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Stephan: About Immigration & Welfare

The Premise
Welfare Statistics Charts
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The Premise
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Stephan Molyneux published this Published on Oct 20, 2015, "The Truth About Immigration and Welfare. "   

It gives a very detailed view of the cost the government incurs supporting immigrants at our expense and without our permission. This is so employers can  enjoy flooding the labor market with the commodity of labor, thereby driving down the price of labor so that we can't make enough to pay our bills. As well, our wonderful representatives allow companies to leave our country with our jobs so that we have even less employers and have to settle for even less wages due to labor competition from immigrants. Labor of the 19th century (1800s), built this nation and made it an industrial leader. They thank us by leaving us high and dry as if we had nothing to do with their wealth and success.

Below are the screen saves from Stephan's presentation of various charts showing aspect of welfare distribution.

Welfare Statistics Charts
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My Opinion
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It is a wonder to behold that our representatives and leaders, do not represent us, but do as they please, to please their masters, who finance their election campaigns and open doors for them and protect them, too. And that they openly and arrogantly hand our tax money that was only to be spent on necessary cost for our benefit, end up being given to other. In effect, each one of us who pays taxes, adopts and keeps an immigrant, invited by our leaders, but not by us. Forced adoption, right?!

Such open arrogance on the part of our leaders clearly shows who is really in power, not the people, but the financiers/bankers who bankroll political candidates. And the agenda is clearly not only not for our benefit, but for our demise. How long can we sustain all our dependent neighbor immigrants when we can barely support ourselves? And with all our jobs given to other nations and producers, our wages can only go down and shrink till there is nothing left.

My suggestion is that we refuse to participate in any more wars. Its that simple. Wars enable the banking financiers to prevent any nation from not supporting the bankers. Stop supporting the wars and there will be no armies to force uncooperative nations to bow to the bankers. But you can be sure that we are a nation of idiots who will cut our own throats and seal our fate.  This circumstance can not be overcome due to the stupidity of the average person.

Hence, the only way out of this is for God, a force far mightier than all the earths' nations, to rescue us from our own misery, if we accept God's terms of 100% obedience, not because of His power, but because the rules He has in place are in our best long term interests.

On this note, I have completed (sort of) an article on reversing and treating Mind Control Programming victims on what I call ground-breaking new information on that treatment by an Australian woman (Fiona Barnett) who was a victim herself of mind control programming. The irony is in her telling us who and what programmers look for in potential children for being programmed, which is a hideous brutal process. This has to do with IQ and potential. Not every person has the potential that can become useful to programmers. Programmers look for the very best minds to program. They can not use deficient minds. And for them, deficient minds are almost anything that is not absolute top quality. 2nd best won't do.

Its been put this way in the past! You can't make a silk purse out of a sow's ear. To get get a finished quality result, you need the right materials. Most of our world is not make of good quality people. That is just the hard cruel facts of the matter. But God can fix all things, if one is willing to be fixed. But for any person to insist that we can overcome governments, stupidity and corruption, as well as wealth, power, and Satan, well, they must being doing drugs galore and and drunk as a skunk and totally brain dead.

I have the basics of Fiona's wonderful presentation of solid knowledge. But I still have to add the commentary based on the previous 2 paragraphs or so, here.

Fiona on Mind Control programming reversal/healing.

But the last thing that I want to be sure to emphasize is that it should be abundantly clear that our nation and all nations are totally corrupt now and have it out for us as Satan has ordered. The extreme abuse of making us care for others when they should be caring for themselves, is the most obvious sign that something is very wrong.

Further, that any immigrant coming into the USA or any other nation, hates the people of the nation they enter, and seeks to destroy the people that they depend upon for welfare. In short, there is not a single thing to commend to incoming freeloaders. They are lowest of vermin for they cooperate with our leaders who seek our demise and destruction. Even worse, these stupid idiots coming in, can't see that they are also cutting their own throats in helping the global financiers/leaders do the whole human race in.

I say this to immigrants. Your here, though not by the approval of us who have been forced to support you because your own nation sucks. Find out what we did in our past and start doing as we did (but don't do any longer) and do that yourselves. Join us rather than live off of us. And most of all, get to know God and do things His way and He will fix all things when He is damn good and ready to. It won't be long now.

And immigrants! Show some respect for the people forced to keep your worthless hides. I know full well that you are not really worthless. In many respects, we are all in the same boat. But since you benefit from average American labor, don't despise the hand that feeds. Show yourselves grateful and appreciative. Make God proud and you will not regret it. But read the bible for yourself. It reads just as well in Spanish as it does English. Do not depend on churches because they are all corrupt, too. Truth1 out!

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