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Youtube Lies!

The Premise
Youtube Tricks
Truth1 Censored Post
Youtube Reacts, Changes, Covers Up    Jan 26 016

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The Premise
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I am willing to bet that most of you have no idea what Youtube has done and enabled with the comments that appear beneath many videos.

My friend and I discovered this by accident and have since investigated it carefully. We have also discovered other things about youtube posting in another article I am working on. You need to be aware of these things going on in secret, that can be confirmed by anyone.

We are being attacked by government forces working in intimate cooperation with net Giants like Google/Youtube and no doubt, other search engines, email services, Bulletin Boards, Forums, Social Sites, Blog services, etc.

My basic conclusion is that most commenting is a waste of time unless it is controlled by the commenter or someone favorable to the comments and commenter and does not fear pressure from outside telling that someone to delete something.

In fact, I will go so far as to say that I believe that were it not for God, no one would hear. But because of God searching for good people, the few good left will be found and brought into the fold and many will be rejected and not allowed into the fold. It will succeed, only by the power and desire of God to save good quality people from destruction and use them to start the world over again, after getting rid of the scum cluttering the Earth right now and enabling the NWO and Satan to screw the world over bad.

The Earth will be "cleansed" and "refined!"

So check out what I have found Below!

Youtube Tricks

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With the help of my friend in Cumberland County, Maine, USA, and myself in York County, Maine, we investigated the following on Dec. 3, 2015:

MGTOW Art of War: Trench Warfare        Groundwork For The Metaphysics of MGTOW

Our findings were surprising but accidental (or Divine Providence. You decide.) My friend had not signed in to youtube when he got his first results. Then he noticed he was not signed in, so I asked him to sign and and see what he gets results. All 3 sets were different. Below are mine (Truth1), unsigned, and signed-in-friend.

I want you to note the first post in column 3, Turd Flinging Monkey (TFM). The 2nd reply to TFM is a post by me, Truth1, 5 paragraphs, fingering the NWO Elite as being the problem behind feminism, attacking men. This is not a popular theme and I get deleted for it on some sites, including TFM and Raging Golden Eagle (RGE). These are MGTOW channels but they do not like conspiracy theories. I will be writing TFM, Sandman, and others, all of which I will list and publish the results or lack of response. The channel above that posted this video was investigated, and Teal Deer Channel, will be notified as well, to see what they all have to say about it. Now that TFM post with me in it, shows in the no. 1 spot on my friend's browser. I find that a bit odd. My posts were not showing up at all on my friend's browser on another channel, but then, no one knew what we were doing over at the Biddy Baboon channel, in a video now deleted so we could not further investigate it. They had figured out we were watching and exploring and they were protecting the owner of  that channel. Someone was!

But now that they know what we are doing, they are making my posts show up on my friend's browser as well. But it shows up higher on his than it does on mine in column 1. There is 1 main post with 2 replies and then my other post of 1 paragraph. My 2nd post shows up on my friend's browser much further down than in my browser. My 2nd post shows up in the unsigned visitor on column 2, not quite as far down as it does on Column 3. Here is the real kicker, though.

TFM's post and its replies does not show up at all in column 2, of the unsigned-in visitor, whose computer also shows column 3's results. Youtube does not want you to see anything Truth1 has to say. Truth1 hits his targets direct and it draws lots of blood. So it won't be allowed to be seen at all by anyone except me and my friend. FACT! Not only did I get deleted, but TFM also got deleted as a result. He should be upset about that. We will see. Evidently, deleting the entire thread was best way to hide that anything was ever there.

Be warned that since TFM's post shows in 2 views, and it is on another channel, TFM is not to be blamed, unless he is good friends with the channel this video and comments were on. I am ruling that out unless I later receive other info. That it happened similar to this as mentioned in the next paragraph at another channel, it is s reasonable conclusion.

Back on Biddy Baboon's site, she had deleted a number of my posts, under replies. But the head post might say "show 11 replies. But if you open it up, it might only show 7 posts, if 4 were deleted. This was often the case in the video we were exploring at Biddy Baboon Channel. So once the "observers" got on to what we were doing, they and/or the channel operator deleted the entire video and all its comments evidence. We have screen saves, but no one can now go and see for themselves. It has every appearance of them trying to hide everything that Biddy Baboon and Youtube were doing.

