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Tearing the Veil in 2018 May

The Premise
What Took Place 6,022 years ago
Satan's Plea for Use of Paranormal Powers

What to Test & How
Sudden Massive Revelations
Psyops are a Test of our Brains/IQ

War Finally?
Shill Exposure Debute
Another Disappointment Disclosure
Ancient Psyops

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The Premise
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I believe we have entered a critical stage here on earth, as the veil concealing the court case of God, the Father, Jehovah, and his son vs. Satan and his allies is being played out in the last stages now. Things are coming out that seemed to me would never happen, not because I did not want it, but because nothing seemed to catch on or get attention. But it is as if the skids were kicked out from under that ship and it is heading for water to receive its final renovations. I want to discuss what had to go on in heaven in the great confrontation between The Father (God) and Satan. And also what is coming out now.

What Took Place 6,022 years ago
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Many might suggest, and not without good reason, that God put everything we needed into the Bible. But I will disagree with this some. Jesus often tried to reason with both his disciples, the crowd and even his enemies, the hypocrites, the Pharisees, Sadducees, and the Priests. Jesus wanted everyone to think and reason about God as a real person, even though very powerful, we are still in His image and likeness. We are similar in our own limited way. We are many orders different from the animals in intelligence. We know many things that happened in heaven, on earth by the spirit of God, in history recorded and the material remains often discovered by humans in their searches for understanding the past.

What Jesus asked us to do in understand the Father and His love and concern for us. But Jesus and the Father also ask us to to understand their position against Satan, who unfairly and unjustly accuses The father of bad motives in denying other angels the right to be worshipped by humans.

Most followers of Jesus do not understand many basics, let alone the deeper things involved in a trial between Satan and the Father. Satan challenged every last thought, motive, and action of God as being impure, selfish, and corrupt. It was not that he even believed his own accusations, but he wanted what he wanted and he was going to try and justify it. As well, Satan really thought he was hot stuff, though it would not appear that he had good reason for his generous valuation of himself. But the fact remained that Satan was more than willing to make us all miserable and die because he was denied what he wanted.

In this respect, he is like an infant toddler of 2 or 3. He throws hissy fits and tantrums.

So it must be realized that Satan also had lots of insults for God's creation of Man, what we call Humans and Human beings. He suggested things like "they are pathetic and useless. I can scramble their brains and get them to do anything, even the most extreme insanity and rebellion against you, Father." "and against their own species and own selves.

The Father would have responded, if you interfere with my plan, you will be able to turn many away, but not all, away. and were you to let this play out my way, I would show you why I have designed them as I did. But if you will not wait and insist on interfering, and you can not fully overcome specific circumstances and tests upon certain individuals that we will consider and test in the presence of each other, with you making trial of My creation, and have opportunity to even test my 1st born son (Jesus), and if you fail these, you lose and you will have to give up your life. If you win, its all yours.

This is the Premise I offer. Its written down. I have no proof, but I do have evidence and reason on my side. Something had to take place by agreement. You are all free to suggest whatever you like, If you do not agree with what I suggest, but some sort of agreement had to be reached between opposing parties. Many sons of God joined up with the Devil. I am sure he argued that he needed to appointed as boss of those who joined him or he could not prove his point. Bu the truth was that Satan loves power and control and glory. Being boss of the rebel sons no doubt, delighted him. Its was granted him, I suggest, to be the boss in charge. And indeed, if he is to be able to prove his point, being the biggest braggart of them all, he would have to have full complete control.

So Satan know better than to fool Adam, the first man. But the woman and her nature would be an easy conquest, he figured, and in fooling her, he could use her charm, innocence, her youthful beauty and natural charm would Overcome Adam's good judgment, but not his intellect. It worked and the human had a collective trauma introduced to them their parents who made a very bad decision they would regret and that the whole human race would regret.

But I suggest there was Godly wisdom in this. I think God realized long before He began creation that the man He was going to create, was a creature that would learn from, and thru experience. Every mistake or failure could result in a lesson learned and applied in future actions. It may have been that man had to learn the hard way, thru tough experience. So God would allow the testing and the failure, and the learning/teaching lessons that would come about, often by an agreed arrangement between God and Satan. These individual tests would reveal things about human capacity, nature, and ability.

So what do we conclude? That most things going on down here, are to thoroughly test us as a species, and as individuals. This is what we are going to explore. Because I believe we have approached the Big Test of all humanity. But we need to cover some early big tests, first.

Satan's Plea for Use of Paranormal Powers
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Part of the terms not clearly discussed, were those of Satan wanting the powers of God, in most respects. We might call these the powers of the supernatural or paranormal. Satan likely argued that if the Father made a command to stay away from the supernatural stuff, that this should be the end of the matter, since if God's followers were any good, they would obey Him. God would say, well, you're right. They should obey. So I will allow your making most uses of the paranormal. Of course, God also reserved some rights to use His powers as well. Satan's powers were always subject to God, but with God making few uses of it. What would be acceptable or not, would have had to come to an agreement as well.

But it is for this reason that God did forbid any attempt at supernatural contact for anytime one tries to make contact with spirits, if they follow God, they know those spirits are demons, who imitate being dead people, or making people believe they have super powers like being a spirit medium, or foreseeing the future (other than thru prophecy) or other black arts or practices, which one can readily identify in pagan religions, that have become part of the New Age ideas.

