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Spiritual Warfare

Cultural Communism
The Family and Sex
Marital Age Limits
Do Unto Others

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Propaganda wars, ideological wars, a battle of philosophies! There are all kinds of things you could call it. But up for grabs is what we believe/think and how we live/behave. What you believe does matter. It can literally mean your life. God requires that we live a certain way with certain rules.

But there is another "spirit" out there, a real entity, opposed to God, and his "spirit," that is, his attitude, which has saturated the earth. And he and his early followers have also sowed a "spirit" among us. That is to say, they have spread a certain propaganda or philosophy among us; a way that they say is better, more noble, idealistic, or humanistic and compassionate.

But God also has followers on earth, though they be very few in number. And God revealed through one of those followers, namely the Apostle Paul, that Satan and his followers present themselves as angels of light and ministers of righteousness.

2 Corinthians 11:
13 For such men are false apostles, deceitful workmen, disguising themselves as apostles of Christ.
14 And no wonder, for even Satan disguises himself as an angel of light.
15 So it is not strange if his servants also disguise themselves as servants of righteousness.
     Their end will correspond to their deeds.

This scripture not only applies to those who claim to be religious but are really wicked in that they oppose God in reality. There are many who oppose God, even though they may not realize it, who simply serve a cause other than God's, whether it be a business corporation, a government/kingdom, a gang, or any number of causes which might have interests, ambitions, or goals that are opposed to God's. Likewise, God's interests and goals are opposed to theirs. And many of them are aware that Christian interests and goals are in their way. They do not necessarily see those interests of the Christians as being God's but they are, providing the Christians are really practicing as they should be.

But these people who are opposed to God's ways, knowingly or unknowingly, always portray themselves in a good light, as if they were quite noble, righteous, practically angels and saints. Some do this knowing that they really intend bad things for people in general. Some serve the interests of just a few that really hurt the interests of the many in favor of just a few "at the top." But whether they hurt people innocently or whether they hurt people quite intentionally, They hurt all the same and it is opposed to what God wants for people.

But as they do this hurt, some believe they are helping, while others know better. But both always will tell you they are seeking the best interests of all and would have you believe they are saints and angels and that they are giving you enlightenment and truth. They are sort of like the guy who wants to have sex with a woman but who has no other interest in her. If she is reluctant, he will tell her anything in the world to get her to cooperate. No lie is too great to accomplish his mission. All that he cares about is getting laid. After that, it won't matter as far as he is concerned.

He will tell her that he loves her, that it is just sex and that it feels incredible and that love can't possibly be a bad thing and that love justifies the act. He make it sound so noble, so right, proper, you can't possibly say no. By morning, he is long gone and the woman realizes she has just been tricked and used. Maybe he was even unpleasant or hurtful in bed. She might even find out she has been impregnated or given a disease. You know how it goes.

Many who hold great amounts of power either through wealth or politics are like that. They will tell you the opposite, telling you how great it is for you that you go along with (vote) their way. They will tell you of their good intentions and how nice they are. But they are just like that lying scum who only wants a cheap thrill at someone else's expense and to hell with the consequences. You want to avoid both.

But these so called do-gooders that have nothing but your best interests in mind, are really lying to you. They fill you full of lies. It is these sets of lies that we want to be aware of because they make them sound so good and so right that we often end up believing them and hurting ourselves as a result. They also know how to exploit our weaknesses and fears. They might tell us how harmful something might be for us. Maybe they know we are afraid of something and will convince us we are in danger when we are not.

If we are not using our heads and simply react with blind emotions, we could end up being manipulated and guided in the wrong direction. So we have to know what the right direction is. God tells us what the right direction is. So we have to get to know God through His written word, the Bible. If we know what God wants, we will not get fooled by the tricksters and deceivers and smooth talkers who want to sue us and hurt us like a na´ve innocent inexperience young girl whose heart is filled with nothing but love and trust.