Both of my posts show near to the top to me, of course. But the one that most concerned censors was my 5 paragraph post attacking the NWO. That one gets hidden from all as shown in column 2. And as you browse the 3 columns, you will see that the order of all 3 makes no sense, even though all were sorted as top comments and viewed at nearly the same time. My friend captured lots of screen posts for column 2, double the length to make sure I was not just further down. So it is just not showing. These are missing a lot of the text to the right of them. It is to show the appearance order, not text. I do cover some specific text near the end and I can supply if a text if you can not find the text/post at the link referenced at the start of this section, if you request it.

Truth1  column 1 Unsigned visitor   column 2 Signed In Friend   column 3

















Unsigned Visitor   Column 2 continued
What I am trying to show here is how deceptive Youtube is, and how carefully they can filter out whatever they want and yet I, who posted stuff, still see it and think its there when in truth, no one else can see anything I put out there.

So what are they so afraid of? The truth, folks. That is why I call myself Truth1. I am number one and the only one like me. And I terrify those in power. You make no mistake about that one!.

But I am not the only one they do this to. I am just the only one to discover it as far as I know. I will be spreading it around.

So if you ever doubted that search engines and commenting screens are controlled and dishonest, you need not doubt anymore. The governments are controlling everything that gets seen or heard OR NOT.

Try it yourself with a friend or two sometime. Write everything down and save the page or do screen snaps/saves and show what you got if you have something interesting. Your posts will have to be a challenge to the authorities in order to get their attention as mine do.

But we are under heavy censorship, heavy surveillance, and there are plenty of shills to discredit, lie, intimidate, and create stupid posts whose only purpose is to push your post down much further on the comment page so that you don't get seen and heard.

Its one thing for them to do it, if they were telling us they were doing it. But to not tell us and deceive us by letting us see our own posts but not let anyone else see them? Its a rotten lie and deception. Can your government really be up to any good if all it does is lie to you all the time?

They will ask you all to join the NWO. And a false phony Jesus will arrive in a UFO and ask you to join his false collective religion and sign a covenant, a deal, with him. Are you going to trust them all? I hope not!

Some know about the US Army employing many recruits into a unit that searches and operates on the net to conduct an information and propaganda war on any anti-government type material. The net is now a battlefield. They even call it that!

Now honestly, how good can a government be when they have to try and subvert citizens openly discussing what is right or wrong? What does the government fear? They fear that you are not going to go along with the program their "bosses" (the NWO if you haven't guessed already) want you to go along with.

Why do people not want to go along with the program? Because they can see those behind it are up to no good. Its that simple and easy.

So they are going to have to shove it down our throats with brute force. How else do you sell slavery, poverty, and sexual slavery as being a good thing?

I caution this! Seek God and His ways because He can spare you the misery that is to come and He can preserve your life, and enable you to live forever and avoid death. This has been His goal from the beginning, after everyone is tested to prove who they are or not.

Satan owns and runs all the governments and he does not want you joining God's side and ending up living forever, because Satan is going to die for his deeds and he does not want to see you survive him.

But please, find some serious messages or put some up and track them on Youtube channels. Lets expose these lying bastards with the truth, something they can't handle.

Another Article in the Works

Now be sure to check out my article on Hampstead Research where I explore possible government operations that might have been aided by Hampstead Research and I will tell you about other anomalies discovered on a youtube channel controlled by Hampstead Research (HR). And I will try to demonstrate that Youtube and the government were helping HR and HR was helping them as well. You need to look into these things.

Hampstead Research (HR) was involved in trying to promote (so they say) the cause of 2 children, 8 & 9 in age, taken from their mom for squealing on a Satanic Cult operating in their school, with their former dad being the cult leader. It was all covered over by the UK law enforcement, social services and the courts, as well as the participating big Media newspapers and BBC, and internet giants like Youtube, WordPress, Facebook, and on and on.

But I believe the evidence shows that HR was also involved in sabotaging the interests of the kids and their support community behind them, their mom, and her partner, as well.

There is a lot of evil going on around you and you need to be aware of it and it is not going to be noticeable, except by a careful investigation of many small details all adding up to one great big crystal clear picture.