Satan knows humans are easily impressed and would turn their backs on God, since God won't grant them the attention and manifest powers that human rebels seek. Satan uses powers to seduce followers to join him. Satan was granted control of the earth for the most part, including people, except for those who obey God. Satan still has the right and option to test, intimidate or harrass Christians, but only for specific tests like obedience, or fear of persecution instead of being willing to suffer, if need be, or even die, trusting God enough to bring them back after the big judgement day.

Many Christians today seek "gifts" of the spirit, which all ceased in the 2nd century. After that, if God lends some a hand, it will be in ways too subtle to be aware of, or to be able to prove. There are some that might be fairly overt to see thru, but not without dispute the enemy. Satan says, "If they loved you, they would obey you without having to revceive gifts and bribes. God says, you're point is well taken. I will refrain from gifts too obvious.

What to Test & How
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 Satan wants to test us for loyalty to the Father and the son. He may do this thru threats, persecution, hurt (emotional and physical) torture, even execution. Satan would say, since you are going to being them back to life, they should trust you and be willing to die since it is not permanent. God say, yes, that seems reasonable. You may proceed. For us, we do need to prove to be worthy of what we ask for. If after God sets all things straight, God want us to be smart to resist evil and brave enough to resist evil. So we must be willing to suffer for righteousness' sake and pay what ever price is required. God places limits on testing and those limits vary according to individuals. We are not tested beyond what we can endure. But that will take faith and willingness to go as far as we have to.

But Satan has something else to test for. He says that we are simple pathetic creatures ill fit for nearly anything. That there is no rigor in our construction and design. We will not show much in the way of insight and intelligence. Of course, those qualities are the result of moral courage and integrity. Fear can cause people to ignore things or run from them. Courage will never back away from intellectual bravery and diligence.

Satan might also suggest that we are not that hungry for knowledge, wisdom, and understanding. So we are one and all being tested for the degree of our love for God and desire to know and understand God and His purposes and obey Him out of good motive.

But just as important, The entire species is being tried and tested by Satan. How stupid or smart are we as a species? How many can Satan and lead off the path to God and into destruction?

Satan's claim was likely to the effect that most humans could be easily diverted and deceived with never a clue. I would day the youngest adult generation is the one most in danger as their education has amounted to shear nonsense and Marxist Satanic lies. They have been aught all the wrong things and were raised in a much worse environment that has lots of distractions.

But the Father is a God of justice, fairness, and decency. He would say, "Satan, all your secret dirty rotten activities must be exposed at the appropriate time. This give the public a chance to hear both sides and see how each behaves, so that they can make a better choice or at the least, have no excuse for which way they choose."

Then Satan would reply: "I should get to be the one who exposes and releases the info to the world, leaving nothing out that you require, Father. (he says that begrudgingly, if at all). But these humans must prove their ability to distinguish to a fairly fine measure the subtleties that distinguish what is truth in a message and what is a lie. I want the chance to test them all carefully. God's creation is on trial. God must let it be answered. And He is willing to do so.

So judging on what I am seeing in the world, I believe that Satan is the one exposing himself. In doing so, he gets to carefully craft his exposure and feed one of his lesser subject to the lions, so to speak, as a sacrifice, if you will. He get to choose who of his to make a hero in releasing the exposure, making the hero look like a good guy, serving god and country, as if you could do both. God does not allow both. All countries belong to Satan.

Nearly every single news source and exposure, on youtube or anywhere else, is all "opposition controlled. And many of them will say the same thing, that all the rest are opposition controlled, although they usually have allies they say are cool and trustworthy. But Its all lies.

But here is the twist. All exposure is likely to come from these compromised sources. It does not mean that everything they reveal is truth, but its almost certain that they will be revealing a fair amount of truth, as well. it is our tough task to sort thru the lies and identify the kernels of truth. My theory is that all truth will come ready made, mixed with lies. It is to test us all as a species. Who will try to sort, and who will just throw up their arms and give up and not bother? And that bring me to my next big point.

Sudden Massive Revelations in May 2018
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In just the last week, I have seen massive releases of all sorts of symbols and Satan artwork of a most disturbing nature. One that really makes it plain what Satan is really like and how absurd his claims to being an "Angel of light" are. He is a sick SOB and so are his followers.

But most amazing of all were the claims just 2 or 3 days ago, by:

Update on Dutch Banker who exposed Illuminati       Ronald Bernhard              in Amsterdam w/ Sacha Stone

 In the above video, which keeps time in reverse, showing minutes left rather than expired as youtube does.

after -16:23, Ronald makes it very clear that "they" are planning to rebuild the 3rd temple of Jerusalem. He mentions the Sabbatean cult, (Sabbatai Zevi was the founder) which is pretty much a Satanic cult explained in the following below, as well as by Chris Everard.

And maybe this one, too:   1666: Plague, War, and Hellfire

Ronald Bernhard also said that the 6 million Holocaust figure was not accurate nor was the cause of most deaths. I have heard that before. But there was a great danger in saying that, until may be now. But it was still an atrocity. Sadly, we are not done with atrocities in teh world. Man ymore to come in a short perios of time as well as ongoing ones like the atrocities of Satanic cults. It was more due to bad health conditions and Germany's inability to adequately care those those imprisoned for labor. While its nice to know that not as many died, that conditions were as bad as they were, is little consolation. Any government that imprisons an entire group, also bears responsibility for their adequate keep.