We do not need to be na´ve or inexperienced and it is hard to be completely innocent, either. We have all seen plenty. If we know God through the Bible, then we will not be vulnerable, na´ve, inexperienced, unaware, and ripe to be fooled. We will see right through the lies and tricks of the deceivers out there. We can laugh and say no thanks, I'll pass.

Those lies and tricks are the propaganda, the ideology, the (empty) philosophy, which contradicts God and is meant to turn us away from God. These are the vain deceptive "spirits" that go forth to deceive the earth and all in it as spoken of in Revelation. It is these spirits that we want protect ourselves from. So we need to know God, but we also need to know or be aware of those philosophies, and ideologies that threaten us. We need to make our children aware of them as well as our friends, family, loved ones everywhere, and even individuals in the world who show a receptive spirit. So we are now going to discuss this deceptive spirit that has gone forth into the world to mislead and destroy it.

2 Corinthians 10:
3 For walking about in flesh, we do not war according to flesh;
4 for the weapons of our warfare are not fleshly, but powerful to God in order to pull down strongholds,
5 pulling down imaginations and every high thing lifting up itself against the knowledge of God,
   and bringing into captivity every thought into the obedience of Christ,
6 and having readiness to avenge all disobedience, whenever your obedience is fulfilled.

Paul had a problem with some within the religion who had left the law of Christ (and God, the Father, of course!) and were misleading the Corinthian congregations. But Paul drew attention to the fact that our war, our struggle, our conflict, was not a fleshly one, not a physical one, not one with violence or weapons, but one that dealt with thoughts, ideas, knowledge. These things were typically aimed against God, but we can turn those thoughts and ideas right back around to God. And we can destroy (expose) the thoughts, ideas, reasonings, and philosophies of God's enemies, whether they are inside our religion or outside of it. Paul said much the same thing to the Ephesians as well next.

Ephesians 6:
10 Finally, be strong in the Lord and in the strength of his might.
11 Put on the whole armor of God, that you may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil.
12 For we are not contending against flesh and blood, but against the principalities, against the powers, against the world rulers of this present darkness, against the spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places.

13 Therefore take the whole armor of God, that you may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all, to stand.
14 Stand therefore, having girded your loins with truth, and having put on the breastplate of righteousness,
15 and having shod your feet with the equipment of the gospel of peace;
16 besides all these, taking the shield of faith, with which you can quench all the flaming darts of the evil one.
17 And take the helmet of salvation, and the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God.

18 Pray at all times in the Spirit, with all prayer and supplication. To that end keep alert with all perseverance,
     making supplication for all the saints.

So you can see that our "weapons" and "armor" are just figurative ones. They are not literal or physical. They are our means to resist being fooled and to help others to not be fooled and misled by the Devil and His earthly followers. Our weapons and armor are knowledge and understanding, a pure philosophy and ideology that can only come from God.

God's rules are addressed elsewhere on this website. So I will not address them. This article intends to expose the empty vain propaganda designed to oppose God and hurt His people, causing them to lose out on salvation and life, just as Adam and Eve did. So here we go. I will address the wrong idea(s) and contrast it with God's idea(s) on the matter. But I will cut to the chase and deal with the subject in a broad sense, making my indictments and going into detail afterward.

And the philosophy/ ideology I accuse comes in several names and forms but they all have the same goal or purpose, to destroy God's work, His laws and ways. We know it in this country (the USA) as Political Correctness. The odd thing is that many so called Christians actually believe in political correctness and think it proper and good, even Godly. That is why I have to write this article. I also want to show what the ultimate goals of it are.

In doing that, I am going to show another name that describes political correctness and what it accomplishes. You will be shocked when you see what else it is called. It is called Cultural Communism.