That article is still in the works but will not disappoint when I am done with it. Its got so much detail that it is taking a while to assemble it all together and explain it all.


It also should be noted that the MGTOW community is not without its problems. Some of the channels like to delete posts that point back to The NWO or suggest conspiracies. RGE & TFM, says I, do this! Sargon of Akkad has done it. Probably many others, too. I'm a very popular guy, you know ;-)

They only want to fault women and laws, but not go any further than that. In fact, a number of these MGTOW channels may all be run by just one man, who disguises his voice from one channel to the next, using filters, tone controls, fake accents, etc.

Honesty is in short supply all around. The government controls services such as Youtube, and it would appear the NWO Elite also control many of the MGTOW content producers and have them pitted against neo-feminists, the worst virulent kind. Another paradigm to keep us all fooled and distracted.

I pose that one of the biggest problems besides laws that screw men far more than women in divorce, is that we got away from marriage and morality, and we got caught up in materialism, promiscuity, and got our values wrong. We sell our souls to get ahead.

Now most of us have no values and we do not hesitate to screw others over, no matter the sex or age, or race. So it is little wonder we are all at each other's throats.

We need to focus on becoming unselfish and much more considerate of others and not so focused on ourselves. We need to give more attention to giving rather than taking.

Parents of recent generations have screwed up in bad way. They have been total failures. Our schools subverted any values and undermined our society. We are surround by lies everywhere.

Many of these issues are totally ignored by MGTOW and Feminists, too. Oh, what a surprise! I am being sarcastic, of course.

So here in this article, I am only focusing on the deception Youtube is putting over on us. In another article, I will address the dishonesty of both the Feminists and MGTOW movements. On the front page of this site, I list the date of the last Update at the top of the page and if you click that link, I list all the updates and what is more recent.

You can also email me to notify you of any article updates you specifically want to track or know when they go up. I will not notify you of things you did not ask for nor will any info be given out to anyone for anything. You remain in the drivers seat in full control of what you want and no more than that.


You might find it interesting to go to this page that I list in 3 columns with the link at the beginning, and read thru some of the stuff. Most of it is not that bright. But you will see some advocate something close to say, anarchy. These would be most likely shills, I suspect.

As well, you'll note that many of the face picture icons are of scary, intimidating, or ugly sinister looking images. They want to scare and intimidate you.

The truth is, that many of them are anarchists and up to no good. Some are Satan worshipers and they are not small in number, either. I have seen a cult in action in the UK Hampstead realm. I am sure we have the same thing here in the USA and Canada.

Cults and rituals associated with government sponsored Mind Control Programming are all over the place. Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA) can be found all over. In fact, many abandoned buildings all over the USA can be found with Pentagrams painted on the floor and walls and evidence of rituals performed. I see it in exploratory videos such as the "Exploring with Josh" channel. I will post screen grabs someday of the many pentagrams he comes across.

It is well documented in police records. Time to take your head out of the sand. All governments work for Satan and he has many follows in the upper half of society. Most, if not all, wealthy and elite are wealthy and elite because they serve the Devil/Satan. And that I am here writing this is why they don't want anyone to hear me or see my words. They think I am too convincing. I'm gonna blush.

The fact is, I do get deleted by some channel owners. So they are in on it, too. I have given you fair warning. The rest is up to you now.

So be careful about the MGTOW world, and the Feminist world, too. And all subjects related to them because there is lots of disinfo in these fields and conspiracies are not appreciated or welcomed.

But they are always welcomed at

 At the end of the column to the right, I post that dangerous Truth1 post that authorities see fit to conceal from public viewing on Youtube. Be sure to take a look!











Hey, where' my post, Truth1 asks? who took it and why?

Inquiry Results
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This section is to contain the list of all contacted youtube channels and any users I might single out to get their comments, if any, that they choose to offer. If they do not respond, I will make note of that here as well. So after this article has been uploaded, I'll start contracting people and I may continue to contact and post results as I do. I fully expect many in the MGTOW community to be unimpressed or silent. But I will be visiting conspiracy sites where I anticipate far more interest in this matter. But regardless, all results will end up here.