He mentions the "4th dimension of the demons being a problem. Boy, is that ever an understatement! he says they love negative emotions. I note that supposed "aliens" also thrive on this. He said that wars were a "sacrifice" to Satan and the demons. and many children, too.

And he said that crypto currencies were started by the NSA.

But I did notice that in all he spoke of, he leads us all to believe that we can fix and elevate ourselves, which is a serious lie. And that further, he never once mentions God or serving and obeying Him, with Him being the one who can save and protect, and restore us to perfection. Always, the goal of false prophets is to keep us from God, who is the only one that can save us. Satan wants us dead.

So Ronald told us some facts and truths. He also left stuff out that we should know and fed us some crap, too. That is his job as a "whistle blower of the elite." They pick and choose what to give us to gain trust and confidence and then take us in the wrong direction.

But most fascinating of all, moving on, was the claim that Arabs were not blaming Assyria for bombings in that county, but were blaming Iran. You could have knocked me over with a feather. Assyria is so beat up and ruined that good breeze could take that whole nation out. she is not threat to anyone, much less the USA. But Iran has always been the main target for it has always been the biggest and most advanced Arab or Muslim nation. She has always been Israel's and the USA's primary target for "pacifying" in any way needed.

That this is all coming together so quickly and yet in such a phony manner, like everyone was just looking for any excuse to start a big war. One possible scenario is that a huge war appears to gear up and begin and then a bunch of aliens reveal themselves and recuse us from ourselves. Regardless, things moving fast and coming to a head.

I will tell you something I never forgot. It was the start of Argentina taking over the Falkland Islands in the 80s and within days, battle ships were sinking due to missiles and all hell was breaking lose. And it just seem to come out of nowhere. Now I believe it was planned on both sides. But I never forgot the sudden start from out of no where. It really stuck with me. I realized that anything could happen over night and in one or two weeks time, you got a major war going on. It did not last long, but were something like this to happen again, who knows who long it would last.

Psyops Are a Test of Our Brains/IQ
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You may not believe this, but my opinion is that Psyops and False flags are designed to measure how much we have come along or not. These phony events had usually been very obvious in the mistakes they left behind for us and I do believe they did that deliberately. For me, psyops began in the 90s with Waco, Ruby Ridge, and then the big one for me. My grand awakening, the Oklahoma City bombing of the Federal Murrah building. Many real people died in that one, maybe, and some, mysteriously, never came to work. But it was a fraud, all the way. We turned a corner with that one. We've had false flags for a long time.

The Gulf of Tonkin, the The USS Liberty attack, Pearl Harbor. Remember the USS Maine sunk in a harbor in Cuba? But for me, that 90s had different flavor to it. And then the biggest false flag of all time, The 911 Twin Towers of NYC There were many lives lost there and many illnesses and deaths continue from that, du to all the toxic matter released into the air and environment.

So, how did our IQ rests turn out? You'd like to know, wouldn't you? I got the test results right here in my lap as I type. Boy, what I had to go thru to get these ;-) Now 911 was sophisticated. It took some engineering reseach. Initially, 2 videos were put out. One was Lose Change

Loose Change is a series of films released between 2005 and 2009 that argue in favor of certain theories relating to the September 11th attacks. The films were written and directed by Dylan Avery and produced by Korey Rowe, Jason Bermas, and Matthew Brown.

The original 2005 film was edited and re-released as Loose Change: 2nd Edition (2006), and then subsequently edited a third time for the 2nd Edition Recut (2007). Loose Change: Final Cut, deemed "the third and final release of this documentary series"[1] was released on DVD and Web-streaming format on November 11, 2007.[2][3]

Another version of the film, Loose Change 9/11: An American Coup, released on September 22, 2009, is narrated by Daniel Sunjata and distributed by Microcinema International.[4]

Coverage of the film increased in 2006 with the recut release having airings on U.S. and European television stations and over 4 million views online in four months,[5] leading Vanity Fair to say it could be the first Internet blockbuster.[6] Loose Change asserts that the usual account of the Pentagon attack, World Trade Center collapse and United 93 phone calls and crash is implausible and instead suggests the 9/11 attacks were a false flag operation.

"The film's main claims have been debunked by journalists,[7] independent researchers,[8][9] and prominent members of the scientific and engineering community.[10]"

I am not aware of the legitimacy of the so called debunkers. There are lots of liars out there. All I know is that many engineers and architects say 911 was an inside job.

I think Zeitgueist: the Movie, 2007, was playing on the cable community access channel were I lived at the time. That was around 2008. I did not discover youtube till 2008 when an old friend found me on the net and sent a youtube link to Roger Hodgson video.

Perhaps among the best was the youtube "Xendrius" Channel.  Xendrius has 10 videos on 911, in a playlist.

