can be repaired, but only if all the stored traumas and pains have been released to the conscious, that pain/trauma being what caused the barriers to be broken in the first place.

When we do something over and over, our brain adapts to it as a means of survival. Our initial horror turns to acceptance. This is called conditioning. We naturally hate being raped but after it has been done enough, we think nothing of it. Remember that God designed the brain to work this way. It can be fixed, but putting boundaries and barriers back in our minds will take work and reconditioning, whereby we erect and maintain boundaries previously destroyed. In time, it takes hold and becomes strong, even as we build muscle by exerting and straining our muscles so that they grow stronger to meet the heavier load we have given them.

Satan's objectives in all his lies, are to violate as many of God's laws as possible in the most extreme ways. And to ruin human decency and kindness and create monsters in their place. The sex can be an incentive among adults, but on the kids, its more about the torture and ruin of them. As well, the kids give up resistance and will do anything they are told. They lose all hope by the time they are teens and accept their way of life as inescapable, since they are born to Satanic parents and can not escape the constant abuse.

And since the adults are so mean, they have no problem being mean to their kids. Its almost like they hated what they lost and want to destroy it in their own kids. Everything is designed to be mean-spirited and leave one broken and mean. But is there another reason, too? Oh, yes. Always some BS to go with it.

Satan has another game going as well. Many people have little to offer the world in regards to merit. So they try to get around that by "kissing the asses" of those in positions of power or status, who can confer approval or promote as they please. And many in power also got that power due to kissing ass. I am being frank in language with you. You need to hear it. Those who want their ass kissed and are in power, can get it kissed. They will promote the best of the kissers.

So secret societies, of which there are many, thrive on this sort of ass kissing, as opposed to rising or being promoted, based on merit, skill, ability, and knowledge. You rise according to obedience, not merit. The "Peter Principle" of the late 60s or early 70s speculated why bosses were often incompetent. He suggested that people rose to their highest level of incompetence and then could go no further. But the truth is that you rise according to how much you obey without question and if you might have some merit and ability as well, if needed. Often, it is not needed. Only obedience without question is needed.

It has been well observed that idiots often have positions of power and prestige. Why? Because they obey without thought or will of their own. They do whatever they are told, no matter how hideous or evil the task is, that is demanded of them. Seldom will you fine merit or ability in these in power. Those who think for themselves, and have merit and ability, will usually be near to the bottom, where they can not cause trouble with their independent thoughts, and morality and concern for other people and justice, and decency.

So do you want to get ahead? Then Satan as the perfect offer for you. Do whatever he says without hesitating, and he will see to it that you rise in status, power, and wealth. The irony is that at some point, even Satan requires some ability of his slaves. So only those with some ability can rise to the highest levels in many instances. But those who remain below are known as useful  idiots. They are useful, barely, but obedient, but without hardly a brain in their heads. But they are essential for overthrowing good so Satan keeps them humored.

Now I noticed in the Hampstead cult that the leader, Ricky Demon, does not sound educated. He sounds a bit dumb and slow. First, he was denied most education since he was busy being raped all the time, no doubt. As well, the constant abuse does not help the mind. In fact, it harmed the mind and causes it to function poorly. Demon could have been a perfectly normal child and adult had he been born to other parents. But he is broken now and can not be fixed in all likelihood. But It is I who make that assessment. God could disagree but most likely will not for it was and is His judgment that if a people or criminal has gone too far, they must be executed and in some wars, even the enemies' kids had to be killed.

But R.A. Demon and all his cult buddies do quite well at making a living. They don't need to be smart. They could be total idiots if they wanted to be. Because they belong to a very sophisticated and now all powerful network going all the way to the top and controlling the whole world, this network can place these loyal obedient subjects anywhere the leaders want, making sure their subjects are well employed so as to keep the cult strong and very functional.

So if you want to get ahead in life, you must submit to "The Network," which we could also call the NWO, or Illuminati, or Freemasons, or any number of other identities. Those who submit to this network are given adequate jobs and income. Those on the outside, like decent people, are then left with the crap jobs that pay low. I know a little something about that ;-) And the little people have no rights and can be harmed without any due respect or decency.

So making it in the world is a cult incentive. Join and you can be an idiot and still go far. Stick to principle and you'll not do too much better than minimum wage, if that.

At this point formerly, I had info on Yoga, Meditation, and Kundalini Awakenings. I have extracted these and made a separate article for them as I came across far more info to add to those subjects. That article is listed/linked at the end of this article for you to read if you like. They are of course, addition Satanic lies and big ones at that.