Truth1 Censored Post
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I thought in important that you at least take a quick look at my two comments, the 2nd of which appears to be banned to youtube viewers but is still visible to me and my accomplice so that we would not be aware that it was otherwise, as if it had been deleted, hidden from view of anyone else. The 1st comment is no big deal, so that it still showed on the public view.


Truth1 1st paragraph from above post:  

 I expose their previously published by their women folk promoters (Feminists) that the NWO wants us men down to 10% from our current approximate 50%. That is an 80% reduction. You think the NWO is kidding? I wish! But listen, God is not going to let the NWO fully carry out all their plans. God is going to frustrate a lot of their ambitions. But its the thought that counts, right? Satan knows that it is men the fight wars. And if men were all beat down and enslaved, they might be inclined to revolt. So the solution, as the NWO sees it? Reduce men to a bare minimum, say 10%. That would work. And with maybe 10% or the 10% men being the elite 1% of the current world, they would be outnumbered 99 to 1 with women.

Well, for the men in power, that is a good thing. They will have lots of beauty and sexual variety to choose from  and all women will be obligated to serve as required by those in power. That is to plainly say, all women would be required to be sexual servants without choice in the matter. Welcome to the brave new world. But God will be having something to say about all that. So you will never actually see it happen to the degree they would like. But there will be for a limited time, some forced sexual servitude by all with all others. No one will have any authority over their own bodies. Only the elite will have that and not for long.

2nd paragraph:   

I expose the Elite NWO and how they fund subversive feminists and others, to fuel this twisted game plan. They would love to eliminate me entirely but I think God has said no to that. He always wants at least one man of His choosing to Speak for Him, God. They could have killed me long ago and have not. It would have been the intelligent thing to do. But that they did not, would seem to indicate that it has been forbidden them. Bummer, huh? So they unleash vast armies of shills to try and put out the fires of truth set all over the world. Ah, tis like watching Rome burn. How glorious ;-)

3rd paragraph:   

Outlawing Free speech and imprisonment in FEMA camps? The nerve of me to say such things.

4th paragraph:   

I was mocking feminists who have decided that if someone lies to them about his job or financial assets, and she goes to bed with him based on those lies, that it is rape. No, it is lying or deceit, or fraud or all 3. But it is not rape. The sexual consent may have been based on the lies, but it was consent and willingness. It was also fraud. Fraud is done our world all the time. Politicians lie, Media lie, schools lie, stores and businesses lie, Employers lie. Lies are everywhere. Feminists lie all the time.

Further, if a woman were to confess in court that she had sex with a man because of his promising financial situation, and the woman was considering that she might benefit from some of that financial position, then she has confessed to the court that she engaged in an act of prostitution and should get no compensation for the fraud and should be fined and jailed for whatever time is prescribed for that crime. Feminists only see things their subjective way and not from an objective way. That is the hallmark of Feminism. Its all their way, a one-sided affair. The NWO elite gladly cater to this selfishness in order to prevail over men. Sick, isn't it?

So there are any number of crimes that Feminists (not to be confused with real women) want punished as if it was rape. They twist and mangle the language and definitions just as George Orwell had predicted in his book, "1984." Nothing means what is says, anymore. I do point out how most women say they are not in it for the money .  .  . until they marry you and then divorce. Then its all about the money and the law is designed against the man and for the woman as the NWO has always intended. It is war on men! You better believe it! So I suggested, using twisted Feminist logic, that if a woman marries me for money  and not for my personal qualities, then it is rape, that I have been raped. What's good  for the goose is good for the gander, is it not??? The NWO does not appreciate me using their own tactics to reverse what they are trying to do. See the problem?

5th paragraph:   

In general, I was pointing out the deplorable condition we were in now. A big world wide Satanic Cult where nothing can be questioned or disputed. Do so and you shall be either executed or imprisoned.

So everyone! If you wonder why Truth1 has so much heat on him, wonder no more. No one on this video and comment page came anywhere near saying what I did. I wonder how many of these commenting accounts are real as opposed to being sock puppet accounts. I believe there is a man running multiple channels and maybe a legion of sock puppets and maybe he has some help from the military internet division of shills, as well.

But none of the parties described appreciate Truth1 intruding onto their domains. So that is why I am singled out, and probably not me alone, but I dare say I am number 1 on the list.