From the Xendrius Channel: "For those just coming here for the 9/11 anniversary, this channel (Xendrius) is the most viewed 9/11 material channel on the internet, there are around 15 videos here about 9/11. The most important one to see is "CIA insider tells 9/11 truth - scary facts HQ (that one is the original and has better quality). Watch that and show it to any skeptic who still thinks 9/11 was done by terrorists."
9.7 million views    Mar 19, 2013  Mar 10, 2012   Jul 13, 2012
844,000 views  Mar 10, 2012  Mar 10, 2012
6.6 million views
Mar 10, 2012      1.7 million views  Sep 12, 2017   Mar 10, 2012
1 million views    Oct 2, 2015

But now jumping ahead, I see Sandyhook in Newtown Connecticut as being the real tutor to all conspiracies. It was a collaboration and it was thorough and brilliant. It would set the bar for all conspiracies to come. And the final Nail in that coffin was when so many of the kids from Newtown sang at a sport game or something like that and most had uncanny resemblances to supposed dead victims of the Sandyhook shooting.

This collaboration of research would seem to me to show that there were enough good minds that worked together to come up with a dynamite presentation. This became a huge embarrassment to this day, for the status quo rulers. It shows that there are enough people with good skills to solve anything. Worse, after many viewed this long video expose', they all became awakened and enlightened as to what to look for in any presentation purporting to be an authentic event.

Many more false flags and psyops have been put on and many recognized them, often right away. So while the masses remain clueless, it is also clear that there is more ability amongst people with video and audio skills and equipment, who do not belong go the status quo establishment. In fact, were it not for the established lying media and government perpetrators, and ample stable of crisis actors, we might even have a change of independent self governance for a brief time. The problem is not capable people but gatekeepers getting in the way and lying.

The aftermath here in 2018, is that it ash been deemed important to start banning youtube channels and slandering conspiracy theorists. Xendrius made good money that enabled him to devote his time to video expose's. Youtube demonetized him and it was over. Yet many others, seem to keep going, because, truth be said, they are paid in secret as internet agents of the government.

It has become ever more important to flood the net with paid controlled channel operators, some of whom have the support of technical talent to help prepare presentations for them. They are polished and often done with high quality production values and well scripted dialogue/narration.

These are another test of our ability to discern falsehoods and recognize/separate factual information from info designed to trick or fool the listener. What I will suggest here is that we will not be allowed to get our information from a truly trustworthy source. Every presenter will be trying to put some stuff over on you while also giving you a few correct facts. Can you handle it?

What is the end game of this deception? Well, Satan has to expose himself, but he mixes it with lies. His goal is to convince you that any direction other than God is a good direction. Will you fall for the "alien invasion?" Will you believe in a spirit world of dead people when God says there is not such thing? Will you fall for supernatural powers and their seeming "super powers?" Will you trust these "aliens?" Are they really "Aliens?"

The bottom line is that Satan doe not want you to follow and obey God because Satan wants you dead! He wants to prevent as many from continuing to live, because he knows he is going to die and is jealous of you potentially living forever. He hates humans loyal to God. If he can get you to do something that displeases God, then he prevents you from living forever. Satan becomes the spoiler.

This will be your individual trial, as to your fitness and ability to see thru lies AND make the right choice or the wrong one. Don't let wishful thinking blind you to the truth. It does for many!

War Finally?
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Found this May 11, 018:   Trump is Pushing US Into Scripted and Pre-Planned World War III
463,366 views     The Dollar Vigilante    Published on Apr 10, 2017

His channel was started Joined Jun 29, 2010. that is 8 years ago. Most are unaware that once you start a channel, you get an address code and starting date. Nearly all shills have channels that fall in between 2006 and 2013. He is 2010. The most common starting year is 2009. then 2008, 2007, 2006 on the older side and 2010 on the more recent side. then keep going from 2008 to 2007 to 2006. And on the high end, from 2010 to 2011 to 2012 to 2013. The further you go in either direction from 2009, the less common it is.

Most shills operate a number of fake IDs, sock puppets, fictional people, etc. they might run 5-7 channels or more, each with a different name, even if it is in the same field. on fascinating example is a female shill of very high rank, I would say, who job was to sabotage the cause of the Hampstead kids Alisa and Gabriel and their mother Ella.

I am soon to be writing all my findings on shills and their tendencies and operation styles that they all seem to share. I most cases, I will leave out names, but will cite channels at times. There is no one on the net who knows more about their operations and techniques than I do. Fact. However, I expect that to change any time now. They will not let me continue to be the only source revealing all this. I'l be sure to post the arrival os these shill analysis articles. I have some already up but much is at hand now.

The above channel is an extremely sensible reporting and analysis. Has a rather profession feel to it and the narrator looking like a star news reporter. But the message is spot on! WW3 has been long in the planning, as has the rebuilding of the Temple in Jerusalem and I have been predicting both of these and much more, for a long time. But now I am not alone. Soon others will be saying what this guy is saying. It will get the publicity that I am no allowed. that is fine. Satan wants to control the narrative. Keep me out and he reveals it thru his chosen vessels.

Now this is no guarantee that the face voice giving you this video is connected to Satan. He just likes job and/or pay. Fine and dandy as long as the message gets out. I gather he is a pusher of some sort of currency or financial advise. There are quite a few of those in conspiracy circles and they are all junk.

What none of them will tell you, but should, is that the events coming, are coming to all and no one can stop. But the worst will not happen until the fake phony "Jesus" (an imposter, the pseudo christ or anti christ, false prophet) makes a deal for a contract, an agreement, a covenant, with anyone that wants to accept it. But anyone excepting it will end up in the worst killing-off that has ever happened.  You won't be able to avoid it. so don't join him. Instead, join God's cause and accept 3.5 years in concentration camps and then you will be let lose and the end will follow for God's enemies, but not you! You will be spared and live forever, never to die.