Cultural Communism
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Also known as Cultural Marxism. This communism is not designed to accomplish overthrow or harm through military means or even obvious political means. Rather, it is much more subtle and discreet, in disguise, really. It accomplishes it through subtle changes in our own government and cultural beliefs, attitudes, thinking, and actions/behavior. So what is it that it promotes? Well, what did political communism promote? Well, really, it was against religion/God, and promoted the state as a god of sorts. The state was the all powerful entity that made our laws and told us what was right and wrong. And all power and control was held by the state.

Such a government is also known as Totalitarian, since it has total control over everything, and may I add, a very unbalanced one way control, where one person or small group rules and controls everything, which is pretty much the same as cult control and rulership. In fact, governments do not like to promote understanding of cults since the type of rule employed is often close to Totalitarian, Authoritarian and really pretty much of a cult itself. Cults are authoritarian and totalitarian in nature.

Any government that wants to become all powerful and take away all your choices and demand that you cease to worship God and that you submit to state rules over and above God's, then that state is communist in practice, even if it is not called "communistic." A dog by any other name is still a dog.

So what else does this cultural communism promote and why? Well, essentially, anything that resists its taking power and control. Who promotes it? Anyone who wants power and control! When they want control, they first must destroy the current culture, philosophy, power and control they want to take over. Now there is another aspect of a movement like this. There are many names given to it. Communism is just one of the many. In prison, it is, essentially, "Might Makes Right!" In political jargon, it is called Fascism.  Communism employs Fascism. All governments basically employ the iron fist we might call Fascism. Regardless of political agenda, when you force your ways on someone else against their will, you are employing Fascism (as well as rape). Other names include Authoritarianism, Totalitarianism, Despotism, etc. They all mean essentially the same thing as they employ the same tactics of force, might, the old iron fist, the sword and the gun, gunboat diplomacy.

Communism likes using forceful Fascism as any political movement does. But in the case of Cultural Communism, more subtle methods are employed to try to sort of sneak their agenda upon/onto a people rather than use an army. But in the end, when what they do becomes too obvious to the people, and not very desirable, then the armies are dragged out and employed, revealing the true spirit of the beast that is behind the the movement.

Now Generally, there are things that promote peace, order, strength, prosperity, fairness, justice, balance, goodness, compassion, longevity, and other such sorts of things. Such things will insure that those who maintain them will survive and thrive as long as they maintain them. So what sorts of things are they that yield such results?

Well, it can be debated and many have been debating it throughout all time. But God has told us what really produces such fruits/results. People need to show love and respect for each other. They will not abuse or take advantage of each other or harm or oppress each other. Not directly, not indirectly! All good actions can be summed up in these basic things. But since the various things we do can be debated as to whether they are god or bad, loving or not loving, we will discuss that, too, in a minute.

But what we want to recognize is that those intending harm must get us to do things that will work against peace, order, strength, prosperity, fairness, justice, balance, goodness, compassion, longevity, and other such sorts of things. These good things are the fruits of the spirit of God that they work against. They will promote disorder, chaos, strife, conflict, fighting, division, resulting weakness, poverty, desperation, injustice, unfairness, imbalance, meanness, cruelty, and lack of compassion. Such practices lead to weakness and those living by such things will not be around long or leave anything to be passed on in the long term.

The absurdity of it all is that they will try to convince you that what is good for you is really bad and that what is bad for you is really good. Everything will be upside down and the opposite of what it should be. To do this, they will have to lie like hell and use clever wording to sneak the lie by you. That is not an easy thing to do but it has been accomplished even as we speak and people don't even realize it. But if you can keep people preoccupied doing other things then maybe they will not notice when bad things are done that harm them. So you need to keep people very busy and distracted. Satan is a master at just that very thing. So we have to try and un-distract ourselves and try extra hard to pay attention and be aware of what is going on around us.

Now I discussed the importance of community in an article about community. I wrote about love. I discussed the many important issues revolving around sexuality and how it needs to be controlled and regulated as we enjoy it. The importance of the family was certainly covered. Avoiding war and being politically neutral was pointed out. I cover so many things. Not that I thought of them. All I did was note what God had to say about them and remind Christians of what He has said and commanded. So any good subversive movement worth a grain of salt would want to do the opposite of what God wants so they can weaken and destroy a country or destroy a people who are united and have a common identity such as Christians.