Satanic Sacrifices
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God absolutely forbids the eating or drinking of blood. God attaches great symbolic meaning to blood and says that all blood belongs to Him and no one else. So the devil wants to give God a big middle finger by getting people to drink blood. Also, human flesh has never been allowed to people. God forbid anyone from offering a human in sacrifice. Only animals of a narrow range of types were allowed. Many animals were not allowed to be used.

So Satan kills 3 birds with one stone. Eat humans, And their blood, and kill babies, the most defenseless and harmless of any age. The cults torture and kill babies, drinks their blood, eat their flesh, and keep their body parts like skin and skull/bones. He covers all the bases. But how he does it is another thing.

What is the incentive to drink blood, which is not all that great tasting, if you ever tasted your own blood from a small cut? Adrenochrome? Well, it is said that humans facing great fear such as death, secrete adrenochrome which supposedly gets you really high. But according to many sources, adrenochrome can be synthesized and its high is very over-rated and not impressive. Is it possible that those who drink blood with adrenochrome are given a high by demons, to make adrenochrome seem more desirable than it would be if not "enhanced" by demons? I think it is possible. In any case, blood drinking is said to produce life and energy and honors Satan. So Satan manages to keep getting babies killed and used for their blood, meat, and skin, if not even bones.

Baby meat is also said to give more life energy. Its sacrifice pleases Satan as well. And its another middle finger to God and babies being stolen and killed obviously traumatizes some parents and it makes those who participate in baby and human sacrifices more insensitive and cruel, which Satan also likes. It helps to degrade humanity.

Another fact is that baby sacrifices are a way to slander God since it is alleged, probably by Satan more than anyone else, that sacrifices were part of God's worship first. True! But His did not involve humans or babies or eating and drinking blood. No, I am afraid Satan will have to own this one all to himself.

And lets be clear here. Baby meat does not have some special energy, life force, or life extension force. It is meat. It might have good nutritional value, but God forbids eating humans and further, if we eat our own, how are we any better than animals? How great can Satan, the great spirit of light, beauty, and love, be, if he puts us on a level with animals who eat their own and of course, it puts Satan on that level, too. There is no light, beauty, or love in him. He is a hideous monster.

After having read "Breaking the Circle of Satanic Ritual Abuse,' by Daniel Ryder, who explained the many appearances of demons and even Satan according to victims/witnesses, at these rituals and sometimes strange manifestations such as other creatures/animals, and events, too; I would have to conclude that the display of these powers itself has a very motivating influence on those participating in these cult rituals.

Rape is the most common ritual performed at these events. One might think sex was the main goal, but I suspect not. Satan's main goal is to destroy human compassion and feeling, producing more monsters from rape victims. As well, if they remain as cult members in adulthood, they perpetuate and increase the number of Satanic worshipers and cults all over the world, yielding ever greater control over that world.

But what Satan attempts and succeeds at, is getting his followers to break every sexual taboo there is and often. So parents rape kids, wife-swap, men on men and men on boys, women on women and girls, brother and sister incest, sex with animals, gang bangs, prostituting wives and daughters and adopted kids and school children, too. Kids, teens, and women are kidnapped and sold into prostitution and trafficking all over the world. Even babies are raped.

Every perversion ever conceived is perpetrated and often at that, in Satanic cults. All to give God the middle finger and offend as much as possible. I recently heard an interview with Ella and Abraham (Kev Baker, I think) where Abraham says the kids told him that they are told by the cult to do the opposite of whatever is good. Can't say it any more plainer than that.

Anyone who has ever been part of a very controlling religion, one that asks for blind obedience and depends upon peer pressure to keep members in line, knows how important that reinforcement from peer pressure is. Many members stay for life, even though they are not crazy about the religion. They stay because they fear being alone and not belonging somewhere. You could call it a co-dependence. Satan also uses this. Once a cult member who has done horrible things, where else are you going to go? And if you are very bitter and cynical from that Satanic upbringing, there is no other place to go.

But all aspects of Satanic worship have some sort of lie or distortion to promote various rituals and deeds. How else are you going to get a group to go against the grain of society and God?

One more aspect is that since Satan does have control of the world, by admission of the Bible (but only for a time), Satan can promote or hinder whoever he likes. So he promotes those who sell themselves to him and hinders those who refuse to sell their souls.