But storing food or silver will do nothing. Spare yourselves. Accept God and Satan's 3.5 years sentence. Be warned that the phony Jesus might say the prison will be forever, till we die. But God lets us know it will only be 3.5 years.

The War will being, eventually, supposed aliens that look just like us. They will tell us that we were a colony started on earth and they have come back to help us. Oh, isn't that nice. But its a lie. Their space ships absolutely will be impressive, But Nikola Tesla designed them over 100 years ago. Its been kept from us all that time. These ships will seem rather magical, but its just the laws of physics at a level we did not know existed, but it did.

Your seeing now many more disclosures about aliens. They are preparing you to accept the idea us being a colony far back in time. All lies.

Shill Exposure Debute
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I came across this on May 11, 018 as well.  

Shill YouTube Channel Presents Fake Titanic Story    Quantum of Conscience      Published on May 10, 2018

It was published just 1 day before I discovered it. It was suggested to me by Youtube. His channel icon is fierce looking, which is not uncommon, really. He puts in a comment in "show more"  "Another day, another shill YouTube account working for the system."

The video was excellent and accurate. He was outing shills, which are very numerous now since the well presented idea emerged on a documentary uploaded to youtube first revealed it, that The Titanic was the injured Olympic and was deliberately sunk and much more. Solid facts all the way. then about 4 months ago, I discovered a bunch of shills promoting a video inside of this linked video, from Bright Side. Pure crap. I will call this guy Quantum, part of his channel name. He did a superb job of ripping up the lies and tactics of the Bright Side lies & BS! He has my regard.

Here is a worthy comment in the comments section:

i am sadly realising that all the people that lie like these shill channels have no problem sleeping at night to them its a job and they are doing their job, they only care about their world and being happy within their little bubble . all cogs in a greater machine that is working to rob us of our compassion and humanity towards each other and reduce us to units of productivity serving the machine.

The few that dare raise their heads up to see the greater picture and the distress of the lower cogs breaking down under our weight are just shaken off into the abyss or thrown off into the meat grinder but most still keep peddling away on that ole hamster wheel hoping to get higher up in the machine just for some relief if nothing else and occasionally a few are allowed access to the upper tiers of the machine so we can believe there is a chance for us to make it up there too, but really what you would have to do to be up there would make most sane people insane so that is not an option.

To keep your humanity be prepared to lose literally everything, be prepared to walk away en masse and see the whole stinking machine crash to the ground and be destroyed. truth is we don't need any of these governments we need humanity and compassion and basic common sense and we would be thriving and that's the reality being hidden from us. Money itself is the lie as big as flat earth, but who wants to be first to say fuck you civilised society, I'm going to live on this hilltop or in this valley and not participate in this giant ponzi scam on mankind anymore.
<< End quote

I went to his channel link and info. Started Jun 29, 2017. That's cool. He had on video from 4 months ago, and another 10 in the last 2 months. He suggests that the world ids following a written script. Excellent. Seem totally legit, except for one small concern. He listed 4 subs that were New-Age or Esoteric, One focusing on the Mandella Effect and one that was just general conspiracy. Exploring The Rabbit Hole 

His channel is new so I hope to see more good stuff. But 4 New Age. Ah, not a good sign. New Agers are great for magical thinking. But this critique of the fake Titanic conspiracy video, gives me hope as it gave a fair amount of attention to the lies and other techniques of shills.

Now I have seen many who accuse some channels of being shills, and they have always been right. But actually pointing out common trends among shills is nothing I have come across yet, till this channel.

This showed up today, Sat. May 12, near to noon, I think. It has been put up 4 hours ago when I came across it, from Quantum of Conscience :

False Flag "Mistakes" Are Put There On Purpose

It would seem to me that the know what I am doing, up to the minute. This happens a lot. Here is his post right after the headline:

We think we find mistakes. They are not mistakes. We were meant to find them. Do we stop talking about "controllers" because talking about "controllers" gives them permission to be controllers. See what I mean?

Truth1 >> No, I do not see what he means. We are meant to fine them. I will not stop talking about "them" and I will continue to expose them. Is he chicken? Or a shill letting them off the hook? what a different 12 hours makes, huh?

Quantum >> 4 hours ago     The "catch 22." .... We try to expose the "controllers" by talking about the "controllers." In this, we acknowledge they are "controllers" and give them permission to be "controllers." See the problem! Going forward I express my intention that although I may speak about those who deliver the script of reality, I don't give them any of my attention or energy. My expressed intention is this. They have lost control. Their script is a joke. Everyone will see the fraud the next time they watch the news. This is what my focus is. They are done.

Truth1 >> Now he is talking shill language. He mentions "Energy." He means New Age "Energy" and consciousness and that crap. He does not give them any of his attention. Then what is this video for? He is talking out the side of his mouth.

Another problem. He says they have lost control. They are stronger than ever. But they have realized that there a bit more intelligence out there than they were hoping for. So deception will not be as easy for the elite as they had hoped. But they always have the brutal iron fist of censorship, and that is what I believe is coming as I will show in the next section. Must finish this one first by viewing the video to see what he says. he says there script is a joke. I will go along with that, but it will still be very successful because the population all around the world, had been "dumbed down continually, even since forced schooling was introduced in 1860, just as the Civil War in the USA started. How bout that!