Many of these Christian (God's) ways became the hallmark of much of western society. Even many philosophers and political leaders of countries who were not Christians and do not believe in the Christian God, Jehovah, still thought many of these ways were good. And when they were practiced, a country did well.

Now as regards the countries that we Christians live in, we should not be overly concerned as we see them fall to the political and philosophical winds of the devil's cultural communism. We know that is destined to happen and can not be changed, except by God alone. We do not involve ourselves in political affairs. We only watch out for our own that we do not also resort to the same foolish subversive ways that everyone else is falling for.

So let us look at Gods' ways and how they are being attacked philosophically so that we can avoid being deceived and actually going against God unknowingly. I'll discuss some of the more important aspects of God's ways and how the world we live in directly contradicts those ways and tells us it is right.

The Family and Sex
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God intended that people reproduce and fill the earth with their kind. He absolutely intended us to breed! The family was to be the core unit of human society. God made lots of laws to protect and promote the family unit. He placed the man/father in charge of a family. A woman was the possession of a man as were the kids, too. He was the head of the family who could, if necessary, over-rule the other members, including the wife. He was commanded to be fair and kind in treating his family so that his authority in the family would not be abusive.

Family members were not to hurt or abuse each other. Husbands and wives were restricted to each other sexually and their kids and relatives were not available sexually. In fact, married couples were also denied sexual availability to anyone else anywhere. Each person was entitled to either 1 wife or 1 husband with whom they could have sex. This protected the community and other families. Strong family units made strong communities.

Good families enabled good teachings, traits, and values to be passed on and maintained. Families would protect and look out for their own, in general, providing a greater degree of protection than they might receive in the community in general. If a family was divided or compromised in any way, it would fall or be dysfunctional and the community would suffer as well. Individual members of the family could suffer.

What is amazing is to note what is being done to families and our society, our national culture and laws. First, we have come to view sex as just recreation and pleasure. And it certainly is an incredible pleasure, for sure! But unregulated, it can produce lots of hurt feelings and jaded people, sexual diseases of every sort, sexual crimes, and lots of pregnancies and births where upon a child is not adequately cared for, perhaps deliberately neglected, or worst of all, abused physically and sexually.

Sex is a lot more than just fun and pleasure. But more and more, easily a majority of the people in the USA and around the world, prefer little or no sexual restraint at all and resent any attempt to constrain it. And not that Christians should be meddlers who want to shove their ways down others throats and make everyone else believe and practice as they do; even though some so-called Christians do this. But this loose sexual climate will definitely weaken the family unit, the community unit (which is non-existent, anyway), and the entire nation/society as a whole. Of course, this is what those who would like to take us over want.

If we are weakened, and better yet, distracted, then our strength disappears. And if all we ever think about and pursue is sex, we will certainly be distracted. Those who care about nothing but sex could hardly care about the strength of the country or the fabric and well being of the community and family. They do not care about families or likely want families. That would interfere with the fun they were having. I haven't met too many swinging playboys who never wanted to settle down or stop what they were doing.

And even if we do not want a family ourselves, we should certainly care about kids growing up and what they will do when they are mature. What kind of world do we want for kids in general. Or do we want to stop reproducing and let our country slowly shrink and fade away? There is lots to think about.

But consider this. If we decide that we want to keep our country going or our family name going, or leave some sort of something that we could be remembered by or want to pass on, how will we do it without the family? So we do not to think what sort of world and culture is best for our kids. Will our kids be good responsible caring parents? Or will they only care about getting laid and avoid the responsibility that comes with having kids? You had better give it some thought. If you all stop breeding, your family lineage will die out, your country will die out, your race will die out, your species will even die out, and anything you might have stood for or cared about will die as well.