But Satan always uses lies when making offers. He never tells you the full deal till after you have signed and maybe even been compromised and capable of being blackmailed. He also fails to mention that he and his followers will lose to God eventually. And they will all miss out on a resurrection. And they really would like to live forever if possible.

Religion as a Lie            Jul 28, 015
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Religion, both pagan and Christian, have become, as a whole, corrupted by Satan. How? Easy! Satan uses governments to seduce ambitious leaders among religious groups. These leaders are given perks and privileges, along with backing and support from the government and big business, so that the religious leaders can enforce obedience to false doctrine and false authority and power. Police, military, courts, these all support religion at critical times. In return, the religious leaders encourage their followers (slaves) to fight wars and kill and obey government.

A religious leader, in the Bible often referred to as a shepherd, attempts to unionize the flock and enforce a set prescribed set of doctrines which have to be followed and obeyed or you will not go to  heaven or whatever else is promised among pagans.  They craftily use peer pressure to keep you from speaking out, or disagreeing, or otherwise dissenting with the prescribed doctrines. For most, belonging and being accepted is more important than what they think or believe. So they obey the so called shepherd.

But the Bible calls a bad shepherd a wolf, a predator who likes to hunt and kill. Wolves love sheep because they are so easy to kill and they taste real good. In fact, if a bunch of sheep are in a pen, a wolf will often kill a good number of the sheep, just for the thrill of it. If it is a small flock, the wolf or wolf pack may kill every last lamb. It has happened on more than a few occasions. "Wolves" are aggressive and will try to intimidate people and bully them into submission. If they do not submit, they may get shunned and avoided by the rest.

Most denominations now have hierarchies and networks formed to maintain control over all the churches in their denominations. Even Satan keeps his "churches" (cults) in line and in order, ever obedient to him. In fact, many Christian churches are now obedient to Satan, and not God.

You will also note that there are many pagan religions and deities. Pantheons of deities. Many different identities and purposes. Despite the many of them, be assured they are, one and all, creations of Satan. He creates various flavors of gods, goddesses, and deities so that no matter what your tastes, he can find something to appeal to you. I call these various gods or ID's, Satan's sock puppets, because on the net, some people and causes use a variety of fake accounts who are not real people but used to make comments as other people, so that viewers might believe that one argument or another is  better due to apparent popular response or numbers of posts, likes, or thumbs up, etc.

Satan does the same with his varieties of fake accounts (gods, angels, etc.). But there is just one source behind any sort of these god-like personas and that is Satan. Any path leading to anything else except God, the Father of us all, or His son, Jesus, is a path leading right to the devil. As well, be aware that any organized religion today likely also belongs to Satan, the great infiltrator and corruptor, so as to fool and mislead Christians so that they never find the right path and yet think they are on the right path.

So stay away from churches that belong to unions and denominations. These are controlled and united. Churches were independent in the days of the Apostles. Use your own mind and study the Bible on your own intellectual power. Others can suggest, but you have the right to disagree and think as you please. Don't let others control you. Whether its ideas or people, Satan uses both to try to control us, our thoughts, and our actions. So guard your thinking and keep it your own.

UFOs and Aliens Deception
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I have covered this in at least 2 other articles of mine, but it deserves mention here as well.

My other article was on 2 Thessalonians 2: 9 "Even him, whose coming is after the working of Satan with all power and signs and lying wonders .  .  ."

Lying or deceiving wonders with all power and signs. The Pharisees were always asking for signs, which were basically signs or displays of power or miracles. So while I wondered about those, I wrote as best as I could in 2004. But in 2005, my friend at work, a 7th day Adventist no less, had Bill Cooper's book, "Behold a Pale Horse." This is a highly reputable conspiracy book, and Bill is one of the best, which is why he was assassinated just outside his home.

In this book, he told of his exposure to UFOs and how he believes the military is behind it and why. Just prior to that, my father had video tapes on foo-fighters of the Nazis and other UFO info. These made me realize that UFOs were real and man made. I had suspected demonic apparitions for a while. And I still don't rule those out, but primarily, we are dealing with real vehicles harnessing the real laws of physics which get turned upside down beyond like 50 million volts of charge, I believe it is.

I immediately recognized the value of these vehicles in promoting deceptions and lies in regards to prophecies of the return of Jesus. I immediately wrote an update to my article on signs and wonders, giving UFOs much more attention. That was in 2005.