He says everyone will see the fraud. I think he as had too many hallucinogens. But I could be wrong. Now the video! Its 33:22 long.

0:35  "Collectively amalgamate ourselves."  Truth1 >> beware of collectivism. Individuality is the key and thinking for your self.

3:00 "Negative frequency, Negative residence." Truth1 >> New speak, which is a bunch of terms that mean almost nothing. I'm giving him 5 more minutes as he asked.

Near to 4:00 of after, he says, correctly that the flaws in say 911 videos were deliberately put in there. I am with him so far. Q says >> Conspiracy theorists are giving power and attention, and "energy" to the control structure.  Truth1 >> We must fight them by not squealing on them is how that sounds to me. If we squeal, we are creating negative energy that will defeat us. Do you see how insane this quickly got. Those are the fruits of the New Age. Just pure nonsense and crap. Now maybe you can see why the 4 New Age channels bothered me. New Age = Paganism = Satanism. Its really that simple. Then he admits at near to 6:40 that just going along with things is worse. but who do you try to convince people of a problem if you do not speak of it? He's lost. I went as far as 14:00 and that was all I could take. He just kept on rambling and getting now where, wasting my time and yours. He has no respect for us, not do his handlers.

It is my firm conviction that good videos should be scripted and edited to get to the points and do so quickly, with smooth continual flow of speech with, if possible, a little bit of enthusiam as it will rub off on thee audience and keep them listening. If you continually lose thought or get lost, you are apt to lose you audience. Is that what you want. Right off, I think of Paul Joseph Watson's manner of speaking that I consider very effective, regardless of whether I believe him or not. John Kennedy had an interesting style for certain topics.

I came across a channel recently, reallygraceful, that really seemed to hold my focus, keep me listening, keep the info flowing and yet almost relax me. I was able to work on graphics while remaining at full attention to her narration. It was almost like her being in the zone, a nice balance between the alpha and beta state. But whatever, She is effective. I was surprised. I tend to like presentations with a little enthusiasm, but she was not really lacking that, either. Further, I was not able to find anything pick on, in what she spoke of. And I watched (listened, actually) to quite a few videos over a few days. That might be a miracle.

Way back in 2015, I came across woman whose Channel was called Lisa Emerald. There was not script but the words flowed fluently, smoothly, never a pause, totally relaxed and it held my attention perfectly. I was impressed. My mind no longer flows and I often can lose thought or place in what I was talking of. I could have done so at 24 perhaps, but not now. No way.

Black Pigeon Speaks has very manner of presenting his material. I suspect it is partially or totally scripted and I think that is a good idea, and more should do it. he is easy to follow and stay focused. I don't always agree with his ideas, but he respects his audience with his carefully scripted, and to the point, narrative. I can not stress how important that is. Stephan Molyneaux is excellent when he has a script or is well rehearsed.  If you want to impress people and keep them listening and have your ideas sink in, then I think scripting works best.

Some do not like scripted presentations. Perhaps you are confusing that with law and testimony under oath. A trial setting is much different from narration. In theory, one does not know what will be asked. But with many back and forth disclosures between lawyers and clients, along with coaching, there is no authentic unrehearsed answering. Everything is scripted in one way or another. Testimony depends on non-verbal expression, tone of voice reactions, etc. That, you do not get from disclosures.

Another Disappointment Disclosure
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This comes from Truthstream Media, who I have always respected for sound thought, words and ideas. I was of the opinion that their presentations were at times so elaborate and full of maps, pictures, plans, and more, that I had always figured that someone was feeding them the topics and what to present, perhaps ever scripted at times. But I have no problem with that as long as the truth gets out. But now this comes along:

They Admitted Social Media Is Programming Us        Truthstream Media        Published on May 5, 2018

Its been 7 days since this came out. I write this on May 12, 018. I posted 6 days ago, May 6. Now the premise is that Social Media, specifically FaceBook, admits programming people. That is a loose, wide open, non-specific, accusation that means nearly nothing alone. Whether FB ever admitted it or not, anyone with half a brain should have figured out that they have ATTEMPTED to program us, but honestly, Its not very deep programming. Child's play is more like it. I'm not the least bit afraid of FB or youtube or anyone or anything else, because I have a brain and think for myself and question everything.

I want so show you all something you may not know about youtube. Channel operators, shills at least, can hide your comments from others and still let you see them. I discovered this in Dec. 2015. I got an article on it. Or they can create a 100 replies to guarantee that no one will ever see your post. Just below is what I see when I go to this video of Truthstream Media. I am in the 108 replies, but I show at the top. And there is one other poster that I had commented under, but it does not show. Now I am going to skip below this screen save and show you what I see if I am not signed in to Google. It is what you would see, too.

Here is what you would see . . . And if I am not signed in, I see it, too. Contingency plan shows as he did above, But I do not show. I am way down near the end of the 105 posts. This happens to me quite a bit. And why is that? Because I really do tell the truth and its hated. Also Truthstream Media are in my opinion, liars and frauds. They are going along with FB.  They are ignoring the true intent. They are scum bags and now they are outed and exposed. Certified shills. I am far from the 1st to suggest it, but one of the best at proving it. There is no longer any good excuse for these two censoring despots. More after this screen save below.