If you decide you want to preserve your species and your race and/or country, culture, way of life, legacy, or whatever, then maybe you will need to reconsider your wild loose ways. But our national culture definitely promotes loose reckless sexual conduct. Everyone on TV is now portrayed as sexually loose. It is everywhere and in everything and it will definitely weaken and kill us off if we don't smarten up. I do not believe that big business and political leaders and representatives can be unaware of how this pervasive cultural attitude is affecting us. If they are letting it go and they certainly have been, it would seem to me that it must be deliberate. Someone wants us as a nation and as Christians, to become weak and dissolve so that another group can rule or that the one in power now can change the rules to better serve the rich and powerful.

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Sexual misconduct is not the only way that families have been harmed. The order and authority of the family has been attacked. Since God intended that we all eventually become breeders had Adam and Eve not rebelled, all women would eventually become the property of a man. Under God's rules, a woman remains the property of her parents until she marries. She is always owned by someone. I grant that since Adam and Eve rebelled and caused sin to enter the world, being owned by a man is not always a pleasant experience. But God's laws still apply in a sinful world. If you do not want to be owned by a man, stay single and remain with your parents, if you obey God.

An exception to a woman's being owned would be if she became a widow either by her husband dying naturally, by accident, by murder, by war, or by execution for something like adultery. In these cases, a woman, if she had a male child or two by him before he died, would then be a widow and entitled to keep her husband's estate which would be passed on to her kids upon her death unless she did so sooner. If she did not have kids, a man's brother or other relative would perform the brother-in-law marriage to raise kids in her husband's name. Or she could remarry anyone if she already had kids. But in these cases, the property formerly of her husbands would be hers but would have to go to the male children after.

But we note that feminists, more particularly, lesbians, certainly will not put up with a fate like that. They encourage all women to revolt and destroy what God had put in place for order. Who can blame them? We all want as much freedom as possible. And living under a man, where like all humans, he is tough to live with and live under, it is fearful to have him as a boss, much less a husband. But Christians should always do things God's way. I see many women within the Christian religion promoting feminism and feminist agenda. This is a rebellion against God. They may do as they like in the world but within the family and church, they must do things God's way or risk their eternal life.

But many different non-profit foundations, businesses, and politicians promote a wide variety of policies the encourage not only women's rights, but even an agenda that favors women over men, disregarding justice and creating imbalance. Only those who want to destroy us would do this. So we don't have to promote women's feminist agenda and neither do we have to resist it politically. But we can not abide by it in God's house. We in God's house believe that God's way is the best and only way to do things.

Now I recognize that due to women needing to work and earn a living and because they are considered independent, that there need to be equal rights and protections. But I and many others like me believe it has gone far beyond that to where women are substantially favored over and against men in laws where the two have conflicts with each other. Work place laws and conduct also favor women.

Marital Age Limits
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Discussed in another article, it should suffice here that it is very unrealistic to think that kids will resist the pressures (and pleasures) of a sexually promiscuous and sexually saturated society until 25 or 30 when they have gotten an education and a good job, and then get married without ever having played around first. It will not happen. In nearly all cases, given the very strong urge and drive that is in all of us by 14 or 15 in most cases, we will reluctantly give in to temptation long before 25.

Again, the society, ways of life, and laws we have created make it nearly impossible for a young couple to be married and still earn a reasonable living. Our standards of employment compensation (pay scale) are absolutely inexcusable. But so-called Christians will not concern themselves with the injustice of our pay system. They don't see it as unfair, unjust, and unreasonable. Real Christians know the unfair payscale is wrong but do not fight wrong because it is not God's will. We know it must be. But we also need to recognize that our kids are falling prey to temptation at a rate that should have all of us in sack cloth and ashes but we are not and don't even seem all that concerned.