Youtube Reacts, Changes, Covers Up
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Now for the latest, Jan 26, 2016. I noticed it a couple weeks back or so. I had, back in near to Dec. 5, when this article was first published, I think, sent a message to about 20 Youtube channels, several of which I knew or was acquainted with. Xendrius was among those. They were all conspiracy type channels or MGTOW channels. In the message was a link to this article showing what youtube was doing in messing with the order and even hiding posts-channel comments from some viewers and not others or not letting most see particularly comments.

Not one of my messages went thru. Youtube blocked every one of them. Based on this, I have irrefutable evidence that Youtube is a liar, corrupt, and deceiving. Now you have no idea whether I did or experienced all this, or not. But I know I did. But now I have evidence to show even you, that this is the case with Youtube.

As of early January 2016, Youtube and Google plus have changed the channel format entirely, so that you can not look up the date a channel started. That was in the "About" section of a channel and those are gone. "About" now tells you about Youtube, but the user info for the most part is gone and the ability to send messages to other channels is gone, at least for me. In essence, they do not want you to be able to get much info about a user anymore. Why? Cause I have been doing research on Youtube shills and sock puppets and it was catching on. So Youtube now makes far less info available as it is evident that shills actually have far more to loose or be exposed for, in this, than your average Joe.

Part of the original intent of channel info was to expose average users to everyone, as if we all had some horrible sins to hide. But it turns out that the big deceivers who watch us got far more to hide than we do. So now its all secret. Imagine that! And yes, it was all because of this and one other article like it on this site. I blew Youtube wide open and caused a panic and a big change. Less freedom and less communication. Your masters want to deceive and enslave you. Do you want to know it? Or not? Do you want to believe it or go into denial?

In the 2 or 3 people I have reveled this stuff to, they are uncertain about it all. They don't know what to make of it. So let me help. You're all screwed and your terrified. So here is the challenge! Do what I did. get someone to surf the net with you at the same time, different computers and locations, talking by phone, and visit a site and see how your views compare. Take screen shots and send them to each other.

But one more important ingredient. Investigate something involving Truth1 comments on youtube. Truth1 is the most feared man on the net, yet they avoid doing the worst to me so it might be that I have some protection from God, at least in what I say. I catch hell in jobs and money, but my voice can not be forbidden, I gather. But they can pull tricks and hide me! But the truth is that I might be the one that much of this kids of stuff revolves around. Anything to silence me.

So if you try it with those who are not threatening in the eyes of Youtube, you will find nothing. Truth1 finds it because Truth1 is a serious threat to the establishment and given Youtube's actions to help cover for government shills and fee the government into, Truth1 is a threat to both Youtube and the government, who hate truth and hate exposure. This is Truth1 finds out what others do not. No one who works for the opposition is about to expose the opposition. Get it? Truth1 works for God and Truth and will not compromise. That pisses a lot of people off.

Now let me show you an interesting thread of posts from this video:

You will note the post has been around a while, but just earlier today as I went looking for a link in my emails, I got notice of a new post to this. The thread is nearly a year old. My last post prior to today was 4 months ago

Karicat recognized immediately, Just today, early Jan. 26 or late night previous, Jan 25, that ferise1 did a 180 with me. Something I suggested in my post just above his u-turn really bothered him or someone who knew him. When I exposed the elite, the elite got mad. That is why if you want to see how Youtube reacts, you have to be a controversial creature like myself. I bring out all the dirt in people for the world to see. That's my job!

So now I got to show you what Youtube has been busy changing since I began my investigation of Hampstead Research and "Jax," the bitch.

Here is what you used to get if you clicked on a channel or clicked on someone's ID who posted on Youtube:
You would see like 4 categories like: recently viewed, uploaded, liked, playlists, and subscriptions, and About. About had the following typical info:
"About: 867 subscribers 357,757 views        Joined Oct 14, 2012" (and you could choose to send a message to channel owner/operator.)

Now you got this using Karicat as an example:

Just those 3 and nothing more. No "About" info. No ability to send a message anymore. They cut off communication for fear of things spreading that way. It revealed too much and Truth1 was telling everyone in this article and another how to use this info and find out who you are really dealing with and whether they were likely legit or sock puppets and shills. Youtube has drastically reduced the info available so that I can not show when a channel came into being. That was very revealing info in some cases. So its gone now. Another Youtube cover-up! Evidence of a cover-up is grounds for conviction of guilt in whatever is being covered up.