Shills hide, censor, deceive, avoid facts and truth and at critical times like the big free speech crackdown coming, says I, they show their true colors. I do note that quite a few still disagreed with Mellissa on this report. That in itself is very rare. so many are sort of on to them. So Truthstream is not really getting away with anything. They are simply coming out of hiding and again, this is all happen in a very small compressed amount of time. Just over the last 7 days, maybe, at best. I knew I had to write.

Further, we have been programmed by Rockefeller and his allies since 1860 when forced schooling was introduce to hinder education and learning, partly thru conditioning as well as not teaching much. More like sensory deprivation, which is a serious part of sadistic government mind control programming, too.

TV and movies have been programming us. Radio, too. Newspapers, books, peer pressure in school and at work. Churches program us. Bosses program and condition us. Various law enforcement and government administration and courts and lawyers have been programming us. Rather than jump for Joy that FB has confessed its sins, Melissa and Aaron should be asking why FB is admitting this and what exactly is FB concerned about in this and why? They have been using us and our info as money. So why are they unhappy now? M & A have not bothered to look the gift horse in the mouth. Why do FB programmers and con-ditioners suddenly care about us? I'm damned suspicious! But M & A do not seem to be suspicious. How come?

I'll come straight out with it. What FB is calling programming, that it says is harming us all, is not programming at all. FB, for all its faults, has been a very effective platform for groups to spread their news and messages and find like minded people and ideas. That is what has go FB all up set. FB saying Programming = Free speech. We loud mouths exposing truth are "programmers" now, rather than fake news or tinfoil hatters. We are "harming people with our "programming and keeping them from ascending and being correctly informed and FB wants to be the one to save us all from those monstrous "programming" truthers.

Think about it (cause Mellissa and Aaron haven't)! Congress is upset that FB is not doing more to protect us all from false info and harmful ideas that cause people to become crazed shooters looking to kill. And Truthstream Media are celebrating as if this was a victory. Did I just wake up in an alternate universe? The Twilight Zone? I thing they had better sober up fast and repent of their sins. Or their reputation will be shot! All those years of videos down the drain.

Here was my first response in their comment section:

Diligence Integrity 5 days ago

I'm commenting on everything up to 9:40. I'm hearing a different message from the 2 guys. I hear what they say, But its not the full truth and agenda being sought. For all FBs faults and so called dangers, the real concern of the elite is the news spreading ability and conspiracy promoting and hoax exposing going on thru FB and the like. So they want to create a propaganda excuse for super serious censorship. "For our own good," of course. and "for the kids." "For God's sake, for the kids!" I'm not buying it!

FB could turn one into an idiot. Or maybe they already were idiots. The old GIGO principle. Garbage in . . . FB's whatever you make of it or not. You have no one to blame but yourself. That "they" are framing this as "your all being programed whether you like it or not! This just in ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! You have already had 12 years of school programming and at least that much in TV programming, as well as entertainment and peers programming by the lowest common denominator type stuff.

If its programming we are worried about, we are all too late. Its all said and done now. Now we are all standing of the very back of the Titanic, waiting to sink into the cold frigid waters of death. All I can see is that they want to make things "safe" for us which really means locking us up in an information deprived internet where extreme censorship will be launched. Write these words down, carve them in stone, and get back to me in another year. You will not like what you will have to admit to me then. I guarantee it ! ! !

This next one by me went up today (May 12) or yesterday.

Diligence Integrity 1 second ago

So what you are saying is, we should all leaver FB! Is this the only problem out there! Really? Seriously? Why stop there? Why not leave public schools? I don't here that. But I should. Listen, since you are so concerned about leaving things, Elon Musk might be able to help ya out in getting off the planet.. Throw out your TV while you're at it. Why is it all FB's fault? I smell a phony. You want censorship! Admit it! Since when has FB or government ever cared about us? Yet now, FB has grown a conscience. Oh, sure, and hell just froze over too. Contingency, I am not sure of your position, but we do seem to have some agreement. I disagree with the idea that FB cares about us being programmed. I fear this channel has jumped the shark. Anyone who would accept FB at their "word," might also believe in the Easter bunny.

So you all see where this is headed. They have not been able to fool as many as they would have liked. All their smoke and mirrors and false flags have failed. I guess too many were not as dumb as we might have thought.

"Whoops! Quick! Bring out the iron fist, quick! We got no time to lose. Lets squash this thing right now."   They will begin censoring in a big way soon, I predict. All their programming and conditioning was not enough. The human mind was underestimated, it would appear. So now they are about to test our courage, rather than our intellect. And thanks for that heads up warning Mellissa. Your right on the ball! But whose side are you playing for? Time for everybody to sober up.]

I got one more for ya all. these are also on the truthstream video we have been discussing. It shows a bunch of sock puppets astroturfing, most  using the very same wording and phrasing: "Love you guys!" Its disgusting but that is what you are dealing with when you with shills. They are not people of high integrity in my view of things. I got black spots marking the pathetic phony posts. Shame on them!

These are your truth tellers (supposedly) and heros of integrity. Bullsh't!
And listen, Truthstream media was one of my favorites. They have always done good work. I had suspicion they were well and funded with material and funding, but as long as it was good material, I was fine with it. Now more! They have turned a corner. I am sure many others will do the same.
I will be posting much more on the general subject of shills. I have uncovered a lot. Know thy enemy and his tactics.