In some industrialized countries, extended families with several generations or couples live in the same apartment. Indeed, this would seem horrible in America but so should our kids fornicating also be horrible to us. But we are more concerned about 1 house per 1 couple than we are about maintaining God's laws or morality. Something is seriously screwed up among Christians and their attitudes.

There is so much working against our kids and we do nothing to relieve them of any burden in this area. I wrote a number of articles dealing with this and related topics in my sex articles section. But the fact that we have perverted normal healthy sexual attitudes among the young, concerning the young, has surely hurt us a great deal. You might want to reconsider.

The attacks upon every aspect of family is overwhelming. There is so much I did not even bother to bring up or discuss. But this attack is also a deliberate action on Satan's part to destroy what God ordained and make it easy to lead us away from God. And it is working pretty good, too. Now is the time to give it more thought and sober up and get with it.

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I have already done an article on community that you can read. What should be quite clear is that we do not have any sense of community or caring. Part of this is because of the wonderful (I am being sarcastic, of course) ideas aimed against community. A community was a group of people living in the same area who had a sense of connection and caring. They felt an obligation towards each other, even as the Bible suggests. They shared a common sense of values and morals. It was only right and natural for people who thought the same and believed the same to live together. This is how tribes and clans come about. It was how nations came about.

But now we do not care about who we live next to. And there was a deliberate attempt to prevent people of the same sort of attitudes and beliefs from congregating and exclusively occupying an area of housing which would enable bonds of trust and concern. Instead, laws prevented anyone from choosing who they wanted to sell to or allow to move in. It was said the we were discriminating and indeed, we were. We had discriminating tastes.

And don't think that this is all aimed at minorities. Here in Maine the rich have come in, in force and mass, to buy up all our houses and land and drove us all out of making a living or having affordable housing. "Invaders" have all the rights and the invaded have none. So the Indians were not the last to experience this, by any means. There needs to be a balance of rights between the two parties. There is no balance right now.

But Christians will not be concerned about this. It was meant to be. But they will be aware of what has been done and continues to be done to them. They will try to equalize it out among their own, striving to live together in a spiritual community and cooperating with each other and supporting in each in every way possible and we haven't yet reached every way possible, I assure you.

Again, I discuss this in much more detail in my article dealing with this on the Behaviors Page.

Do Unto Others . . .
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Our attitudes have been substantially influenced by the world around us. It would be impossible to avoid all influence, I grant. But we have absorbed way to much as I see it. All our thoughts and ideas are molded by our schools we went to, the papers we read, the TV we watch, the politicians we listen to. We think that is what is right. And that is what they want us to think. They did a good job. But the Bible should be our only guide.

We see corporations and those who run them make decisions that they know will hurt and negatively impact the people who work for them. All they care about is making more money. They were making adequate money as it was but they always want more. So they lay people off or make them work in ever harsher conditions. This is not love. Christians would not want to be guilty of making such decisions. Jesus said it was easier for a camel to get through a needle's eye than for a rich (relatively speaking) man to get into the kingdom of the heavens. If we were to make harsh decisions, we might become accountable to God for it. We might want to weigh carefully the decisions we are called on to make.

Maybe we are asked to do unprincipled things to employees under us. We can't do that. We can not violate the laws of love just because our means of living depends on it. Really, we have to ask whether a Christian has any business taking on a job in management, given what they might be asked to do. It might be trying to serve 2 masters, which is an impossible thing to do.

It would be the same with being a politician or working for one. We might be asked to do all sorts of things that in a most direct way contribute to much harm to citizens' interests. Maybe we would be better off in more menial labor, which, although it does not pay nearly as much, would allow us to maintain a good conscience before God. How little will we sell our soul for? A dollar more per hour? I have always deeply respected and admired the Amish for their willingness to work as humble farmers and live a life style that is extremely modest by any standards in our day and age in the USA. Could you or would you do the same? Something to think about, no?

