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About the Trinity

This page contains the links to pages dealing with the entire scope of the trinity. The most electrifying and devastating collection of articles ever written against the trinity. The trinity is not a genuine Christian doctrine. And don't think you have heard this before. Never before have these things ever been brought up to our attention. Like nothing you have ever seen or heard till now. And only here, baby!!! Bitter Truth for sure! But discipline, when yielded to, produces good fruit. Think I'm kidding? You better have a look. Just make sure your sitting down first.

Topics are:

The Trinity Is a Lie! This deals with the Bible's view of the trinity and an overview of all the issues covered in other articles on this subject.
Half God, Half Man? Ransom and Atonement! Most people fall for the trinity because they do not understand the concepts of Ransom and Atonement that Jesus had to fulfill. Perhaps the most important article you can read on the trinity.
The Nicene Debate and Athanasian Creed
The big show down between the Arian view (non-trinitarian) and Athanasian view (trinitarian) and covered the Creed as well, verse by verse. Many are now rejecting the Nicene/Athnasian Creed yet still professing the trinity. Either you reject both or neither.
Early Ecclesiastical Writers on the Trinity All the early writers had plenty to say about what Jesus, the Father, and the Holy Spirit were. It varies a little but not one embraces the trinity as it is defined today. See for yourself! I said it many time and the name of my site reflects it, The Truth Hurts and Is a Bitter Pill to Swallow, hence, Bitter Truth.
Terteullian's "Against Praxeas" (Against the Trinity) Terteullian actually writes an entire essay against the trinity, said to be authored by Praxeas. This is the greatest blow to those who claim the trinity was an original teaching and orthodox. It was neither and was considered a heresy by all.
Novatian Concerning the Trinity (Against the Trinity) Novatian, in my mind, offers perhaps the best of all refutations of the modern day definition of the trinity. His arguments are very relevent to the present day controversies. A must read for anyone reading about the trinity.
Origen - Excerpts on the Trinity Origen gives evidence of beginning to get caught up in the lies and Greek philosophical definitions and reasoning which stray far from the scriptures. Origen is so busy fighting the Greeks with their own medicine that he forgot his own, the Bible. Nevertheless, he refutes certain errors in the trinity and is an excellent example of how Christianity started to get off course.
Eusebius on the Trinity Eusebius was not a trinitarian but later went along with it, just the same, to please his "peers." But this article is interesting all the same. Written in the 4th century.

What is Spirit and Spirituality? Since we are dealing with the trinity, this is only proper to consider.
How to Interpret the Bible Trinitarians get off on the wrong foot because they don't start out with the right agenda to begin with. So lets' straighten this out, OK?
Tolerance and Individual Belief We should not be expecting everyone to belive the same thing because of the Great Apostasy.
The Great Apostasy If you don't know about it, you definitely should!
The Bible, Our Only Authority The "Church" is not a reason. It has no authority except what is granted from the scriptures, God's Holy Word, the Bible.

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