Ancient Psyops
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I think there are number of bible events that most have not recognized for what they are. So allow me, if you would.

In the Garden of Eden, Satan used a serpent to cast a voice and question Eve, newly formed in the garden of Eden. Needless to say, Adam was real pleased with her. But she was young and inexperience. But Satan chose her to deceive, because of her innocence and trusting nature and gullibility. Then Satan would use the young woman as leverage to get Adam to ignore God's command for the sake of his wife. Paul says Adam was not deceived but Eve was. But Adam did not want to lose her and went along with her. Men have been going along with women ever since.

God withdrew His care and guidance and let the 2 do as best as they might on their own as they wanted. Satan's first psyop/lie was "you will not die. You are spirits inside flesh and when you die, you live on in the invisible realm where God lives, and you will be as powerful as He is and will not have to obey Him. Satan his allies then led many humans to believe that their ancestors could talk to the living. but it was just malicious spirits fooling and lying to people in pretending that they were the dead loves ones and ancestors. Worked like a charm!

Noah's Flood and the Ark

The next big psyop was Noah's flood. Satan and his allies, typically called Demons, a name not always associated with evil, but maybe should have been, such as the Greek daemons, as inspiring and enabling of special abilities. These all sought out earthly women for their gullibility and deep reverence for the seeming magical powers that demons displayed to them.

They contaminated the Human gene pool for a "brief time" in God's eyes And God decreed that they must all go. At this time, I think it likely that Satan strongly suggested that the means of global cleansing should be Satan's choice to bring about the extinction of men except for the one man and his family to be preserved. Satan had more than one goal to accomplish. He and his buddies were no longer allowed to co-habit with humans after the cleansing of the earth.

Satan wanted to use this opportunity to, if possible, discredit God in the same way that Satanists and Mind control programmers do, in creating a scenario so far out and far fetched that no one would believe it happened. He would say to the effect that "no one will believe a big wooden boat story with all the animals on boar to be preserved, rather than a selective destruction by disease, volcanoes, climate extremes and whatever.

Its not that it was impossible or far fetched for the ability of humans. But it did seem to have a fable like tale feel to it. But that is not all.

The flood was going inundate the earth with water. The top soil would be drained of most of its life giving minerals to plants and animals eating those plants and people, too. Life spans would quickly drop from near to 1000 years to 70 or 80 and sometimes never even that long. You can see the rapid drop in life-spans given in Genesis as regards the lineage of Abraham's line, beginning with Adam and by way of Noah's son, Shem and his son, Arpachshad to Abraham and onward.

But the Father, Jehovah, also had things to accomplish and they came to terms for both. By people having far less time alive to learn, they would not be as smart or live long enough to pass on knowledge and understanding to grandkids and great grand kids and beyond. Less time! Less learning! Less teaching!

God desired to construct a thorough Chronology of the start of the creation of man, if anyone would bother to put it together, so that He might demonstrate a very detailed time accounting to prove various prophecies. Satan probably laughed and said no one would bother. So here was a teat for humans, too, and a chance for God to prove His good design of His ultimate creation, Man. As well a good sound Chronological accounting would possibly end up proving God's side of the story. god has never feared having to prove Himself.

God was not unaware that Satan and his followers would lie like hell about everything. It would feel real good to be vindicated in a sound thorough way. And while an ark was quite the stretch, having it appear in a ruined state in the 1980s and 90s would be pretty damned impressive but would any recognize it for what it was? But God also used the arctic freezing of Pleistocene mega fauna (unusually large animals) to show who is who and who is intellectually smart enough to discern the validity of the flood legend. This would serve as a test of the human creation.

Then there is the fact that if anyone were to perceive the sound logic of the flood evidence and similar, it would be faith inspiring and lead to more discoveries. But should this come about, Satan could squash it with Academic lies. Academia has been holding knowledge back since its beginnings in the middle ages, say 1000 AD roughly. Would God's followers be able to figure it out with all those lies covering things up? Glad you asked.

Of very recent uploads, we have bold new channels of top quality, now questioning everything Academia has been keeping hidden for so long. Its a story all by itself.

Great youtube channels:     cfapps7865     Bright Insight     Ancient Architects     Atlantean Gardens (Robert Sepehr)     Charles Kos

These channels consider things that academia tries to hide and deny. Lots of variety, too. One channel showed the sphinx and pyramids flooded, in a cataclysm. I have long assumed that. But it was only me in the 90s & 1st decade of 2000. in general, they seem fine with Catastrophism, whereas academics hate that and prefer gradualism and Darwin.

All over the net I am seeing things come out. At this moment, there is lots of exposure of satanic cults and the fact that this has been going on from the beginning of time, but suppressed in part, by Academia and governments. Robert Sepher has dealt with these subjects.

As best as I can tell, we are approaching something similar to the October 2015 crisis that looked like a possible WW3. I think it was just to see who we would react. They did it again in October 2016. Again, testing us. But now, with Iran and all other things, I don't think this is a test. this might be the real deal.

 As well, this brief concentrated time of stuff that I had to write up immediately, was something that happened to me in 2013, there the news was writing my articles for me. That is the way it has felt this last 6 or 7 days. I have more to write but I want to get this up as it is, even though is it not finished yet. 

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