Now at the bottom after going to a channel page, you get the following:

But none of that above info is about the channel. Now "About" is about Youtube, not the channel. Youtube does not want you know much about a channel. It would appear that shills have far more to cover up than the average user/surfer on Youtube. How bout dat, huh? Truth1 is a real bad ass, eh?

Now upon visiting a channel and not a user page, I got the old info. But the very same info was available on individual users who did not operate a channel. But why were users suddenly spared publicity and granted privacy longed for by many I am guessing? People did not like Youtube's forcing us to give up info we did not want to. That is fine. But I suspect the real reason they changed this was because shills and sock puppets were getting exposed by their personal info as should be the case. They never would have done this otherwise.

So what is Youtube, a subsidiary of Google, so afraid of? They feared us finding that many channels were operated by shills and sock puppets. But I already found some before this happened. Got them right where I want them!!!

I can tell you this. When I first started publishing my religious stuff on my home page account that comes with a Time Warner Road Runner internet service in the USA, in Dec.1999, I called my page, Bitter Truth. When I first put up stuff, I got visits from those who found my stuff on those search engines. The 2 biggest subjects were Masturbation and Bible Chronology. I was the only one doing a detailed, carefully explained Chronology. Not perfect! That would come with time, but it was getting noticed and visited.

When it started to become obvious that there was a real interest in Bible Chronology, then everyone started doing it. Search for that on a search engine and you will get volumes of sites, but none have the detail and scope that mine has and mine is free. Many have put out books now, as well. And they suck, too.

Masturbation started getting addressed by a number of sites. Soon, it was hard for me to get noticed. I was the best (and I'm so modest, too). But most were trying to say it was bad and I was saying the opposite. Look up "Babylon the Great" or "Tribe of Dan." You'll see many sites. When I first put mine up, I did searches to see what was there. NOTHING. I said NOTHING! I was the only one. Now everyone is in on it. Was it something I said? They are just trying to drown me out.

I also want to be quite clear that most sites addressing masturbation, which I prefer to call self-sex, are all dead set against self-sex as being some horrible terrible monstrous practice and of course, you're going straight to hell at the beginning of the line, no less. Now of all the problems in the world, how is that that self-sex became one of the worst problems? It makes no f***ing sense what so ever. But on MGTOW comments, you'll see what I say are a number of shills and religious freaks from hell, condemning self-sex.

I say it is a vitally important practice in aiding men from being overly tempted by sexual prospects. Women dress with extreme provocation now. Porn is everywhere. The Entertainment industry is practically porn. Temptation is everywhere and self-sex is a very good way to drastically reduce the enticement effect. So from a religious standpoint, self-sex is like vaccine against temptation and provocation. self-sex is a protection. The Christians religion has failed that recognize this very important understanding. Lust is also misunderstood. Got to my Sex Articles section for all kinds of subjects like this.

Religious sites that condemn self-sex are up to no good and actually worship the devil. I am not being facetious. I am serious! But oddly, governments have almost always been the foremost censors of many sexual values and practices. They poke their nose into our sexual affairs way too often. They are actually a bigger problem that religions are in this matter. Beware! governments use men's natural desires against them and aid feminists in doing so as well.

But many of these sites only exist to drown me out and keep people from seeing what I have written. Sorts of shill sites, really. And you can bet that search engines block me out entirely. But they can not stop God from bringing people to me if He so wills and He does.

So I just wanted to let you know how the net is con-troll-ed by sinister forces who fear what I have to say, more than any other person on earth.

Now of course, I sound like a braggart and totally conceited. Well, I am a "guid" Scotsman so that is at least possible. Even Romans noted Gauls for this. Scotsmen are a brand of Kelts as the Gauls are. But if you actually read some of the articles on my site, you will at least have to admit that there is not another site like it anywhere on the net. Number 1 and the only 1. I have no competition or peers. And you'll never meet a more humble guy either ;-) Would I lie to you? Go ahead, take a look! You are already here if you're reading this, anyway! So why not, right? What do you have to lose? OK, besides your freedom?

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