There had been credible info out earlier but I did not know it. Nick Cook of Jane's Defense, in 2001, wrote a book, "The Hunt For Zero Point. It dealt with Operation Paperclip bringing over like about 385 train cars full of technology documents. Among the technologies was UFOs. There is good evidence for it. Look at it this way. Germany surrendered in May or June of 1945. We had our first sighting of a UFO in Alaska in 1947. The Nazis had almost finished solving the navigation and steering problems when they had to surrender. In less than 2 years, it got solved in the USA, with the help of many German scientists and engineers.

Germany's overall state of technology was so far advanced over the USA, that the USA could do nothing without the instruction and help of German scientists and engineers. So they were all brought over to lead American Technology. So UFOs are not some fantasy, nor are they aliens from another place in space. It is earthly human technology built by humans and flown by them, too. But this technology is so far beyond anything publicly allowed to be developed, that it seems like centuries ahead of us. But this is a lie, too.

Nikola Tesla was the most brilliant man to ever live, in regards to science and its advancement.  Tesla designed a UFO near to 1900 AD. He knew and understood electrical fields better than any and foresaw UFOs on the horizon. This was before the Wright Brothers even learned to fly with engines and wings thru the air. So by this measure, UFOs are not that advanced. In fact, they are now an outdated technology by over 100 years. Its just that this technology has been hidden and kept secret. But in technical terms, its not any more difficult that any other of our technologies we use all the time.

But by keeping it hidden and said to be impossible or too advanced, they have enabled its mystique and mistaken belief that it is so advanced and "other worldly." It was born and developed right here on earth by us humans.

I saw in UFOs, the perfect deception device. Jesus made it plain and clear that he was not returning in physical bodily form, the 2nd time in the last days to Judgment day, called by many, Armageddon. For one, Jesus gave in sacrifice, his fleshly body and blood in our behalf. If he takes it back, then its not sacrificed and we are not bought and we can not be resurrected. But the spirit poured out at Pentecost is evidence that Jesus did make that permanent and complete sacrifice of his human existence. He will never be on earth ever again in bodily form. Knowing and understanding this, will keep us from getting fooled when someone says that Jesus has returned to earth. Jesus says not to believe them or follow them in Luke. But those not grasping this could get fooled and most will.

But imagine "Jesus" coming down in a UFO, as if from heaven. Further, he was taken up into the clouds (out of sight) in front of the Apostles. It was said he would return the same way, coming in the clouds (hidden in the clouds). Satan was aware of the plans and likely insisted that certain prophecies be worded a particular way so that he could test the thoroughness and diligence of people studying God's word, carefully or not so much. He likely posited that no serious student should get fooled so that only those careless and unstudied could get fooled. So God consented, as I see it.

What if spirits were presented as aliens? What if aliens looked just like humans? After all, humans are all we have to run these UFOs, right? So they better look like us. They can't look like anything else. Many possible deception are allowed with UFO tech. Any number of scriptures can be twisted to support "angels" arriving in human form, including a "Jesus" the supposed returned Messiah.

Many possibilities were evident way back in 2005. Amazingly, later in 2005, the History Channel began several regular UFO series such as Ancient Aliens, and other such UFO programming. 1 hour documentaries as well. I saw more on UFOs in that time, than all the programming of all the previous years combined. It was the launch of UFO propaganda. Many movies started coming out like around 2010 or 2011 on UFOs and Aliens and even spirits in similar roles.

UFOs are going to impress people because they do not know the origins of UFOs. The lies of Satan will fool most. Further, many prefer beliefs in UFOs and aliens to God, His son, and reality. Hollywood is preparing us just like they did in the 50s with a huge blitz of aliens and space craft movies. The ultimate deception is in the works. And it will all be lies. There are no real aliens. There are spirits, demons, who pretend at times to be aliens. But they lie, too.

The net and Youtube are full of videos exposing this coming alien deception such as the link below.

Fake Alien Invasion Exposed! Israel's Involvement In Bluebeam Programming & Coming Great Deception!

Project Bluebeam - The fake Alien Invasion

Fake Alien Invasion Begins Soon Project Blue Beam

There are many others like it. Just do a Youtube search. I mention Dr. Karla Turner as one of the best and most credible at discerning an evil presence behind many alien "encounters." Yes, demons! Below are just a sampling of lectures on video:

Dr. Karla Turner MURDERED for Exposing Alien Grey

The UFO Masquerade - Dr Karla Turner

Nat Geo UFO Documentary 2015: Aliens and Contact Dr Karla Turner

Alien Abductions - Dr Karla Turner Lecture

Dr. Karla Turner - MUFON Conference

The UFO Masquerade Dr Karla Turner Lecture

Dr. Karla Turner - Abduction The Secret Agenda (1993)
Murdered university professor and author Dr. Karla Turner speaks about military abductions and mind control. For more ...