Really, this is where we separate the men from the boys. We need to carefully consider just how seriously we take God's laws. Can we bear to part with some creature comforts or status symbols in order to make it into God's kingdom or will we throw up our hand and say its just too hard to go without the fancy car or to have to live in much more affordable (humble) areas or whatever. How bad do you want this?

There are many things done today that are considered perfectly acceptable but are not so in the eyes of God. I have not even scratched the surface of all the ways that Satan and his followers here on earth have made it very difficult to be a nice person, a fair just person, or a moral one. It is almost, though not quite, impossible to be a Christian. It will definitely take a lot of effort and humility. That is no question about that.

And part of that challenge is just realizing how far from decent or good this system of the world is that we live in. We have to become aware of all the lies and deceit that goes on around us. It is practically all lies and deceit. Barely a word of truth, decency or kindness. But those in power will tell you that you have never had it better as your taxes go through the roof, your jobs go overseas, your wages, if you can get any, go down, crime goes up, injustice is everywhere, the innocent are never safe, and where right is wrong and wrong is right.

But you know better, right? You have God's word, the Bible to help you see through the lies and deceit. You won't be fooled as Adam and Eve were. You will be ready and waiting. I hope so! But I wrote this because I see many Christians who are not prepared and have been somewhat fooled. They need to wake up and get ready and not be like the foolish virgins of Matthew 25 who were caught sleeping when the bridegroom (Jesus) arrived.

I would like to discuss much more about the various lies unleashed on us in our world but you should be able to see them by understanding what God wants and requires. The world's laws and ideas are the opposite of God's. But these lies and deceit unleashed on us are all part of the communist agenda that many other powers and parties have taken up to further their corruption and destruction of good laws and goals.

They will deliberately plunge the world into chaos and ruin, imagining that while they do it, they will be able to control the collapse, but they will not. They will cause the destruction of world, the likes of which has never been seen before nor will ever be seen again according to Jesus in Matthew 24. They imagine that by plunging the world into chaos they might force the world to accept whatever terms they want upon the world. Instead, it will go down in flames, so to speak. It won't work.

Greed is a form of insanity. Those in power who lust for power, control, and wealth and all that it can buy and accomplish, know no limits. They will not let go of their obsession no matter how risky or dangerous it might be. And they do not care how much it hurts or impacts the rest of humanity. This is the nature of Satan and of those who imitate him. They do not mind hurting or killing other human beings. Life means nothing to them. Once you understand this, you will understand how truly diabolical they can be and will be. You will understand just how much they will lie and deceive.

So I hope I have been of some little help in showing how on guard we must be about what is passed onto us as "righteous" or "idealistic" as far as the world is concerned. Some of them know full well it is not righteous or idealistic. The are simply trying to trick you into thinking it is so they can manipulate you into going along with what is in your worst interests so they can control you and all the world as never before.

So soon the state will become all powerful and not very merciful. Communism, which was and is closer to Totalitarianism and Despotism and evil, will over come the world. It will not be the communists of WWII or the Soviets. They will not even call themselves communists at all. But the agenda will be much the same as that of the communists. Destroy us from within by weakening us, take us over, and the state will become "God." Yes, I meant to capitalize the G in God! And the real God will be outlawed! That is how the Bible predicts it to be. Now you know if you didn't before.

But luckily for us who are Christians, we know that God is going to either preserve us through all this mess or resurrect us, if we are cut short by the "God" of this world, the prince of darkness, himself. So we need not be overly concerned about the world and its political affairs. We know those must go from bad to worse and must end in destruction. But we will remain faithful to God so that regardless of what happens to us prior to the end, we will live forever in God's kingdom. That ought to help us get though this whole mess.

I would definitely recommend going to the Contents Page and checking out articles in the Behaviors Page that show how far from God's standards we (the world) have gotten. And check out the Sex Topics Page for more of the same. You might also want to check out the article on Spirit and Spirituality, discussing the meaning of those words and ideas. You might even want to check out the Last Days Series that deals a lot with the events of the end. Find them just below under Related Articles.

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