Dr Karla Turner on Various ET Species

But a good viewing of some of the many videos should not leave you caught unguarded as to the BS being launched on us. Its all designed to get you to follow anything but God and the Bible. So expect a UFO visit or even a landing invasion, which has been suggested more than once by politicians and Hollywood, too.

Remember that Satan is always the liar because he wants humans to die and not be brought back to life. So He lies and gets us to reject God in one way or another.

Xendrius channel on Youtube            This is largely an expose of spirits lying and performing
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Full blown proof of demonic actions performed thru human mediums. Right before your very eyes below.

Spirit Cabinet Act - Geisterkabinett by Sven F. Heubes

Spirit Cabinet trick

1/6 Derren Brown Sťance    start at 3:33 on this one

Derren Brown is the most prominent performer and WAS featured by Xendrius on his Youtube channel. He had done some great videos of mediums conjuring spirits at stage shows. But they claimed copyright infringement, despite fair use claims which are totally legitimate. So these videos above are typical of what Xendrius uses to show that demons really do perform in our day. Once you select one of these, more will show up on the side. These are real signs and wonders from Demons. But the performers do not like to promote the demon view. They say spirits. Magicians say it is their own power. But these performances are designed to attract you to the supernatural world. Don't fall for it. Stay away from the paranormal and supernatural. These are the lurking places of demons. And to think you doubted me ;-) But also be aware that many will be attracted to these amazing powers. This is the bait the demons offer. They want to impress you. Don't be impressed. Any demon could do this and so what if they can. What God can do is far more impressive. He can bring the dead back to life and restore the Earth in near instant time. Just you wait and see!

There is a vast amount of videos Derren Brown performing. Critics and skeptics, too, in the search link above. Look at the next one:

MAGICK OF DEMONS VOL. 6 - Demonic Agenda + Derren Brown Seance
by SavedbyGrace0909
6 months ago
This video is mirrored from Xendrius youtube channel and is made and owned by Xendrius. I don't own anything ! It's under Fair ...

The above is a great video! Xendrius had his removed by claims of copyright infringement, even though he was making fair use allowed by law. So imagine the antichrist shows up. Will he have these sorts of powers? Of course he will.

Below are the Roger Morneau videos where he talks about the spirit world that Xendrius shows some footage of. Xen and I are both big fans of this video series. We believe every word of it!
Roger Morneau Part 1 of 4
Roger Morneau Part 1 of 4 

I also recommend this article from my site dealing with the original lie and rebellion of Satan:
The Last Days, Part 11:  Satan (et al) vs God (et al)

It included the Morneau Videos. It is linked below as well.

I have several recommendations to make here with links below.
"About the Soul" lists several articles to read about the lie of the Immortal soul.

"Lying Signs and Wonders" Contains the 1st 4 sections in this article, although they came from Lying Signs and Wonders, 1st. But after that, it deals with the signs and wonders the devil will use to deceive mankind and get them to sign a deal, much like God did with Israel at Mt. Sinai. Most have missed this similarity, but not me ;-) Once signed, then the mass killing begins. It is at this same time, that Christians will be put into concentration camps, supposedly for life, but God says only for the remaining 3.5 years of the antichrist.

"Satan vs God" shows the many things that had to go on behind the scenes, that determined what has happened since. Some good insights so we can better understand the limits God allowed Himself to be constrained by, as well as those that constrain the devil or not. Many insights not found anywhere else.

"Knowledge & Secrecy" They both play keys roles and battle each other. Secrecy is Satan's main weapon that allows him to remain "invisible." But he will not be allowed to stay invisible forever. He is going to get exposed.

"Past and Present Heresies"  Many doctrines that are wrong and promoted by the devil. I also explore some of the worst Christian denominations as well.

"Current Satanic Activities" These involve recent current events setting new trends or amplifying old ones in new ways. If you are aware of the tragic account of Alisa and Gabriel, 2 kids form Hampstead, London, UK, victims of Satanic Ritual Abuse from a cult operating out of a school and church, no less; this is the page with all their stuff. My collection is still incomplete and already in need of revision. Time escaped me to do all that I wanted. I will catch up to it eventually. But it will also cover many other recent concerns of the times, if time does not beat me to it.

"Beware of Meditation & Yoga"  Extracted from this article and more material added to become a subject unto itself. So much you should know about it.

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